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What really goes into DJing a wedding

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07 Mar, 2018

It’s the week before your wedding. You met with your DJ a little while ago and have given them your key songs, running sheet, venue contact details and the important list of which songs NOT to play. What happens now?

In our conversations with clients, it’s apparent that most brides and grooms don’t really know what goes on “behind the scenes” before, during and after a gig (which is good as it means we are doing our jobs to ensure our clients’ experience is easy and stress-free, allowing them to focus on dealing with the last minute details!).

We thought we’d share the amount of work a (good!) wedding DJ undertakes to ensure the music aspect of your big day runs smoothly. It’s much more than just playing the music on the night!

Week of the wedding

The DJ will:

  • Re-read brief and call the clients to run over the details once again
  • Contact the venue to confirm equipment “bump-in” times and arrangements
  • Arrange and test all equipment (this may involve booking additional equipment, for example, a sub-woofer if it’s a larger venue or there are over 150 guests)
  • Organise key songs in easy-to-find folders and check the files are the right versions and check that they all work on the DJ’s console
  • Prepare outfit. A black tie dress code may mean a trip to the dry-cleaners. And maybe a haircut is in order!

Morning/afternoon of the wedding

  • Pack all equipment in the car, checking there are extra cables, spare microphones (for speeches) and extra controllers/mixers/iPad/iPod as back up should there be any technical difficulties on the night!
  • Drive to the venue, unload equipment, set up and sound check. This could take up to an hour, depending on whether there are also live elements and singers
  • If time permits, drive back home, get dressed, and head back to the venue half an hour before the start time (or change at the venue)
  • Confirm any last minute details with the venue manager.

The wedding

  • Keep an eye on the running sheet and when the key moments of the ceremony and reception are taking place so you play the correct songs
  • If MCing, make key announcements and if not, manage the MC and check microphone sound levels
  • Take and negotiate song requests throughout the evening (if OK with the bride and groom!)
  • Read the crowd throughout the night and adjust the genre and tempo as required, making sure the dance floor is filled at the right times.


  • On the night, pack down all equipment, pack the car and head home. Sometimes this cannot be done until the day after the wedding
  • Contact clients to receive feedback and ensure they were happy with the service
  • Share the event on social media and website, thanking the clients, venue and other suppliers.
  • Save the set list from the night and get ready for the next wedding!

As mentioned, a good DJ will do all of this without a hitch and you and your guests can relax and enjoy the celebrations.

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