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S4, EP5: Chatting All Things Glasshaus With Georgia Callow

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31 Jan, 2024

On this episode of Project Engaged, we are pumped to be speaking to Georgia Callow, the Events and Hospitality Manager at the Glasshaus venues.

We’ve spoken about Glasshaus often on the podcast because there is something truly magical about the venues. All three are in Richmond and are ideal if you want a venue that is fitted out with lush greenery. This is what you’d expect as Glasshaus is also a nursery.

Today we chat to Georgia all about Glasshaus Outside, Glasshaus Inside and Glasshaus Brucke – what makes the venues unique and how they work. From a straight venue hire to full package including floristry, green styling and catering, there are so many options to choose from for these stunning venues.

You can get loads of info – including pricing – on  the Glasshaus website.

We hope you enjoy our chat (we certainly did!).

Full episode transcription

Eddy: Welcome to Project Engaged, a podcast for fun loving couples planning their non traditional wedding.

Aleks: We’re wedding DJs Aleks and Eddy Mac from Melbourne. We run a business called One More Song, and our tagline is No More Nutbush.

Eddy: In this podcast, we’ll share our wedding experiences and chat to some of our past couples.

Aleks: We’ll also interview bold wedding suppliers who share our philosophy of your wedding being a celebration of you as a couple and one epic party.

Eddy: Let’s get into today’s episode.

Aleks: Today we are so excited to be speaking to the events and hospitality manager at the Glasshaus venues. Georgia Callow.

Eddy: We’ve spoken about Glasshaus often because there is truly something very magical about their venues. All three are in Richmond and are ideal if you want a venue that is fitted out with lush, beautiful greenery. So this is what you’d expect, I suppose. Glasshaus is also a nursery.

Aleks: Today, we’ll chat to Georgia about all. All about the three venues, which are Glasshaus Outside, Glasshaus Inside, and Glasshaus Brucke. Don’t know how to say that. I’ve decided that’s how you say it. We talk about. We’ll talk about what makes the venues unique and obviously, how it all works. So let’s welcome Georgia.

Eddy: Georgia.

Georgia: Hello.

Eddy: Hello. Let’s give you some claps.

Georgia: I’m here for the claps.

Eddy: Yes.

Aleks: Sorry, our audience is a bit delayed this morning.

Eddy: I’m very delayed this morning.

Aleks: Ed, drink your coffee. All right. Sip on your strong coffee. How are things, Georgia? How’s the start to the year been for you? Manic, I’m sure.

Georgia: So manic. Crazy busy with inquiries, but we’re loving it. We’re here for it.

Aleks: Yep. Everyone’s wanting to get hitched, which we obviously love to hear. So let’s kick things off with your background. Tell us a little bit about your background in weddings and what you do at Glasshaus.

Georgia: Yeah, so I’ve been events in events forever, like, forever old, but I spent eight years at a venue in the Yarra Valley, and I started their wedding business there, and that really kicked it off for me in terms of my love of weddings and just everything. Love. And then I’ve been at Glasshaus for just over a year now, and I manage most things, like you do in a small business, wear many hats, look after the sales, the planning coordination, and our amazing team of casual staff, who are really the. The bones of what happens at our events. Yeah. Amazing.

Aleks: We love that.

Eddy: Yeah.

Georgia: Yeah.

Eddy: No, that’s. That’s awesome. And I noticed you didn’t. You didn’t name drop, the last venue that you worked there, which I. Cause it is one of our favourites. That’s fine. We can. We can keep our listeners guessing on that.

Georgia: Yeah, do some googling, guys.

Eddy: Yeah, do some googling. Well, let’s. Let’s come back to the venue that you do work for now and chat through the three different options at Glasshaus at the venues. Can you give us a bit of an overview of each?

Aleks: There’s quite a lot.

Eddy: Quite a lot to go over. Strap yourselves in.

Aleks: Yeah, we’ll jump in with some questions too, because there’s a lot to cover.

Georgia: Yeah. So I guess we’ll start at our first. So it’s Glasshaus outside. So despite the name, it is very much outside and inside all at once, which is pretty impressive. It is. I guess it’s in a green sanctuary with, like, we. All of our venues are covered in this amazing green style styling from walls, all the canopy. It’s a pretty unique Glasshaus setting and I think that’s what our clients love about it. Like, if you don’t like. If you don’t like indoor plants, you probably shouldn’t come and do that.

Aleks: Weeds those people out pretty quickly.

Eddy: Oh, wow. Very good.

Georgia: I’ve had my coffee syphons it out. So, yeah, outside. Both outside and inside are very. I like to say they’re like walking into a jungle. They’re just. Yeah, they’re stunning. I think when you walk in, it’s. You feel instantly calm. It is like being in nature, but being in the city. So, yeah, it’s.

