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S3, EP22: Real couple: Planning a party-focused Northside wedding (Dean + Pip)

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16 Jun, 2023

On this episode of Project Engaged, we chat to real couple Dean and Pip, who got married at Noisy Ritual in Brunswick East in April 2023.

Their initial enquiry said it all: “We’re real keen for wall to wall boogie for our wedding. Absolutely key. Planning on ripping the speech bandaid off and then relentless dance floor times.”

The couple were so excitable from their very first meeting with their DJ Aleks. It was clear they’re big music lovers and their music brief was epic: lots of Indie, funk, Motown / soul, disco and a sprinkle of RnB. And the guests were on board, with dancing starting straight after the ceremony!

We also put in our first audio guest book (you can hear a few of the hilarious messages in this ep) and our signature party lights, which (if we do say so ourselves), really elevate the dance floor!

It was an all star line up of vendors, which included:

Other peeps mentioned on this episode:


Full episode transcription

Eddy: We’re back for yet another episode of Project Engaged. My name is Eddy..

Aleks: And I’m Aleks. It’s been a couple of weeks.

Eddy: I think it has. I think we did take last week off, so apologies if you were waiting for that little notification that you’ve received a new podcast episode from us.

Aleks: Yes. Sorry about that.

Eddy: But that was a good reason for it. What was that reason?

Aleks: We were in Bali.

Eddy: We were in Bali. It was amazing. We weren’t just there to relax. We did a bit of relaxing. We were there for a music festival called Dream Machine.

Aleks: We were there to party.

Eddy: Party and relax.

Aleks: Party and relax. It was the perfect party.

Eddy: Repeat. That’s exactly what we did.

Aleks: Bintang. And lots of noodles. The food was amazing. But right before we headed off to Bali, we had the cocktail party.

Eddy: We did. Jeez. Like, how could I forget about that? That was just huge.

Aleks: Well, I’ve forgotten about some of it.

Eddy: So, community over competition. If you have been listening to this podcast, you would have listened hopefully to an episode where the organisers of this particular party talk all about it. It’s a really good one if you want to cheque it out. But it’s an industry event for wedding vendors in Melbourne and beyond. There were quite a few people from.

Aleks: Interstate, which is really massive commitment.

Eddy: Yep, massive commitment. So shout out to all those guys that we did bump into. What did you think of the party?

Aleks: It was pretty loose. I got pretty loose, that’s for sure. It was amazing. Everyone was dressed up in the theme, which was the party animals are back, so you can only imagine. There were real camels. There was a mechanical bull to ride on. Yep, the usual shenanigans. We had our friends, mister and misses, social good friends of ours, Carla and Baz, who have started a new business. It’s a video guestbook business. So they went around and basically interviewed a lot of people, which is a lot of fun. And we had our photo booth in there, which is cool too.

Eddy: Yeah, there were a bunch of cool DJs that played as well. I saw most of them. We sort of. We had to leave a little bit early. I mean, the party officially was from two till six. Then there’s an after party that sort of kicked on after that. We had to get up really early to catch a flight the next day. So unfortunately, we had to pull ourselves out at a reasonable time. But I think that was for the best.

Aleks: Yes. And we very fortuitously, if you follow us on Instagram, you will know this. We had. We hung out at the airport lounge the next morning with two friends that we saw at the party the night before. Who are Claire and Andrew from the venue? Butterfly Red Hill. Absolute legend. And we are getting them on the podcast. They stayed in our hotel and they were there for the whole Bali trip and we spent the whole time with them and it was incredible.

Eddy: Yeah, certified legends. So super massive shout out to those guys. Yeah. We love you and we cannot wait to see you again. And we miss you, Oren.

Aleks: Yes, totally. But look, dream machine music festival was incredible. We saw so many great Aussie indie electro artists, some international, including girl talks.

Eddy: Girl talks.

Aleks: What a throwback.

Eddy: Hey, who did not disappoint, did not disappoint.

Aleks: Last act of the entire festival absolutely went off. Had a million people with him on stage, dancing.

Eddy: Yeah. So he really kind of did that whole boiler room set sort of vibe. Yeah. Because obviously I’ve listened to his albums and he’s like the mashup king. I didn’t really know what he was gonna be like in, you know, real life.

Aleks: Yeah.

Eddy: But, yeah, he absolutely nailed it. So he was a huge stand up for me. Hot dub time machines, always a massive standout, just a legend. And we can, you know, being wedding DJs, we can kind of feel, relate to what he’s playing as well.

Aleks: Those who don’t know, he plays kind of songs from different eras.

Eddy: Yeah. It’s like a count up to the present, from the past sort of things.

Aleks: Nice. Very succinct. Yeah.

Eddy: And client liaison, who just were incredible. He. His outfits alone. One of the two members, I don’t know, this. The guy with a kind of, what.

Aleks: Would you call that, like ironic haircut.

Eddy: Permed haircut, sort of mullet mullet sort of thing, you know.

Aleks: You know, if you’re a fan.

Eddy: Yeah. His outfits were so good. He’s wearing these amazing earrings and. Yeah, he just really lives that. That look, I think.

Aleks: Definitely.

Eddy: So they were really good as well. But was there anyone else that really stood out to you?

Aleks: I really liked Winston Surfshark as well. Space cadet, who was very kind of super high energy.

Eddy: Super high energy, like tech house y sort of vibe.

Aleks: Exactly.

Eddy: And also shout out to DJ Argonaut.

Aleks: Yes.

Eddy: Who we were, you know, lucky enough to have a. Have a chat to. He was playing the pool parties around, you know, the different hotels that were part of this festival. We caught his set on the Sunday, I believe.

Aleks: Oh, he was great. Very purple disco machine esque set.

Eddy: Yeah. And he also. He’s one of the resident DJs at Sircuit.

Aleks: Yes.

Eddy: Which is great. He’s also. I think he’s doing one this weekend. He did the reminisce top 50 queer anthems of all time a couple of weeks ago, which unfortunately I missed. I really wanted to be there. But he’s doing the Sydney one this weekend, I think, and we’re having a chat to him and he gave us some pretty interesting information on it. So you are able to vote for the, what you think are the top 50. You give your top five and they collate it all, but they do it for Melbourne and they do it for Sydney. And he mentioned. I hope I’m not giving anything away here, but he mentioned that the Sydney results were quite different to the Melbourne results. Not surprised by that. I thought it was quite interesting, to be honest, when obviously, you know, it’s done and dusted. A few weeks after, they’ll release a Spotify playlist of the countdown from 50 to one. So I’m really intrigued to see how different they are.

Aleks: Yeah, me too. Also. Groove city.

Eddy: Yeah, groove city. Great is what? Bloody good DJs. I know, set of theirs.

Aleks: So good.

Eddy: Really good.

Aleks: And I have to say, like, there were. We saw a lot of DJs who kind of did the pool parties during the day as opposed to playing on the main stage later at night. And there was so much disco, so much comfort. My God, a lot of disco.

Eddy: They had one that played a lot of awesome, like, throwback, hip hop sort of stuff.

Aleks: Oh, yes. That was lots of, like, old school RnB. Everyone was dancing in the pool.

Eddy: It was like 11:00 a.m. But people were like, yeah, I mean.

Aleks: Yeah, what is time when you’re on holiday? And a lot of nineties dance throwbacks.

Eddy: Hugely. Yeah.

Aleks: So that was cool for us to hear.

Eddy: Yeah, absolutely. So client Lansen also did a DJ set at a different hotel pool party that we sort of walked to. And their whole set was like basically all nineties, more or less. So some really good stuff. Some forgotten nineties jams as well. Which.

Aleks: What? Coco jumbo. That’s a banger.

Eddy: Coco jumbo.

