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S3, EP32: Real couple: Rock star vibes in Collingwood (Laura + Stu)

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15 Sep, 2023

On this episode of Project Engaged, we chat to Laura and Stu, who got married in ultra cool and relaxed style on 8 April 2023.

They got hitched at the Vegas style chapel in Collingwood, Altar Electric, with their reception being held at Le Bon Ton down the road. Le Bon Ton is an American bar and smokehouse with a function space upstairs. The food is delicious and the atmosphere ripe for a party.

Laura and Stu told us what they were after in their initial enquiry: “Definite party vibes! We have quite eclectic taste but plenty of old school soul, disco and Motown. A few selective pop-punk songs that we love and 80s classics”.

DJ Aleks Mac played the tunes for their reception and was joined by our sax player Kenny. As is usually the case after a few bevvies at Altar Electric, the guests came into Le Bon Ton absolutely ready for a boogie!

Laura and Stu share their laid back approach to wedding planning, why they DIDN’T do a first look, their fave moments on the day and some seriously helpful tips for all couples planning their non-traditional weddings!

We hope you get a lot out of this episode, our last for this season. Thank you for your support.

(Photo credit: Dave LePage).


Full episode transcription

Aleks: And you’re back with us. You’re back. We’re back. You’re back.

Eddy: Another episode of PE: Project engaged.

Aleks: Oh, wow. In case you thought you were listening to some other podcast. Sorry, PE.

Eddy: Not PE. Class remember PE?

Aleks: I do. It was. It was weird. Did you. Did you swim?

Eddy: Did I swim like. No, no. My school wasn’t fancy enough to get that. Swimming pool.

Aleks: No, no, mind.

Eddy: I don’t get that.

Aleks: No, we went to it. We went to a local public swimming pool. Calm down.

Eddy: I think I did do swimming lessons in primary school, but I think that was.

I don’t remember primary school. I remember high school. Oh, no, we had school carnivals and stuff. Yeah, PE. Yeah. What a. What a time that was.

Eddy: What a time. Anyway, we’re not. We’re not here to talk about.

Aleks: No, I want to go back to. I just want to raise one thing. Do you remember the beep test?

Eddy: Yes.

Aleks: Oh, you aced it, didn’t you? Look at that smug look

Eddy: Back in my heyday.

Aleks: Oh, here we go.

I used to be the quite the athlete. The last person standing or running, I should say. I would die now, though.

Aleks: Yeah, because you don’t do any cardio. Anyway, we digress. What are we talking about?

Eddy: Well. Oh, well, first and foremost, we have an amazing couple that we’ve.

Aleks: Oh, yes.

Eddy: Chatted to this episode.

Aleks: Yes.

Eddy: But before that we will. We will do our usual bits and bobs.

Aleks: Bits and bobs, sure.

Eddy: Well, before that, actually.

Aleks: Hmm.

Eddy: We didn’t have any gigs, but let’s kind of pretend we did and do our special little segment.

Aleks: All right, I’d like to see where this is gonna go.

Eddy: We’re gonna pretend we went to a gig.

Aleks: Oh, we went to a gig. Yes, yes, yes.

Eddy: Tell us about the gig we went to.

Aleks: We went to see a fine DJ from Adelaide. His name is. Well, his stage name is late night tough guy. And we went to see him do a Prince tribute show. Not just a show, one that he’s done around the country, I believe. Yeah, at The Prince. At The Prince.

Eddy: No, he wasn’t at The Prince.

Aleks: So at the Esplanade Hotel, we stayed at The Prince.

Eddy: We actually stayed the night at The Prince because it was around my birthday. So we thought, you know what? We’re gonna leave the cat at home and we’ll cruise just for one night. St Kilda.

Aleks: Yes.

Eddy: From Brunswick.

Aleks: Yes. And it was.

Eddy: It was great. It was a fun night. And we were joined by two very special people in our lives.

Aleks: They really are. Sorry. I don’t know why I’m laughing. We talk about them so much, people will be like, oh, okay. Claire and Andrew, who own butterfly, Red Hill. Absolute legends. If you’ve listened to season three, we have talked about them a lot because we went to Bali with them and, you know, since then, we’ve caught up and we’ve been mean to, you know, have a fun weekend with them before the wedding season really kicks off. So that was our opportunity to do it. And we partied. We partied.

Eddy: Well, you partied harder than I did. I went to bed at around 130, and I think you were partying till 430 in their hotel room. I’m going to bed. I’m done. I’m done.

Aleks: Yes, yes. I think I was still partying the next morning, actually, with the bloody Mary’s. But let’s look at. But, yeah, fun. And then I’ve just had Prince song stuck in my head, which is not the worst thing in the world.

Eddy: Definitely not the worst thing in the world.

Aleks: It’s controversy now even just thinking about. I can’t get it right.

Eddy: Yeah, that’s a good one.

Aleks: So good. Look, if you like, if you’re one of our couples and you like Prince, please let us know because we would love to play more song. I don’t play that much prince because it’s not requested that often, but I think, I think I should. I think we should prince.

Eddy: I think Prince has, you know, different songs for different types of crowds as well.

Aleks: Agree.

Eddy: So the really, really cool crowd would like your controversies and, mate. Hmm. Maybe you. Purple rain at the end of the night. I don’t know.

Aleks: Oh, yeah, yeah.

Eddy: And then there’s, of course, there’s, like, kiss and things like that, which I think are probably fit for more occasions rather than that. Yeah, he verges on, dare I said, he kind of verges on the indie a little bit.

Aleks: I think so. I think so. Yeah.

Eddy: Anyway, that was a great night. Had a lot of fun. We’re doing normal people things like, we’re normal people.

Aleks: I know. How do you. How does everyone do it?

Eddy: How does everyone afford it?

Aleks: Tired. I’m broke. You know, how. How do you do it?

Eddy: Oh, dear. So, yeah, that was last weekend. So that was really fun.

Aleks: Really fun.

Eddy: Really, really fun. And that was kind of it. We’ve got something else that we’re very excited about for this weekend. And we spoke about this last. In fact, we interviewed the venue last year. It is the annual post office hotel open day.

Aleks: Yes. And you, if you are, if this is the first episode you’ve listened to, you wouldn’t have heard us talk about the post office hotel before, but it is a venue that is literally, I don’t know, five minute drive up the road where they’re very often. We absolutely love it. It is a gorgeous function space that is next door or attached to a beloved local coburg pub, the post office hotel. And. Yeah. So basically they invite a bunch of vendors to come and for a few hours on Sunday, basically, I suppose like a mini expo sort of thing, but only with limited vendors. And obviously the couples coming in to the open day get to see the venue in its full glory, fully set up with, you know, banging hangings. We’ve got our DJ decks out. We’ve got our photo booth there.