Georgia: Yeah, it’s fantastic. I love it. They could be worse places to work, I tell you.

Aleks: It’s like being in nature, but without all the bugs, which I just can’t see.

Georgia: Exactly. People are like, what about the mozzies? I’m like, oh, no, it’s not outside. We take care of you. So, yeah, that’s outside. So outside is perfect for ceremonies. It’s the smallest of our venues, so realistically, it’s only about 100 people that we can fit in there and then. So most people would host their ceremonies at outside and then wander around the corner. Little six minute walk around to Glasshaus inside. And that is.

Georgia: That can fit up to 120 people. And it is. It’s. It’s like a 1920s style warehouse. It used to be a laundry, so it’s steeped in history. It’s got a bit of. A bit of stories to tell from there, which.

Aleks: No, yeah.

Georgia: Fun, fun fact. And it is, again, wall to ceiling green styling. We’ve got everything in there. Yeah, it’s. I don’t know, it’s just stunning.

Eddy: It’s magic. It’s perfect. So good. I love that we’ve said this a million times in this podcast.

Aleks: Yeah, we have. Yeah.

Georgia: People walk in and it’s like their breaths taken away. They’re just like, oh, my God. It’s hard to believe that we have that space so close to the city that is completely styled. You literally do not need to do anything to it, which I would say most people don’t. Maybe a few little pops of colour with some florals. But that’s the beauty of all three of our venues. You don’t need to spend any extra on fitting out the space. We’ve got everything there for you.

Aleks: Yeah, it’s not even, like, budgetary, but just having to think about the styling of it and florals and then, you know, feeling overwhelmed with it, having to hire book someone, another additional vendor to look after that side of things. I just want to go back to inside. You mentioned obviously, like, it’s got the styling, so there’s also, like, really nice furniture in there, too. The venue was a full time nursery, but is now full. Sorry, it was a nursery and is now full time function venue, isn’t it? So you actually have moved a couple of things around. It’s actually caters to more people. Is that 120 sitting down for a sit down?

Georgia: Yeah. So outside used to be a nursery. So we’ve actually got a florist on Swan street as well. So that. So we opened up the nursery first, so outside, and then our creative director. So Paul opened up the florist to move the florist out of the nursery to make outside a function space. So, yeah, it’s been good. He loves change and creating magic. So it’s good. It’s really good.

Georgia: Yeah.

Aleks: Paul is lovely.

Eddy: Yeah, Paul’s great. He’s a champion. So if you listen to this, Paul, we love you.

Georgia: We love you too.

Eddy: Nada. All right.

Aleks: We do see Paul in there changing light bulbs from time to time or whatever.

Eddy: What I love about Paul is he’s always so open to ideas and things like that, and he’s always asking us, like, oh, how does it sound in here? And what should you do? And that’s a nice thing because a lot of venues don’t bother to ask questions from. From the DJ about those things. They just have their sound system and then that’s it.

Aleks: And then you just.

Eddy: You work around it. But it’s been really nice dealing with Paul because he has, you know, he’s up for suggestion, which is cool.

Aleks: Yeah, that’s true. Yeah. Sorry, just on inside. So, yes. You’ve got the. Yeah. You guys moved a couple of things around this year, or last year, I should say.

Georgia: Yeah. Did a bit of a refurb.

Aleks: Yeah, a bit of a refurb. So it does. It actually is a lot better, I think, in terms of, obviously, you can fit more people and the bar is down the other end.

Eddy: Yes. I haven’t played it, so.

Aleks: You haven’t.

Eddy: I’ve got one coming up and I’m really, really excited.

Aleks: Yeah, it’s very good. Yeah. So that’s what I was saying earlier. You were open because now it’s just full time venue, you guys. Yeah. So you’ve got more of the space and it actually is really well set out. So Eddy and I have played a lot of ceremonies as well at Glasshaus inside, which is obviously an option for people as well, to be able.

Georgia: To definitely have you one spot.

Aleks: Yeah, love that.

Georgia: Yeah, yeah, yeah. Ceremony and reception at inside, but both very feasible. Sometimes we have clients that do ceremony at inside and then come to Brooker, which is how you say it, ball.

Eddy: Set up, didn’t you? I. To be honest, I thought it was Brooke as well. But you’ve been.

Aleks: We’ve been saying Brucke to client, Brucke.

Eddy: I like Brucke because it’s a german word. Is that correct?

Georgia: Yeah, yeah. Which actually means bridge, so. And we’re on Bridge Road in Richmond, so all kinds of sizing.

Aleks: Yeah, yeah, that’s true. Well, let’s talk about Brucke, then.

Georgia: Yeah.

Eddy: Give us a low down on Brucke.