Aleks: What was it?

Eddy: But I don’t know. Off the top of my head, but, like, my phone. Well, my. Yeah, I’ve forgotten them, too. My phone will actually capture every song that’s played. It’s like a shazam. That always happens. It’s a pixel phone. Shout out. Shout out to Android. Sorry, iPhone. Those are the worst. But, yeah, they’ll just. Anywhere you are, it’ll always capture what’s going on around you so you can get home from a night out or, you know, if you’re at a festival, what have you open your phone and go, oh, there’s all these songs that are played, so if I get around to it, I might just throw something up.

Aleks: We should.

Eddy: Of all the awesome tunes that we listen to and we heard, and a lot of them we play at our weddings.

Aleks: I heard dancing Queen at 12:00 p.m. By the pool. In the middle of it. Yep. In the middle of the hip hop. So you didn’t hear that? Yeah.

Eddy: Oh, dancing.

Aleks: Yeah, dancing queen.

Eddy: Yes.

Dean: Sorry.

Eddy: Yeah, yeah.

Aleks: Gimme, gimme. Went off on the main stage. So did September. Peking duck played September.

Eddy: Mmm. Yeah.

Aleks: I was like, what is going on here?

Eddy: What is going on here?

Aleks: Look, these are. There’s a reason why these songs are popular, right. And why we played in the wedding.

Eddy: Exactly. So, yeah, to sum it up, we had a pretty bloody awesome last week with the cock party and. And Bali. So, yeah, happy days. Back to work now.

Aleks: Well, I feel surprisingly refreshed and motivated. Weirdly now, after getting over actually the.

Eddy: First day back, we were, like, heavily depressed.

Aleks: Yeah, I mean, it’s. It’s very cold and everything. But look, we’ve got. We’re back to normal schedule with the podcast and we’ve got some really great, great guests coming up. So, yeah, we’ll try to release them weekly.

Eddy: Again, we’re pretty pumped. And I know this might be a little bit obvious, but let’s do our. What are we listening to? New, newish segment. I’ve got my thumb over the hot cue that I think is the right one, but let’s just see if it is. Oh.

Aleks: That’s worse. That’s worse than the other one.

Eddy: No, no, no. This. What do you mean the other?

Aleks: It’s not worse.

Eddy: So this is gonna be a tricky one to answer because I’m gonna say, what have you been listening to? That’s not the festival. So we went to this festival. Yes. What have you been listening to? It’s not the festival. And I’ve got the answer. I’m gonna answer for both of us today.

Aleks: Great.

Eddy: Okay, so, because we’re in the, like, future times, we’ve got this, like, thing sitting in our lounge room. Google.

Dean: What is it called?

Aleks: Home.

Eddy: Google. Home. Yes. See? Very good. And we can ask it to play whatever radio stations we want. And I’m from Adelaide originally, and for about, I think it’s 15 years now, there has been a station called Fresh FM, which is a dance music station, community run dance music station. So we often ask Google to play Fresh FM, which is great. Cause on Wednesdays in particular, they have what they call wine back Wednesdays.

Aleks: Love it.

Eddy: And they play all just like, the jams, all the dance music, electronic jams from back in the day. So you’ll be, like, doing your work and whatever, and, like, dead mouse will come on or, you know, Eric Pritz or what have you. So it really keeps us bubbling along. So that’s what we’ve been listening to.

Aleks: The only bad thing about listening to that station is they give you the news in Adelaide.

Eddy: Yeah. Bonus, you get all the Adelaide news. Like, if anyone needs to know what the traffic’s like in Adelaide, just let me know. I will tell you. It’s probably not gonna be useful for you if you’re in Melbourne or anywhere but Adelaide. But, yeah. So that’s kind of a weird bonus. Not a lot happens in Adelaide. I’ve learned. Well, I knew that because I’m from Adelaide. And I can say that for all those might be angry me, because I’m from Adelaide. So I’m allowed to. I’m allowed to diss them. We love Adelaide. Don’t get me wrong.

Aleks: We do.

Eddy: It’s a beautiful place, but, yeah, a little bit more is happening here at the moment.

Aleks: Yeah. So today we have a real couple episode, which we’re very pumped about. We love these. So we’re chatting to a really high energy couple. We hope you guys like it. It’s going to be fun and long, probably.

Eddy: Yes.

Aleks: In a good way.

Eddy: Fun and long. In a good way. And just before we have our wonderful guests join us, we’re actually going to play a few audio clips from our audio guestbook.

Aleks: So good.

Eddy: We do chat about this along the way, but to give you a little bit of context, and I also think they’re pretty amazing.

Aleks: They’re hilarious. They’re great.

Eddy: We’re going to play a few for you now. Enjoy.

Audio Guestbook: He used to call me on a cell phone. Pip and Dean, you guys are the light, joy, energy, exuberance, authenticity, down to. Earth, beautiful inspiration to all of us. And it’s been such a pleasure and. A joy to celebrate with you. And we’re being shuffled out the door. Oh, hey, is this domino’s? I’m just trying to order a pizza. Josh, what do you want? Do you want a margarita? Yeah. Margarita. Okay. What? Dill pepperoni with a lot. Matt. Matt, what do you want? Can I get a cappuccio, sir, minus. The mushrooms, olives, anchovies. Yeah.

Audio Guestbook: Hello? Hello. Is that Pippin? Deano it’s your auntie calling and the music is not fucking loud enough. Could you turn it up, please? Look, another bit of a dance. Right then. I’ll see you. Bye. I love you.

Eddy: Welcome to Project Engaged, a podcast for fun loving couples planning their non traditional wedding.

Aleks: We’re wedding DJs Aleks and Eddy Mac from Melbourne. We run a business called One More Song, and our tagline is No More Nutbush.

Eddy: In this podcast, we’ll share our wedding experiences and chat to some of our past couples.

Aleks: We’ll also interview bold wedding suppliers who share our philosophy of your wedding being a celebration of you as a couple and one epic party.

Eddy: Let’s get into today’s episode. So today we are so very excited to be chatting to Dean and Pip, who got married at noisy ritual earlier this year. Bloody love that venue. Definitely their initial inquiry said it all. We are real keen for wall to wall boogies for our wedding. Absolutely key. So planning on ripping this speech band Aid off and then relentless dance floor times.

Aleks: How can you say it’s so good? The couple was so excitable. From our very first meeting, it was clear that their big music lovers and their music brief was epic. Lots of indie funk, Motown, soul, disco, and a sprinkle of r and b. And all the guests were on board with dancing starting during cocktail hour or even earlier, actually. We’ll talk about that. Yeah, the couple. Well, yeah, actually, the couple even danced together down the aisle, which definitely kicked off that party vibe straight away.

Eddy: So good. So, Aleks, you obviously deejayed this one, played the tunes, and we’re also putting our first audio guest book at their wedding, which is pretty milestone for us. And our signature party lights as well, which, you know, if we do say so, really elevate that dance floor.

Aleks: And I think we’ll have a couple of clips in post production from the audio guest.

Eddy: You’re really struggling today.

Aleks: We’re gonna edit this video now. We always say that it was an absolute all star lineup of vendors, which included obviously noisy ritual, who were the venue and did all the catering and beverages too. Celebrate Nat Sproal. Shout out to Nat Sproal. Photos. Elsa Campbell again pops up a lot. Yeah, it’s a good combo. Florals by wild one flowers. There were others which the couple mentioned. And we also brought in our friend Jack Thomas to do a little behind the scenes reel for us, which is.

Eddy: Nice, but that is enough from us. Let’s welcome Pip and Dean.

Pip: Hello.

Dean: Hey.

Pip: Hello.

Dean: Thanks for having us on.

