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S3, EP28: Real Couple: Glastonbury vibes at Panama Dining Room (Nick + Lara)

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20 Jul, 2023

On this episode of Project Engaged, we chat with Nick and Lara, who got hitched at Panama Dining Room on Saturday, 11 February 2023 with around 100 family and friends from Australia, the UK and the USA!

Here’s what they said in their initial enquiry:

“Music is a massive part of each of our lives. For Lara she is a lover of many genres, some of her favourite artists ranging from Simon and Garfunkel to the Beatles to Arctic Monkeys to The Black Keys.

For me [Nick] I also like to DJ (in my garage) and am a big fan of 80s, 90s, dance, breakbeats, garage, techno and trance. In between it all we have some huge crossover and shared musical love. For us we want to blend it all together and have an eclectic mix. Music is one of the most important elements of our wedding for us!”

Key vendors:

We chat to Nick and Lara all about their engagement, planning process, their fave moments of the day and they provide some tips to couples planning their own wedding.

We loved chatting to these legends and hope you enjoy listening to our conversation!


Full episode transcription

Eddy: Welcome to Project Engaged, a podcast for fun loving couples planning their non traditional wedding.

Aleks: We’re wedding DJs Aleks and Eddy Mac from Melbourne. We run a business called One More Song, and our tagline is No More Nutbush.

Eddy: In this podcast, we’ll share our wedding experiences and chat to some of our past couples.

Aleks: We’ll also interview bold wedding suppliers who share our philosophy of your wedding being a celebration of you as a couple and one epic party.

Eddy: Let’s get into today’s episode. We are back for another episode of Project Engaged.

Aleks: Hello. Welcome to another episode of Project Engaged. Eddy, how are you?

Eddy: Very good. Aleks, how are you?

Aleks: Good, good. Tonight we have a real couple episodes.

Eddy: We do. We’re very excited. So we’re speaking to Nick and Lara who got hitched at Panama dining Room on Saturday the 11 February. It seems like yesterday. I can’t believe how much time this year. I can’t believe how much time has passed with around 100 family and friends from here in Australia, the UK and the USA. We knew it would be a great party from the very first inquiry. Who’s involved in this one? Aleks?

Aleks: So if you listen to our podcast regularly, you’ll think that we just work with the same people all the time. And that’s true to some extent. We do bump into some very, very, very good vendors very often. So we had precious as the celebrant and mc. We had Elsa Campbell as the photographer who we had on our last real couple episode two, pomp and splendour. Locals for the florist.

Eddy: Love it.

Aleks: The very famous DJ Eddy Mac spinning the tunes from pre ceremony. So very first tune as guests arrived all the way through to the final tune on the night. And I’m sure Nick and Lara will have some more vendors they’ll tell us about. And the final one that you’ve slotted in here was McDonald’s.

Eddy: We can talk about that later.

Aleks: Nugget run later.

Eddy: Fun little occurrence.

Aleks: Don’t know if that was officially booked.

Eddy: But we’ll hear more about that or funnel the same. So here’s actually what they said in their initial inquiry to us just before we get them in. Music is a massive part of each of our lives for Lyra. She is a lover of many genres. Some of her favourite artists range from Simon and Garfunkel to the Beatles to the Arctic monkeys and the black keys. Some pretty good names in there for me. This is Nick. I also like to DJ in my garage. How cool is that? Yes, and a big fan of the eighties nineties dance break beats, garage, techno and trance. Garage, garage. My bad. And in between it all, we have some huge crossover and shared music love for us. We want to blend it all together and have an eclectic mix. Music is one of the most important elements of our wedding for us.

Aleks: I mean, that’s pretty much a perfect little inquiry in our opinion. So let’s not delay anymore. And welcome, Nick and Lara.

Nick: Hello.

Eddy: And I know we’ve just asked you how you are off the podcast, but how are you guys?

Nick: Yeah, good, thanks. Yeah. Like I said, time has flown by.

Eddy: It really has.

Aleks: It really got your honeymoon coming up, we just heard.

Lara: Yes, we’re off to Italy. Finally booked it. A little bit delayed, but we got there so. Good.

Eddy: The wedding celebrations continue. I love it when couples do wait because everything’s not done at once. And then you sort of get back from your honeymoon, you’re like, oh, wow, it’s all over.

Aleks: Yeah. You got to extend it, don’t you? It’s quite common, actually. I would say it’s almost a trend this year, people having kind of delayed honeymoons.

Eddy: Absolutely.

Nick: I think probably after doing all the planning and making loads of decisions for what seemed like an eternity, it was probably nice not to have to make decisions for a few months again.

Lara: I think that was tactical.

Eddy: Yeah. 100%. 100%. And so we do have some questions that we’ve actually sent through to you, but I wanted to talk about, first and foremost, your engagements. So can you tell our listeners how long you were engaged for before you sort of started planning your wedding? And maybe the engagement story as well?

Nick: Yeah, so, I mean, I’ll do the engagement story because that was a lot of stress, probably, on my part. So I think we got engaged about four and a bit years into seeing each other. But I remember it because I’d got it all planned out. I was going to do a nice romantic thing on our. Basically recreating our first date. But it’s back when COVID was a thing. And basically on the day that I got it all organised, unfortunately, there was someone in my office. The chap in my office got COVID and then everyone had to go and get tested. And so in the end, I couldn’t get tested in time. And then we had to postpone what Lara thought was just us going to the pub and she can work out why I next bottle of wine in the evening because I’ve been planning all this for a while. And then we can actually go a week later in the end, which was. Yeah, apparently, though in hindsight, me deciding to book a restaurant for probably the first time in our relationship might have been a bit of a giveaway.

Lara: Yeah, I thought something was off. I was like. He was, like, so set on this, like, booking, and I was like, you’ve never booked anything in your life in your own time.

Eddy: So a little bit sus.

Lara: A little bit sus. A little bit sus. But, no, it was lovely. He proposed with a beautiful haribo gummy ring. I made it very clear that he was not to select any jewellery I would be picking that.

Eddy: Smart move.

Nick: Yeah. I didn’t trust myself either.

Aleks: That’s so good. And how long did you guys kind of wait before you got stuck into the planning?

Lara: I think we got started pretty much straight away. I think we sorted my ring first, which took a little bit of time.

Nick: Important things first.

Lara: That was important. And then I think once we had the ring, we kind of. Yeah. Started looking at venues, because that would have been, like.

Nick: I don’t know. I think we got. It would have been engaged. That started with the December, and then we’d already chosen and sorted our venue. I think by about the end of December, I think it was because originally, in our minds, we were trying to get everything turned around, ideally within about a year from being engaged to getting married. In the end, I think it was probably about, I don’t know, 1414 months, 15 months, 14 months, I think, from. From when we got engaged. So still pretty quick.

Aleks: Well, you have to remind me, because I’ve tried to block it all out, but when you guys were booking everything. So you mentioned December. So that would have been 2021. Is that sort of. We were just out of all the lockdowns. I can’t remember, guys, honestly.

Lara: I think so. I think we were just kind of past it. It was all.

Nick: I think we just got out the worst of it because I think that was back when, like, you’re allowed back in, like, an office, for example. But the testing was like, if somebody, you know, you know, got COVID, then, like, everybody sort of has to go and get tested and that kind of thing. I think we must have just been out, like, the last of the big ones.

Aleks: Ugh. Sorry for bringing it up.