Georgia: Yeah. So it’s the newest addition to the Glasshaus. Yeah, I might use that, this style. So it’s the largest and it’s more art deco than our other two venues, so it adds a little bit. Something different. I think the green styling here, people might say it’s a little bit paired back, but sometimes less is more. We still have all of our walls covered in green styling. The roof has had some installations. We’ve got lots of ferns and foliage on the roof line. And the beauty of Brooker is that we have two levels, so downstairs and then upstairs with this timeless staircase connecting the two, which is very grand.

Georgia: Yeah. Hosting a ceremony downstairs and walking down the staircase to your partner is. Yeah, I don’t cry a lot in weddings, but. Yeah, I think that’s because I’ve been around too long, but desensitised. Yeah, pretty much. Yeah. But it is magical seeing someone walk down there. It’s like this bygone era. You know, those old debutantes that, you know, they get introduced and walk down the staircase. It’s so grandeur.

Georgia: Yeah, I love it. It’s. We’ve got beautiful. Yeah. Dark wooden floors. Paul’s made these amazing tables, which have got brass accents on them. Bar has brass accents and all. Yeah. He’s done an amazing job fitting this place out so we can fit 150 seated, which is substantially bigger than inside. And we have the benefit of being able to host a ceremony downstairs, have some canapes and pre dinner drinks and then move upstairs for your reception.

Georgia: And then of late, we’ve actually had lots of people moving back downstairs for the party section.

Eddy: Yeah, I’ve heard of that. And I just also wanted to mention that you also have a lift. Right. For those that might be a little bit immobile?

Georgia: We do, yes. Yeah. And those who don’t want to tackle the stairs after a few cheeky drinks at the end of the night. Yes. Lift is there to access, so. Yeah, which is good.

Aleks: And that’s. Yeah, and they’re all in great spots. So you mentioned outside and inside, they’re in sort of Cremorne, but not too far from. From where Brooker is, which is Bridge Road, Richmond. Is that right?

Georgia: Yeah, that’s right, yeah. So they’re all kind of in like a five kilometre radius. So it’s pretty. They’re all pretty close to each other. It’s not too bad. It’s good, yeah.

Aleks: And easy to get. I love Brooker, too. It’s very, I guess. Would you say, is it. You mentioned, obviously, like, it’s a bit more paired back instead of, in terms of, sorry, the greenery, but obviously the size of your guest list would. Would obviously make an impact on which venue you would choose as well. You’re finding people.

Georgia: Yeah, 100%. So we’re finding. If you’ve got around that 90 to 100 Mark, we’re finding that a lot of our clients are actually opting to come to Brooker, even though we can fit more people in. It’s that we can also, because we’ve got the three spaces, we can bulk up the greenery, so it doesn’t look like a big, overwhelming space. I guess that’s one of the benefits that we have. We do a floor plan for our clients and then our ops team come in and essentially Zhuzh, my fancy word to say.

Aleks: Do you know. Do you know how to spell that?

Georgia: I’ve got no idea.

Eddy: No.

Georgia: Can you?

Aleks: Yeah. Zhu zh.

Georgia: Oh.

Eddy: Makes sense.

Aleks: I know, I know. Phonetically, maybe we can include that in the title of this podcast. Anyway, judging it up.

Eddy: And it’s funny when you’re saying the greenery is be paired back there, but that’s really only in relation to the other venues that you have.

Georgia: Correct.

Eddy: Whereas, like, there’s so much greenery compared to a lot of other venues. So I’m thinking when you say that, I’m like, oh, well, there’s still so much greenery in there, it still beats a lot of others.

Aleks: Yeah.

Georgia: Oh, yeah, there’s still a lot of greenery. But, yeah, I think if you especially, like, if you’re seeing. Viewing all of our three venues, their clients will come here and they’re like, it’s paired back, but we still love it because there’s so much still here. So, yeah, we are very lucky. They’re lucky.

Aleks: And I think, you know, you mentioned the art deco elements, like, having a bit more paired back in terms of greenery does allow those to kind of shine through a bit more, like. And the gorgeous brass bar and everything. You kind of want to see those elements. So, yeah, 100%.

Georgia: Yeah, exposed beams and, yeah, it’s got a few little timeless pieces that, yeah, have a little. Little wow factor.

Eddy: It is. I mean, all the venues are gorgeous, but Brooker. Brooker is definitely something else. And I know we’ve kind of been touching on this, but, you know, what do you think sort of sets the venues apart from other inner city venue options?

Georgia: Yeah, I think, I don’t know, anywhere that offers as much fully styled green life that we have. So we’ve got a few different packages that people can choose from too. So depending upon we. We offer a raw venue, which is. And it’s not raw venue in the fact that it’s just the venue. So our venues come fully styled regardless of which package you choose. So that’s really a key selling point for our clients. So if you’re looking for something a little, perhaps DIY, you can still have a fully styled venue. So, yeah, the plant life is definitely what sets us apart and the different ways to tackle our packages.