Pip: Yeah, thanks so much for having us. We’re excited to be here.

Aleks: Yay. You got two sound effects.

Eddy: I got excited with my button pushing.

Aleks: How’s married life treating you guys?

Pip: Yeah, good. Very, very, very lovely. Back to normal now. It feels like it was so long ago.

Dean: We’re blessing out here.

Pip: Yeah. Yeah, we’re blessing.

Aleks: Yeah. For our listeners, it was only two months ago.

Eddy: Feels like a lifetime.

Aleks: Those married years, they just drag on, don’t they? Now we have to. Have to. You guys have to tell our listeners about your proposal story because it’s very unique and music folks focused. So, Dean, why don’t you take it away?

Dean: Yeah, true, true. All right, so we. So we’ve been together for a long time. Eight years. And have lived together for all of that time. Yeah. We were housemates before we got together. So it’s a roundabout way of saying we’ve kind of been vaguely married in a way, for a while. A long time.

Pip: Yeah. That.

Dean: To do something special. So we won holiday in Italy and carrying the ring around and waiting for the right moment and, yeah, found the moment. And it was on a beautiful beach.

Pip: It was a great location that he chose. It was a beautiful beach in Puglia.

Dean: But I suspect that’s not what you’re wanting to hear about.

Eddy: I’m loving the build, the build up scrape.

Aleks: Yeah.

Dean: And I knew that that wouldn’t really be enough. So, in secret, over kind of the weeks before, when Pippa had gone out here and there, I took those snippets of time to rerecord Beyonce’s entire album, most recent album, Renaissance, with my own vocals. I’m not a singer.

Pip: And.

Dean: Oh, my God, it was.

Pip: It was amazing.

Dean: She is a singer. It was hard. So, yeah, so I thought if it was just one song, it would be kind of funny. But then if it was the entire album, it kind of makes it even funnier.

Pip: And it was. It was. It was incredible. So, basically, Dean popped the question, and then, like, not long. Like, I was obviously like, yes. And then not long after that, he popped some headphones in my ear and hit play. And then it was Beyonce’s Renaissance album, singing it with a backing track from, like, YouTube. And it was the funniest and best thing I’ve ever heard. It was. It was. It was amazing. It was perfect. Clearly, I’m obviously a massive Beyonce fan, so.

Dean: And this is me entirely just trying to kind of steal some of that Beyonce love. Cause pretty sure there’s love for me, but nothing like the love that Pipp has for Beyonce.

Pip: I have loved her for longer. I’ve loved her since I was, like.

Eddy: Ten, so, yeah, that is an amazing story. And was there a particular track that you enjoyed singing the most from the album?

Dean: To be honest, I think I’ve just kind of dissociated the whole episode.

Eddy: It’s just one long track.

Aleks: Yeah, well, yeah, if you listen to it in its entirety, it is actually.

Dean: I think at the end it started to get. When I completely lost my mind.

Pip: It got very creative.

Dean: I think there’s. What’s the second last one?

Pip: That was it. Honey. Yeah, yeah, yeah. Oh, pure honey.

Dean: Pure honey. Yeah, yeah. It was all falsetto.

Pip: It was amazing. All of the, like, vocal gymnastics and truelifting was just, like, committing and completely going for it. It was honestly the best thing.

Eddy: That is incredible. Yes.

Aleks: We are going to need a clip from that.

Eddy: Maybe beyonce will be interested in it. Who knows? You know, you’re getting all those AI renditions now. See what happens.

Dean: Yeah. Reminder very much not a singer.

Pip: That.

Aleks: Is the most unique.

Eddy: Yeah, I don’t think he. I don’t think I’ve ever heard a story that tops that in my whole career.

Pip: Yeah, he did very good.

Aleks: I love it. I love it. Just set the tone, didn’t it?

Eddy: He really did. Well. Well done. That’s.

Dean: That was.

Eddy: Yeah, incredible. I’m sure Alistair will get a kick out of that, too. 100%. Well, okay, well, you know, post popping the question and singing all those songs, let’s sort of start at the very beginning of the wedding planning process for you guys. So tell us about what your vision was for your big day and how you got organised to make it happen.

Dean: Yeah, well, I mean, about a couple hours afterwards when we were in a restaurant and we’re going, why don’t we just have a destination wedding? Why don’t we do it here? And then, literally, the couple next door, just the table next to us, had just travelled from Australia there for a destination wedding and they parked up and they said, don’t do it, do not do that. Oh, wow.

Pip: For the guests.

Dean: And so we thought we were like, all right. And also. And also, it doesn’t really fit with our personalities, which is kind of low key.

Pip: Low key homebase. Yeah. So I suppose, like, in terms of the vibe, we wanted, like Dean said, low key, like, relaxed, kind of casual. Yeah. The thing that kept coming up was a big party.

Dean: Scrappy fun.

Pip: Yeah, scrappy fun.

Eddy: I like that. Yeah, scrappy fun.

Pip: So, yeah, big party. And I think we wanted something that, like, all of our friends and family would have a really good time at something that was enjoyable to be at. Something that was accessible and kind of easy for all of our loved ones to get to. And also something that we could organise quickly because we just. Once we were engaged, we were like, let’s just do this. Let’s just do this. In the first half of the year. Let’s just do it. And we weren’t sure if we could, but we managed to pull it off.

Dean: Yeah, yeah.

Pip: And I think.

Aleks: Go on.

Dean: Sorry.

Aleks: No, no, go on.

Dean: The other thing as well is we’re both pescatarian, kind of vegetarians as well, and so it was really important that we had food that kind of most ate, which is not necessarily the case with.

Pip: Yeah, often some weddings, like, being the veggie or pescatarian at a wedding, like we have. Yeah, sometimes you get some, like, options that aren’t great. So it was really important for us to get, like, really good food that everyone could eat and would enjoy as well. So, yeah, I think food was a big one.

Dean: Yeah, nosy ritual and nosy ritual just.

Like, knocked it out with everything. So, yeah. Is that the. Is that. Was that the question? Have we answered the question?

Aleks: No, it was because we were sort of asking about your vision for the day. So very relaxed, big party vibe. Something with good food.

Eddy: Not eloping.

Aleks: Not eloping. No destination.

Pip: Yeah, definitely.

Aleks: So how did you talk us through how you kind of got yourself organised and how you started looking for suppliers? So let’s start with the venue. How did you guys. Did you guys, you know, know noisy ritual before? Or was it come across while you’re doing kind of research? Because I know you guys were also looking at getting married, in part, in Edinburgh Gardens. Is that right?

Pip: Yeah. Yeah, we were. Yeah.

Dean: Yeah, we actually. Until, I mean, I guess there was only kind of four months between us deciding to get married and getting married. But I know that up until about a month before, we was. We still were planning on getting married in the park and then having the reception at noisy ritual, but we decided to just have the whole thing at.

Pip: Noisy ritual because noisy ritual is so good. We still do that, having to think.

Dean: About weather and all that kind of stuff.

Pip: Yeah.

Dean: But, yeah, so how we choose noisy ritual. So we looked at a few places, but because of the quick turnaround, it meant that we could kind of whittle down our options pretty quickly.

Pip: Yeah, the short time frame was helpful for that. It kind of, like, meant there wasn’t as many places available. But also. Yeah, I think I feel like we already knew noisy because we got their wine delivered during COVID and we absolutely loved their wine. Yeah.

Dean: Got us through the lockdowns.

Pip: Absolutely got us through the lockdowns. Their pet mats are just so amazing. Agree. Yes. So, yeah, we knew them because of their wine. I actually hadn’t been there before, but Dino had been there before.

Dean: Yeah, yeah. Been there for a few kind of small things and hadn’t actually known that they did weddings until we started looking.

