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S3, EP1: Top tips for a party-starting ceremony with Nat Sproal

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05 Aug, 2022

On this episode of Project Engaged, we chat to celebrant Nat Sproal, a self-confessed no-BS Melbourne celebrant who’s all about the heart and soul, rather than the frills and tradition.

We are pumped to have our first guest for this new season and what a cracker of a guest we have lined up!

Nat loves good tunes and is ALWAYS first on the dance floor!

Her style of delivering weddings is relaxed, natural and a little bit cheeky.

She says that stiff, formal, overly traditional weddings aren’t really her jam. Nat is so aligned with the types of weddings we love being involved in!

We’ve worked with Nat many times and always know it’s going to be a fun time when she’s officiating.

We chat to Nat about…

  • Her celebranting style (in three words!).
  • The sorts of couples Nat loves working with.
  • The types of advice she provides to couples about how to choose awesome wedding suppliers.
  • How she works with couples from first enquiry through to pronouncing them officially married.
  • Some of her tips for keeping the ceremony fun and light.
  • The role music plays at the ceremony.
  • Nat’s number one piece of advice is for dealing with nerves on the big day!


We hope you enjoy listening to this one as much as we enjoyed recording it!


Full episode transcription

Eddy: Yeah. So I had to pretty much put all of or anything fabric outside. It’s all sitting outside at the moment. Everything smells like smoke.

Aleks: That’s gross.

Eddy: Yeah.

Aleks: And it does. And why is that?

Eddy: Well, so the venue that I played at, I won’t name the venue, but I walked in and I thought, oh, maybe they’re having like a massive kind of smoky barbecue type feast bonfire. Yeah. Yeah. And this is all indoors and, you know, it’s cold outside, so all the doors were closed or the windows were closed, etcetera. But then I realised that there must have been a blockage in the chimney or something because the smoke never disappeared for 5 hours. So I came home. I smelled like a barbecue when I came home.

Nat: Right.

Aleks: Yeah, everything stinks.

Eddy: So that was my weekend. And how was yours?

Aleks: Something to consider. Mine was great. I was at Glass House inside one of our favourite venues in Richmond, in Melbourne, or Cremorne more specifically. Long, pretty long wedding for me, seven and a half hours. Super fun. Had Matt Finch, celebrant, Glenn nichols taking photos, four side catering, just an awesome crew. And yeah, had father of the bride dancing to literally everything I’ve never seen.

Eddy: I love that. And yours looked like such a party.

Aleks: It was great. It was really good. Yeah, it was cocktails, so people, you know, start dancing whenever they start dancing, basically before the official dance floor kicks off, which was good because it wasn’t a super long time for dance floor allocated. Um, I think it was 2 hours or just under. So it was nice to have kind of 4 hours. But your dance floor looked good too.

Eddy: Yeah, look, the night was great, um, despite the smoke. So, you know, um, the dance floor I think was about a four, maybe four and a half hour dance floor. They really wanted to dance and they absolutely loved their EDM, their ministry of sound classics. Um, and you know, a few throwbacks here and there. I did have karen tap me on the shoulder for some abba.

Aleks: Woo, Karen.

Eddy: Go Karen. But hey, you know, it happens. So we’ve got to, you know, we’ve got to please people sometimes as DJ’s, as wedding DJ’s. And we always, we chat about this with Nat, who we’ve actually spoken to on this episode.

Aleks: Yeah, what a legend.

Eddy: Absolutely. And look, you know, if you are doing your shopping for your wedding supplies, you’ve no doubt already run into her somewhere either on Instagram, through Google. But you know, you would, I would assume have heard of Nat Sproul before.

Aleks: Yeah, definitely. And she’s kind of, you know, she’s got that party vibe. She’s got that kind of non traditional slant to her ceremonies and obviously the couples that she attracts. But she’s also super, super organised and detailed.

Eddy: Really switched on.

Aleks: She goes into this a lot in this episode. Stuff that you wouldn’t have thought of as a couple planning their wedding. Stuff that I didn’t realise you did as well.

Eddy: Absolutely. And I learned a lot and, you know, that’s saying something because we, you know, I would assume that by now we would have had quite a few chats with celebrants along the way.

Aleks: Yeah.

Eddy: But I was learning things that I had, you know, I hadn’t considered.

Aleks: Yeah, totally. So I think it’s important that, you know, in terms of finding a celebrate or any of your suppliers, you find someone who’s your fun kind of vibe that you want, but you also make sure they’re diligent and they know they’re stuff and they are going to really guide you through everything so you don’t have to stress about all the planning.

Eddy: Yeah. And that also has some cracking one or two liners that have. Have stuck with me. I won’t give them away now, but they really opened my eyes and actually, I’m going to change my lingo a little bit when I’m chatting to couples and, you know, sneak a couple of them.

Aleks: Steal them.

Eddy: Not steal them. Not steal them.

Aleks: Just be inspired. Reuse, reuse, repurpose.

Eddy: Alright, let’s get into it.

Aleks: Let’s do it.

Eddy: Welcome to Project Engaged, a podcast for fun loving couples planning their non traditional wedding.

Aleks: We’re wedding DJs Aleks and Eddy Mac from Melbourne. We run a business called One More Song, and our tagline is No More Nutbush.

Eddy: In this podcast, we’ll share our wedding experiences and chat to some of our past couples.