Aleks: So, yeah, let’s get into those, because there is a lot of flexibility for people. And as you mentioned, you can hire the venue as is with, it’s obviously styled. Yeah. So let’s talk through the different options, particularly, I think, for insider, like, talking about the reception.

Georgia: Yeah, yeah. So at both venues, they kind of cross over. So we offer the same flexibility at all three of our venues. So at inside, you can have just a ceremony, or you could have ceremony and reception in the same space, which obviously might cut down the costs, if that’s what our clients are concerned about. But then it’s just saving people having to walk between two venues, which I’m finding is a key driver for a lot of our clients, saving on people worrying about getting taxis or whatever it might be. So our reception packages, we’ve got a raw venue. So it’s kind of like a choose your own adventure, DIY type thing. It comes with all of our green styling and then you can opt to use our furniture, which is all. Paul has picked it all out himself. Very.

Georgia: It’s timeless and it fits in, like, not like greens and wooden, so it kind of matches our vibe.

Eddy: It definitely has an apple.

Aleks: Yeah, yeah.

Georgia: It’s like velvet green.

Aleks: Like, it’s gorgeous.

Georgia: Yeah. Yeah. They’re stunning. They’re really good. Very comfy sitting on one at the moment, so. And then it comes with our bar area, which they would have access to use, and then also our kitchen space. So you could go as low key as having pizzas delivered, or you could go to a caterer and like a cooks food or whomever and go and get them to put together a completely tailored menu for you. You can byo beverages and then have Glasshaus serve them, which is really good. If you’re a bit of a wine connoisseur and you’d like to, you prefer the good stuff over a little bit more basic, which is so fine. Or if you wanted an endless amount of spirits, that’s a really good option, too.

Georgia: So we’ve got our raw venue and that is really popular with our clients. They see the benefit of picking everything that fits in with their vibe and what they want to do. But then we also offer a all inclusive package, which essentially we take care of everything. So we give you a beverage package, we give you options of food packages, depending upon whether you’re thinking of, like, a cocktail, stand up, canopy type vibe, or if you would like the seated option. So that feasting style down the centre of the tables. And then depending upon which catering package you like, then we liaise with. We have two in house catering teams, so we work with essential catering and events and also four side catering and events.

Aleks: Both wonderful.

Georgia: Both wonderful. We love them. They’re so flexible with our clients. You still get a menu tasting, you’re still looked after start to finish. It’s just that we can give you rather than, you know, just a set package. Well, these are our menu options and you choose which one fits your style more. And then we put together a quote for you. And we kind of go from there.

Aleks: I love that. And do the caterers, they come with their own staff as well, or is it a mixture of Glasshaus, like, casual staff serving food and their own?

Eddy: Yeah.

Georgia: So the caterers come with their wait staff and then we would take care of the bar and the beverage side of things. So you essentially have two strong units looking after you like an abundance of staff, making sure everyone’s got a beverage or you’re being looked after regarding your dietary. Yeah. So it’s. I think it’s actually coming from a venue previously that we did everything internal to having two sets of. It’s like two different teams that work well in this well oiled machine. So it actually works out that you’ve got more staff than you would if. If it was. If we were doing everything. So I actually think that’s a good selling point for clients, knowing that you’ve got more people looking after you on the night.

Georgia: So.

Eddy: Yeah, yeah, no, that’s fantastic. And because you only focus on the two catering suppliers, you know, everyone would, I presume, know everyone. And, you know, it’s. That gelling is far more. Was just far better.

Georgia: Yeah.

Aleks: And they, like, so familiar with the venue.

Georgia: Yeah, yeah. They come in all the time. Yeah, we. Yeah, they work really well with our team, so it’s good. Yeah.

Aleks: And we. They always look after us.

Georgia: Yes.

Aleks: Very important guys. Look after your DJ, your poor, hungry, thirsty DJ.

Eddy: Alek’s interests are like..

Aleks: I love the. I love four sides, you know, aprons as well. They look.

Eddy: Yeah, stylish. They suit the venue actually quite well. Beautiful blue.

Georgia: We’re all about aesthetics.

Eddy: Yeah, well, thank you for all of that. And I know that was, you know, that was a lot to, to cover, but I’m sure Alison’s got a hell of a lot out of that.

Aleks: Yeah. And you’ve got all the. All the details of the packages and, like, starting costs and per head cost are in the wedding brochure that people can download on your.

Georgia: Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah.

Aleks: We’re not. We’re not wrapping up the episode. We just reached this weird.

Eddy: You just gave me a weird look.

Aleks: I’m like, no, I thought you were like, okay, well, thanks for that.

Eddy: I’m sure everyone go, I know where we’re at.

There’s a plan.

Eddy: All right, so we will move on to the next question. Now, this is all with you. So we talked about your packages. Let’s talk about your couples. And so the types of couples that. The Glasshaus, what do we call it? The empire attracts.