Pip: Yeah, yeah. And, yeah, we’d kind of. We’d had a look at a couple of venues, and we. I think noisy was probably only, like, maybe, like, the second or third one that we actually went to physically. And as soon as we kind of walked in and met the staff, we were like, yep. Isn’t it? Yeah. It’s just so good. They’re so. They’re so lovely. Very, like, kind of calm and relaxed and chilled. They have the vibe.

Dean: Looking for, and I think with all the indoor hats and greenery, when we went there and were kind of looking out for venues, we were kind of thinking, like, really need to do very much, kind of, to make this wedding appropriate, kind of right now.

Pip: Yeah.

Dean: I remember kind of saying, like, if just, you know, 80 of our friends walked in now and, you know, had a wedding right now, like, it would. It would make sense.

Pip: Yeah, yeah. It’s got so much beautiful greenery. There’s, like, plants all over the roof. It’s such a gorgeous setup already. Yeah. I think we kind of walked in and we were like, oh, yes. Like, we could just kind of imagine ourselves having the wedding there, and then the potato croquettes from there really sealed the deal for me.

Aleks: I always talk about those. They’re so good.

Eddy: Have we tried them?

Aleks: I’ve tried them. Ed, you haven’t. Tomorrow night.

Eddy: Tomorrow night. It’s gonna happen. Yep. We’ll head there tomorrow night.

Pip: Literally everything on their menu. Yes. Just. Oh, so good. Yeah, yeah. So that’s kind of. Yeah. How we went about finding them and everything snowballed from there. Like, we. That’s kind of where we started. And then we kind of found the rest of our vendors from there, I reckon.

Dean: Yeah, yeah, yeah. And it was very much kind of on recommendations from there on in, so.

Pip: Yeah.

Dean: Yes, pretty much. I think the next person that we might have booked was.

Pip: Might have been you, Aleks.

Dean: I think it might have been.

Pip: Yeah.

Aleks: Before Nat Sproal.

Eddy: Don’t tell her.

Pip: Yeah, I think. Because I think we also, like, what. What I was doing as well was I was kind of looking on Instagram at weddings. That had been a noisy ritual before, and. Yeah, kind of like, seeing who. Who was there. And then I. We kind of found you and there was a photo or, like, a video on your insta of a really good dance floor and Rosie ritual, and I was like, yep.

Aleks: And then also, all that effort is worth it.

Pip: But, yeah, also, like, once we started talking to, like, you and Nat and Elsa, like, you all knew each other and you all, like, spoke really highly of each other, so, yeah, it was really easy to kind of find good people because you’re all, um. Yeah, you’re all great. And you all recommended each other really highly and it was just a really.

Dean: Was a nice, warm, gala team.

Pip: Yeah, it was beautiful. It was the best.

Aleks: That’s so nice, because, um, ed, you did one recently with the one more song. Elsa. Nat special.

Eddy: I did. You’re the triforce of suppliers. Yeah, no, um, I’ve done a couple of things.

Aleks: Yeah, we have.

Eddy: Yeah, it’s great.

Aleks: It’s so much fun. Yeah, it’s so much fun. And it’s such a. I suppose it’s so hard when you’re looking, particularly, I suppose, you know, for you guys kind of needing to organise things quickly, you don’t want to be spending weeks and weeks kind of, you know, chatting to people and reaching out to people and waiting for more information and quotes and having meetings and everything. It’s kind of, like, so much easier to go based on recommendations from your venue and your other vendors.

Pip: Yeah, yeah, for sure. And it was just. I feel like every time we, like, took a recommendation and spoke to someone, we’re like, oh, great, that’s perfect. They’re perfect. So it was, yeah. I feel like finding, finding good vendors is easy. Yeah. Just going, going on recommendations and. Yeah. Yeah.

Aleks: I was going to say, who needs more than four months to organise a wedding? Hey.

Pip: I think it kind of cut. We didn’t have to dwell over the decisions and I think it kind of. Yeah, yeah, I think it was useful. It made us way more decisive.

Dean: Yeah. I think one of the things to probably get across as well, though, is four months. But it was also a Thursday. It was a Thursday before. Oh, yeah, yeah, it was a Thursday long weekend, which.

Pip: That was the day of our wedding, which wasn’t.

Dean: We hadn’t even thought about it as an option. We wanted. Yeah, we wanted to lead into a weekend and then noisy ritual offered that day and we kind of, um, denied. And we thought, this is either the greatest, uh, this is either kind of the greatest decision in the world, or we’re missing something really obvious.

Pip: Yeah, it was just the best. Yeah. And we never would have thought of.

Dean: Doing everyone’s long weekend a little bit longer.

Pip: Yeah.

Eddy: Yeah.

Dean: Meant that some kind of gun vendors were available in a way that maybe.

Pip: Yeah. Yeah. I think we were lucky that some really good people were available because it was on a day that people maybe usually wouldn’t have picked for a wedding, which was good.

Eddy: Yeah. I honestly think the Easter long weekend is the best kept secret in relation to organising a wedding.

Aleks: Not anymore. You’ve broadcasted it.

Eddy: Uh.

Dean: Oh.

Eddy: No, it’s so good. Like.

Dean: Like you said, because you have so.

Eddy: Much more time to. Particularly those that get really involved in the wedding, they’ve got more recovery time rather than just, like, one day.

Pip: Exactly. You’ve got. You’ve got a full. Yeah, we definitely needed more than a long weekend after the recovery.

Eddy: I saw the videos. I can imagine that you probably did.

Pip: It’s definitely a big one.

Eddy: So during the whole process, uh, what did you find challenging or surprising, perhaps?

Pip: Yeah. So I think.

Dean: I think challenging, we kept. When it was. The things that were challenging were less challenging because we could ask dumb questions. The big things were kind of what’s normal.

Eddy: What?

Pip: Yeah. And again, we had a good team who would just give us good advice. And so I feel like there wasn’t any, like, I don’t. We didn’t really have, like, lots of, like, dramas or problems to solve.

Dean: No, no. But I think, like, the timing of the day, like, we.

Pip: The timeline was hard.

Dean: How much. Yeah. How long it takes to do kind of the usual stuff, which was if we just had to kind of come up with that ourselves and run with it, it would have been a shambles.

Pip: But, yeah, we got good advice from Shelby, our venue manager. Um, but, yeah, I think because we were like.

Dean: And that. And Elsa and. And Aleks as well, I think you might have kind of pointed us in the right direction as well, so.

Pip: Yeah.

Dean: Um. But, yeah, it was definitely. It’s. It’s a. It’s a skill to get the flow of the day and night.

Pip: Right.

Dean: And so we were very much about just listening to the advice that we’ll give and having a sense of how we’d like things to go roughly, but then getting out of everyone’s way.

Pip: Yeah. And just like, yeah, I feel like we kind of came up with a timeline and then, like, gave it to Shelby, our venue manager, and she’s like, nah, do it like this. And I was like, oh, that. That’s. That’s going to work way better. Yeah. Yeah. So I feel like. Yeah, those, like, small logistical things were challenging, but I think. Surprise. I think all of our surprises were good. Like, we had a lot of fun planning.

Dean: Yeah, yeah.

Pip: We had a lot of fun organising it. I feel like lots of people spoke about wedding planning as being stressful, but we actually had it. We had a great time. We would kind of make, like, a bit of an event out of planning, so we would, like, go to different pubs and have drinks while we were kind of doing our seating chart and, you know, making out, like, lists and planning and stuff. So I think that was, I think that was good. And another, another really good surprise was the last minute throw in of the, of the phone voicemail messages that you threw in Aleks, which just ended up being the best addition to the wedding. It was so good.

Aleks: Even we were impressed. We were like, whoa.