Lara: We all blocked it out.

Eddy: Why do you gotta be such a drag?

Aleks: I know. I’m such a downer.

Nick: Bringing us back down. Pose. We’ve got COVID in there.

Eddy: We’ll bring it back up. We’ll bring it back up.

Aleks: No, no, no, no. The only reason I mentioned it because I was wondering about the timeline and I guess whether you guys waited or you kind of got sucked into it. But 14 months is a pretty good, pretty good timeframe.

Nick: I mean, we’re really fortunate and really lucky, really, because we know a lot of people that also looking to get married and what have you and COVID really played a lot of havoc with a lot of people’s timelines and things. So we’re actually really fortunate that in the end, I don’t think it really impacted when we wanted to do things, which was quite lucky, really.

Aleks: So, yeah, definitely. And you got your family over, too, which is awesome.

Eddy: So good.

Aleks: So good. And let’s start at the very beginning. So you guys mentioned, obviously, that you locked the venue in. So how did you kind of go about, I guess, did you have a sort of vision for your big day? Did you know what you wanted? Was the venue, the first thing that you booked? Like, how did you find that? How did you kind of get started?

Lara: I think for us, I think the theme for the whole wedding planning was we were very clear on all the things we didn’t want, so we knew straight away we didn’t want, like, a winery wedding or anything that was, like, hard, logistically to get to. So for us, it was, like, had to be in the city. That was, like, requirement number one. And then I think we both thought we were going to have a smaller guest list. Smitty has three family members, so we were like, oh, surely, like, the guest list won’t be that much. And then I started writing down all my italian family, and then it blew out to over 100 people. So then that kind of affected, like, in my head, we were going to get married in, like, a cute little restaurant somewhere, and then nothing could accommodate 100 people. So that’s kind of where we started. And then we saw Panama, and it kind of, like, fit our vibe, and then that was the first place we saw, and then we booked it.

Eddy: Oh, how good is that?

Aleks: Yeah, you can get decision fatigue if you. I think if you see too many places and have too long to deliberate. So if you see something you like it, just go for it for what I say.

Lara: We were like, yeah, perfect. Done. We don’t need to say anything else.

Eddy: So obviously, you needed to get a larger amount of people at your wedding. What else about the venue did you just fall in love with?

Lara: I think it was just the space we loved, like, the big window and how it was really open. The other thing we loved was the proximity of the bar to the dance floor. That was really important. So important, the future weddings where you have to, like, cross the whole venue to get a drink from the dance floor. We didn’t want that.

Eddy: Yeah.

Lara: Yeah.

Nick: I mean, because we both didn’t, you know, we didn’t want, like, a traditional, like, church wedding or anything like that. Yeah. I guess the space itself was obviously really important, be it, like Lara said, like, the bar, the windows, that there’s just something about it, obviously, you know, Smith Street, I was probably a bit more, you know, invested, you know, with the street name, but, like, there’s something about the vibe of where it actually is, like, and what’s around it. I’m not in that part of the world, and it’s kind of suited the kind of. Yeah, I guess, feeling and sort of. Yeah. Vibe we wanted for. For the day.

Aleks: Yeah. It’s such a good spot. You can’t go wrong. And I love what you said about the dance floor being close to the bar because we often say, you know, at Panama, even if people are, like, getting a drink, they’re still kind of dancing, you know, you can.

Eddy: Yeah.

Aleks: Wiggle your butt and doesn’t look weird because you’re kind of on the dance floor. Not that it ever looks weird, but you don’t have to be down the other end on your own. Having your boogie, waiting for your drink doesn’t have the same feeling. And so you locked in your venue. How did you sort of go from there in terms of booking your other, or finding your other suppliers?

Lara: I think we knew that we wanted precious. Smitty used to work with precious back before her celebrant days, when she worked in recruitment. So I had met Precious years ago, and so that was kind of a really obvious choice for us. And then precious kind of was our gateway. We would just ask her who we should reach out.

Nick: Precious is awesome. Like, you know, she’s. She’s got so much knowledge, but she’s so happy to, like, help out and get stuck in and whatever. And, like, yeah, she was awesome. So she preciously directed this, directs this to you guys. Like, you know, she. She was fantastic.

Aleks: So thanks, precious.

Eddy: Yeah, thank you. Shout out to Precious. And it was great, great to see her MC as well, because there’s so much continuity there when a celebrant does stay on an MC because they’ve made themselves known. They’ve made themselves an authority figure from the start, and Precious is definitely an authority figure, as you would know, Nick from back in the day, 100%. So, yeah, it’s great to see that more and more celebrants are doing that.

Nick: Yeah, I mean, I think that the really big thing with having precious as an MC well, this is like, two things in it. First, when he says, like, continuity, but like, because when we’re chatting to her about it, we’d never really, I said, given it too much thought, but I think the MC role is so important because it takes so much decision making off your plate on the day. And for both of us, we just really want to just arrive and drive, just want to turn up and have fun. And I think, you know, there’s a lot of stuff. If precious wasn’t there doing that role, it’s not just the talking part, it’s the almost like managing the people, other suppliers, the venue, those kind of things. And without her, it would have been a lot more decisions that we’d have to make. So that’s probably the first part, but the other part that was really important as well, from other sort of events, is actually allowing the guests to turn up and have fun without actually having to have a role in, you know, have a role in the wedding. They can actually turn up and have fun without having to have a sort of a. And actual decisions to make and things to do.

Lara: Yeah, I think that was key for us. And one of the big reasons why we didn’t want a bridal party. Lots and lots of my friends have gotten married and it’s been great between their bridal parties, obviously. But I think it was, our sentiment was like, we wanted all of our friends to turn up and have fun and not have a job.

Nick: Just have a beer, hit the d floor, not caring the world kind of thing.

Eddy: Oh, love that.

Aleks: I wish everyone remembered that because it’s, you know, sometimes you’ll get said this many times on the podcast, but sometimes you get a very reluctant uncle or friend, you know, who wants to have a few bevvies and doesn’t realise they actually have to coordinate a number of people.

Lara: It’s actually a really big job. Yeah, for sure.

Nick: I was gonna say it’s difficult as well for people because, you know, you can give a role to somebody and then, you know, again, somebody might look at it and go like, why wasn’t I given a role? And like, it’s not, you know, no one’s trying to get in order to miss out or anything like that. So it’s also, I think, a lot easier in the stress levels to plan something.

Aleks: Oh, you took so much stress off your plate by not having a wedding party, not having to, not having to choose people, and then also assigning an mc to your celebrant. I think that’s, yeah, that’s awesome.

Eddy: And it is funny, we’ve seen, obviously, a lot of emcees that have been friends and family members of the couple. And halfway through the night they might just disappear anyway. They might have the one too many beers.

Aleks: In fact, we assume that they will assume that they will.

Eddy: We prepare for that and we understand it. We totally get it.

Aleks: Yeah. So tell us, guys, when you, obviously precious had sort of recommended us, but let’s talk about sort of the music side, because it was such an important part of your day. And I saw the many playlists that you guys supplied. We actually went through them together because I was so impressed.

Nick: We’re sorry. I’m sorry. No, no, no.