Aleks: We’ll also interview bold wedding suppliers who share our philosophy of your wedding being a celebration of you as a couple and one epic party.

Eddy: Let’s get into today’s episode. Okay, so we are pumped to have our first guest for this brand new season. And what a cracker of a guest we have lined up.

Aleks: Woo. On today’s episode, we’re chatting to celebrate Nat Sproul, a self confessed no B’s Melbourne celebrant who’s all about the heart and soul rather than the frills and tradition.

Eddy: Nat loves great tunes and is always first on the dance floor.

Aleks: Her style of delivering weddings is relaxing, natural and a little bit cheeky.

Eddy: She says that stiff, formal, overly traditional weddings aren’t really her jam. Nat is so aligned with the types of weddings we love being involved in.

Aleks: We’ve worked with Nat many times and always know is going to be a fun time when she’s officiating.

Eddy: So let’s get into it and welcome Nat.

Nat: Hello. Hello.

Eddy: Everybody’s cheering for you.

Nat: That was a big intro.

Eddy: I was like, oh, yeah, we like to. We like to impress, but, like, my language is a bit stunted because as we were doing it, our cat was climbing all over the equipment, so I was trying to make sure that she didn’t hit any wrong buttons while we were doing it.

Aleks: You know what’s funny with the intros as well is we actually just take copy from suppliers websites and it’s always so good. You must forget and be like, oh, that’s good, you wrote it.

Nat: Oh, yeah. You better choose. You better choose your supplies then, because it’ll be like otherwise. People talking in third person. Sally just loves love.

Aleks: Yeah.

Nat: Oh, wicked.

Aleks: Loves love. How have you been, Nat?

Nat: I’m pretty good, thank you. I’m at home by myself today, which is my favourite state of being.

Aleks: I think Eddy’s working with you, actually, this week.

Eddy: Yeah, I think I. I think I see you this weekend at Rupert.

Nat: Yeah. Yeah, you will. For Leanne and Mike. It’s going to be a banger.

Eddy: Oh, they’re the best. There’s so much fun. It’s going to. I think it’s an absolute ripper, which I desperately need. An amazing one.

Nat: Well, that’s the plan.

Aleks: No pressure.

Eddy: Now, look, I had a. Look, I had a less than awesome one last week. And, you know when you sort of have ones that they’re still good, but they’re not, like, oh, I want it to be, like, incredible. And then you realise that you’ve got a whole bunch of amazing suppliers that you’re going to be meeting with next weekend and two freaking awesome people that are the couple, you just get really excited.

Nat: Makes it all worth it. That’s why the team you put together is so important.

Eddy: Yes, nice segue.

Aleks: We’ll definitely be getting into that. So tell us a little bit more about your. Now, I don’t know if this is a real word, celebrating style. If you could sum it up in three words, you can use more if you like.

Nat: What I get told the most. People come up to me after ceremonies and say, you’re so natural in your delivery. I’m like, okay, is that like, I’m organic and crunchy? But anyway, I guess I’m natural because it’s quite real, my delivery, like, I’m not really fluffy or flowery with my dialogue either. Pretty fun and definitely energetic.

Aleks: Yeah. Yeah.

Nat: I’m not going to stand up there and just thrown out some bullshit that I’ve read 25 times, a thousand times before.

Aleks: Yeah. And as always said, you know, the. The ceremony really does set the tone for the rest of the day, so if.

Eddy: Yes. Oh, yeah. It’s so important to pick the right celebrant.

Aleks: It’s so important. Yeah. Because it definitely goes, we’re gonna have a party. It’s gonna be an epic day. Or this is a chore.

Nat: Yeah, exactly. Where everyone’s, like, rubber necking and looking for the bar.

Eddy: Yeah. Yeah. So true.

Nat: So celebrate. Kicks it off and. And you guys finish it.

Eddy: Yeah, we get the way.

Nat: Yeah. We passed the baton to you.

Eddy: Yeah. Okay. I was gonna say the handball. Yeah, whatever.

Aleks: I love that.

Eddy: Whatever sporting term that comes to mind, which is sometimes.

Aleks: Sometimes a little bit sad because I’m always like, oh, wish you could stay on, you know, and party with us. Party. You do all that. You do all the. So much work, I suppose, in the lead up as well. That’s. It’s kind of. That’s the sort of, you know, the point. Yeah. The climax.

Nat: Yeah. So to speak. I’ve already peaked.

Aleks: You’re done. You’re done.

Nat: Nowhere left to go. I’m also not very good at sticking around because I really like a party, and I don’t want people to regret asking me because I’m not. I’m not good at moderating myself at the party. So I’m like, it’s best I go home.

Eddy: I always say everything in moderation, including moderation.

Nat: Yeah, yeah, yeah.

Aleks: Difficult when it’s work. Difficult when it’s work. So tell us about the sort of couples that you love working with.

Nat: I love couples who value the ceremony. Is that really nice? People who see, you know, that it’s. It’s really worth getting someone who’s good at what they do. I love that. And it’s kind of that whole thing of, you don’t know what you don’t know. So it’s people who’ve seen other celebrants deliver something that’s been awesome, and then they’re like, I want that.

Eddy: Yeah.

Nat: Like, I haven’t seen that before. I want that. And then they can really see the value in it. They’re like, oh, you know, that was fun. And everyone had a laugh, and it finished on a big bang, and then we went, had a drink, and it was cool. That was a great way to start the day. Yeah. I love people who do things outside the box and go their own way with stuff, you know, whatever that might be.