Aleks: We can chat to couples, you know, even like look up, live our availability and have a chat about music. There’s a couple of celebrants, couple of photographers, videographer this year as well.

Eddy: Well, I’m gonna actually.

Aleks: Oh, you’re gonna read the list.

Eddy: The list of vendors. So Nicki Macron, photography.

Aleks: Yes, yes, correct.

Eddy: I was waiting for your reaction on each of these. Babylon flowers just down the road from us.

Aleks: Beautiful.

Eddy: One more song. DJ’S. I’m just reading this legend, you know, this is from them. Legends. Tickets, mates.

Aleks: Joking. I’ll talk about you actually.

Eddy: Bangin hangings.

Aleks: Of course.

Eddy: Of course. Custom celebrations by Dee.

Aleks: Oh yeah, Dee. Beautiful.

Eddy: Taught by Mojana.

Aleks: Yes. Beautiful cakes.

Eddy: Beautiful cakes. Wendy does weddings.

Aleks: Oh, I love Wendy.

Eddy: LoveGood images.

Aleks: Yay. Malia.

Eddy: And guest book hotline.

Aleks: Hotline. There’s a videographer too. Luna red films.

Eddy: Oh, Lou. Okay.

Aleks: Recently added.

Eddy: Yes, I’m reading and look, what we.

Aleks: Love as well is, you know, if you are still looking for a venue or you have been thinking about post office, we just couldn’t stress enough how much fun this day is and how amazing it is that you get to see it. You know, a full setup with the florals, with banging hangings, with the ceremony set up. So with the arbour, they provide cocktails.

Eddy: Also Kobo Brewing Company. That’s very important.

Aleks: Yes, because you can brew your own.

Eddy: And pour your own beer. Looks awesome.

Aleks: So it’s. Yeah, it’s incredible. Come along. It is. I think. Eleven till 03:00 p.m. Do need to register? Just register via. Just go check out. Post office, hotel, poh events on Instagram.

Aleks: They have a link there, but it’s free. It’s a free ticket. You get food, you get drinks, entertainment. It’s just so they can obviously keep track of having people coming in. I think you sort of come in, like two lots or something. I don’t know.

Eddy: Yes.

Aleks: Don’t quote me on that.

Eddy: That’s exactly what they did. Which is really cool because sort of reset the music up a bit. Actually, we should plan that out a little bit more this year. We kind of just rolled on in. I remember I was. Was I. Did I do a wedding the night before? I did, yes.

Aleks: I drove in from Daylesford.

Eddy: Oh, okay.

Aleks: So you’re not.

Eddy: Yeah.

Stu: Okay. You.

Aleks: That’s why you were setting up on your own tonight.

Eddy: Oh, yeah.

Aleks: Okay.

Eddy: Yeah, we had the photo booth, so, yeah, the photo is gonna be next to us this year, too.

Aleks: Yes, it will.

Eddy: So little party zone. We’ll have a new lights, and we.

Aleks: Will have our lights. So you can see those as well. I know a couple of our couples that are already booked in for the post office will come along as well. So good to see. To see how things are set up and everything. So, yeah, we can’t wait.

Eddy: It’s a fun day.

Aleks: A lot of fun.

Eddy: It’s a fun day. And other than that, we have to talk about what we’ve been listening to. Okay. So just, you know, to put it out there. Aleks, I don’t even know what words I’m looking for at the moment. Context. Just through the recontext, Aleks was out all day today doing. Getting her hair done. Doing her hair.

Aleks: Yeah.

Eddy: Lunch with the lady.

Aleks: All right. Okay.

Eddy: I do work anyway, so when I’m at home, I usually just play what I want to play or play my music. And it’s not stuff I would generally play at a wedding. So I put it basically just Linkin park radio on Spotify.

Aleks: Every time I have, like, a day like that where I’m out and I come home, you’re playing, which is cool.

Eddy: Because, you know, invariably it starts to drip, feed you with some incubus.

Aleks: I did enjoy it.

Eddy: It, you know, corn comes on. And I’ve mentioned corn before, but sugar, it went into this weird, like, nineties kind of not pop punk as such, but like, alt pop nineties kind of.

Aleks: Sugar ray, more chilled stuff. It was very cool.

Eddy: Yeah, it was cool. I’m like, oh, man, I do love. How does it. And Weeze is actually touring soon there.

Aleks: Okay.

Eddy: Being who’s playing with the regurgitator, supporting them.

Aleks: Oh.

Eddy: Anyway, so, yeah, so that’s kind of the vibe. I’ve got to look through my nineties crates and particularly for that warm up stuff. And I could play. And this is the beauty about being a dick. It’s cursed as well. You’re always thinking about where you can play at weddings.

Aleks: Yes.

Eddy: But, you know, just. Just going down that rabbit hole is great because you do pick up things you’re not playing. And it kind of in between seasons now, obviously, and we’re just about to start a very busy wedding season. So you do want to kind of refresh what you’re playing.

Aleks: Yeah.

Eddy: Obviously in line with the brief that you’re getting from your couple, just so you don’t go crazy.

Aleks: Yeah. Just so you have the best of the best and you have enough stuff at your fingertips. I was actually listening on the way from my ladies who lunch day.

Eddy: I love you. Just branded at that now.

Aleks: Well, I was at. I was getting my hair done by my lovely friend Carla. Mr and Mrs Social. And she. We were talking about her wedding, actually. We’re talking about music for her wedding.

Eddy: Yes.

Aleks: Which her lovely fiance seems to be all over, apparently.

Eddy: Wonder what’s the. Okay, give me, like, one. One word. No, I’ll give you three words.

Aleks: You can guess the genres.

Eddy: No, you can. I don’t want you to tell me genre. I want you to tell me, like. Okay, give me a sentence. Like, what is the vibe of wedding? Not necessarily genre.

Aleks: Nothing past the night. Nothing before the nineties.

Eddy: Nothing before the nineties. Okay. Okay.

Aleks: It’s one of those.

Eddy: So, like, what about, like, edits? Can you like September edit?

Aleks: No disco.

Eddy: The fats and small disco. No disco.

Aleks: Well, we’re not gonna ruin it.

Eddy: Did she listen to this show?

Aleks: Yes, she does.

Eddy: Hey, Carla.

Aleks: Hi. No, very good. No.

Eddy: Anyway, we’ll have a chat about some classics. You can sneak in, just FYI.

Aleks: No, we did have a chat about that. We had an extensive chat and we’re talking about nineties dance.

Eddy: Yeah.

Aleks: Bangers anthem. So, yeah, we agreed that. I said, as long as you got those, you’re good. You’re good. Yeah.

Eddy: You know what?

Aleks: I am their celebrant, not their DJ. I’m gonna be a guest by that point. So anyway, that she said they were dance to, you know, whatever is play, they trust their DJ, which is. Which is great.

Eddy: The flag from Adelaide.