Eddy: Not at all. I think this is. This is no lies. I think Aleks and I were out one night and I think you just delivered, you just updated your party breath of all these playlist, which, which I’m going to name in a second, just to give people a bit of context. But I think we ended up going home and just like putting, putting a few on, including the UK bangers one like, as sort of, you know, party on it type of thing. We did do that. It was amazing. So we started enjoying your Spotify playlist straight off the bat and just to maybe some of our newer listeners, part of the process, we have this thing called the party brief that couples can jump in and out of along the way in order to start to populate their brief for either Aleks or I. And a big part of that is dropping in, you know, their favourite tunes. And a lot of the time it will be Spotify playlists that they drop before we continue. I did. I do want to just name all your Spotify playlists.

Aleks: Please do.

Eddy: Because there was 123-4567 I’ve got them all open and they’re amazing. Okay, cool. So this. Okay, so can we just make quick call?

Aleks: Because we always talk about, you know, the clients with the 13 hours Spotify play. So I don’t want clients to be like, I’m going to give them 713 hours. These were all reasonable lengths.

Eddy: These are all reasonable lengths, which is fantastic, you know, because we do the same sort of thing in our own minds when we’re coming into a wedding as to how to structure everything. So you, you have to wait for me, Nick, which was great. And Lara as well, obviously, but here we go. So first and foremost, we had the wedding chilled. So think of like the xx bit of Rufus Desol, Portishead was in there, flume. And then you gave me one called indie rock, which is, as you can imagine, like, the Arctic monkeys, Tudor Cinema Club Sabian and the white stripes. Then we had one called eighties vibes, which is basically. I won’t go into it, basically, all the cool eighties, the cool stuff, the stuff that you actually want to hear some pop stuff, which is like, there was a bit of Gwen Stefani in there, a bit of Nellie Fittado, bit of Kylie. So, you know, edgy, a cooler stuff as well. Good mix dance classics, house and deep house. And, like I alluded to, my favourite one was a UK bangers one, particularly for those. They did come over from the UK.

Aleks: I love you.

Eddy: These ones were a hit, you know, flowers, for instance. Probably.

Aleks: Yes.

Eddy: Gotta get through this. Stan Beddingfield. Like, yeah, if you know, you know.

Aleks: Yep. You had. What did you say? House. Deep house. Now, I have to say, because, you know, I did this mix for this british couple and they did the same thing with their Spotify playlist. So I don’t know if it’s.

Eddy: Yeah.

Aleks: The only other couple I’ve had who have given me genre separated.

Eddy: There you go. Yeah. Enlighten us, Nick. Is this something that you know that you’re always going to do?

Nick: Yeah, maybe it’s an english thing. Like, we were born into putting a library together. I mean, when we put it together in current inspiration, I was just thinking, like, how I arranged my DJ crates on on record box and I was just like, beautiful. I think in the same kind of way. I was like, this is how I break it down. So it’s like, that’s how my mind was working, so thought I’d give it to you in that format and then we’d go from there.

Aleks: I feel like, Nick, you’re one of the good DJs who you know, because sometimes we get, like, someone come up to us at a wedding, like, I’m a DJ. You’re like, okay, great.

Eddy: Like, I mean, I’m sure Nick is aware of that phenomenon.

Nick: Depending how many drinks I’ve had, I’m about ready to make my club debut. So it just depends on this. I’m on a scale.

Aleks: I literally. I did have a 17 year old try and get on the deck.

Eddy: Oh, really?

Aleks: Do you mind if I have a go? And I’m like, I absolutely mind.

Eddy: You should have just said yes and see what happens.

Aleks: No, I actually got security. But anyway, yeah, that’s another story for another time. No, what I wanted to say was, obviously, music was so important to you. Was there anything particular? Did you guys look at a lot of DJ’s? Did you kind of look through our playlists and stuff. Like what was it that kind of synced the deal?

Nick: Yeah, I mean, in terms of DJ’s, we actually, we were chatting to another DJ before we got into you, sort of to help with it. And I think, I think they’re a very good DJ. We heard some of their bits and pieces, but I think unfortunately in that case, it’s probably the communication part that sort of let down that going ahead. And I think it’s one of the really, I guess one of the really important things that when you’re booking and trying to pull together a wedding, is that just as important as the actual end product is that the vendors delivering is also like the, the sort of, I guess the service delivery part as well because obviously it’s a lot of stress, there’s a lot of money and those kind of things. So I think that that’s actually super important. So fortunately, the first person we’re chatting to didn’t quite work out. But then for the second attempt at it again, we went back to the founder of knowledge. That was precious and said, precious, hey, we need some help, we need some advice. And she gave us a couple of options and then we ended up looking at your website and we’re able to listen to some of your mixed clouds, to some of your content, we’re able to look at your social media feeds and really quickly we really liked what we saw because we got a really good flavour, I guess, of what you guys were about. You’ve got your podcast, I guess by putting all that together, even before we’ve spoken to you, we’re like, it looks like Eddy and Aleks probably had this one sort of nailed down.

Eddy: Oh, that’s great feedback. I’m just, I’m just sad for the first DJ. They missed out on such a good wedding.

Aleks: Yeah, like, be a bit more. If any DJ’s listening to this, just communicate or any vendors. Otherwise you miss out. My friends.

Eddy: Yeah, yeah, absolutely.

Nick: I wish them all the best because they also seemed lovely.

Eddy: But anyway, there you go, there you go.

Aleks: And how did you guys sort of get organised? Like, did you have sort of weekly like meetings where you talked about how the planning was going? Did you allocate tasks to each other? How did you sort of keep on top of everything?

Lara: Um, I mean we’re both not the most organised people. We also just don’t like doing admin tasks. So for us we were just like, how do we outsource as much as possible? And then I think, I think we were also very decisive and I think we like, booked. Once we booked the venue, we just went like, bang, bang, bang, book, photographer, book, I don’t know what else. We just booked everything really quickly and then we were done. And then just, like, sort it done. Invites all that. Done. Like. And then we just had, like, the whole year to be excited.

Eddy: That’s so good. Yeah. And that’s generally the advice that I’d give couples. Just get all the big things done and then have a little holiday from your own planning.

Lara: Yeah. And I think some people love the planning process. I wouldn’t say we loved it. Yeah, we just kind of wanted it over.

Nick: It’s not yet. Yeah, we were excited for the end.

Lara: We were excited for the part. Yeah, of course we weren’t. You know, like, we were just like, whatever, like, I don’t know, we didn’t harp on things and we weren’t just. It didn’t have to be perfect. We just kind of wanted it.

Eddy: Yeah, I can completely get that. And we sort of passed over Elsa, but so was Elsa another recommendation from precious, your photographer?

Lara: She was, but she was also the photographer at my cousin’s wedding and I loved my cousin’s photos, so that was an easy choice.

Eddy: Yeah, that’s so good. And we mentioned them before, obviously. Pomp and splendour, who just incredible. You know, if we ever got married, I think that’s. They’re the people that we’re doing.

Aleks: Oh, okay. We hadn’t talked about this.

Eddy: We’ll take it off.

Nick: What we witnessing right now on the airwave.

Eddy: This part will be edited out, obviously.

Aleks: We have discussed neither the marriage nor the florist.

Eddy: Well, I’ve been thinking about the florists.

Aleks: At least the florists. I want two in mine, but that’s all right.

Eddy: We got one. Nick Smith spinning the tube.

Nick: Yeah, I’ll DJ. And he’s trying to desperately look for a pub right now. To do the proposal we’ll have to give.

Aleks: You have to give Nick double the amount of Spotify playlist and, like, just.