Aleks: Yeah.

Nat: But that’s a big bonus. And just, I love couples who give up the good stuff. Yeah. When I get the details, because I’m kind of. Damon Hughes is big on this, actually. Another celebrant. He’s like, I can only do so much. You have to give me the good. You know, you can, you can polish a turd, but you’ve got to have a turd to start with kind of thing.

Aleks: Yeah. Yeah.

Nat: So it’s like, give me all the details. Like those sort of things really matter. And it makes it. It just makes it a joy to write. And I wrote one this morning, actually, and the couple, he’s irish and it’s just gold. And I was pissing myself writing, and I’m like, I can’t wait to roll this out. Like, this is really quite funny. Bang on.

Aleks: Is it? Is it? Um, I suppose, like, thinking about it from our perspective as DJ. Sometimes you get, you know, in terms of song requests, you get like a 13 hours Spotify playlist from, from a couple and you’re playing for 5 hours, and then sometimes you get not a single song request. They might mention a couple of others that they like. Yeah. It’s funny because I will have couples ask which one’s better, which one’s more helpful for you, and it’s like, well, it depends, you know, obviously, if you’re like a really fussy music lover, then it’s probably good to have that long list, don’t you think, ed? So you kind of know what to count out.

Eddy: Yeah, no, I would agree with that.

Aleks: Yeah.

Eddy: Yeah.

Aleks: So my point. My point is to ask you, Nat, is it helpful for you to get more information than you need rather than kind of less to be able to write the ceremony.

Nat: I like more, but I totally get what you say. Happy medium is sometimes good because I can get reams and reams as well. And I think I’m going to be writing this forever. And also, I feel bad as well because, you know, 24 minutes of ceremony, I can only get so much stuff in there, and if I’ve cut out a whole lot of stuff that I’m not going to use, I feel a bit bad that they’ve taken the time and I’m not going to use it. So I tend to get sort of two thirds of it from the questionnaire and a third from sitting down with a glass of wine with them and pulling out details. I just ask them directly. They’re like, oh, we met it. You know, we’re at this bar. I’m like, what bar? Tell me about that night, what happened? And there’s always some sort of backstory. That is actually the funny part of it.

Eddy: Yeah. And I imagine if you’ve got them sitting in a bar with a glass of wine, they’re probably going to be just a little bit more relaxed and open.

Nat: Yeah, definitely. So I’ll never not do those. That planning meeting face to face. I really feel like there’s huge benefit in that in terms of connection with couples and getting to know them a bit and also them kind of trusting me.

Aleks: Yeah, yeah, yeah. And so you would do that with every single couple. So that have the questionnaire, and then you sort of add on that kind of. Once they fill that all out, you kind of have that meeting where you delve into things a bit deeper. Yeah, yeah, yeah.

Nat: So I will often go along with a whole heap of stuff highlighted on the questionnaire they filled out. And I’m like, tell me about this. You know, like, it’s just I had this, um, couple once. It’s, like, a classic example. And they’d written about their proposal, how it had happened in Japan. And I was like, yeah, yeah, that’s cool. And then when I met them, they were like, oh, well, that. That almost didn’t happen, because Brendan found out three days before we flew out for Japan that his passport had expired. And so he’d gone on this, like, just ridiculous journey to get his passport expediated, had flown to Sydney or Canberra or something like that, tried to sweet talk some old battle act at the counter, and it was just, like, fucking drama because he knew he was going to propose. And it was also his best friend 30th, and it was just the biggest, like, shmozzle. And so once they told me that, I was like, this is the story I’m going with for the proposal story, because everyone there knows that this is typical of his. Of his personality, and it’s really funny.

Aleks: Oh, I love that.

Eddy: How funny is that?

Aleks: Yeah, I guess I had a. Yeah.

Nat: I was gonna rely on what they give you. Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah.

Aleks: And we sort of had that as well, where they sort of like, oh, I really like hip hop, but I’m not gonna include any of that because no one will like that at my wedding. It’s like, well, but what’s minute?

Eddy: You’re like, dropping gangsters paradise. Towards the end of the night, everyone’s.

Aleks: Losing their mind, but, you know, they’re like, oh, but I did have a 30th or. We did have an engagement party and I had a lot of stuff I like. Yeah, that’s gold. Send us that. You know?

Nat: Yeah, almost.

Aleks: I think people having their mind. This is what I need to provide, you know, whether it’s. Yeah. The proposal story or song requests or whatever. But it’s actually. No, think outside of that.

Nat: Exactly.

Aleks: Where the good stuff comes in.

Nat: Yeah. And if they don’t give it to you, just dig a bit deeper.

Eddy: Yeah, absolutely. So next question for you, Nat. I’ll get my piece of paper. No, look. Um. So you do provide a lot of advice for couples about how to choose awesome wedding suppliers. Can you share some of those with.

Aleks: Our listeners, for those who don’t follow your instagram, because.

Eddy: Correct, correct. I should have started with that.