Aleks: From Adelaide. Yep.

Eddy: To Sydney.

Aleks: So, yeah, it’s pretty fun. Very fun. But I was. We were talking about. Oh, we went off on a tangent. Talking about, like, fun tunes from the two thousands, etc. And ice was talking about black eyed peas. And then I played I’m a bee and another stylist in the salon started singing it and then I started playing it on Spotify. And then when I got in the car. I just played that because I really felt like listening to it and then it kind of went into whatever Spotify does its thing and then it got into like, then I was like, I want to listen to some old school RNB and then it goes like, touch it – Manifa.

Aleks: And I was like, I should play that.

Eddy: Mmm.

Aleks: That is a banger.

Eddy: Yeah.

Aleks: The right, right time of night, you know, and like paper planes. I was just a good.

Eddy: I don’t know, just, just let Spotify always be listen.

Aleks: Take you down a journey. Down on a journey. Anyway, that’s it from us. We are ready to chat to our lovely couple, Laura Shu, who. Yeah, we’re really excited to talk about.

Eddy: Yeah, we hope that you enjoy this episode as much as we did recording it. Yes, wonderful people. Absolute gems of advice as well. Things that have not been brought up yet on this podcast.

Aleks: You will want to listen to this. Yeah, you will want to listen to this. Enjoy, enjoy.

Eddy: Welcome to Project Engaged, a podcast for fun loving couples planning their non traditional wedding.

Aleks: We’re wedding DJs Aleks and Eddy Mac from Melbourne. We run a business called One More Song, and our tagline is No More Nutbush.

Eddy: In this podcast we’ll share our wedding experiences and chat to some of our past couples.

Aleks: We’ll also interview bold wedding suppliers who share our philosophy of your wedding being a celebration of you as a couple and one epic party.

Eddy: Let’s get into today’s episode.

Aleks: All right. Today we are absolutely pumped to have a real couple on the podcast. Woohoo. These are my favourite. Actually. They’re all good. Anyway, Laura and Stu got married in ultra cool and relaxed style on the 8 April this year being 2023. In case you’re listening in 2043. I don’t know. They actually got hitched at the Vegas style chapel in Collingwood known as Altar Electric and their reception was held at Le Bonton down the road.

Aleks: Le Bonton, for those of you who don’t know, is an American bar and smokehouse with a function space upstairs. The food is delicious. Delicious, absolutely delicious. And the atmosphere is always ripe for a party.

Eddy: Laura and Stu told us in their initial inquiry. Definite party vibes. We have quite eclectic tastes but plenty of old school soul, disco and motown, a few selective pop punk songs that we love, and eighties classics. Such a good brief. Aleks played the tunes for their reception and was joined by our one and. Only sax player Kenny,

Aleks: Our numero uno. As is usually the case after a few bevvies at Altar Electric, the guests came into Le Bon Ton absolutely. Ready for a boogie I can’t wait to talk more about it.

Eddy: So, with that said, let’s welcome our guests, Laura and Stu.

Stu: Thanks for having us.

Aleks: Whoo.

Laura: Crowd goes on what a laughing.

Aleks: Is it nice hearing, like, a summary of your. Of your day? Was that accurate, do you think?

Laura: Yeah, it was. It was actually quite nice to relive it through someone else’s eyes.

Stu: Yeah, it was really good.

Aleks: Well, the music brief, that was literally what you guys said in the inquiry, word for word. So I absolutely love that. And it was definitely eclectic. And we’ll go into that, and let’s start at the very, very beginning. And I was actually going through some of our messages on Instagram, Stu and I think I put something up about Ed and I celebrating our eight year anniversary. And I think you guys were, like, the day before us or something crazy.

Eddy: Whoa.

Stu: Yeah, it was day the side or something like that. Yeah. And, yeah, good times. I think you were celebrating a bit better than we were.

Aleks: What were we doing? I can’t even remember.

Eddy: I can’t remember what we were doing.

Stu: You guys were out partying, I think, and we were cooking with a sick kid.

Eddy: Oh, let’s talk all about your big wedding party, then.

Aleks: So tell us about. Tell us about your engagement, how long you were engaged for before you started planning your wedding.

Stu: Take this one.

Laura: It kind of. Well, we got engaged literally the night before Xander was born.

Stu: Yeah. Everything’s to the last minute.

Laura: But I think we sort of started thinking about things a couple of months down the track as sort of restrictions from COVID lockdown started to open up a little bit. I can’t even remember at what. Which number.

Aleks: I don’t know. Yeah, we don’t. We don’t worry about timelines.

Eddy: You can number at this point.

Aleks: Yeah, just about that timeline. You’ve got family in the UK as well, so obviously that was.

Laura: Yeah. So we didn’t lock anything in until sort of considerably longer. Um, down the track.

Stu: Yeah, it was quite. I think it came together pretty quickly. It was. So we’d been looking and sort of mood boarding, I guess, getting ideas together, but, yeah, it was a couple years sort of before we then started really locking stuff in.

Laura: Mm hmm.

Aleks: Yeah. It’s such a long. I mean, we have a lot of couples say the same thing and you kind of forget because we’re, what, three years down? Someone said, oh, it was three years ago, the pandemic. I’m like, oh, God, that went quickly. But, yeah, it’s true. I mean, you can’t really, really do much. So it makes sense that you kind of waited a bit and what did you guys kind of have, like, a vision for your day? Like, did you both know what you wanted? How did it kind of.

Aleks: How did you kick off the process of knowing and planning and locking things in?

Stu: I think you got it right with your description. Just party vibe. We just wanted fun, fun, casual affair, lots of dancing party. That was a big brief. So from there, I guess, with that in mind, that’s where we started, sort of. Sort of hunting around and.

Eddy: Yeah, no, I think. I think it’s great to have that initial core idea of what your day is going to be like, because that’s going to make the planning so much easier in that you’re looking at vendors and you automatically know if they’re not your vibe or they’re not screaming party, so to speak.

Aleks: Yeah. And was it for you guys, in terms of the venue choice? Obviously a unique choice and very much in line with what you guys wanted, which was something a bit more casual, you know, not. Not as traditional and that sort of thing. How do you guys come across ultra electric?

Laura: We. It was. It was a bit by accident, really. We went to go cheque out Rupert on Rupert, and at the time, their old venue was just a couple of doors down. We. I mean, we really loved Rupert on Rupert, but we just sort of stumbled across the wedding chapel and popped our head into, like, oh, what’s this? Had a chat with Sarah, one of the celebrants that are there. And that was it. We just were set. We were like, yep, these are the people.

Laura: This is the place.

Stu: These are our people. This is it. This is what we want to do.

Eddy: It was so good.

Stu: Yeah, it was. I think meeting Sarah straight up really sold it for us. She’s alone and we love her energy and she’s amazing.

Eddy: It was love at first. Stumble across.