Dean: Yeah. I don’t know how our wasted friends were so eloquent. It was weird.

Aleks: I think you can hear the progression and that’s, like, the best thing. If you listen to it in order and then you can hear people trying to be eloquent, like, yeah.

Pip: And just getting, like, more and more sloppy and. Yeah, hilarious. Yeah. You can definitely tell that it’s, it’s.

Dean: Getting later time stamps or, like, time capsules of the night where, like, sometimes people were kind of narrating what was currently happening. Like, I think. Yeah, I think there’s one where someone was talking about me currently being on someone’s shoulders.

Pip: Yeah, it kind of helped with our. Yeah, like, memory of the night as well. The. Yeah, the digital guest book. Is it called a digital guest book? What’s it called?

Aleks: Audio guest book. Very close enough.

Eddy: It is digital. It is digital.

Dean: Sure.

Pip: Yeah, no, that was, that was probably, like, the best last minute surprise that, um. Yeah, like, definitely contributed to the day. And afterwards, like, we’ve been able to kind of listen to it and, like, reminiscence. Yeah, and we listened to it. We actually started listening to it on the plane on the way to Thailand, which is where we had a honeymoon, but we were laughing so loudly on the plane that we had to, like, like, all right, we’ll listen to the rest.

Aleks: They’re pretty, they’re pretty funny. Like, there’s such a variety. And I actually find the ones that are really genuine, the funniest, because they’re, like, in amongst people ordering pizza and just, like, singing songs and stuff, and there’s someone’s like, um, hello. Yes, it’s been a great day. And, you know, you’re a great couple and then you’ve got, like, dominoes. Could I get a margarita and like, auntie Moira. Auntie Moira.

Pip: Oh, so good. She is, uh, she’s amazing.

Dean: I don’t want to kind of have a peek behind the curtain too much, but, um, that’s, that’s not her.

Pip: Oh, yeah. She’s just an incredible actor. She’s just putting on that accent.

Eddy: She’s just like, oh, see, yeah, you fooled me. You fooled me.

Pip: She’s just, she’s just amazing. She’s just hilarious.

Dean: She was clearly inhabiting, I guess it’s.

Pip: A Scottish auntie in the living, the character. Yeah, she pulled it off.

Eddy: We’ll have to, we’ll have to include that one and maybe a couple of other pearls on this podcast just so people have a bit of context. But yeah, they were very, very, very funny.

Pip: Yeah.

Aleks: We’re so glad that you guys enjoyed it.

Pip: It was honestly, it was so good.

Aleks: I have to say, your friend Nina was an excellent mc. Shout out to Nina.

Pip: Amazing. Isn’t she just the best? She is so incredible. Yeah, she did such a great job.

Aleks: Really put a lot of effort in. She pretended she was like, talking to the president and just like. But she was so. And even at the end, she left as she kept that character going for the audio guestbook messages as well. Right at the end of the night. What a classic.

Pip: Yeah, so good.

Dean: She really doubled down on the humour of like, pitching some humour at like, a couple of people in the room and just knowing that, you know, knowing that the family weren’t going to understand any of it and just going for it. It was, it was, it was good. I think the two. She was probably pitching all of her humour for two people, which was having.

Pip: The best time and everyone like, yeah, everyone. Everyone absolutely loved it. Everyone was like, is she a stand up comedian? Yeah, she should be. She’s incredible.

Eddy: I guess one of the reasons why Aleks is actually highlighting Nina is we do see a lot of bad mc’s, our rogue mc, so when we see a good one that’s attached to the family and friends group, we really do appreciate how good they are.

Pip: Yeah.

Aleks: And she was really diligent. She would go up to me, cheque in with me, which is very rare.

Pip: Yeah, we knew that she would be, we knew that she was just going to. She’d be really funny and amazing and like, also keep things on track. Yeah. She’s also like one of the most competent people ever, so.

Dean: Yeah, she was very lucky.

Pip: She’s the best. Yeah, we actually, like, did a very ramshackle job of em seeing her wedding, but their wedding was like a kind of a big party out in the bush and we kind of, like. Was it like, a couple of hours beforehand that we.

Dean: Yeah. To give a sense of what their wedding was, we were asked to be the town crier.

Pip: Yeah, we were the town criers. So we had, like, a big. And it was. Yeah, it was. It was. It was chaotic. So, yeah, Nina’s was, um. Was. Yeah, she did a really good job.

Aleks: Hopefully she listens to this episode and all the praise for her.

Pip: Yeah, yeah, we’ll link it to it.

Aleks: So you’ve probably mentioned a couple of them, but tell us about your favourite moments on the day.

Pip: Oh, yeah, there were. There were so many. I think the vows was massive.

Dean: Yeah. And kind of surprising in a way. Like, it sounds silly, but surprising, but it was. I was surprised at how emotional and kind of just kind of fun it was.

Pip: Yeah.

Dean: And a lot of that was Nat.

Pip: Oh, absolutely.

Dean: Just completely setting it up in the right way. And it. Yeah, it not being. Not being stuffy or traditional or just forced and just. Yeah. So it was just. It was actually genuinely really nice being.

Pip: Able to do that in front of everyone. Yeah, it was. It was. It was really, really beautiful. And, yeah, similarly, I was kind of surprised at how. How emotional we both got, but, yeah, Nat set the best tone for the ceremony. Like, actually, the whole ceremony, I absolutely loved. Yeah, Nat just set, like, such a fun and relaxed environment, so, yeah, we kind of felt really comfortable and just, like, giggly out there.

Dean: Oh, and actually, one of the other kind of best moments was probably also a surprise where Nat was very keen for us to do something called ninja vows.

Pip: The ninja vows.

Dean: Never heard of before.

Aleks: I’m glad that you’re raising this. I was just about to ask. Yep.

Pip: Yeah.

Aleks: Let’s talk about these, because I love these.

Pip: Amazing. Yeah. So we had. Yeah, she. Matt had kind of mentioned them and she was like, you should definitely do them. And, like, we kind of. When we were, like, prioritising things to do for the ceremony, we’d focused on writing out kind of actual vows, and I was, like, actually very late to. We should probably explain what they are, shouldn’t we? Yes.

Dean: Yeah. Yeah, sure. So it’s kind of a couple of. Kind of jokey vows that we give to each other, so in kind of secret vows that the other person reads to kind of set the tone.

Pip: Yeah, the start.

Dean: And it’s kind of.

Pip: So, like, I write vows for Dean to say to me. Yeah, yeah, yeah.

Dean: And it’s kind of just a chance.

Pip: To just, you know, just put things in there that, you know, that, like, that Dean would never agree to. It’s very, very fun. Yeah. And that had kind of, like, highly recommend that recommended that we do them and then. Yeah, I think I didn’t. I kind of didn’t write mine until, like, very late the night before.

Dean: Yeah.

Pip: Just because we were so kind of, like, busy doing lots of different things and then on the day, that was, like, the best part of the ceremony. They were so funny and so good and I think relaxed us before we did our, like, our, like, full kind of proper vows, that we kind of.

Dean: Relaxed the room as well. Yeah, yeah, yeah.

Pip: Everyone was. Yeah. Kind of laughed. It was just the best.

Aleks: Super light hearted.

Dean: And.

Eddy: Because I haven’t been involved with the ceremony with ninja vows yet, but I’m very excited. Excited. Did Nat give a bit of a spiel as to what. What’s gonna happen? Or was it just.

Pip: Yeah, yeah, yeah, Nat prepared us so well. Yeah.

Dean: And also prepared the crowd.

Eddy: That’s what I mean.

Dean: Sorry.

Eddy: Yeah, yeah, the crowd. Because otherwise it’d be pretty interesting, I mention.