Nat: Yes, I do. Because I’m really deeply committed to people having the right suppliers that make such a difference. And sometimes that person isn’t me. You know what I mean? And that’s okay. Sometimes I meet people and I’m like, I don’t reckon I’m the best fit for you. What you’re describing is not really what I do. And, like, you’re going to have a better experience if I give you the name of someone who’s really good at doing that kind of thing. And I’m going to have a better time, too, because that sounds shit boring. So my biggest piece of advice is just find one vendor that you click with. So, you know, most people are on Instagram. I always get these inquiries from people saying, I’ve followed you for years. You know, I love your vibe, blah, blah. Which is really cool, because all my recommended suppliers are people of a similar vibe. Like, they’ve got a similar ethos and demographic. Yeah, definitely. Like, I guess it’s quite north side, our demo, in a lot of ways.

Eddy: Yeah, I would agree with that. Represent the north side.

Nat: North side for life. I mean, that’s not to say that we don’t do south side weddings, you know, but I even. I usually find that people who I marry who come from the wrong side of the river generally do have that north side ethos.

Aleks: Yes. So true. Yeah.

Nat: You know, and I will jokingly say to people, like, how is it that you’re living there?

Aleks: Like, yeah, I actually had this exact thing with a couple of spokes the other night. They’re like, we’re really north side. I’m like, where do you guys live? And they’re like, South Yarra or something. I’m like, okay, but you’re right. It’s a. It’s a sentiment, isn’t it? It’s a. I hate. We have to find another word for vibe. Seriously. There’s a sorrow sound, but it is a vibe.

Nat: It really is. I had a couple of the other guys who were like, man, we love Brunswick. It’s so cool. Look, there’s all these bars and this is happening and that’s happening. I’m like, oh, where are you from again? They said East Melbourne. And I was like, oh, I’m sorry, you know. Um, but they generally do. They. They share our ethos. Like they’re foodies and they like tunes and, you know, and they roll in. In sim. In, you know, similar sort of clothing in that. Like, I. Yeah, definitely that.

Eddy: It seems to be more about the experience than the aesthetic, I think, putting it too bluntly.

Nat: Yeah, yeah, yep, exactly. So just finding that one single person, whether it’s, you know, a photographer or a celebrant or a DJ or whoever it is, they will have recommendations for you.

Eddy: Yeah.

Nat: The other thing is just, you’ve got to meet them. You have to meet. You have to meet your celebrant, your photographer and your videographer.

Eddy: Yeah, yeah, we definitely. And I’m sure you’re the same now. I almost know for sure, for certain, but we certainly won’t. Aleks and I just won’t bother or not bother, but we won’t sign up with a couple that doesn’t want to meet us and we won’t want to want to play their wedding just because we haven’t had that here it comes vibe check.

Aleks: Yeah, yeah. And it’s got to be a musical thing. Yeah, yeah.

Nat: It’s so important, like, that you’re on the. On the same page. You know, I’ve had times where I’ve met people and I’m like, oh, you know, who’s your photographer? And they say somebody, and I’m like, oh, okay. Um. How did you come across, you know, that person? Oh, you know, recommended by the venue. All right. Have you met them? Oh, no, we just kind of booked them. And I’m. And I think, wow, like, this is a big, big, rowdy country wedding with, you know, huge crew. It’s going to be pretty rowdy. And this photographer is pretty quiet and introverted and I’m like, I don’t know about that. Too late now, but, you know, too late now. Yeah. I would have probably chosen somebody else.

Aleks: Yeah.

Eddy: Yeah.

Nat: Because there’s a good fit for everyone.

Eddy: Yeah, there really is.

Aleks: And there’s a lot of suppliers out there. Yeah.

Eddy: So many suppliers.

Nat: Totally. There is. Yes. Saturation. So got to meet them. And my favourite tagline, hire good people and get out of their way.

Eddy: Oh, I really like that.

Aleks: Yeah, that’s. That’s very, very good advice. Well, you should. You should hire people who you trust, obviously, so you can.

Eddy: I’m gonna replace that same, because I always just say, trust in your supplies. But that’s kind of boring now that I’ve heard your tagline.

Nat: Yeah, hire good people, get out of their way. And then it’s like I say to my couples, what you’ve got to do is turn up, look hot, have fun, just let us do our thing. And they’ll say in the final week, you know what? It’s. But I thought it was supposed to be really stressful and that. And I’m like, well, you’ve got an awesome team of suppliers.

Eddy: Yeah. Yeah.

Nat: So you. You just focus on, you know, getting your tan and whatever it is that you’re doing, and you let us deal with our stuff and we all communicate with each other, obviously, so it’s like, oh, good, we know what’s happening.

Aleks: I think it’s good, too, when you go with, you know, choose one vendor and then go with their recommended suppliers, because everybody knows each other, so. So it’s even, you know, better on the day in terms of the communication and people knowing how other suppliers work and that sort of thing. There’s more cohesion.

Eddy: Well, there’s a sense of community as.

Aleks: Well at your wedding, and it’s fun for your supplies. Like, we love working with people we’ve worked with before who we know are awesome to work with and we can trust and, you know, work really well together, so.

Eddy: Yeah, yeah. It’s. Particularly when it can be a solitary job, each. Each vendor doing their own thing. So when you do rock up to a wedding in there, like, your workmates are there, who you love, it just makes it a million times better for the suppliers themselves, and then the guests can feel that energy.

Nat: Oh, I’m. I’m such a big believer in the whole energy thing. I promise that I don’t have a magic happensticker on my car, but energy from vendors who love working together is just like a massive bonus.

Eddy: Yeah.

Nat: You know, that. That camaraderie and that. That energy, people will say, do you guys know each other? And we’re like, yeah, we’re all rat bags. We’re having a ball together. And you can’t. You can’t really quantify that.