Eddy: Use the same word, granular.

Nick: I can only imagine trying to be the DJ at two DJ’s wedding. That responsibility would be crushing, honestly.

Eddy: Probably more chill than you thought.

Aleks: I reckon it would be really chill, because I’m so grateful to have someone else playing the tunes.

Eddy: I know. You don’t have to think about it. It’s like, wow, this is the best.

Aleks: If there are no train wreck mixes and no gaps in between songs, and I’m having a few drinks, I’m just loving life, so. And there’s no nut bush or any of that.

Eddy: Yeah, of course.

Nick: Who was it recently that came up? I was either. It was either the two. The two lads in Mashed and Kutcher or the two lads that are in the Sunset brothers and they. It was one of the other’s weddings. And in the wedding they had the wedding table, had DJ decks on it and they deejayed their own wedding and it looked absolutely batshit insane. Crazy, but amazing. They’re like lasers and smoke machines from like the main table.

Aleks: Ed, don’t you dare.

Nick: No.

Eddy: Well, I mean, I imagine that there would have been like, the crowd, the party crowd, and then the other half of it would have been like, this is the worst.

Nick: Yeah, exactly. Yeah. All the extended families, like, what is going on? And half of them, like, running around, like, dancing. It looked. Yeah, looks. It looks so good.

Eddy: I’ll have to look that up. For a minute there, I thought you might have been talking about Fisher’s wedding. I was in Bali. That was pretty loose apparently, too.

Nick: Oh, that would be a pretty loose wedding. Yes.

Aleks: Yeah, the bride fell in her entrance. Like, she fell into the wedding. Like, literally they were at blind was pretty funny. I watch that after this.

Eddy: Yeah, we should.

Aleks: Anyway, we digress on track. Maybe we can embed the YouTube video of wedding.

Eddy: Well, I’ll take a look at all those videos, actually.

Lara: Yeah.

Aleks: Um, what did you find or did you find anything kind of challenging or surprising during the planning process?

Nick: Um, I reckon the biggest surprise was just the number of people actually. Like, I think in terms of the inviting people, that is because like Lara said, you start off in your head of saying, yeah, they’re going to be like 60, 70 people or something like that. And then suddenly you’re looking at a list that’s like somehow like 100 and, you know, 50, 40 people big. And then you’re trying to sort of rationalise it and which is always, that’s a very difficult thing to do, but it’s the number of people, you know, you know people, then you add sort of plus ones and that kind of thing and, yeah, that really ballooned quite, quite crazily and that was definitely quite surprising. But I think so about you. But like the. I think the thing that one of the more surprising things was just how invested are the people that aren’t you are in your wedding.

Aleks: Common theme in this podcast. Yeah.

Nick: Like the, like family and the people that you work with and friends and everything. Everyone’s so stoked for your wedding and obviously, like, you’re really excited, but like, everybody is just like, is you get closer to sort of blast off. Like, everyone is constantly asking, how’s it going? How’s the planning? What about this? What about that? It’s almost like everyone around you is almost the end of it. More excited than you are, and everyone’s, like, absolutely ready to go. I think.

Lara: Yeah, I think we were both really surprised by that. We were like. I think everyone’s, like, more excited than us for this wedding. I don’t know if that was, like, a post COVID thing or, like, that’s just a general wedding thing, but we just felt like people were just so excited.

Aleks: Yeah, I feel like when we’re, like, when Ed and I are invited to a wedding, we do. We talk. We plan and we talk about it for a long time, we get pretty excited. Being a wedding guest is pretty.

Eddy: It’s a huge thing on the social calendar, because, like, most people, I imagine, probably only go to a couple of weddings a year, if that, like, when the season is here and their friends are getting married and things like that. So it’s a. It’s a pretty big deal, I suppose. Yeah.

Nick: Yeah, no, it’s. It was. I mean, the thing is, now that. I’m definitely more aware of it now that weddings happen, because, like, no one asks anyone about your wedding and all these people that you knew no longer speak to. No, not really. But, like. Yeah, it’s just that, yeah, it’s really reach fever pitch, which makes it really fun. And everyone was. Yeah, everyone was fully up for it. So that was. That was a nice surprise in the whole thing.

Aleks: Maybe you can send a link to this podcast to all the people who are super excited and be like, hey, you want to hear more about our wedding?

Eddy: I haven’t heard from you guys for a while.

Aleks: I’m concerned that you’re not as enthusiastic about it now it’s over.

Nick: Yeah.

Lara: Check in me.

Nick: More with me, more about my life.

Eddy: Be here for me. And wait for when you’re overseas. All those Instagram photos that hit their feeds, like, you know. Well, you know. So we’re still going.

Aleks: Yeah. Yeah, exactly. We’re on our honeymoon. Guys, I do want to talk about your outfit. Very important, because they were pretty damn epic.

Eddy: They were.

Aleks: Who wants to go first now? Lara, you had a change. Yes, Nick, you didn’t have a change, did you? I don’t think you.

Nick: No, I only had the one look. I was very one dimensional, and it.

Aleks: Was a very good look. Why don’t you tell us about how you found your lovely. Well, describe the blazer. Silver wasn’t it? Silver?

Nick: Yeah. So it’s like a, like a sort of a silver, black, detailed kind of blazer thing. Big shout out to Arthur Gallen for helping with that because as I always do when it comes to choosing something for whatever the application is, I have a very specific idea in my head that I find it impossible to articulate into a word. And then Paula then has to, like, try and work with me to, like, visualise what I might, might be thinking.

Lara: He just kept saying the words, I want a fun jacket, but then didn’t want it to be floral, paisley or velvet or have sequins.

Eddy: I mean, it’s a great start, the fun jacket idea.

Lara: And I was like, okay, where does that leave us?

Nick: I mean, we went back to the UK last year and one of our little forays was to Amsterdam for a few days, and we end up traipsing around Amsterdam trying to find a blazer for a bit, which is, which was good fun. And it was. It was a very hard find. And in the end, I was getting concerned that, that we’d never find the blazer I was looking for. And he went to Arth Gallon on Chapel street and just found it. And it was one of those moments you’re like, that is it? That’s what, that was, the fun jacket. How hard was this? After about six months of looking? And I think Lara, like, cried with happiness over. But, yeah, the jacket was really fun. And then, yeah, I got like a, you know, like a, you know, dinner sort of tuck jacket set from. From them, which is really good. I mean, in, in a side tail on it. I tried it on and I broken my, um, I broke my wrist at the end of last year in a near collision on my bicycle with a car near home. And when I tried on the suit, I must have been a slightly different dimension because then when I. The next time I put it on was for our wedding, on our wedding day, and I went to get into it and I am. Yeah, it was a little bit tighter than I remember. But anyway, I got into it and at that point I was like, I’m getting into this no matter what.

Aleks: So I love that. It looked absolutely fabulous. And Lara, what about yourself? Tell us about your outfit. Outfits, yeah.

Lara: So I think whenever I thought about my wedding, I didn’t really think about anything except my dress. My dress was very, very, very important part to the wedding. And I had in my head that I wanted this, like, short, sparkly dress with like, big sleeves. And then I went to Kaia on Chapel street and tried on the exact opposite of that and ended up with, like, this, like, two piece ball gown, halterneck strapless, sleeveless thing. And it was. Yeah, it was the dress of my dreams. And then I knew that I was gonna have to change because I knew I wanted to hit that dance floor really hard and there was no way I was gonna do it in that massive dress. So I got a pair of very, very sparkly silver pants to change into, which my mum was devastated about. She wanted me to wear the dress all night and she was, like, praying that I wouldn’t take it off. And then I was like, nah, I need to keep dancing. It has to. Come on.