Dean: Yeah, yeah, yeah. And, yeah, she gave a much better, more succinct description of what they were.

Pip: Than what we did.

Eddy: She’s had practice, though.

Pip: Yeah, yeah, yeah.

Dean: That’s why I’m not a celebrant.

Pip: But yeah, the ninja vows were amazing. And then, like, also in terms of, like, other kind of favourite moments, definitely the dance floor. Like, 100% the dance floor. As soon as you started playing the dance floor music, Aleks? Well, actually, as soon as we started our first dance, I then just did not leave the dance floor for the entire night.

Eddy: Oh, yeah.

Aleks: Heard that sound effects you hear on the podcast.

Pip: But, yeah, dance floor was just amazing. Like, every, like, you got everyone up there were, like, the aunties, mum, dad, friends. Yeah, it was.

Dean: Yeah. Pip’s mum was the first one on the dance floor. She was going off.

Pip: My mum was going off. There’s some amazing photos that Elsa captured of that as well. But, yeah, I just, like. Yeah, I stayed there. I was. Afterwards, I was like, I probably should have roamed around a little more at my wedding and socialised, but I was like, dance.

Dean: It was probably our photographer. Elsa was there for the first, like, hour of the dance floor.

Pip: Yeah.

Dean: Which was probably good that she wasn’t there for the next couple of hours because we were.

Pip: We just got messier.

Aleks: Hey, I was there and I captured some of it and it was great. One of my favourite moments on the dance floor, if anyone cares, was when I played an encore song which I played torn Natalie Bruglia. And Dean was up on everyone’s shoulders. And Dean, in a very classy way, took a sip out of his glass of wine whilst being hoisted in the air. That is smooth.

Pip: Probably lying on his back like crouch.

Dean: Yeah.

Pip: Yeah.

Dean: I wouldn’t. I wouldn’t. I wouldn’t believe you if I didn’t see the footage.

Pip: That was an amazing moment. I love witnessing that. It was very, very good.

Dean: Yeah. I think it’s being a bit funnier as well.

Pip: Yeah.

Dean: Not a white wine drinker, but.

Eddy: When in Rome, I guess I remember Aleks coming back home because we usually have, like, a bit of a debrief over a whiskey when we’re both working. She was just beaming. I had a wedding that was. Was good, but I don’t think it was as amazing as yours based on the dance law. So she. Yeah, she would not shut up about this one. And rightly so. When we saw the images and Aleks showed me the videos, I’m like, oh, my God, that looked insane.

Aleks: Super high energy. And I think. I think it was interesting because you guys had such an interesting music brief in terms of, like, you had a bit more of an indie slant, I would call it, in terms of your taste. So not like, typical. I think you guys wrote, like, no avicii or David Guetta. Sorry if that gives our listeners no calvin. Yeah. But you also had such a good mix of older stuff that you liked, like the funk and the disco and the motown that just kind of, you know, the oldies could get behind and everyone kind of knew and was really vibing, too, especially during the cocktail hour, I think, which is when Pip started dancing, at least. Pippa. Nina.

Eddy: Oh, Nina on the d floor.

Pip: Yeah, you gotta do it. Yeah. And you. I feel you just nailed it so much, Aleks. Like, I feel like we. Yeah, the brief that we gave was just. Yeah. Completely came to life. That was better than anything that we could have. Yeah. Imagined. It was. It was so good.

Dean:Yep. And I think it was. It was kind of made it kind of a lot clearer to me as well. Where. I think there was, like the half an hour right at the start as people were coming in, where the playlist was songs that I’d chosen that were just coming on random unshuffle. And that’s not the way to do it because there were some songs that were not appropriate for the. But then as soon as you kind of took control.

Pip: Yeah, no, it was. Yeah. Amazing. All of the music.

Dean: It was nice seeing some of kind of goofy song. Recommendations?

Pip: Yes, I loved it.

Dean: Organic times. It made sense.

Pip: Yes, definitely. Because, like, you obviously kind of, like, write the brief and we, like, gave you songs that we liked and then, like, when you play it, I’d like. This is on Robin. Dancing on my own went off. Everyone was screaming, love it. It’s such a good. Such a good dance floor ballad.

Aleks: There’s a couple of songs I hear now and I always think of you guys. This happens to be, like, after really memorable weddings and one of them is your first dance song, which was be my baby, be my baby.

Pip: Actually, first dance was another highlight.

Dean: Yeah, yeah. That was a surprise with highlights, me, because I can’t dance.

Aleks: Even after all that white wine. I’m sure you can. Come on.

Pip: Dean can’t dance. I love your dance.

Aleks: We actually heard that song a couple of times at the music festival we were at recently in Bali.

Pip: Yeah, it’s such. It’s such a sweet song and yet we wanted to pick more of an upbeat song for a first dance rather than, like, a super slow, emotional. We kind of tried to make up a few dances to a slow and emotional song and we’re like, that’s just not really working for us.

Dean: Yeah, I think it’s probably worth mentioning as well. So pip is a dancer, or was a dancer.

Pip: I danced for a while.

Dean: Past and used to specifically teach first dancers.

Pip: Yeah, I did. I have taught some wedding dancers in my time, so. Yes. But it didn’t mean that we were very organised with ours. I think we made ours up the week of or.

Dean: Yes.

Pip: So, yeah, that was very, very fun. And also, I mean, I think the question is still on, like, favourite moments. Just, like, just, can. Can Elsa Campbell just be a favourite moment? Just her for the whole day. She was just so amazing, our photographer. She just, like, was, like, hanging out with a friend, but she, like, got us in order and organised us really well. Yeah, she was just great from, like, start to finish. Having her there and have it, like, she contributed positively. Yeah. To everything. Just. Just love her. She’s best.

Aleks: So, yeah. So important to vibe with your photographer because they’re there from the beginning. They need to make sure that, like, you’re relaxed and, you know, make you feel comfortable. So. Yeah. And when Elsa and Nat and I kind of spoke at the beginning, you know, we were saying, you guys were so awesome, you’re so relaxed. Like, it does make our job, you know, a lot more fun and a lot easier. So credit to you guys, too. The other song I wanted to mention was rain girl.

Pip: Yes. I’m really glad that went off as well. That went off.

Dean: That was kind of the goofy song I had in mind of being like, oh, this is a wedding. Cool.

Pip: Yeah.

Dean: And it worked. It worked so well.

Pip: The dance all went off, I think. Yeah. I knew it would. Our friends. Yeah. Love that song. Yeji. And yet rascal tin. Well, which I feel like is a classic. It is. It was great. There’s, like, some specific photos from the dance hall that I know are from Yeji.

Aleks: All right, we’ll have to see those. Definitely. And I loved your final song, too, which was loveful cardigans.

Pip: Oh, so good. Another classic. Yeah, yeah, yeah.

Dean: Out the door to the next place.

Aleks: Yeah, you guys. Yeah, you guys nailed your key songs, I think, and walking down the aisle, back down, I should say, after your ceremony to operator as well, was great.

Pip: Yes, yes. Yeah, that was. That was great.

Aleks: Ed loves that song.

Eddy: Yeah. Massive props.

Pip: It’s the best. Yeah. And did we play that? That was played again, wasn’t it, on the default. I feel like we. Did we dance to that again or did I. Did I hallucinate that memory? Could be hallucination now.

Aleks: I wouldn’t feel bad if I didn’t play it. No, I don’t think I got a chance to play it again.

Pip: Sorry, guys.

Eddy: Let’s just say, yes, she played it.

Aleks: And it went off well in Spotify. Players will put it in towards the. The end.

Eddy: Yeah. We’ll put a duplicate song in.

Aleks: It didn’t quite make it again.

Eddy: I saw two, one, two. That’s always a fun one.