Aleks: Yeah, I think maybe sometimes it’s not. Not that obvious, you know, how much we have to work together. So, for example, if you’re officiating a ceremony and we’re doing the music, there’s quite a lot of coordination that has to happen between us to make sure we nail those moments. And there’s no kind of dipping energy or weird silence or music’s cut off when.

Eddy: When stops instantly instead of being faded down. Just little things.

Aleks: Or a fun example at Matthew and Kirsty’s wedding at noisy ritual, when it was Matthew and Kirsty’s, wasn’t it? When we had the witness raffle.

Nat: Yeah. And you played those really good tunes.

Aleks: Tequila.

Nat: Yeah, but that really fit. And it, you know, imagine not having that. Yeah, imagine not having any tunes for that. Like, it was just. It just made it more fun.

Aleks: Yeah.

Nat: All about the team.

Aleks: But you. You did tell me in advance, which was very nice because, yeah, we’ve often, as DJ’s, had those moments where there’ll be, you know, some sort of key moment or formality that you weren’t aware of and you have to quickly scramble.

Eddy: Into whatever, what is at the top of your list.

Nat: Yeah.

Aleks: Anything’s better than silence. Anything’s better than silence.

Eddy: I think so.

Nat: That’s rough.

Aleks: Oh, it does happen. That’s okay.

Nat: We’re.

Aleks: We’re quick. We’re quick on the, on the keyboard. So you’ve talked a little bit about this, but explain a bit more detail, I guess, the process of how you work with couples from sort of first inquiry through to pronouncing them officially married.

Nat: Once they’re on board, I send them across some resources. I then set up a planning meet with them. I usually do that about three to five months out from their wedding and use that time to kind of get to know them, you know, spend a bit of time with them. I also find Instagram really helpful.

Aleks: Yeah.

Nat: Sometimes I don’t get much of a read on people, and I’m disappointed in my years of emergency nursing observational skills. And I look up their Instagram and I’m like, Jesus. Chick was pretty button dumb when I met her, but she’s a pretty loose unit on Instagram. So I’m like, okay, I get it. I get it. Like, I, you know, so Instagram is very handy. And then I write it up. I do a pre game run through with everyone the Monday night before their wedding so that it’s all fresh stuff that they’ll probably forget anyway, but it makes them feel prepared. And that is worth it.

Aleks: Yeah.

Nat: You know, just logistics entry and where they stand and how they stand. And microphone and all that sort of stuff.

Aleks: Do you do that in person? Normally?

Nat: I did do it in person, but I now do it via video because I’m nervous that I’ll take them out for this meeting and they’ll get Covid.

Eddy: Yeah. Yeah.

Nat: So that. That’s our life now, and it actually works a treat.

Aleks: Yeah.

Nat: Doing it from home and, you know, everyone’s in their jammies. Happy days.

Eddy: Yeah. I’m finding you might be the same, Nat, but I’m finding a lot of our couples are going into, like, a self imposed lockdown the week before just to make sure that they don’t catch.

Aleks: Anything and their family sometimes.

Nat: Yeah, yeah, yeah. Absolutely. It’s the only way that you. You can guarantee that you’re going to be there.

Eddy: Yeah, that’s right.

Aleks: I always get really nervous when they’re like, oh, the bucks weekend is this weekend. It’s like the weekend before the wedding. I’m like, uh oh.

Nat: You’re like, oh, they don’t shave your eyebrows off.

Aleks: Forget Covid. Just make sure you got your eyebrows at the end of it.

Nat: Yeah, yeah, exactly. So, yeah, everyone does that. And then, I mean, they get in touch with me as much as they want throughout the process, and they do. I’m forever. I’m forever getting text messages and that saying, you know, asking for advice or saying, can you set me straight on something?

Eddy: Yeah.

Nat: And I love that. On the day I’m there pretty early, and I just chat to everyone because everyone needs to know how it’s going down so no one misses anything. So that includes. Yeah, you guys, photographer, videographer. But let’s make sure that no one misses a big moment.

Eddy: Yeah. And that’s.

Nat: That’s.

Eddy: That’s great to hear. I often have celebrants that don’t say anything. Sort of chasing them.

Nat: I’m like, hey, you know, I’m playing the tune.

Eddy: Exactly.

Nat: Yeah, yeah.

Aleks: It may be. It may be fun and party vibes, but you still, you know, you can’t screw up the ceremony.

Eddy: Serious business.

Nat: Yeah, exactly. Just have a chat, like. Exactly. Community. And everyone just talk to each other.

Eddy: Yeah, it would definitely solve a few problems.

Nat: Yeah. And then it’s just the game. Smash it. Smash the ceremony. Lodge it all. And then I send some, like, post wedding advice about, you know, name changing and getting certificates and all that. Sort of.

Aleks: Just all the fun stuff.

Nat: Yeah, all the fun stuff.

Eddy: Oh, and. Okay, so we’ve talked about your process on the day itself. What are some of your tips for keeping the ceremony fun and light?

Nat: Pre drink yes.

Aleks: Thank you.

Nat: Definitely. I just don’t understand, you know, I can understand reasons why people don’t do it because pricing can be prohibitive. I heard the other day from someone that they were quoted, like, two grand for half an hour or an hour of champagne. Not even champagne or would have been australian sparkling, but they were like, you know, we just can’t justify that. And I totally get that, but it’s such. It’s so beneficial. Like, people are just relaxed and I just think it’s good manners. Like, if I turn up at a wedding, I just. I want to roll in and have a drink.