Aleks: Well, we can probably say from our perspective what we’ve seen.

Eddy: Oh, yeah. I mean, relaxed, non traditional.

Georgia: Yeah.

Eddy: You know, party vibe couples. But, you know, let’s let George ask the question.

Georgia: Yeah, I agree with that 100%. Like, so non traditional. And I love that. I love that people are throwing tradition out the window and doing things their way. It is the best way to do a wedding, in my opinion. Yeah. So they obviously indoor plant lovers and want to take everything home with them at the end of the night. They’re just so relaxed. There’s no bridezillas at Glasshaus and I love that for me. Yeah, yeah.

Eddy: Fair enough.

Georgia: Yeah. No, so relaxed, so lovely. Down to earth. Yeah. They’re just so easy to get along with and that’s what. Yeah, it makes from a supplier point of view, it just makes life so easy. Like, they’re organised. They just are so excited to be married and not stressing the small stuff. They trust in their suppliers, which is great. That’s.

Georgia: Yeah, that’s what’s needed, I think.

Aleks: Yeah, we can. Yeah, we can hand on heart say that we’ve always said on this podcast, like, just, we’ve never had a bad party at the Glasshaus venues, like, impossible.

Eddy: It’s. Yeah, it’s. It’s. It’s an interesting thing to think about, and I think a big part of it is the plant life. Um, and you’re getting all that. I don’t know, it’s sucking all the carbon dioxide away and all the bad.

Aleks: Vibes are being absorbed by the plants. Seriously, everyone. So I think when people walk in there, they just feel happy and excited and it’s so unique. It’s just like, oh, we’re gonna be wearing for a fun night. We’re in for a good night. Yeah, I think.

Georgia: Yeah, yeah. It’s just calming. You’re like, oh, my God, what is this place?

Eddy: Yeah, it’s so lovely. Yeah, the plants are almost, you know, members of your staff working really hard again.

Georgia: They do work really hard. Yeah. It takes a lot of work to look this good, so they’re doing a great job.

Aleks: Apologies to your plants for me moving them all the time to cover my cables.

Eddy: Oh, yeah. Yeah. That’s kind of fun because we do. We. I don’t know if it comes across demanding, but we’re like, can we please have some plant life on the table? So people don’t put their drinks by.

Aleks: Our desks, but also, like, on top of the table and then also, like, by our feet to kind of COVID because we normally use your table, not our boobs.

Georgia: Yeah, yeah.

Aleks: So it kind of all blends in. But then we obviously want to hide, like, our feet and, you know, cables and stuff. So we always, like, reshuffling everything.

Eddy: It’s funny, depending on how much plant life there is around us. I sometimes feel like this is such a nerd comment to make, but the, those predator movies, I’m just like, in the, behind all the bushes and stuff. Like. But someone actually said that to me once at a wedding at Glasshaus. And so it’s, oh, you’re like the predator. You’re just behind. I love this. I know.

Aleks: I love that.

Eddy: Like, geek inside of me was like, yes, this is my person right here.

Aleks: If someone said to me, you look like the predator behind your deck, I’d be horrified.

Georgia: I’d be horrified.

Aleks: Ed’s like, thanks.

Georgia: I love it. Yeah.

Eddy: Anyway, moving on.

Aleks: Trust you to think that’s a compliment. That’s so funny. We couldn’t agree more. Definitely non traditional. Very relaxed. Yeah. Very easy to get along with.

Georgia: Yeah.

Aleks: Some of our favourite weddings have definitely been.

Eddy: And some of my greatest memories as a wedding DJ have been. I’m not just saying this, by the way, because we’re talking to you, Georgia, but have been at Glasshaus.

Aleks: Yeah. You know, definitely.

Eddy: What was the client that we always talk about for you? I wasn’t playing the wedding, but they were vegan and they were amazing.

Aleks: Tom and Shawn.

Eddy: Yes.

Georgia: Oh, yes.

Aleks: Very special. Very special.

Georgia: Oh, very special. They were the bomb. They are. Yeah. They’re one of my favourite weddings too, actually.

Aleks: Oh, and Pia and Sunny.

Georgia: Yeah.

Eddy: Pia and Sunny was what I was thinking about. Yeah.

Aleks: But, yeah, Tom and Sean were not vegan. They had blue bonnet barbecue.

Georgia: Yeah.

Eddy: No, I was thinking. I was thinking different class, but anyway, we could rattle off so many names, but, yeah, there’s been so many magical moments, that’s for sure.

Aleks: How funny. Yeah, no, definitely. Definitely the opposite of that.

Eddy: Apologies to all vegans for that one.

Aleks: So let’s talk about how the. I guess the process works for couples. Working with you in the lead up. What is the kind of rough timeline look like? What can people expect in terms of when the planning will happen and the different deadlines and that sort of thing?