Aleks: Oh, yeah.

Eddy: Two, one, two. Azalia Banks. Oh, yeah. You know it’s going off when that song makes it appear. You’re never going to play that to an empty dance floor, that’s for sure.

Pip: Yeah, absolutely. And Beyonce’s. Oh, my God. Why can’t I remember how favourite new Beyonce song went off as well?

Aleks: Yeah, that always goes off. I think I play that quite late. Yep, I did. We’re looking at the list very much.

Eddy: Almost. Yeah. It was a couple of songs before dancing. My own, actually. So it’s funny, like, thinking about the listeners listening to this right now. We’re looking at a document.

Pip: Yes.

Eddy: Or songs that we played for you. Aleks played for your wedding.

Aleks: There was 72 and we’re looking at.

Eddy: The list this, like. Oh, come on, move on.

Aleks: It’s always. It’s always funny because we’ll, like. We share. Ed and I share, like, our set lists, you know, so we always record after we play a wedding, we always keep a record of exactly what we played in the order that we played it and we share those with each other. When we’ve got couples that have kind of similar briefs or whatever, I just want to share some ideas. But sometimes when you’re looking at it, if you’re not there on the night, it’s like, why did you go from that to that?

Eddy: Yeah, it looks.

Aleks: Yeah, it was right at the time.

Dean: Yeah, I can attest to that. It was right at the time.

Pip: Right at the time.

Aleks: How funny. Is there anything that you guys would have done differently for your wedding?

Pip: Um. Oh, yeah. One, we would have thought more about our speech.

Dean: Oh, yes.

Pip: Like, we, um. Yeah. Like, we just didn’t think at all about what we were going to say when we made our speech, kind of before we cut our cake. And so just beforehand, I was, like, madly making notes on my phone so that I could remember everyone to thank.

Dean: And you nailed it. Yes, but I didn’t. I told it up there.

Pip: You did, but, yeah, no, I feel like, yeah, that just might be getting up there and being like, oh, have we forgotten anyone then, in terms of.

Dean: Kind of organising and stuff, what we do differently. The timeframe was good in terms of getting us organised, but it did mean that there were people travelling from overseas or from far away, that it put them in a bit of a tricky situation. So I think if it was possible to. It probably would have been better for us to have a longer time.

Pip: Yeah. To have a little. Yeah.

Dean: To give other people heads up also.

Pip: For the bank account, because you do also kind of pay everything in a shorter period of time, so that’s been a bit harder. But, um. But, no, but I love. I do also that we did it quickly, so I don’t even know if I would. If I change it, that is a good.

Aleks: Yeah, that is a good point to make because we’ve obviously been saying that it’s great to have a short timeframe, but then, you know, if you do have people who are coming from overseas or interstate, that is something to consider, I suppose, giving them a bit more of a heads up.

Pip: Yeah. But, yeah, we had some amazing friends and family that travelled from really far as well. We had a mate who made it down from the US in a super short timeframe, so we felt super, super, super lucky. But, yeah, like, other, like, differently maybe.

Dean: The only other thing was we really wanted to. We’ve got a.

Pip: Our little doggy dog, Morris.

Dean: We really wanted to bring him along to part of the night, but it just didn’t work.

Pip: We didn’t work. It out. Logistically, we kind of didn’t organise enough, but he is also a bit emotional and I think would have been a bit overwhelmed. So I think it was probably right not to bring him. But we definitely missed him. I miss him from the photos and.

Dean: I thought it would have been so.

Pip: Good if he was in a couple, but, yeah, we kind of just didn’t, didn’t organise it.

Aleks: It can be tough. It can go really well or not very well.

Eddy: I think. We have a lot of couples also that have and love cats and we’ve seen a few print cardboard cutouts of their cats to have at the wedding sort of thing. But, yeah, any, any animal that is a little bit anxious, it’s. Yeah, it’s better off. You just, you think about them, they’re not there and it’s a shame, but, you know, they’re always in your heart.

Aleks: You don’t want to be. You don’t want to be worried about.

Pip: Worried about. Maybe we can just, like, Photoshop tomorrow.

Dean: We didn’t have a cardboard Morris, I reckon.

Eddy: Photoshop Morrison, when, Dan, you’re on everyone’s shoulders. Is that Morris there as well?

Pip: Morris is out there also taking a sip.

Aleks: Oh, my God, that video is the best. I love that so much.

Pip: So good. Oh, and yeah, all of the videos that you captured from. Yeah, behind the DJ desk are just so good as well. That was such a nice, like, such a nice bonus, seeing all those in the morning. I was like, ah, we were messy.

Aleks: But no, it was. I. I think it wasn’t, like, messy. I think you guys would. It was obviously you were having so much fun and so in the moment, which I love, like, you weren’t. I know you said, oh, I didn’t get to chat to everyone, but I know it’s important that you guys enjoy your night.

Pip: Yeah.

Aleks: You know.

Pip: Yeah.

Aleks: You can always catch up with your family properly. No one expects you to have an in depth conversation and with every single, you know, guests, like, that’s not realistic at a wedding.

Pip: Yeah, that is. That is very, very. Yeah, yeah, and, yeah.

Dean: And in, like, the days and the weeks afterwards, it’s been really nice, kind of piecing the day together from other people’s perspective and. Yeah, kind of, I guess hearing about these other little fun things that happened on the night that we, you know, weren’t part of.

Pip: Yeah.

Dean: Which is great.

Pip: Yeah, it’s super nice. Yeah. I feel like that the, like, couple of weeks and months after the wedding when you catch up with everyone who was there and you talk about it is like also just the best. It’s so nice. Yeah, yeah. So, so special.

Aleks: He’s got to, like, prolong the feeling. Don’t you, like, chase that feeling?

Pip: Yeah. Oh, maybe regret not bringing a sweat towel. I’m sorry. People were hugging me and being like, oh, my God, did someone, like, pour, pour a whole bottle of water on you or something? Like, you being outside? I was like, no, just, just dance.

Aleks: And just Dane with his white wine.

Eddy: Swishing it around everywhere.

Pip: Just watch this.

Eddy: That could be a new market. The, like, the towels, the wedding sweat. The wedding sweat towers. It could be. If you’re not listening here, what’s the new side hustle and any other, like, final hot tips for couples that are planning their non traditional wedding?

Dean: I mean, we said it at the start, but I think it’s like surrounding yourself with people who know what they’re doing and listen and then get out of the way.

Pip: Taking their advice. Yeah, yeah. And, yeah, surrounding me. Like, I think having vendors that you get along with and that are kind of just like mates. Will you feel, I don’t know, Aleks, as soon as we talk to you, I was like, she feels like. She feels like a friend.

Dean: Just like your best friend.

Aleks: Totally, guys. Totally. Well, I think it’s funny because you, you sort of said, you know, at the start, oh, you asked your vendors, like, what’s normal? And I don’t think you guys did normal. I think you guys, like, if you think about a wedding and a traditional wedding, this was not a traditional wedding in the best way possible. Like, you came down the aisle together. Yeah. Did I remember that correctly?

Pip: Oh, I, so I came down the aisle with my whole fan with my, oh, wow.

Aleks: I really did not remember that correctly. Um, I’m pretty sure I’ve written about it in captions and things.

Dean: I think the model, because I remember Pip was coming down and I think you had one arm over both your mum and dad’s, like, shoulders.

Pip: Yeah, I think I did.

Dean: You were, you were strutting down and then you were kind of making small talk with people along the way.

Pip: Yeah, I took a while. I started to greet maybe a bit too early. I was like, oh, hi. Hi. Like, Dean’s waiting up there, ready for meeting him at the end of the while.