Aleks: Totally.

Nat: Yeah, yeah, I like that. And I, you know, I have turned up before and there’s been, like, bottles of water. I’m like, I don’t want that. I want a drink. I think drink of water. I’ll have that in my car console on the way, you know? So drink, definitely. Tune.

Aleks: Yes.

Nat: As soon as I get there. If there’s no DJ or band or duo or whatever they’ve got, or at least not for the ceremony, tunes go on as soon as I get there. And you can see the energy change in vendors as soon as that goes on.

Aleks: Yeah, yeah.

Nat: Like, get some tunes on. Get there. And everyone’s running around like headless chickens and I’m gonna put some tunes on, play some bangers.

Eddy: Yeah.

Nat: Just everyone’s like, hey, yeah, we’re gonna have a good time.

Eddy: Yeah, yeah.

Nat: That’s. That’s the point.

Aleks: Especially if there’s no drinks as well. You need something to add to the atmosphere.

Eddy: Have I just rocked up at a funeral or is this a wedding?

Nat: This is it. It’s non negotiable for me. Tunes and pre drink work the treat. Using anecdotes is big for fun, for humour, rather than telling jokes. That’s not really my thing. The back story is always really funny. As I talked about before, there’s always a bit of gold in there. And I reckon just language and tone is really important. Like, my. My language is different and my tone for each wedding. Like, it’s not. I’m not going to come out with the big, loud party vibes if it’s a little intimate wedding at glasshouse with 40 people. Yeah, sort of thing. And also, I reckon crowd involvement stuff is really fun. Just like the witness raffle or introducing the wedding party, like, doing a roasting is hilarious to start it off.

Aleks: Oh, I like that.

Eddy: Yeah, that’s great.

Nat: I love doing that.

Eddy: I don’t know if I’ve seen that either.

Nat: It’s gold so again, as long as they give up the good stuff, that is. Yeah, they’re my favourite things for just keeping it. Keeping it fun, keeping it light. And just don’t make it too long. Like, not too long, you know, no cheesy stuff and no God.

Aleks: That’s all right. I don’t think we’ll have any of those types of ceremony. Couples listening to this every now and then you get.

Eddy: Yeah, you’ll get one. Obviously not you, Nat, but we’ll have one where it’s a more religious ceremony. And I do feel somewhat uncomfortable and weird. Yeah. Yeah. Personally. But, um. Hey, that’s just me.

Nat: I know. Well, it was something for everyone. But, you know, I. I have had someone ask me recently. They were like, oh, we’re gonna bow to the pressure of our parents at last minute. We’re gonna get you to read the corinthians. And I was just like, fuck, no, I’m not reading that. That’ll catch on fire in my hands, man.

Eddy: Why don’t they get the parents to read it?

Nat: That’s it. I was like, you can get your parents up to read that. I’m very happy with that, but I’m not reading it. So, um.

Aleks: Yeah, I just.

Nat: Light on. Light on the God.

Aleks: Light on the gods. Yeah, I did. I did one wedding where it was. Yeah, there were prayers all night. I was very. I didn’t realise until I got there and I was like, oh, okay. Gonna be a churchy wedding. And then, um, the music I was playing, I was like, are these lyrics appropriate?

Nat: I don’t know.

Eddy: But you played sons of preacher man.

Aleks: I did play son of a preacher man.

Eddy: I lost it when she told me that.

Aleks: I thought I was duped. But anyway, um, we’ve talked a little roll out.

Nat: Some luck of prayer.

Aleks: No, I didn’t. I should have.

Eddy: Opportunity missed.

Aleks: I know.

Nat: That was.

Eddy: I thought how far I would be the whole time. How come? How far can I push this?

Aleks: I just thought there were actual prayers and, you know, during dinner and stuff, holding hands and stuff. So I don’t know. I was freaked out. Anyway, we don’t have many of those. We talked a little bit about what. What role music plays at the beginning of the ceremony. Let’s talk a little bit about sort of key moments. I don’t know how many of your couples will go down the aisle. It still seems to be pretty popular thing. Do you have any tips or any particularly fun things you’ve seen or good music choices for aisle songs?

Nat: Oh, look, I reckon the main thing is it just doesn’t have to be dramatic and emotional.

Aleks: Yeah.

Nat: It doesn’t have to be. Some people, that’s what they want and that is okay. But I’ve particularly got a lot of couples arriving together now.

Aleks: Yeah.

Nat: Or we’re sending a wedding party down as a big pack and it’s just not going to have the same vibe. There’s that word again.

Aleks: Yeah.

Nat: If we do that to that fucking song from Titanic.

Aleks: Wait, it’s just not.

Nat: Or the Twilight song.

Aleks: Oh, that’s what I was gonna say.

Eddy: Yeah.

Aleks: You know the one. Yeah, a thousand words.

Eddy: I know the one.

Aleks: Tried to block it from his mind. Yeah. We don’t get a lot of. A thousand views, that’s for sure.

Eddy: Yeah.

Nat: No, just come into something really fun and really vibey or something that, you know, even nostalgic favourites, I reckon, are so good. I, you know, I’ve done. I did a little wedding in kindergarten and they had an old Sydney quattro track.

Aleks: Yeah.