Eddy: Sorry, mum.

Aleks: I love these family members.

Eddy: They’re funny, aren’t they? Yeah. Different. Different time, different, you know, different perspective.

Aleks: Yeah, I love that. And let’s talk about the dance floor. But I want to talk about the nuggets.

Eddy: Yeah, let’s talk about the nugs.

Aleks: So I know the music was amazing, etc, etcetera. Yeah, let’s talk about the nuggets. How did this all come about?

Lara: I mean, it wasn’t pre planned. So obviously, like, we love nuggets. We love McDonald’s. We both spoke about them in our vows and then, yeah, one of our friends just organised a MC delivery to turn up mid dance floor. And it was a surprise, which was lovely.

Nick: It was a beautiful moment.

Lara: Yeah.

Nick: You know, it rivalled the sort of, I do part in everything.

Eddy: Do you both agree on that? Yeah. Amazing.

Aleks: That kind of leads us to our next question. Tell us about some of the favourite moments on the day.

Lara: Oh, favourite moments I loved. So we did a first look and we did our photos before the ceremony, which I loved because there was no way. I was so nervous. There was no way I was going to see Smitty for the first time in front of a group of people. And that was, like, I think, my favourite part of the day because, like, we saw each other, we just, like, walked around with Elsa and she had, like, music playing and we were just, like, dancing in the streets and we went to the pub and had a beer and, like, you had all these random people come up to you. I don’t know. That was a really fun part of the day.

Nick: Elsa was amazing. Like, she had this speaker, like, playing music and, like, getting us in the zone and, like, you know, I’m not, you know, not normally someone that Lara isn’t either, getting their picture taken all the time. And she had this really amazing, natural way of, like, making you feel, like, so at ease that having loads of photos came really easily, which it doesn’t. It doesn’t feel like it’s going to be like that. But she did such a good job of making us feel really comfortable and like, yeah, kind of just like, it was like our own, like, private, like, at that point of life, like, South Yarra was our own, like, personal, like, film and photo set is what it felt like.

Lara: But yeah, it was nice to kind of do it before all the big scary stuff time.

Eddy: So it sort of relaxed you into that almost.

Nick: Yeah, because what definitely on the flip side of that is definitely getting stuck in traffic on the way, in the taxi and that we could organise like, a british black cab to take us to the venue together. And then we’re kind of getting stuck in traffic and we’re sort of, kind of almost like, for our own wedding, which is fantastic, and then getting stuck in the one way systems of Fitzroy, but definitely the feeling of before the wedding, just before you see everybody and you’re about to go in, that is a very weird set of emotions, which one of the oddest things I think I’ve ever experienced, which was definitely on the flip side because you have all this weird expectation feeling of, you know, what’s about to happen. You’ve literally spent twelve months planning it and, you know, play by play what’s going to happen. You can have much more advanced notes, but you’re still like, oh, my God, what’s going to happen?

Aleks: Did the nerves kind of settle when you, when you got, you know, when you sort of started your, your vows or when you got to the top of the aisle, did the nerves settle at that point?

Nick: I started crying when Eddy was deejaying just before. Just before Lara came down the aisle.

Eddy: Because, sorry if that was my fault.

Nick: It’s my fault because the, you know, the songs I suggested, you know, if you play massive attack, just as Lara started to, like, before she walked down the aisle, it was massive attack. And like, that’s. That song has such a particular song I played has such, like, a deep meaning to me and, like, takes me back to being at Glastonbury and seeing them live. And I also cried at that point as well with my mates. So you played it and like, literally, like, this dark little box in my head was just like, ah, I’m so.

Eddy: Glad I spun that just before because basically the Isle song was radiohead, weird fishes. So I’m like, I have to play something epic before, you know.

Aleks: And you made the groom cry.

Nick: I’ve never made the groom cry before.

Lara: Now people love it when the groom cries.

Nick: Elsa took this photo of me, and you can just see, like, one little teardrop just making its way down my cheek, and it’s just like. It’s a perfect little moment. No, it’s great. I love to. Don’t. Wouldn’t change a thing.

Aleks: I thought you were gonna say something romantic, like.

Eddy: Well, it’s. Because, I mean, it was massive. Yeah. Teardrop. So it’s like, double.

Aleks: Oh, yeah, I do love that, too. We were talking a song the other day, actually. Oh, very nostalgic.

Nick: Oh, hugely. But yeah, also. Yeah. Brings back to both my wedding day, stood in the aisle, and now. And also at Glastonbury, stood in the field. So, you know, very different time.

Eddy: I’m so glad we spoke about this.

Nick: In fact, though, with weird fishes. I also saw Radiohead that year at Glastonbury and sent the video to Lara to be like, look what. Look who I’m seeing. And look what. Lara didn’t come that year, so I was just like. I sent that back to her. So, you know what? Both songs, I stood in the field and watched.

Eddy: Amazing. And since we’re on the topic, your ceremony finished song was the Pixies. Where is my mind? Yeah. What an epic tune that is.

Lara: Yeah. That was also, I think, one of my favourite moments that, like, you just heard that, like, first bit of the song, and then you just kind of, you know, the way that song plays and you could just see the crowd kind of, like, bopping to it in that slow way. And it was like. It was such a moment. I loved it.

Aleks: Yeah, you guys are really painting a picture. I love it. And then what was the vibe, Eddy, post ceremony.

Eddy: Okay, so it’s very much indie rock, actually.

Aleks: No, I want to say, I do know this one, because I had one of my couples reference the recording, and they said, we want. We want Clara Nick’s cocktail hour.

Eddy: How funny is that? Because, yeah, I did a few. I’ve recorded the whole thing and just sort of chopped it up, sort of the best bits in my mind, what they were and all that kind of stuff, and just threw it up on Mixcloud as different. Different mixes throughout different parts of your night. So it’s amazing.

Aleks: Yeah, yeah, yeah. I’ve had a couple of clients reference it, actually. So I’ve used it as Inspo.

Lara: I had so many people come up to me in cocktail hour being like, the music, it’s so good.

Eddy: Yeah, well, I mean, that’s. That’s really, you know, obviously, I was spinning the tunes, but, like, I had the best possible people briefing me. So. Yeah, yeah. Had a lot of help there. Had a lot of help. So was there any other, like, moments, like, besides the nuggies or what have you, like, on the dance floor that you loved or was there anything else in the day that you can remember being like, oh, wow, this is just. This is just awesome?

Nick: I mean, it probably sounds really corny, but just, like, the whole thing, like, it’s. It’s. It’s the only, you know, it’s probably the only, you know, free bar that I’ve ever been to where, like, I remember the whole thing from start to finish. There was so much adrenaline and I was giving it a go on the draughts, but the adrenaline, everything. Remember everything so clearly and getting to speak to so many different people. We’re on the dance floor for the whole time that it was on. I don’t know, I just think that the whole thing, when I look back at it, genuinely, is the best day of my life. And, like, I. I see why people say that now, because beforehand you’re like, yeah, I can see why it’d be a great day. But then, you know, well, for the one that we had, I’m genuine. Like, it was the best day. Best day of my life. So I can totally see why people say that, because it’s. It makes you feel these lovely things. You look back at it and you have this amazing little replay in you, in your head, really, so.