Aleks: Yeah, across for about. Just in calling was.

Eddy: Makes me wonder, like, how many potential Rupert couples were lost to Altar Electric.

Aleks: When Altar Electric was where it was too close by. Too close by. So just for our listeners who might not know, and you guys can correct me if I’m wrong, I believe that Altar Electric is owned and run by three celebrants. Is that right?

Laura: Yes. Sarah D and Antony.

Aleks: Yeah, yeah. Cool. And in terms of what we’ll get onto the reception venue. So, with ulta Electric, talk us through what appealed to you about the venue and kind of what was included and what you guys kind of chose, because I know they’ve got a couple of different options. For their packages.

Laura: Where to start? I think it was more. So, I guess the relationship that we had with Sarah initially. Yeah. This feels like the right place over an aesthetic. And at that point, they were about to move into the new location as well, so we actually didn’t know what the new venue was going to look like.

Eddy: Yeah.

Laura: So we kind of, like, followed that. That journey to like, okay, okay.

Aleks: We trust you, Sarah.

Eddy: Here’s some money. We trust you.

Stu: And on that, they also did a redesign or a bit of a zhuzhar a couple of weeks before the wedding as well. So how we. How we thought it was going to look for our wedding actually changed a couple of weeks out, and it was so much better. Like, it was amazing before, but when they. They changed the backdrop and the colour scheme and it was great.

Eddy: That’s so good to hear. Because it could be the. The opposite, um. The opposite way around of which we should make it interesting, I suppose. Like a couple of weeks, I was like, oh, they’ve changed the colour. Just something that completely stuffs up what I’m wearing.

Aleks: Yeah. Because, I mean, it’s not like it’s a subtle. Whatever. Whatever they would choose. It wouldn’t be a subtle, you know, interior.

Stu: So.

Aleks: And was it? Because I remember there was, like, that kind of peachy for a while. There’s, like, a royal blue backdrop with, like, a peachy. Is that what I’m.

Eddy: I think. I think so.

Aleks: You know what I’m talking about? Whereas what you guys ended up with was. Sorry.

Stu: Yeah, some pastels. Throw it.

Aleks: Pastels. That’s the word. Thank you very much. Well, she’s got his mood board, so, you know, he’s, um. He’s all over the colour palette. But I have to say it was. Yeah, very bold. But it also, like, completely suited, like, your hair, Laura. It just suited it because otherwise, if you had the pastel, your hair would blend in. Or was that on purpose?

Aleks: Did you kind of colour your hair so it would stand out from there?

Laura: No, I’ve had. I’ve had various colours.

Aleks: You’re flexible.

Laura: So, yeah, I kind of decided that colour maybe in the year before. Um, it was kind of. Yep. All right.

Eddy: That’s awesome. So it was just meant to. Meant to be, then.

Aleks: Oh, that’s so good. How funny. And obviously, our listeners will. Will see from all the photos, you know, what the space did look like on the day.

Eddy: I mean, I think pretty amazing.

Aleks: Incredible. And it works really well. So what. What else was included? Just for people who don’t really know how old electric works. So obviously you sort of get the celebrate. Built in. Built in celebrant.

Laura: Yeah, built in celebrant. And we went for. Because, I mean, they do shock and weddings, which are 30 minutes. Yeah, sort of in and out deals. We went for a little more action. So we were there for a couple of hours and. Oh, my God, I can’t remember, what did we get? We had canapes and drinks.

Stu: DJ as well.

Laura: TJ was djing. Yeah. And, yeah, all of the legal stuff obviously taken care of.

Aleks: So good. So it’s like you were there for a couple of hours. It’s sort of like, do people have drinks a little bit before it’s a little more action.

Eddy: I love that wink.

Laura: It’s apparently you started before I arrived.

Stu: Yeah. So Laura was a little late. There were a few rounds of drinks prior to Laura arriving and then there’s not my fault.

Laura: It was the traffic.

Stu: It was the traffic. Yeah. And everyone stopped the car and. Yeah, so, yeah, so there’s a 30 minutes package with a two hour package and I think there’s even a longer one as well. And food and drink packages and whatnot to add on that’s a little more action was we thought it was the sweet spot for us and for the amount of people that we had, I think we had, we ended up with 70. 70, yeah. And then our next. And that sort of worked for the amount of people we could have for our next venue. It was good. It was really a lot of fun.

Stu: A lot of fun.

Aleks: Yeah. Yeah. Well, I could tell everyone had a lot of fun.

Eddy: I was very jealous. I. I wasn’t there, to be honest.

Aleks: Well, it’s funny because that was the, the second time I had played a wedding like that, where the guests had come in from Altar Electric, come in hot. They really like coming hot. Like, you can tell, like everyone’s enjoyed their cocktail hour and then some, you know what I mean? Like 2 hours. They’re obviously very generous with their drinks. I love it. It’s so good because you’re ready for a party. So, Le Bonton. So what made you settle on Le Bonton?

Stu: I can’t remember.

Laura: Can you? A little bit of location being close to the chapel and we’ve eaten there a few times. Yeah, quite a lot. The food was great and that was another priority for us because we love to eat. So, yeah, having a place that was going to have good food was also.

Aleks: You know, important.

Eddy: And it is incredible food. It’s like one of my favourite places. I’m hungry.

Aleks: Yeah, we only go like once in a while we should get there.

Laura: Yeah.

Stu: I didn’t eat any food until we were leaving. I was too busy dancing to eat any of the food.

Laura: We actually barely ate anything.

Stu: Your, the music that you were spinning up, Aleks was just too damn good. We just uh, we couldn’t stop dancing.

Aleks: Oh, it’s dangerous when you have, when you’re dancing and drinking. But you know, you guys seemed fine. I mean I’ve, yeah, I’ve seen some couples and they definitely haven’t had any. Indeed. But um, you guys seemed absolutely, absolutely fine. Le Bonard, I love it. I think it’s a great, it’s an unusual space. It’s kind of like two sort of small ish rooms, but opened up, if that makes sense. Which I think is good because I assume normally it’s like cocktail style like you guys had, but it means people can kind of go and you know, sort of chill, but still be part of the atmosphere, if that makes sense of the dance floor and stuff. So I think from that perspective it’s really good.

Aleks: And how did you go about booking some of your other vendors? Photographer and videographer was David Lepage.

Stu: Yep, Dave Lepage. So Dave’s actually one of my brother’s best mates, so I’ve known him for over 20 years, but sort of in the last five years or so he sort of got into photography and I’ve just really loved everything he’s done. There was no question.

Laura: Yeah, it’s got a great photo.

Stu: Yeah, there was. You know, after we got the venue, I hit him up straight away. It’s like we have a date. Are you available this date? And then we, I think we kind of locked in the venues at the same time because if it wasn’t going to work for Dave, we were almost done a shift.