Nat: And I loved that because that was the age demographic and it just. They all knew it and they were all singing and it’s beautiful. Or I did another wedding at Rupert and they used a blur track.

Eddy: Cool.

Nat: And that’s awesome. It was awesome. Everyone was seeing it and I was like, I love that it doesn’t have to be Ed Sheeran. And if people choose music based on not being able to think of anything better, they’re probably not my people.

Aleks: Yeah, totally. And also, it does. It really does have an impact on the. The tone of the ceremony, that first song, especially. Especially if you’ve had pretty upbeat pre ceremony tunes as well. And then suddenly it’s all of me.

Eddy: Comes on or something, you know, and.

Aleks: Then it’s, like, quiet and it’s some, you know, soppy ballad after, like, awesome Motown tunes or something, like, just really shifts the energy, doesn’t it?

Nat: Well, also, you can. You know, there’s nothing wrong with using EDM tracks. I don’t reckon so. One of the weddings I’ve done recently, we use that Calvin Harris track. You guys know what it’s called?

Eddy: He’s got a few.

Aleks: Feel so close.

Nat: Feel so close. I love that everyone knows it. It’s fun, you know, it’s a vibe.

Eddy: Yeah.

Aleks: And it’s roman. It’s still, you know, lyrics. Still romantic.

Eddy: Absolutely.

Nat: Yeah.

Aleks: And sweet, you know.

Eddy: Yeah. It’s a great song.

Aleks: Yeah. That’s a really good idea. I love that. Yeah. And do you, if you mentioned before, if there are no tunes playing, you will throw something on. So can couples expect that if there’s no one around to kind of play music. You can. You’ve got the ability to do that?

Nat: Yeah, definitely. So I’ve got a tonne of playlists.

Eddy: Yeah. Okay. That was gonna be my next question. What your go to playlist would be. I suppose it depends on couple. Depends on the vibe. Depends on the venue.

Nat: Exactly. Sometimes it’s like they’ve gone for like seventies, sixties and seventies stuff. Sometimes, you know, it’s a lot more current and there’ll be like bright eyes and stuff like that in there or just depends on who they are. But, yeah, I’ve got a lot of. I take music pretty seriously. So I’ve got a few lists.

Eddy: Yeah. And do you share. Will you share those lists with. With your couples in the lead up asking what, you know, what would suit them best? Or do you sort of keep that to yourself and just do. Do your thing?

Nat: Look, I will if they. If they want me to, but I’m so lucky. Most of my couples will choose their own.

Eddy: Yeah. Yeah.

Nat: And I’ll just get them to put it. Whoever’s the first person there. The waiting party. I’ll get them to put it on their phone.

Eddy: Yep.

Nat: And I’ll just hook it all up when they get there. So I tend to attract people who are serious about music as well.

Eddy: Yeah, yeah, yeah. And that’s great that you can lean on someone else. The marvels of modern technology that, you know, that enables them to be able to plug in their phone. You can take over when you. When you get there. That’s fantastic.

Nat: Yeah. And keeping them on after as well, I think after the ceremony.

Eddy: Yeah. Yes, yes, definitely.

Aleks: I think a lot of people don’t.

Nat: Yeah.

Eddy: Don’t realise that’s a pet peeve of ours. When the music just finishes and we’ll. Okay.

Aleks: Should have music all day, basically.

Nat: Yeah. Because, you know. And again, that comes down to, like, communication. If the DJ’s are still setting up, don’t turn your system off. And just. The atmosphere just completely tanks. It’s like just. Just go over and have a chat. How much longer do you guys need, you know? When will you be ready? Because I might just keep myself tunes on because it’s just. There’s nothing. That’s a bigger vibe killer. Everyone’s gone into cocktails and canapes and it’s like I’m in it.

Eddy: Silence. Yeah.

Aleks: They finally get their drink, but there are no tunes.

Nat: Yeah.

Eddy: You get one or the other. Yeah.

Nat: Like wild party. Yeah. Can’t do it. So I’m more than happy. Like, I’m normally there for half an hour afterwards. Anyway.

Aleks: Yeah.

Nat: I’m having a chat and getting things signed and I just leave them on until we’ve swapped across to something. And if there is no DJ or musician to follow, I say to them, you’ve got to hire a system and we’re going to cross and I’ll change it across to their system before I leave.

Aleks: Yeah, so good. Yeah. And look, some venues have their own systems, like Rupert, you know, where they’re.

Eddy: Yeah, Rupert’s great. I often have this conversation with particular with couples, obviously, that are booked at Rupert, but there. I’ve never seen a venue so good at playing the ceremony music for a ceremony. So coordinated, so coordinated. They’re there. It’s actually fun to watch.

Nat: Yeah, yeah, they are. They’re polished.

Eddy: Yeah, yeah.

Aleks: And now, actually, on that point, so if there’s no one there to press play on the kind of key moment song. So if there is an aisle song and, you know, signing certificate songs and ceremony finished song and stuff, do you look after those or do you normally ask the couple to, you know, pick a guest to do that?

Nat: Yeah, I get them to choose a guest to do it. Yeah.

Aleks: It’s a bit much for you to do.

Nat: I just find that. I mean, I’ve done it in the past for smaller weddings and that, but there’s usually quite a bit going on. If I’ve got a wedding party incoming and a groom that’s, like, redlining with nerves and then, you know, everyone’s arriving down the aisle and there’s a three year old having a tantrum on as well. And it’s just a bit much to watch all those things and manage the tunes because I want them to be seamless.