Aleks: Oh, I love that. That’s really good to hear. It’s really good to hear. Sounds like you guys were, you know, from the very beginning, had a really good idea of what you didn’t want, which I think is so, so important. So it sounds like, you know, everything came together. You made decisions pretty quickly. Once you found someone that you liked, you just booked them in. I think that’s such a good way to approach things, and I’m glad to hear that all worked out. Was there anything that you would have done differently at all?

Lara: Um, no, I don’t think so. I did try and chop my finger off the day before the wedding and then cast out from blood loss. Probably try not to do that next time.

Eddy: Yeah.

Aleks: Chopped your finger off? Were you cooking or something?

Lara: I was, yeah. I was making a frittata and I was chopping vegetables very quickly and I just chopped the end of my, like, whole nail off and there was a lot. So I have a band aid in all my pictures, but no one noticed, so it’s fine.

Aleks: Oh, no, I didn’t notice.

Eddy: I didn’t notice.

Aleks: So don’t. Don’t be cooking before you wings.

Eddy: Yeah. Stop cooking. Stop making frittatas.

Lara: I got that. But I don’t think there’s anything we would have changed.

Nick: No, it was great.

Aleks: Love that. What a wonderful summary. Eddy, do you want to do the honours of your favourite question?

Eddy: No, we’ve got another question before that. But before that, I just wanted to. Because we were talking about tunes, I just wanted to say my favourite request besides this, which was Nick’s, was actually Lara’s dad.

Aleks: Yes.

Eddy: Who requested Gary Newman’s Car, slayed that dance floor. When that song came on, let me tell you, it was amazing. So, yeah, props.

Lara: He was on the way to the bathroom and the song came and I was like, dad.

Eddy: Straight back. I probably should have waited till he was on the dance floor.

Aleks: It’s actually really hard. We’ve talked about this often, but, you know, there’ll be a song for a particular person and they’re there on the dance floor.

Eddy: What are you gonna play it?

Aleks: They disappear like half a second in.

Eddy: Where are they?

Aleks: Somehow they’re gone. Crap.

Eddy: I saw him just a second ago and then.

Aleks: Yeah, that is such a great tune. I was hoping you would say that one.

Nick: That was. That was. That was a big tune when it came on.

Lara: Yeah, yeah.

Nick: That’s the thing. The back to back to back to back bangers that you played and like, the energy from, like, I remember when you. We dropped into the dance floor in the first, like two or three songs, like, everyone lost their mind and it was absolutely awesome. And then I remember so many of my mates came up to me and we’re just like, this song’s a FIFA song. This song’s a FIFA song. And in the end everyone’s like, it’s FIFA songs. And everyone’s like loving the music. It was like bringing back so many memories and they’re like, this is FIFA World Cup 98 song. It was great.

Aleks: Oh, wow.

Eddy: Yeah. Yeah. It’s probably not a good time to say I was never a FIFA guy or a halo guy back in the day. Oh, but I’m so. I’m so glad. That’s. That’s so good. And that’s all it’s all about. And, you know, this being a DJ self, Nick, like, it’s just about making. Sort of dropping those tunes, making nice memories on the dance floor, you know, that everyone can kind of rock out to.

Aleks: Yep.

Eddy: 100% also. Okay, so. So Aleks is like, ask the next question. Okay, so, um. So what advice would you give couples that are planning their wedding. Do you have any, any hot tips for those couples?

Lara: I would say that, like, for us, it was really important to spend the time together on the day because when you’re at the actual wedding, you’re just like in a million places talking to a million people. So I think that’s why I really enjoyed doing the photos beforehand. Gave us a little bit extra time together alone on the day, which I thought was really important. And then it’s probably not a tip because I think everyone does it these days. But bring comfy shoes to change into because I changed into, like, my platform sneakers and it just allowed me to keep dancing. Keep dancing. And I didn’t have to stop. I changed my pants, my sneakers, and I was so, so comfy and it was, yeah, nothing stopped me. My mum, on the other hand, refused to take her heels off and then had an actual injury that she had to go to the before the next day because of how bruised the soles of her feet were going through that.

Aleks: Oh, my God, that’s shocking.

Eddy: But dancing hard, though, that’s.

Lara: Yeah. She was committed to the dance floor.

Eddy: And the hill, but.

Nick: But we should say she’s all better now. Totally fine. Ready for the next?

Lara: Yeah.

Eddy: Yeah.

Nick: I am. I reckon that, like, I reckon the biggest thing we learned along the way was, like, just do what you want. Do what you want to do. Like, I feel like with weddings, there’s so many decisions that you look at and you try and think about everybody else and what would this person think? What this person think or you’re trying to, like, cater in the end, like, it’s your day, it’s your event. So this, the end of it is do what you want to do with it. And because if you do that, you’re going to be happy with it, you know? And I think people that are attending your wedding, they’re attending because of you in some way. They’d be disappointed if it wasn’t a reflection of you. So just do what you’re comfortable with and you’ll be probably pretty happy.

Aleks: Very good point. And everyone should be so happy to be invited to a wedding to begin with, so shush. It’s not your grateful and enjoy it. And you’re right, it’s so important that it does reflect, you know, you guys as a couple. So that’s awesome. Final question. Our favourite one, you have to answer this separately.

Eddy: Yeah.

Aleks: What is the number one song that will get you on the d floor?

Nick: Massive question.

Lara: I’m just thinking about our wedding and I. The song that, like, I probably never would have picked, you know, that would have caused such a scene. But song two by Blur went off. Like, I looked around and it was all those people that are never on a dance floor jumped up off their chairs and ran to the dance floor and it was like, such a moment and it’s such. Not a wedding song, but it. It went off. People loved it. I loved it. That moment.

Nick: That was. That was a massive moment.

Eddy: That was a really fun song to play. Yeah, it’s a great.

Nick: It’s a great song.

Eddy: People have forgotten about it, I think, until they realised, oh, what?

Nick:  Yeah, I remember this song from bring it back.

Eddy: Oh, yeah.

Nick: You see, equally, like, I always reckon if you’re gonna get to the dance floor, like, 80 synth pop has such a unique way of doing that. And again, going back to our wedding, hungry like the wolf and, like, everybody went by drowndry, everyone went absolutely nuts because it, like, fused so many people together that because you’re crossing a lot of different age ranges and generally with ATC pop, you’re going to find music that everybody loves because everybody’s listened to it.

Eddy: Spoken like a true DJ, Nick.

Aleks: I know, it’s. I’m looking at the set list right now and I remember, actually, I remember seeing Duran Duran, like, after. Before the presets. After, after, before the presets at a festival in Sydney. And it was such a vibe. So I totally agree with that. It’s such a good. And, Ed, you’ll put up the playlist?

Eddy: Yeah, I’ll definitely throw some links up. Yeah. Just to remind everyone how amazing your wedding was and just that. Yeah, look, the tunes were just incredible.

Aleks: So non cliched.

Eddy: Non cliched. And it just. So much thought went into you crafting the sound that you wanted for your day, which, from a perspective of a wedding DJ, is just so helpful and it makes it so much more interesting and challenging and fun for people like myself and Aleks.

Aleks: Totally. You guys nailed it.

Eddy: Thanks.