Aleks: Yeah, yeah, yeah.

Stu: Just really fun to work with. Sort of dark, moody, it’s, yeah, good. Not him.

Laura: No, no.

Stu: Dave is a lot of fun.

Eddy: Yeah, I mean the photos speak for themselves, they’re absolutely incredible.

Aleks: And it was like terrible weather that day, but you can’t tell.

Laura: No.

Aleks: Probably suits his dark and moody vibe anyway. And what about. So, and now, Laura, you made your own dress.

Laura: I did, yep.

Aleks: How was that process.

Laura: Look? It was a little chaotic. I started early in the sense of getting the patterns and stuff sort of prepared, but when it actually came down to the final dress, I was sewing it the week before.

Aleks: Oh dear.

Eddy: Wow.

Laura: It was not the day before. I couldn’t sit the weekend before the wedding.

Aleks: Anyone listening to this will be like shuddering, like, oh, that’s my worst nightmare. But it doesn’t matter because you absolutely pulled it off and everyone will be able to see the photos. It was this amazing sequined fabric where like, you know, you brush it one way and it’s like white and the other way it’s silver. I love.

Eddy: Oh, wow.

Aleks: Yeah, really cool. Really cool. And what about yourself, Stu? You had quite the dapper get up as well. Did you. Did you leave until the day before to get your ultimate?

Eddy: Did you make it yourself?

Stu: No, I didn’t make it myself. Oh, no, I made my pocket square.

Eddy: Oh, boom, there you go.

Stu: The day before? No, mine was lots and lots of trips to a lot of places.

Laura: Trying on jackets, not the most decisive person.

Stu: I hate clothes shopping. Love dressing up. Hate shopping for it.

Laura: You were pretty last minute.

Stu: Yeah. So my jacket was getting altered a couple of days before the wedding. I think I picked it up the Wednesday or Thursday before this. Yeah, before we head into the Melbourne.

Laura: Um, we just like a bit of extra pressure.

Stu: Exactly, yeah.

Eddy: Makes you feel alive.

Stu: I bought the shoes in the UK. I got a pair of nice, nice patent docs. Um, that was January, so. Or maybe December.

Aleks: Yes.

Laura: So you had one piece of your outfit.

Stu: Yeah, I had one piece earlier.

Aleks: It’s an essential. Oh, yeah, essential piece. Essential for dancing. Although docs are very. They take me ages to break in. I don’t know if you have the same experience.

Stu: Uh, no, these ones required zero breaking in. They were. They’re amazing. They’re comfy as they’re, um. Yeah, would do again.

Aleks: Yeah. When we were in London last year, I was like, I’m gonna buy some docs, some sandals and. Oh, boy. Like, I was wearing socks with them the whole time and it was like 30 something degrees and it was painful, wasn’t it? I had to push through. It’s worth it.

Eddy: It was also painful for me.

Stu: Could you just walk a little bit quicker? Quicker, please. Yeah.

Eddy: I mean, you know, thankfully you’re in London, so there’s a pub, like, I.

Aleks: Was gonna say five metres.

Eddy: So you’re like, now the beer took.

Aleks: The pain away, that’s for sure. Any excuse, really. And you also had killer Queen creative Dunny for your makeup, I believe.

Laura: Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah. She’s amazing. And Danny was actually the one who had sent me some suggestions for hairstylists as well. So that’s how. That’s how I ended up booking Gemma at the distinctive Dane to dump my hair as well. So, yeah, they were a great team. Oh, beautiful.

Aleks: And how did you find us? If you can remember.

Laura: We were trying to work this out, and I think it stems back to, we went to Lovecat’s wedding expo in Dawnbury at some point. Early 2021, I think so.

Stu: Yeah.

Laura: And we met precious there and we were having a good chat with her and I started following her on Instagram, and I think through her, Instagram is where, you know, there’s a lot of, like, vendors that she had been working with that people sharing posts have not within that same circle of, like, weddings. Yeah. And I’m pretty sure it was through those sort of social deep dives that I came across, you guys, and I was like, well, this, this is, this is great.

Aleks: Oh, how lovely. Shout out precious. I think she gets a shout out on every single podcast.

Eddy: We should just say hi to precious in every episode, just in case.

Stu: That mentioned.

Aleks: But it’s funny, isn’t it, the way it works and just shows the value of, you know, all the vendors tagging or all the vendors they worked with. Because this is often how couples, it makes it so easy for couples to find people because you can definitely go down a rabbit hole and, you know, spend so much time researching and people might not be available or whatever it is. So it’s definitely a good, good place to start.

Laura: Yeah, I think. I don’t know. For me, I quite liked that, you know, a lot of our vendors had worked together before and did know each other and had that. That’s that relationship as well, because it. I don’t know, it just made for a good atmosphere between, between people as well.

Stu: Yeah. I think it made it more flowing easier, and I think anything that goes off without a hitch on a wedding day is better. Right? So. Yeah, no, yeah. Everyone was super professional and funny and friendly and just. It was a lot of fun from everyone from all sides, and that’s. That’s what we wanted.

Aleks: So I love that. Yeah, I love that couples, you know, pick that up, too, that we’re having fun like it is. It does contribute to that, my sphere a lot.

Eddy: You get that extra spark between your vendors as well as everybody else. It’s so good. Well, let’s. Let’s get into the sort of more nitty gritty. What did you find challenging or perhaps even surprising in the wedding planning process?

Laura: Um, well, I think for me, this is probably a bit of a personal one, obviously, with my family coming from overseas, coordinating everyone’s arrival times and, like, trying to spend time with them socially as well as, like, do a lot of, like, last minute arrangements and appointments and stuff in the lead up was. Was a little stressful.

Eddy: Yeah.

Aleks: We hear this so often.

Eddy: I mean, if your family is anything like mine, when they come to Melbourne, they’re like, okay, so what are we doing now?

Aleks: I hope your mom’s not listening to me.

Eddy: She doesn’t listen to the podcast, don’t worry.

Aleks: Yeah.

Laura: And I think because we wanted to make sure, obviously, that everyone is having a good time as well as just rocking up for the day. So.

Stu: Yeah. Long way to come.

Laura: It is. Yeah.

Aleks: On top of everything else.

Stu: For me, keeping numbers and costs down was actually, I found hard. It was hard to keep ourselves in cheque and not get carried away. We had a budget in mind and we sort of hit that. But I think like, actually emotionally saying that you can’t have everyone and not everyone is going to be able to be there, I found it hard to justify that. Which was a bit of a weird one.

Aleks: No, that completely, completely makes sense. And I’m sure so many couples would. Would go through that, you know, because there’s so many connections, like how far do you go down? You know what I mean? Yeah.