Georgia: Yeah. So I guess we kind of, so we’ve got a sales team and then we move and then our clients move into, like, the planning stage with us. Probably about, like, I reach out maybe like four to five months prior just to touch base, I guess. Put their mind at ease, too, because sometimes they’re just oh, should we contact them? Like, what’s going on? So it’s nice to get in first and do a bit of an intro if I haven’t met them. And then from there, we set up a planning meeting. So around that three month prior. And that is like our opportunity to go through, start to finish what their day is going to look like. At Glasshaus, we go, we do, we put together a run sheet.

Georgia: We go through all of their suppliers that they have or potentially haven’t booked yet and maybe give some advice on who they might be thinking. So if they haven’t booked, if they haven’t booked a DJ, then I kind of work out like, what, what type of vibe they’re going for or what they’re thinking and try. And I suppose people in my experience, like food, wine and music, kind of make or break a wedding. So trying to make sure that they. Everything’s ticked off for them in terms of what they want. But, yeah, so we put together, go through a planning meeting, do a site visit or whichever venues they’re going to go through their menu options, their beverage options. So that meeting takes about an hour and a half, and then there’s some work and the planning from there really starts to ramp up because they’ve got so pretty much from then until their wedding date, we’re in contact. They might have little questions. Some of them might just let me be and kind of just make their deadlines. Because about four weeks out, we try to lock in their menu, their final guest numbers, and it’s all about, for me, making sure that that last week of their wedding, they are not running around madly doing things for me.

Georgia: They are relaxed, they are picking up their wedding dress, they are having their nails done, that type of stuff they’ve got in terms of our deadlines, two weeks before, you are ticking everything off and handing everything over to me. And I’m touching base with your suppliers, making sure they’re all sorted their delivery and bump in times and everything like that. So that last week, I only want to see them or hear from them the day before if they’re dropping off any items that they need to. So their menus or whatever they might be hiring. But otherwise, yeah, getting everything done two weeks before switching off from me, shouldn’t hear from me. And you should be relaxing and really enjoying that time. Just processing everything in the lead up to. I don’t think a wedding should be stressful. I think if you hire good suppliers, they will have your backs and they will make sure that it is a seamless process. So for me, yeah, it’s about making sure we can do everything we can to make.

Georgia: Make sure that they’re relaxed and they find this whole process enjoyable. I don’t want to hear about anyone. Yeah, not enjoying it. It shouldn’t be like that.

Eddy: Yeah, exactly. You should enjoy the planning process. And that’s one of the first questions I’ll ask our couple is like, are you having fun? And most of the time it’s like.

Georgia: Yeah, it’s really great.

Eddy: Sometimes it’s like, no, we’re highly. I’m like, well, why are you stressed? Should be exciting thing that you’re doing.

Aleks: Obviously not talking about Glasshaus couples.

Eddy: Yeah. I think 99% of the time they’re like, we’re loving it. This is so much fun.

Aleks: I think. I think that the timeline you talked about is really good as well. Like, having that, you know, really intense kind of planning time three months before is really good because I do find a lot of venues do it, like, in half the time, like, with six weeks to go, which does maybe leave a lot of, like, last minute decisions to be made and that sort of thing. Um, because we’re catching up with couples the week off, like days before.

Georgia: Yeah.

Aleks: Um, because, you know, a lot of our couples will still like, um, and, uh, about certain key moments, songs or the machine and that sort of thing. So it’s nice to know that Glasshaus couples have everything finalised with you guys. Maybe that’s why they so relax. By the time they talk to us, they’re chill about the music.

Georgia: We’re sorted. Yeah.

Aleks: Yeah. So that’s really good to hear. Um, amazing. Are there any new. We sort of talked about, you know, know, obviously working with non traditional couples and people kind of moving away from that tradition. Are you seeing any cool new wedding trends with your couples?

Georgia: More so with the ceremony. So I’ve had so many clients that are opting for both partners to walk down the aisle, and I love that. Like, why is it just one person’s big entrance both of your days? So, yes, walk down the aisle. Both of you walk down the aisle. It doesn’t need to be together if you don’t want to, you know, want to still have that separate moment. I love that. I think, yeah, it’s. It’s about both of you, so you both enjoy it. And I’m seeing so many couples opt for non traditional wedding songs, like in the ceremony section, having songs that mean something to them, but they might be, I don’t know, maybe a little bit more like a banger or.

Georgia: Yeah, yeah, yeah. And I think that’s great. I think it sets the mood for the whole day. Like, people forget that the ceremony, it’s not that it’s like the most important part of the whole day. Like, that’s where you sign your life away. But people get so wrapped up in their party and their reception. But why the ceremony is such. It’s the most important part of the day, really. So, yeah, I like that more people are focusing on that and. Yeah, making it more relaxed and part of, like, to fit in with the rest of the.