Nick: Well, thank you, though. Like a team effort. You were awesome. You brought together. We had. So, as Lara said, we had so many compliments for the deejaying on the night and I think both of us, I lost count of probably the amount of times that we said that we loved you and probably hugged you. So I apologise for how much we invade your physical space. There’s Eddy, but he did a smashing job and, yeah, it was a massive part of it. Thanks. Thanks to you.

Eddy: I’m so bad at getting compliments.

Aleks: He doesn’t know what to do. Hey, you did look, actually, when I looked at the photos, Ed, you did look. You looked a bit dishevelled. It was the dancing or the hugging or the hairstyle you had grown, but.

Eddy: Oh, yeah, yeah. That was a long hair dancer.

Aleks: No, I mean, like, you look like you. Like, you were really into, like, it was obviously, like, oh, heavy dance lawn. You’re obviously getting hugs and stuff because you were a bit dishevelled. I have to dig that photo out. Maybe it was just me being critical.

Eddy: Quite possibly.

Nick: Quite possibly.

Aleks: Anyway, anyway, enough of that.

Eddy: Anyway, absolute, absolute pleasure having you guys talk to us. And I am so, so, so certain that our listeners would have gotten so much out of this. Your advice is just stellar, and we just loved having you.

Nick: No worries at all.

Lara: Thanks.

Nick: Having a song.

Aleks: Yeah.

Lara: Thank you.

Aleks: We should also say what was the final song? I do know what it is.

Eddy: Oh, yeah. Okay, so. Oh, float on from memory, I think.

Aleks: No, that was the. That was the encore.

Eddy: Oh, give me, give me, give me.

Nick: Abba into that. But flow on was so good. And there’s a video that our mates, George and Michelle have of them in Gaz, and they’re all, like, swaying on each other on the. Together. It’s a really beautiful video. Summing everything up.

Eddy: That is so good.

Aleks: Amazing. Thank you, guys. You’ve been so great to chat to. We really appreciate you taking the time. We hope you have an amazing honeymoon. It’s a few months away, so good. Get prepared. Get prepared to be a bit warmer. Slightly warmer than here.

Eddy: True.

Nick: Can only hope.

Aleks: Yeah, exactly. Thanks so much, guys.

Eddy: Thank you so much.

Aleks: Have a good night. That was so great, wasn’t it?

Eddy: Oh, great. They’re so lovely.

Aleks: They’re lovely. And I think their days just really sticks out in my mind. Like, I think about it often because of the music and also the outfits and the nuggets and the venue and so many things.

Eddy: Is this one of those weddings where, like, it’s. You felt like you were actually the DJ? I love those.

Aleks: Yeah, I know.

Eddy: When each of us. Yeah. So just rewind a bit. I think we’ve mentioned this before on this show, on this podcast. Sometimes we’re so involved in a certain wedding and we’re talking about it together in the lead up. And it might be for Aleks, but I feel like I know the couple so well. I’ve never spoken to them.

Aleks: Yeah.

Eddy: Know the music really well, the briefs. And I feel like I was sort of there in a weird way, but not in a creepy way.

Aleks: Well, especially because I got, you know, I’ve had inspo from their actual set list and.

Nick: Oh, yeah.

Eddy: Oh, yeah, yeah. Absolutely.

Aleks: Yeah. No, absolute. Absolute legends.

Eddy: So good. Okay, so let’s do our weekend wrap up. Okay. We didn’t have a real gig.

Aleks: Hmm.

Eddy: But we did.

Aleks: We did a gig.

Eddy: We did a gig. So we did our annual wedding livestream.

Aleks: Yeah. Which is basically a virtual set. I don’t know if you guys know what a live stream is, so patronising. No, it’s a set that we play from our living rooms and stream on Mixcloud live.

Eddy: Yes. So we had a bunch of different sort of camera angles going. We were able to launch fun gifs to make it a bit more interesting for the viewer. We had a cool background backdrop from the amazing Jimbo, a bootha friend of ours, photo booth guy. So shout out to him. And. Yeah, so we spent a couple of hours spending tunes, some of our favourites from weddings that we’ve played recently, some of our favourite requests that we’ve received for 2023. Apparently the stream itself was a bit finicky. We had a few people bumped off the stream and couldn’t get onto the stream, which is a shame. However, we recorded the whole thing. So I spent the next day cutting up a six minute highlights reel, if you like. Not an instagram reel. Video highlights video. We put it up on Vimeo, which is where we store a lot of our video content. So you can have a look at that if you like. And we recorded the whole thing on audio as well. So we’ve got the whole mix that we put up on our mix cloud, which is where we put a lot of mixes.

Aleks: Yeah.

Eddy: And lastly, a Spotify playlist of all the songs we played in the order that we played.

Aleks: A track list. Yeah. If you just want to quickly have a look at what we played, that is all up on our blog post. On our website, if you go to the blog.

Eddy: Yes. So one more song.com dot au blog. We’re really. Yeah, I mean, it’s on the homepage as well. Oh, we feature it on the.

Aleks: It might not be. By the time you listen, we might have moved on to.

Eddy: And what else did you get up to on the weekend?

Aleks: What else did we get up to? We’ll talk about Saturday in a bit, because that was music related. But on Sunday, I had a lunch with a bunch of celebrants organised by the lovely Dee custom celebrations by Dee as part of her role. I think she’s the victorian leader of the Celebrant society. It sounds so formal, like a cult or something. It was great. It was at the post office hotel where I worked the last two weekends up the road. And I still managed to be the last person there, even though I lived the closest. Of course, everyone rocked up on time. Ready? Ready to go. We had lunch. Nikki McCrone was there and she was taking photos of all of us. So she had a speaker with. We got the full experience like we were.

Eddy: Oh, that’s so cool.

Aleks: Getting married.

Eddy: And so what was the occasion?

Aleks: Oh, sorry. Yes, it was for the. It was a celebrating celebrants lunch. It was for the 50th anniversary of the first civil celebrant being appointed in Australia, which is today. Actually, that actual anniversary was today.

Eddy: So today we’re recording on a Wednesday.

Aleks: Wednesday the 19 July.

Eddy: 19 July. So that was the date. And I’m gonna really test you now. What was the name of the first civil celebrant?

Aleks: I wrote it today in a post and I can’t remember now.

Eddy: Okay, well, you can google it, I’m sure, actually that was intended to stump you. If you had give me the answer, I would have been very impressed.

Aleks: Yeah.

Eddy: Yeah.

Aleks: And don’t remember, but I remember the attorney general, Lionel Murphy.

Eddy: Okay.

Aleks: I have a lot of opposition, you know, from.

Eddy: Really?

Aleks: Yeah. They didn’t want to. They didn’t want to introduce the programme. So before that.

Eddy: Why was this?

Aleks: Because probably religious people. Before that, it was basically just religious ceremonies. Or you got married at the registry.

Eddy: Yeah.

Aleks: And just had a stock standard. Quick legal thing.

Eddy: And how things have changed.

Aleks: How things have changed. And there’s, I think, 10,000 celebrants and you can choose whatever colourful wording, inclusion structure you like. So, yeah, it’s. It’s a pretty big deal. 50 years. That’s cool. And it was a lot of fun. Yeah. And I got to hang out with a lot of celebrants that I would see, you know, at our regular cock parties, community over competition parties, but where it’s very loud and you’re dancing and, you know, it’s hard to talk to people. Yeah. So it was nice to sit down, have a lunch, have a few drinks, hung out with Z. Scott till the end. So. Yeah.