Eddy: It’s funny because the weddings that we had during the pandemic, there was a huge sense of relief from some couples in that they could only now invite to their wedding a small portion of who they were originally inviting. It’s almost like a load. Have a valid excuse. It was a huge load off their backs. So it’s really interesting you mentioned that.

Aleks: Yeah, yeah, yeah. Completely makes sense. Very. Actually very good responses and very unique.

Eddy: Because I think we haven’t actually had. So nicely done.

Aleks: We’re not often surprised. So there you go. Fantastic. But yeah, it’s interesting what you say about, you know, having like. Because we obviously have the. The, you know, final catch up without couples kind of like a few days before, just to make sure there’s a lot of like, last minute decisions and things. Yeah. And. Yeah, you sort of have like, oh, hang on, I gotta open the door because my family just arrived and, you know. Yeah.

Aleks: And like the pressure, like you say, to actually have those like, social catch up so that you’re not.

Eddy: Yeah.

Aleks: Catching up with people on your wedding day, like you can actually enjoy yourself.

Eddy: And dance and being with each other as well.

Aleks: Yeah, exactly. Spending time with each other, which is also challenging, I think, for some couples to be able to do that too. Yeah. And what is your favourite? You can have a couple moments on the day.

Laura: For me, it was when we went off down the alleyway to have photos done, just because it gave us that little bit of space and time to, like, quiet time, just as Dave was there as well, for, you know, us to actually reconnect again without everybody around us, which was a special moment.

Stu: Apart from, I guess, the first time I saw Laura because I hadn’t seen the dress before, hadn’t seen her hair done the way it was. It was. It really was difficult to not lose. Lose it and start bawling and turning to a blubbering mess at the end of the aisle there. I really enjoyed our time in, so we had a caddy. So Laura got dropped off in a caddy shout out to DJ at Cracker Jack Studios. Amazing, awesome, classic caddy. And we drove from ultra electric around to Le Bon Tonne in that. And I think that was like, you know, the quiet time we had and doing our photos and stuff was awesome. But I really, really loved the fun in the back of the caddy.

Stu: Take that. Yeah, it was just cool. Like, it was a, you know, I’m a car guy, so that was fun. But also, we just left the venue and we sort of left everyone. So it was the first time we had proper quiet time, was actually in the car.

Laura: Yeah.

Aleks: It’s funny because, like, a lot of our couples will answer with that and say, you know, that time you want to be like saying, yeah, why are you guys just having quiet time? Because it’s like. That’s why I’ve added a new question, which is, what is your favourite moment on the dance walk?

Eddy: Ah, I saw that. You snuck that in.

Aleks: I did, I did. I was like, this is it now. Was it Kenny? Kenny’s entrance?

Laura: Yes.

Stu: Yeah. Favourite moment of dance floor? It was, it was. He apologised for cracking in with careless whisper, but that’s. That’s all I wanted to hear, was like, the first thing out with careless whisper was what I really, really wanted.

Aleks: Oh, he’s such a purist. I’m like, this is what they want.

Stu: I’m sorry. It’s like, no, this is perfect.

Laura: It was perfect.

Stu: Yeah, yeah, that is.

Aleks: Yeah, that is. That is really fun because we don’t really play ballads, you know, during the dance floor. So to, I think, start that off really kicks.

Eddy: I mean, with a sax player, you can get away with.

Aleks: Oh, totally, obviously, but, yeah, yeah, totally. And look, it was let. We can talk about, you know, music and dance, but what I like about you guys is in the brief that you provided to me, you know, talking about music, you guys kind of said, this is what we like, you know, you mentioned some, like, pop punk, scar bands and then you said, look. But this, you know, obviously it’s not to everyone’s taste. So these are like some of our other requests. So you were very kind of open to that and making sure that there was a balance. And I’m looking through the set list of stuff I actually played and it’s a lot of older music, I would say, which I think worked really well. The oldies were really up for a boogie.

Stu: Yes. Especially Laura’s family.

Aleks: Yeah, especially the lady in the leopard print dress. Who was that?

Eddy: It must be good dance floor.

Stu: I’ll have to get back to you on that one.

Aleks: Yeah, we’ll have a look.

Laura: What if the Sandra’s.

Stu: I’m sure it’s either Laura’s aunt or my aunt who both haven’t had the same name.

Aleks: Auntie Sandra.

Eddy: Tearing it up. Sandra’s again.

Aleks: So funny. Yeah, because I think I like. I don’t know. You know what? Like, sometimes you have such a great dance floor where the oldies are like, no matter what you play, they’re still on it. I’m like, oh, I think I, like, played some Lizzo or something. No, Sandra was still there. Loving it.

Eddy: Loving it.

Aleks: Yep. Maybe a bit of twerking. I don’t know.

Laura: You like a good boogie in this family.

Stu: Yeah, yeah. I mean, more. Laura and I mainly listen to punk and hardcore, but you can’t. You can’t dance to that. So it’s sort of like 50 50 old. Like Motown and soul.

Laura: I mean, we. Yeah, exactly. Yeah, we play a lot of soul and Motown, um, as well.

Aleks: Yeah, and like funky stuff.

Laura: But then I got a time to. I’m like, yeah, but then also, like, we listen to a lot of eighties movies. Yes. And like cheesy nineties pop. I’m like, oh, actually, yeah, we listen to. Yeah, just heaps of different stuff when you think about it.

Stu: Just no rapper.

Aleks: Just so I’ll. I’ll throw, um. I’ll throw all the tunes into a Spotify playlist. I don’t think I’ve done that for you guys. So you can have a listen to them in order they were played because there were kind of indie tracks thrown in. It was. And again, you know, it is difficult to strike that balance because I know what you guys like personally. I was chatting to Ed about it and he said, you should play the mighty, mighty boss stones. And I did. And that was a great call.

Aleks: Go, Ed. Give yourself a round of applause. Have you got the sound? You’re going to do the wrong one.

Eddy: Nah, just obviously half a class.

Aleks: I thought that was a. Yeah, that was a fun call. And I think, look, having sex there as well, because you guys, um, you know, in terms of your music taste, did, like that kind of motown soul funk. I think that worked really well with the sax. Would you guys agree, like, in terms of.

Stu: Yeah, we have had a lot of people, and I probably ask, how did.

Laura: You guys come up with a saxophone?

Stu: That was amazing. Where did you get him? It’s just like, well, we didn’t come up with it. We. We were asked if we would like it. We were like, oh, that would be amazing. That’s cool. Very unique. It’s awesome. So thank you.

Aleks: It was. You’re very welcome. We. Kenny and I often talk about your wedding. He. We do reminisce about it because it was so much fun. And look towards the end. Yeah, lots. Like you said, bit of eighties, I think. Yeah, I played never gonna give you up.

Aleks: Love that tune.

Laura: Yes.

Stu: Yeah.

Eddy: Rick roll.

Aleks: I didn’t have to reroll anyone because.

