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What’s your musical “vibe”?

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03 Feb, 2023

If you’re planning your wedding or special event, you might be overwhelmed with articulating what music you do and do not like.

In that light, we’ve created 8 playlists organised by musical “vibe”. We came up with these by reflecting on the types of clients that we attract and the best parties we’ve played to date. This resulted in a handful of playlists that represent the very best of the songs that make our weddings and parties awesome.

Your music tastes may fall into more than one category but the main thing about these playlists is they transcend genres, decades and artists. They’re grouped according to their overall “vibe”! We’ve uploaded samples of each of these to our Spotify, which you can listen to below!

And we also recorded a Project Engaged podcast episode on these, if you want to hear us talk about them in more depth.

Listen to us discuss our vibe playlists on our podcast!

Dance through the decades

  • House
  • EDM
  • Old school dance
  • New school dance.

Open Dance through the decades on Spotify.

Cool kids

Indie everything:

    • Folk
    • Electronic
    • Rock
    • Old school (eg. new wave).

Open Cool kids on Spotify.

Down and dirty

    • Hip hop
    • RnB
    • Latin/Reggaeton.

Open Down and dirty on Spotify.

Get funky

    • Funk
    • Soul
    • Disco
    • Funky/vocal house.

Open Get funky on Spotify.

Mainstream pop

  • Commercial hits:
    • 80s
    • 90s
    • 00s
    • Today.

Open Mainstream pop on Spotify.

Old souls

  • 50s, 60s, 70s & 80s pop & rock
  • Motown
  • Classic rock’n’roll
  • Disco.

Open Old souls on Spotify.

Gen Z

  • 90s anthems
  • 00s & 10s
  • Today’s hits.

Open Gen Z on Spotify.

Sunday sesh

  • Background vibes:
    • Funk & soul
    • Chilled electronic
    • Indie
    • RnB & neo soul.

Open Sunday sesh on Spotify.

Loving these tunes? Get in touch with us about your wedding or special event via our Book a DJ page!


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