Eddy: I actually remember Aleks mentioning that, that you were peeling off to different people on the way. I’m like, oh, I haven’t seen that before.

Aleks: I love that.

Eddy: It’s amazing.

Pip: I love that. It’s being a bit too social. Bit too social, too early. I was so excited, though. I was so ready to get in there. I was like, I’m missing out on the first half an hour. I want to get in. But, yeah. In terms of other hot tips, I would say also, yeah. Trying to have fun while you’re planning and not stressing over decisions. Not overthinking, I think. And trying to kind of keep it simple.

Dean: Yeah.

Pip: Going with, like, your gut and your kind of first thought. Best thought.

Dean: Yeah, yeah. There was definitely. There’s definitely, like, more than one person telling us in the lead up when we said, we’re not stressed. It’s actually kind of fun. The common thing was, oh, it will be.

Pip: Yeah. They’re like, oh, they get stressful. It’s gonna get stressful. And it really didn’t. It didn’t get stressful at all. Yeah. I think, again, because we had really good people, a really good team who we trusted and who were super confident and good, and we listened to them, which is.

Aleks: Yeah, don’t listen to well wishy, well meaning, sorry, family who tell you that you’re gonna be stressed. That’s not very helpful, is it?

Eddy: Aka not well meaning.

Aleks: Yeah, not well.

Eddy: I’m coming back to what you mentioned before. I actually loved that you went to pubs to do some of the more nitty gritty tasks that a little bit boring. So would have been, like, such a task at home. But if you’re like, let’s go to the pub, grab a.

Aleks: Makes everything better, you know?

Eddy: It makes everything better. So that’s a great piece of advice.

Pip: Yeah, yeah, yeah. That definitely helps. Definitely. Yeah. Particularly with the, like, tasks. You want to procrastinate a little. Like the harder ones, like the seating charts and stuff. We needed. We needed. We needed motivation. Yeah.

Aleks: Seeding charts, they always.

Eddy: Alcoholic motivation always helps.

Aleks: Yep, definitely. All right, our final question. I think I know the answers, but I could be surprised. Could be surprised. Both of you, separately. If you had to choose one song to get you on the dance floor, what would it be?

Pip: Oh, cuff it, Beyonce. Me.

Aleks: Okay.

Eddy: That’s unexpected.

Aleks: Oh, no.

Eddy: I mean, no.

Pip: Probably the one that I would say now. Oh, but wait, like, my all time. I don’t think it would be maybe crazy in love. Beyonce. Can I choose a few?

Aleks: Sure.

Eddy: Are they all Beyonce songs?

Dean: How long have you got?

Pip: Possibly.

Dean: What’s yours, Deano? It’s going to be operator.

Pip: Yeah, yeah. Also operator.

Eddy: Yeah.

Aleks: Good thing I played it on the dance floor.

Eddy: Yeah, I can see it right here. Number 53.

Aleks: No, I only asked because in the party brief that you guys filled out for us, you said September for Dean.

Pip: Oh, true. September.

Dean: I’m going to change my vote. That’s the one.

Pip: Yeah. Correct answer.

Aleks: And Pip, yours was untouched.

Pip: Oh, my God. And that song also absolutely went off. Yeah, true. I suppose. Yeah. If I’m thinking just dancing, it’s Beyonce. But if it’s dancing and scream singing.

Dean: Yeah. Then it’s untouched by the Voronas. A few times when that song’s come on and you’ve been away from the dance one, you’ve been charged. You started charging towards it. I think that’s right.

Pip: Yeah, yeah, yeah.

Aleks: And I’m happy to say I played both those songs for that reason.

Dean: Don’t go without.

Aleks: You’ve had some time to reflect. Amazing. Thank you so much, guys. That was so much fun.

Eddy: Amazing.

Aleks: So much fun. So much useful stuff. Yeah, it was. Yeah. A wedding I would never, ever forget. It was epic. Tomorrow is noisy rituals. Well, tomorrow, sorry, you might be listening to this in three months anyway. Tomorrow is noisy rituals 7th birthday. So we will go and have a drink in your honour.

Pip: Oh, that’s so nice. Beautiful. We love it. Thank you so much for having us. Yeah, we feel very special that we’re on your podcast and yet, Aleks, just thank you for everything. You were just best and we had the greatest time. You created the greatest vibe. So thank you.

Aleks: Oh, thanks, guys. Thanks so much. Yeah, I’m blushing now. I’m blushing. Thank you so much for joining us.

Pip: Thank you so much, guys. Bye.

Eddy: Oh, my God. How good was that episode?

Aleks: So good.

Eddy: If we don’t mind saying so.

Aleks: They’re so much fun, aren’t they?

Eddy: They are good. We’re still trialling this new like kind of tale at the end of our podcast with this. Really?

Aleks: What is with this?

Eddy: It’s nice, soothing music. It’s just, it’s, you know what? Like, we can reflect.

Aleks: It is reflective. It is reflective. It’s funny because I like it.

Eddy: Yeah, sorry, I got a little bit to it. It’s just funny because a lot of podcasts that I listen to, they do this kind of at the start, we do a little bit bit. Like they talk a lot more. But I thought, let’s just tail end it. Let’s do at the end, just tail end it. Got a glass of red wine. I’m sort of swirling it in my hand, right? I literally have.

Aleks: He already. He already drank it. Look, I love Dean and Pierp. I just can’t say enough about.

Eddy: They’re just balls of energy. Fun.

Aleks: They really are. And, you know, they’re now their wedding. They chose a really good time. Which is why they got away with planning it in four months. But they really just enjoy their day. I mean, that is key. That’s, that’s what stands out for me.

Eddy: Well, a couple of takeaways that I have is. So number one, the fact that they did choose to do it on Easter long weekend, that Thursday. And I understand what they said. They said, oh, it might, it might not be the best idea, but I think it. I honestly think it is because I find where we are and I don’t know about other supplies. We’re quite quiet around those times. Yeah, but we don’t have to be.

Aleks: No, totally. We’ve done a lot of Easter weddings and they’ve gone off well.

Eddy: That’s the thing. Right? Like, we’ll do one or two events in that time, but it’s not like we’re chockers.

Aleks: No.

Eddy: And I think because you’ve got so much time up your sleeve during that time, you can afford to do a Thursday, a Friday, even a Saturday, and then you’ve still got two days off after that. Like extra long, extra long, extra, extra long weekends.

Pip: Yeah.

Aleks: So that was very, very good. That was a good choice by them, for sure.

Eddy: Yeah, absolutely. I absolutely loved that. I did have a second point, but it’s just fouled me now because I banged on about the first.

Aleks: I think. I think for me, from a music perspective, even though they had, and I mentioned this on the, on the potty, even though they had kind of more, I suppose, indie leaning, maybe less mainstream tastes because they liked, they liked older music as well. Really fun, you know, kind of funk and solo and disco and stuff. It kind of rounded it all up nicely so that everyone could enjoy it. It really did enough for everyone.

Eddy: Well, and just on that, what we will do or what Aleks will do because she’s so nice, she is going to convert her set list into a Spotify playlist. Please.

Aleks: Yeah, definitely.

Eddy: And we’ll include it somehow in the promotion of this particular episode.

Aleks: On the blog?

Eddy: Yeah, on the blog. Maybe you can sneak it into a story or link it, do your fun wizardry. All right, that is enough from us. Thank you so much for listening. If you have enjoyed this episode, feel free to sling us a five star review on your podcast, provider of choice and we will see you next time.

Aleks: Thanks for tuning in. If you’re enjoying Project Engaged, please hit the subscribe button on your fav podcast app.

Eddy: You can also follow us on Instagram, @projectengaged and @onemoresongdjs.

Aleks: We’ll see you next time. And until then, have fun out there.

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