Eddy: Like, what did you play before that, just out of interest?

Aleks: No, no. You didn’t criticise me now? Um, I played dose of me now queen.

Eddy: Oh, yeah.

Aleks: Oh.

Eddy: Because you know what? It’s like, it ends in that really kind of wispy way and then boom. Rick, roll. That’s kind of cool.

Aleks: Yeah.

Eddy: I mean, I’m here for that.

Aleks: All right, that’s acceptable. Yeah. Good, good. Look, lots of disco and stuff. Like I said, I’ll throw this into a Spotify so people can have a listen. I did throw in some of your, you know, real big fish.

Eddy: Oh, that’s cool.

Aleks: Panic, which, you know, I will never say no to. Big, big fan. Yeah. A bit of teenage dirt bag. Yeah, it was definitely. It was definitely a mix, but I would say not really. A lot of newer stuff, which I don’t mind at all because some of it can be a bit melancholy, I would say.

Stu: No, I think you nailed it. Absolutely nailed it. If you’d put in, I mean, we loved everything and said we, like, we have quite an eclectic mix, but if you’d put in, you know, like, our top five bands or whatever, no one else would have liked it. My brother and my sister, and that’d probably be about it.

Laura: Yeah.

Aleks: Yeah. But it’s good that. Yeah, I appreciate that. Sometimes we do have to have, like, not difficult conversations, but just say to couples, look, we have to kind of think about what, you know, what you guys will like, but that the guests will enjoy as well because. Yeah, it can be very difficult. But I appreciate that you guys were very open to that. And I think, you know, if you just have the sex there, I mean, everyone’s just distracted. Sexy sex, no matter what.

Laura: My legs literally hurt for a couple of days after the wedding because we were dancing that much.

Eddy: And there’s our sound bite.

Aleks: Yeah, got it. We actually burn a lot of calories at. At weddings, which is great. So, like, we’re, like, super slim in October, November, then, like, June, you know, it’s a bit different. So you will flat. Our weight fluctuates throughout the year. Is there anything that you guys would have done differently?

Laura: Maybe. I think I would probably start the day earlier just so that we could just take everything in a little bit more because it felt like a whirlwind. But I think. I think because we also. We opted for sort of a high energy day that played into it. There was a lot of adrenaline somehow.

Stu: Still managed to go out to a gay bar until 230 in the morning.

Aleks: Which one? Which one?

Stu Sircuit rainbow.

Eddy: Yeah.

Laura: But, yeah, I think. Yeah, probably starting the day a little bit earlier just so that we could suck it up more, probably. And I think I’d take a bit more time off work either side of the wedding as well. Yeah, a couple of days off, maybe two or three before, but I feel I would have benefited. My stress levels would have benefited, sure, if I do, but taken an extra couple of days.

Stu: Yeah, I think I took two, didn’t I? I think I took two days. Not enough, really. Not enough. I think I knew it was going to be stressful. I knew it was stressful. I don’t think I realised how stressed I really was until after it was over. So, yeah, giving ourselves a bit more space and alone time, because we had the weeks for two, three weeks beforehand, we hadn’t had a minute to ourselves at all to the lead up. If you do have lots of family coming in, kick them out for a couple of days. Not that we don’t love you all dropping in, but, yeah, just.

Stu: Yeah, some. Some time where you’re not looking after other people.

Eddy: Yeah. Yeah, that’s completely understandable.

Aleks: Yeah, that’s a tough one because obviously, you know, that would mean, like, people would need to be for, like, six weeks. Like, can you guys rock up six weeks before so that we can see two weeks, then have a month to do our own thing, get ourselves organised? Yeah, it’s. It’s a tough one because it’s all very, very tightly packed in, so. Yeah, but that’s. That’s very, very good advice. So you guys didn’t just in terms of having more time, I suppose, just more time on the day. You guys didn’t do a first look photo, did you?

Stu: No.

Laura: I don’t know. I don’t know why we did it. I think you wanted the. Did you want the authentic experience of seeing me for the first time?

Stu: Yeah, I did. Yeah. That’s. That’s pretty much it. I wanted to lock eyes on you at the end and that’s. That’s. This is what we’re doing. This is what I’m in for and.

Laura: That’s right.

Aleks: Yeah.

Stu: Yeah. I feel like I’m, you know, I was pretty nervous and I was excited. I think I was very excited for that as well as in excited for the nerves, knowing that this is the person I’m going to spend the rest of my life with. I didn’t. I don’t think I wanted to spoil that by having the first look. That’s just me.

Aleks: Yeah.

Stu: Because, you know, that’s it. That moment’s gone now. You’re not going to have that in front of people at the end of the aisle. I really wanted it all at the one time.

Aleks: Yeah, fair enough. But you guys did do, like, the getting ready photos and stuff, which were lovely, so.

Stu: Yes.

Aleks: Yeah. Yeah. We were talking about that on our last podcast with the photographer. Just about like, how nice it is for the. I mean, it sounds like your photographer, like new family and stuff, but just to interact, you don’t have a bit of, like, build that rapport before things get really, like, nervy, you know, when you’re kind of at the ceremony. So I think, yeah, it’s interesting kind of seeing that perspective as well. But, yeah, totally get, totally get your opinion about the first look as well. Do you guys have any final hot tips for couples planning their non traditional weddings?

Stu: Just backing onto your bit about, you know, the pre shoot, having, you know, pre wedding shots or whatever in the getting ready shots. We also did a pre shoot with Dave four weeks before something like that. It was worth its weight in gold because Laura and I are pretty awkward at the best of times, especially when there’s a lens in your face. So one, we’ve got some really, really awesome photos of not just the two of us, but family shots with Xander. But Dave ran through, you know, what he’s going to do, how he’s going to operate. We got to know his style. He got to know what to look for for us. So it wasn’t just going in cold, and I think that is all the difference. Yeah. Because there’s no stuffing around.

Stu: Once we, once we’re in, you know, he wasn’t trying to warm us up on the day. We were straight into everything. It was great.

Laura: Yeah. Like we knew, you know, like, because we weren’t super posed in any of the photos, so. But knowing, you know, I guess, where to put a hand or an arm because we’d had those discussions of how that would photograph well on the previous shoot. It just made it sort of flow really easily. But also, you know, you end up with great photos at the end as a result.

Stu: And because we weren’t focusing on trying to take the good photo, we had more fun and it was a lot more relaxed with ourselves.

Laura: And it was.

Stu: Yeah, that’s probably my biggest hot tip, I reckon.

Aleks: Another one we haven’t heard, guys. Yeah, that’s awesome, because I remember seeing those and for some reason, I assumed you were kind of reposting, like, an engagement shoot, you know, from a couple of years ago. And the photos were great. Like, you guys were so relaxed. It was so nice, the three of you. And, yeah, that’s an excellent tip for people just to be, you know, get to know. I mean, obviously, you guys know your photographer, just like, getting that, those tips and everything ahead of the day. So that’s like, one less thing that.