Eddy: So you’re the last two standing.

Aleks: Yeah, I know. Was a bit hungover.

Eddy: I actually remember you saying, because I came and pick you up and I remember you saying that there were still people there after you left.

Aleks: Oh, I was lying. I don’t know, maybe they were. I don’t remember. It was a good time. What can I say?

Eddy: And a little bit of a sore head the next day, if I recall.

Aleks: Just a bit.

Eddy: Just a bit.

Aleks: Sign of a good day.

Eddy: So that was Sunday and Saturday. Kind of leads us into what we were listening to. Okay, so for those playing at home, that, like Triple J and specifically Triple J’s. Like a version. Yeah, they had the top 100 or hottest 100, like a version countdown on Saturday. And the cool thing about it, and I only realised this about halfway through, is they kind of simulcast it with YouTube streaming. So YouTube live livestream. So you could turn on the tv and actually see through YouTube all of the cool clips. So videos of them coming into the Triple J office studio thing and playing the songs. So that was really, really cool.

Aleks: And they had the presenters as well, live on YouTube in between the clips as well, which was very, very cool. So you really got a great kind of live experience. The other thing about the. It was the first time they’ve done the hottest 100. So included, like a version of all time from. Yeah, yeah, from whenever. Whenever it started. So that was really, really good. And there was so many great covers.

Eddy: Oh, there really was.

Aleks: Really, really enjoyed it.

Eddy: We’ll actually be featuring some of those covers. We’re gonna write a blog and choose our favourite ones that are really good for weddings. So they work really well for pre ceremony and even some of the ceremony songs as well. And maybe more upbeat for, like, cocktail art. But there are some bangers in there, too.

Aleks: There are some bangers. So, like, I have a couple that I liked. I don’t know what your favourites were, but I did love client liaison’s groovies in the heart.

Eddy: That’s a really good one. You’ve since backflipped on floom and shooting stars.

Aleks: I have now, I have to say. Okay, so shooting stars, my favourite song. When I first heard Flume’s version, I thought it was way too fast and I found it offensive. But I think what changed? Yeah, I sometimes do backflips when it comes to music, but, um, I think I then heard it a couple of times without looking at the video. Without watching the video.

Eddy: Yeah. Yeah.

Aleks: And I thought, you know what? This is kind of epic sounding and I could see it working well for a wedding. Quite an indie flavoured wedding, I would say. And really late in the night as like, a really crunk tune.

Eddy: Crunk tune.

Aleks: Really, really crunk.

Eddy: Love a crunk tune.

Aleks: So the vibes got to be really, really high. But I have done a backflip and I think it’s pretty cool.

Eddy: I don’t think I’ve backflipped on that one. Yet.

Aleks: Oh one more. I love Africa.

Eddy: Yep.

Aleks: Very cool.

Eddy: Well the winners were the DMA’s shares believe. Yeah, I called it call. Yeah. Yeah. Well done. And I was sorry I didn’t get to see, I didn’t know what client lay is on where they were in the mix. No, I didn’t look ranking so either.

Aleks: Yeah I think we actually listened to top 70 or 50 or something.

Eddy: I think it was. Yeah, yeah I think we had it on from say one p.m. It started at twelve, finished at nine so it was a fair whack of time. So people were dipping in and out.

Aleks: Yeah. Were there any others that you particularly stood out for? You?

Eddy: Um, more or less the same as you to be completely honest.

Aleks: There’s more upbeat ones I think.

Eddy: Yeah.

Aleks: Here comes the sun, Spacey Jane was very cool.

Eddy: The wiggles one’s great too.

Aleks: Yeah, yeah definitely.

Eddy: Elephant, Tame Impala.

Aleks: Yeah, I look there, there are a few of them that were very, very close to the original so I don’t know, like I just mentioned that here comes the sun Spacey Jane one that would be very cool for like priest here.

Eddy: Oh yeah, I’ve spun that.

Aleks: Yeah, you’re ahead of me. Well done.

Eddy: What about your, what about your new boyfriend?

Aleks: Oh my new boyfriend. Yeah. So Ocean Alley. Oh they all right are they? They know, they sound great. Yeah. He’s a very, very cool smooth operator and they did, I mean I love.

Eddy: Apparently planning his wedding. Maybe you should get in touch.

Aleks: Oh yeah, he’s getting married in Perth though. Yes, sorry. I did look him up on the inter webs but they did, Ocean Alley did two tunes and they were, no, I wouldn’t play them at weddings but they sounded amazing. Comfortably numb.

Eddy: Yeah.

Aleks: Is that right?

Eddy: Yeah, they did like.

Aleks: Oh no, sorry. Yes, yes, yes there’s a. And so pink Floyd and then they did blur.

Eddy: Oh, oh, cover the other one.

Aleks: But it was great.

Eddy: Yeah, I can’t remember it either so I’m just googling it right now.

Aleks: Yeah.

Eddy: So feel free to keep talking.

Aleks: There was also I, I really liked welcome to the black parade by someone.

Eddy: Yes.

Aleks: Oh my God, we’ll have a list.

Eddy: What a great podcast. I know baby, come back.

Aleks: That’s right, yes. Again melancholy but just. Oh, sounded great. I haven’t listened to it a few.

Eddy: Times and the, so the medley was breathe comfortably numb and I believe money. So they did all three.

Aleks: Yes.

Eddy: I’m just about to play it too. I can’t play it here otherwise that would be bad. Cool. All right. Yeah. So look, if you, if you missed it, I’m sure Triple J gonna play it again.

Aleks: Yeah.

Eddy: But they have, I believe, got a new, like a new substation called like Triple J Hottest. I think you’re going to there. Yeah. They could have gone to their app and then select it, but there they pretty much play all of the stuff that’s been featured in their hottest 100 countdowns.

Aleks: Okay.

Eddy: Yeah, good. You know, the version one and a whole bunch of others throughout the years, so.

Aleks: Oh, one more we have to mention is Red bone. Childish gambino.

Eddy: Oh, yeah.

Aleks: Not, not Redbone.

Eddy: Not Redbone. No. So into you. Yeah.

Aleks: Which, um. Oh yeah. I play very regularly at weddings.

Nick: Yeah.

Eddy: Such a great tune. Well, that sort of does it for us this time around. Thank you so much for making it this far. If you’re still listening, I thought you.

Aleks: Were gonna thank me. I’m like, that’s nice.

Eddy: Thank you.

Aleks: Thanks for coming on my show.

Eddy: No, I had a ball. It was such a, yeah, such a great, it’s a great opportunity to chat to two legends. So good.

Aleks: We’ve got another couple next week. I’ve got another couple of vendors booked in. So we’re not really stopping any time.

Eddy: We’re really not. We’re powering through. We will be taking some time off at some stage.

Aleks: Mad October.

Eddy: Yeah, mad October. I think we’ll try and push through September and maybe take some time off October and see how we are in November. And. Yeah, we’re gonna come back. Yeah, we’re gonna come back with, with a vengeance after that.

Aleks: Thank you for listening. And please leave us a little review on Apple Podcasts if you can, until next time, thanks for tuning in. If you’re enjoying project engaged, please hit the subscribe button on your fav podcast app.

Eddy: You can also follow us on Instagram, @projectengaged and @onemoresongdjs.

Aleks: We’ll see you next time. And until then, have fun out there.

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