Aleks: Yeah.

Nat: So I’m like, look, I’ll just give you the cues and I always just say, send them to me beforehand and I’m going to run through everything with them. It’s piece of piss. You’re just. I’m bluetoothing it in. You can stand wherever you are and just use the volume. Most people can manage it.

Aleks: Yes. Make sure you use the volume up and down instead of just cutting the song off.

Eddy: Yeah, yeah.

Nat: And I send them a little, like, whoever they’ve nominated, I send them a little word document that I’ve put together. Just saying, you know, this is all you’ve got to do. Don’t panic. Like, you can enjoy the ceremony. I’ll give you an early queue to get ready.

Eddy: Oh, that’s. Yeah, that’s nice.

Aleks: So much value, Nat. Good. That’s what you want couples, you want someone who’s a control freak, make sure everything is covered. That’s awesome. You mentioned, you know, grooms and couples with nerves. Are there any tips that you have for handling nerves on your big day?

Nat: Beta blockers. No, I’m joking.

Aleks: Yeah.

Nat: No, just experienced vendors and trusting them to do their thing. Just let it happen. Don’t over plan it. I always say to my couples, they’re just festival nerves. Like every time before I went to big day out or a rave or something, I’d get so jittery and kind of like, I don’t know whether I’m excited or I’m nervous.

Aleks: Were you performing?

Nat: You’re excited because you know you’re going to have a big day. I’m like, it’s mainly excitement and, you know, just. Just enjoy it.

Eddy: Yeah. And can I just say, I love the comparison you’ve made between a wedding and a rave. I think that’s fantastic.

Nat: One day I will marry someone at a rave. That’s my.

Eddy: One of your life goals.

Nat: Yeah. That’s going to be my pinnacle, my career pinnacle.

Aleks: Well, if you need DJ’s, you know who to ask.

Nat: Yeah. Roger.

Aleks: We did have one with glow sticks, though, so that was.

Eddy: Hmm. We’re getting there. The weddings are getting closer and closer, I think, to festivals and. Wait, and raves.

Aleks: We have had a few inquiries recently. We want trance all night, and that’s I Trance side rants.

Eddy: I’ve got one coming up. Yeah.

Aleks: What about Abba, though? For Auntie Karen?

Eddy: Oh, yeah, she’ll, she’ll be there asking for ABbA.

Nat: Abba. I hate AbbA so, so much. Oh, I just hate ABBA. They are the most overrated bands in the world besides the Whitlams, I’ve got to say.

Aleks: Oh.

Nat: I know. I know you’ve got to play Abba because I know that this, this is an unpopular opinion of mine, but it’s just boring as shit.

Eddy: I, um. No, I completely understand where you’re coming from. And look, Abba is usually an artist. Like an appeasement artist. You’re appeasing a certain demographic by playing dancing queen. And it’s just, I’m gonna play this now to keep you happy. It’s. It’s not necessarily a tune that I want to play, but I know I need to play it right now to keep this demographic.

Nat: Yeah.

Eddy: You know?

Aleks: Yeah. I mean, some couples, they don’t want it, but then they’re like, but my mom will really want it and I really want her to just play once.

Eddy: Yeah. Just keep her happy. Yeah, yeah. Which, you know, you’ve got to do that sometimes.

Aleks: Well, you’ve got the, you know, gimme gimme gimme remix, which at least sounds a bit more fresh. And the young ones.

Eddy: That one’s been done to death too, though.

Aleks: Has definitely been done to death. Yeah. There’s a few songs like that. Oh, we had a final question.

Eddy: We did. We did. So, Nat, this is. This is my favourite question about the podcast, what song? And we’re gonna ask every single guest this question that we have from now. What song gets you on the dance floor?

Nat: Oh, so many songs get me on the dance floor. But two. One, two. I’m on the dance floor.

Aleks: Yes. I love that tune. That’s great.

Nat: Yes. Any salt and pepper?

Aleks: Yes.

Nat: And I will also get fairly energetic to killing in the name. Yes.

Eddy: Tune. You know what? I would dare say that’s going to make an appearance this. This Saturday at Rupert, to be honest. I think they’ll be. Yeah, well, well up for that one.

Nat: I love it. I love it. I. Well, we played it for our kids. It came on in the car on the weekend and we were like, there’s a bit of swearing in there. Just. Just try and disregard the swearing because it’s just one of the best tracks ever made. You know, I feel like they’ve got a beginner’s appreciation.

Eddy: Yeah, yeah, yeah. They’ve obviously got good teachers teaching them, so. Yeah.

Aleks: Amazing. This has been so much fun, Nat. Thank you so much. And where can people find you online?

Nat: They can find me on my website, natsproalcelebrant.com or on my Instagram, which is also imaginatively, natsproal.melbournecelebrants. Woo woo.

Aleks: Amazing. Thank you so much, Nat. And Eddy looks forward to seeing you on Saturday.

Nat: Yes, Nat, we cannot wait you and I’ll tell you what’s happening.

Eddy: Oh, thank you. I appreciate that.

Aleks: Yeah, thanks so much. Chat soon. Thanks for tuning in. If you’re enjoying project engaged, please hit the subscribe button on your fave podcast app.

Eddy: You can also follow us on Instagram, @projectengaged, and @onemoresongdjs.

Aleks: We’ll see you next time. And until then, have fun out there.

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