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Nailing your wedding reception run sheet

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05 Aug, 2020

Having played at a number of weddings, we often advise couples on their run sheet. We’ve had many wedding clients ask us about the recommended order of events to guarantee a fun and memorable reception.

The general rule for a fantastic wedding party is to take care of all the formalities early on the evening and open up the dance floor as soon as possible.

We’ve seen a lot of disjointed wedding receptions that could have run a lot more smoothly with the below considerations in mind. We recommend keeping an open communication channel with your entertainment provider in conjunction with your venue to ensure that your event flows as best as it possibly can.

Don’t be afraid to tell your venue how you want things to run!

*Disclaimer* We have a musical bias and aim to have dancing start earlier rather than later! 🙂

Wedding party entrance – cut your cake!

Cut your cake (if you have one!) straight after the wedding party entrance. The combination of these key events is more seamless for your wedding photographer and the venue staff can then remove the cake so its stored safely out of harm’s way!

Speeches – divide by 2

Break up your speeches into two blocks, one after entrées and one after mains (for a sit down wedding). This gives your guests a chance to mingle and freshen up between speeches.

Enforce a time limit on speeches from your family and close friends. The cliché here remains true – if you give the best man free rein, he’s likely to take advantage of it! Placing a time limit on your speakers will encourage them to share only the most memorable stories about the bride and groom.

The final speech should lead straight into the first dance. By this time your guests will be ready for a boogie.

First dance – get people dancing!

Get people up dancing after the first dance. This is a must do! The first dance should serve as the opening of the dance floor and party. Once the dance floor has started, all other formalities should now be completed. It’s party time!

Dessert – let it roam!

Ask your venue to serve roaming dessert rather than table dessert as it will ensure that more people stay on the dance floor rather than go back to their seats. People with a sweet tooth will have a little disco break and help themselves when needed.

With these tips in mind, you can ensure that you’ll be on the dance floor celebrating in no time!

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