Georgia: The vibe that they’ve got going on into the evening. Yeah, I love that it kicks off.

Aleks: The party and, you know, you don’t have to have an acoustic ballad as your aisle song.

Georgia: I had a client walk down, too, so they walked down to together and they walked into the white Lotus theme song and they just laughed, laughed the whole way down. It was at Brooker and they walked down the staircase and they were just like, wetting themselves laughing, walking down, but it meant they were just like, we just love this tv show, so we just don’t even care. And then because they were laughing, everyone else was laughing and it was fantastic. It was. It was great.

Aleks: It kind of breaks. Yeah. Because I feel like the ceremony, obviously, everyone’s, like, slightly on edge. It’s like the most. It can feel like the most formal doesn’t have to be obviously, the most formal part of the day. So if anything you can do to lighten the mood will get everyone feeling super, super relaxed and. Yeah, okay. Like, you know, we’ve got permission to cheer to, you know, make noise, get involved, and it just really does set the mood for the rest of the day, so. Yeah, we couldn’t agree with that one.

Eddy: Yeah, I like that a lot. And it kind of takes a bit of pressure off the celebrant as well to try and relax everybody. If the couples are, like, going to do something fun that will relax everybody, then. Yeah, much better.

Aleks: I know. I just want everyone laughing. I hope to land at a Glasshaus outside ceremony. I haven’t actually been there because we. Yeah, like I said, when we’re playing music, most of the time it’s the inside. So anyone listening? I’m happy. I’m happy to walk over the inside for the reception.

Eddy: What do you always say? Manifest it or something like that?

Georgia: Yeah, manifest.

Eddy: Manifest.

Georgia: Yeah, do it. Yeah, manifest. I’m not huge.

Aleks: Woo woo. But, you know, it does work once you plant the seed. I’m loving all these plant puns by the way from me.

Georgia: I know. Very good.

Aleks: It’s a solo, solo game at this point.

Georgia: I was just letting you go. You’re doing a great job.

Aleks: Thank you.

Georgia: Keep it up. Thank you.

Aleks: Um, many.

Eddy: We’re rooting for you.

Georgia: Good one.

Aleks: This is very good.

Eddy: I’m in the game now.

Aleks: The pressure’s on. Now. Any other hot insider tips for couples who are planning their weddings apart from choose your supplies well and chill out.

Georgia: Yeah. Don’t have regrets. Like, I think so for me, like, the amount of people that I know that have regrets over not picking a videographer, just if you are umming and ah ing about that. Get it, you will not regret it. It is, it captures it. It captures moments and it captures all the words that are said as opposed to just like, photography, you know, it’s a must have. But the video is. I’ve never not. My daughter loves watching, you know, two minute video, short little YouTube thing. She loves it.

Georgia: She thinks it’s the best thing ever. So. Yes. And there might be one day when your parents aren’t there, and then you can look back and you can remember that and your kids can watch that if you choose to have kids, you know, and it’s. It’s such a special moment, I think. Yeah. Videography is a, like, it’s a no brainer to me. And I, whilst I understand, like, it’s, you know, not everybody has the budget to do it, but if, if you do, then that is my hot tip. Like, you just will not. Yeah.

Eddy: Couldn’t agree with that more. And it’s funny you mentioned that because you’ve often had conversations with couples post wedding who haven’t had a videographer, and they’ve actually said, actually, that that is one of their. But if budget is an issue, then there’s also the content creation path as well, which can be a little bit lighter on the wallet. So there’s. Yeah, there are options.

Aleks: Yeah. Are you seeing much of that at the moment, the content creators coming in?

Georgia: We’ve only had a few. I’ve seen them a lot at other venues, and lots of suppliers are starting to. Starting to hook into that. And I love it. I think. Yeah, it’s a great, it’s like a, it’s like a segue into the video. So if you can’t go the full hog, maybe just like, step in lightly. Yeah.

Eddy: So, yeah, yeah, absolutely. And I’ve also actually, I don’t know if we should name names, but there are certain photographers who are now offering a slice of videography.

Aleks: Oh, yeah.

Eddy: You know, with the cameras, I think they can take photos and video at the same time or something like that. So they’re actually bolting that on as well, which would be more economical to do instead of.

Aleks: And you’re getting quality.

Eddy: Absolutely. But there are a few photographers that we know that are very well known in the industry that are actually putting that feather in the cap as well. So there’s another option, potentially.

Aleks: Yeah, that’s. Yeah, that is actually like.

Eddy: Yeah, literally, game changers aren’t too happy.

Aleks: Yeah. Look, I think. I think there’s. There will always be a market for people who want the epic, you know, of course, full feature, whatever. I mean, not feature movie, but, um.

Eddy: And that’s what they do best. Right. So, yeah, you’ve got that. Yeah. Epic. Really good way to describe it, because there’s videographers out there that just blow me away.