Eddy: You know, one less unknown don’t have to.

Aleks: Yeah. Stress about.

Laura: Yeah, yeah. Um, other than that, I think, um, like, if you’ve got particular vendors that you like or you want to work with, maybe, like, find out everyone else’s availability first and then set your date so, you know, you’re not trying to force it the other way around and end up disappointed if, you know, the photographer isn’t available and everyone else is and. Yeah, but, yeah, I guess that’s depends.

Aleks: That is. Also, we could not agree more with that one.

Eddy: Absolutely. Because once, you know, once you have a venue and the dates locked in, you, you know exactly how you said you could be out of some options. Yeah, it’s funny, I think we mentioned this before on the podcast, but there was an application that we used during the pandemic. Was it called Doodle or something like that? What was it called?

Aleks: Application, an app, whatever. Yes. God. All right.

Eddy: Checking me on that. Listen to programme.

Aleks: All right.

Eddy: Was it called dude?

Stu: Yes.

Eddy: Was it? Thank you. So. And that you could obviously elect as vendors, availabilities on that, off the back of that, and like a vote delivered, like a voting poll type of thing that would get delivered to the couple and then they could just make choices based on how available everybody was. So.

Aleks: Which you had to do during the pandemic.

Eddy: We got bad memories about it, to be honest.

Aleks: But yeah. When you had to first burn. But I love that you say that because most people. 99.9%.

Eddy: Oh, yeah.

Aleks: Of couples don’t do that.

Eddy: They don’t.

Aleks: And shocked when their, you know, preferred vendors aren’t available on a Saturday march. It’s like, well, going to, you know, normally your venue will be able to provide you at least with a couple of dates and give you, you know, maybe a small window, two weeks or whatever it is to hold those dates, but it’s well worthwhile doing that. And quickly checking with you.

Eddy: Just flip it.

Aleks: Yeah, yeah. Absolutely. Love that. Guys. Amazing, amazing tips. Ed wants to do the honour. Last lucky question.

Eddy: My favourite question to ask if you and you have to answer this individually. If you could choose one song that would get you on the d floor, what would it be?

Stu: You make my dreams.

Eddy: Oh, yes.

Aleks: Correct answer. No pressure. Laura.

Laura: Oh, God. I don’t know if this is like, like a super dancy thing for like, everybody, but it’s a song that I don’t know, has got a connection to a lot of dancers through my life. Um, David Bowie, lets dance.

Eddy: Oh, yes. Two incredibly good answers.

Aleks: Let me see if I played those songs.

Eddy: Aleks is like freaking.

Aleks: That’s a great song to walk into. That is. I’m. Look, I’m looking to see if I played you make my dream.

Eddy: It’d be kind of embarrassing if you.

Aleks: I’ll just slip it into Spotify playlist. No one will know.

Stu: I do remember. I do remember dancing to some whole notes.

Aleks: Good.

Stu: Don’t know if it’s that song, but I do remember whole notes.

Aleks: Or if it was at your wedding or, you know, was it could have been the back of the caddy.

Eddy: Who knows?

Aleks: I did.

Stu: I listen to a lot of gold 104, so I could have just been that.

Eddy: Yeah, yeah.

Aleks: Oh, hang on. All right. I’ve got golden years. David Bowie, let’s dance.

Eddy: Yep, yep. Holy notes.

Aleks: Yep. Oh, no, that’s. I can’t go for that. But that is hall of notes.

Eddy: Yeah.

Aleks: I’m spewing now. Oh, all right, we’ll look through it anyway. We’ll go.

Eddy: Just ending the party.

Aleks: Nearly 100 songs. I didn’t play that one. Ruin. Oh, guys, this has been so much fun. Thank you so much for sharing, honestly, like, some new tips that we haven’t heard, which I know.

Eddy: Yeah. Very, very good. Hot off the press.

Aleks: Hot off the press. Yeah. We’ll share this in the next week. I think it’s our last episode. Second last episode for the season going off with a bang. But thank you so much, guys, for joining us and taking time to share all your insights and your tips from your gorgeous wedding.

Eddy: You nailed it, guys. Thank you so much.

Laura: Thank you for having us.

Aleks: Our pleasure. Our pleasure. Have a good night.

Eddy: And they have it. Another couple interview.

Aleks: Interview.

Eddy: Couple chat.

Aleks: Why do you always want to do an interview? It’s so serious.

Eddy: I would like to interview everybody I know. How did you find talking to your lovely, lovely couple?

Oh, they’re so lovely. They were honestly so relaxed. You can kind of tell, like, they weren’t super fussy with the detail. They kind of just knew what they wanted. Huge music fans, huge dancers. They were dancing all night. Just really lovely. And I honestly think, like, their tips were surprising. Like, really, really good stuff that we haven’t heard before. So, yeah, loved it.

Aleks: How about you?

Eddy: Yeah, I thought that, you know, the level of uniqueness in their responses, you know, was not to, you know, discount our other couples who know everyone, is basically every conversation we have with. With a couple. Either. If it was the wedding that I did, wedding you did, etc. We always come away with some absolute gems.

Aleks: Always learn something. For sure. For sure. And yeah, I’m looking forward to putting that spot playlist up. Because on, if you like a bit of indie, bit of you’re a bit of an old soul as well, then that one you will definitely enjoy.

Eddy: Okay, so that is it for this season of Project Engaged. We did 32 episodes.

Aleks: Ooh. That’s the only stat that I have.

Eddy: That is our longest season. So thank you so much for everybody that has stuck with with us and listened to each me and every episode. Feel free to leave us a review on Apple Podcast.

Aleks: Yep.

Eddy: Just saying what you got out of it. If you know, tell us what you want to hear for next season.

Aleks: And yeah, even if you don’t leave us a review on Apple Podcast, we would love to hear what you’ve taken out of this season, what you want to hear more of, if it’s anyone that you want us to chat to, that sort of thing. So, yeah, thank you so much. We’ve had an absolute ball, and we’ll be back for season four.

Eddy: We’ll be back for season four.

Aleks: No exclamation mark.

Eddy: Yes, with plenty of store. We’ll probably be cooked by the time season four rolls around. Hashtag cooked. We’ve got a very busy wedding season coming. We’re both very excited and about it. And I’m sure we’re gonna have a lot of stories and a lot of learnings. We might come back a little wiser.

Aleks: A little cooked, but also wiser. It’s a good combo.

Eddy: Thanks, guys.

Aleks: See ya. Thanks for tuning in. If you’re enjoying project engaged, please hit the subscribe button on your fave podcast app.

Eddy: You can also follow us on Instagram, @projectengaged and @onemoresongdjs.

Aleks: We’ll see you next time. And until then, have fun out there.

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