Aleks: Yeah, yeah, exactly. So you can’t. You can replace that. But there’s definitely a halfway point if you want to capture, especially. We’ve had a lot of couples say, you know, I especially want to capture the ceremony and the speeches.

Georgia: Yeah.

Aleks: Like, just really specific parts of the day. So that’s when a content creator can come in for, you know, I don’t know, 3 hours, whatever, rather than the whole day just to capture that specifically for you. So it’s definitely a good option.

Eddy: Absolutely, yeah. So Aleks is pointing at me at the moment. She’s like, you asked the last question.

Aleks: But do you love that you.

Eddy: I do love it. I always ask this. Okay, Georgia letting you do the honours. So this is our final big. Oh, it’s probably the biggest question that we have for you, I suppose.

Georgia: Yeah.

Eddy: What single tune would get you on the dance floor?

Georgia: Yeah. So this is. This is a huge question. Do you know how long it took to try and find the perfect answer? Because I think, can I. Can I have two parts? Like two answers?

Eddy: Absolutely, yeah.

Georgia: So I think my. If my kids. If you ask this to my kids, they would say, hands down, Joel Fletcher swing. Like they. It comes off, it comes on our Spotify. And my kids are just like, that is mum’s song. Like, they just said, just like that. That is mum’s song. But I think, yeah, I think for me, it’s probably Rihanna and Calvin Harris. We found love.

Aleks: Nice.

Georgia: That would get me on the dance hall every time.

Eddy: Yeah, yeah, that’s. Well, they’re both. They’re both very much bangers in their own right.

Georgia: Yes.

Eddy: Yeah. I think the Calvin song, you can really belt at those lyrics. Whereas the Joel Fletcher you kind of just.

Georgia: Yeah, it’s more of a waves.

Eddy: Yeah.

Georgia: Yeah. Later in the night when the toast.

Aleks: When the toasties are coming out.

Georgia: Yeah.

Eddy: So this imaginary wedding, number two for you, we’ll have you come into Calvin Harris and then we’ll have a dress change for you and then you can come in the second time to Joel.

Georgia: Brilliant. I’m here for it.

Aleks: It’s all planned out for you. It’s all planned out for you.

Eddy: So tell us what your husband know. We’re doing it again.

Georgia: Yeah. You’ll be like, we’re not spending that much money.

Aleks: You’re like, no, it’s just gonna be me. We’ll just get a content creator in you.

Georgia: Yeah.

Aleks: Those moments, those big moments. Where can I mentioned earlier, there is a really good, succinct wedding brochure that people can download. Can you tell us where people can find that?

Georgia: Yeah. So it’s on our website, Glasshaus which is glasshaus.com.au. All of our. All of our details are on there. You can put in a general inquiry, but you can download the brochure directly without putting in an inquiry. But if you want more information, all about contact details on the website, it’s the best form, best source of truth. Yeah. So go cheque it out.

Aleks: Don’t send DM’s.

Eddy: And then go send DM’s. How much do you charge for a wedding? Go to the website, guys.

Georgia: Yeah. Go to the website. Look on our socials. We’ve got some amazing photos from some amazing photographers out there. It’ll give you a lot of inspo and show you what we’re. What we do.

Aleks: I mean, all you need to do is have a look at a couple of photos and you’re sold.

Georgia: Really?

Aleks: And then you go and see the thing using, like, another layer. You’re like, whoa, I think I’m at Brooker a couple of times in the next couple months.

Eddy: Oh, that’s exciting.

Georgia: Oh, look out.

Aleks: Very, very excited.

Eddy: You’re just hogging the venue.

Georgia: Yeah. So greedy.

Aleks: I feel like you’ve hogged it.

Eddy: I’ve hogged a few venues in my time.

Aleks: Yeah, we’re even now. Well, it’s been an absolute pleasure, Georgia. You’ve been so wonderful and, yeah, look, they’re gorgeous venues and couples are very lucky to be working with you in the leader because you’re super organised and. Yeah, just great to work with. So, yeah, thank you so much for your time. Thank you so much, Georgia.

Georgia: Oh, thank you so much for having me. Yeah, loved it. We had swing.

Aleks: We’d be play it, but, you know, copyright.

Georgia: Yes. Fair enough. Fine.

Aleks: Yeah. That’s all you can do.

Georgia: Yes.

Aleks: I’m sort of weird. Royalty free thing. Well, thank you so much for your time. We sure our listeners absolutely love it. Chat to you soon.

Georgia: Chat soon. Bye, guys. See ya.

Aleks: Thanks for tuning in. If you’re enjoying project engaged, please hit the subscribe button on your fave podcast app.

Eddy: You can also follow us on Instagram, @projectengaged and @onemoresongdjs.

Aleks: We’ll see you next time. And until then, have fun out there

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