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S3, EP29: Real couple: A family affair in Melbourne CBD (Claudia + Andrew)

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25 Jul, 2023

On this episode of Project Engaged, we chat to Claudia and Andrew who got married at The Savoy on Little Collins St in the heart of Melbourne on Saturday, 4 February 2023.

Claudia’s niece Paulina initially reached out to enquire of their behalf about a DJ for their big day (including the ceremony) on the recommendation of their photographer, Meagan Brown (who we simply adore!).

The guest list included a large Latino demographic and people from all around the world so we were very excited for the prospect to spin a variety of tunes that we wouldn’t ordinarily have the chance to otherwise.


Eddy had a blast for their wedding and it was so lovely to catch up with them again and reminisce about their special day.

We hope you enjoy listening to this episode as much as we loved recording it!


Full episode transcription

Eddy: Welcome to Project Engaged, a podcast for fun loving couples planning their non traditional wedding.

Aleks: We’re wedding DJs Aleks and Eddy Mac from Melbourne. We run a business called One More Song, and our tagline is No More Nutbush.

Eddy: In this podcast, we’ll share our wedding experiences and chat to some of our past couples.

Aleks: We’ll also interview bold wedding suppliers who share our philosophy of your wedding being a celebration of you as a couple and one epic party.

Eddy: Let’s get into today’s episode. We are back for another episode of Project Engaged.

Aleks: We are back.

Eddy: We are back. You already know our names, we hope, anyway, if you stumbled across this randomly. My name is Eddy..

Aleks: Yes. And I’m Aleks. And we’re wedding DJs in Melbourne.

Eddy: That’s exactly what we do. And how have you been, Aleks?

Aleks: Yeah, good.

Eddy: Good, good. I have also been good.

Aleks: Oh, good.

Eddy: Yes. I have also been asked. I had the weekend off last weekend. You had the weekend off last weekend? So we got to do some normal people things.

Aleks: Oh, yes. That’s been fun, hasn’t it? And weird has been weird.

Eddy: Yeah.

Aleks: It’s like, are we gonna get back to weddings? We are getting back to weddings this weekend, though.

Eddy: We do. We have weddings this weekend. Very excited to be back behind the wheels of steel, as it were. But before we get into all of that, and before we get into this wonderful couple that we are interviewing today, I thought that we should probably get through our normal segments.

Aleks: Oh, yes. Yes. Do them up front.

Eddy: We’ll do them up front today. Okay.

Claudia: Nice.

Eddy: Just keeping it around. I want everyone to be on their toes. So really annoying.

Aleks: Probably people are like, oh, God, just cycle through this. No.

Eddy: So let’s do our first segment.

Aleks: Oh, you didn’t say what it was.

Eddy: We can wrap up.

Aleks: Yes. Well, we didn’t have any gigs, so.

Eddy: Let’S wrap our weekend up anyway, because some of what we did involve music.

Aleks: What do we do on Friday night?

Eddy: So I don’t think we did anything on Friday night. Saturday we went to a record fair, which was in Richmond. Richmond? Yes. It was very busy, so we didn’t really look at too many records. But there was a pub next door, so we ended up having a pint.

Aleks: Cherry Cola sour was delicious. It really was.

Eddy: Moondog OG.

Claudia: Very nice.

Eddy: You wouldn’t know it was there unless.

Aleks: No. Yeah. And I think it’s the only record fair I’ve been to where you literally couldn’t move. Like, it was crazy.

Eddy: It was awesome to see so many people digging through records. I was after a specific 45 records. So I didn’t see any there.

Aleks: The little ones.

Eddy: The little ones, yes.

Aleks: Oh, well, next time. But, you know, I think the prices were pretty reasonable compared to some of the record stores that you go into in story, etcetera. So that’s why. Yeah, it’s probably so packed.

Eddy: It is a lot of fun if you have the time and you don’t mind waiting in line.

Aleks: Yeah. And digging around.

Eddy: That’s right.

Aleks: That was that Saturday. What do we do on Saturday? We went out. We went out to a restaurant with a bunch of friends. And it was quite funny because apparently there were a lot of people who had their birthday that night. And every time.

Eddy: No, every time somebody’s birthday song came on.

Aleks: Oh, yes, yes, yes. So they played Indi club 50 cent at like, full volume and brought out some sort of hat and an indian donut with a candle in it, and everyone sang and danced and it happened like ten times throughout the night. And it was pretty hilarious.

Eddy: Yeah. I don’t think that there were ten.

Aleks: I don’t think so. But the funny thing was they had, um, they had a playlist on repeats. They play the same five songs all night. So we listened to, um. You can call me Al. Sweet dreams, funky town and something else. That was it. Just on rotation. Pretty funny.

Eddy: I’m surprised you could hear anything.

Aleks: It was very loud.

Claudia: It was very loud.

Aleks: Yes, it was very loud. But, um, I think that was it for the weekend.

Eddy: No, that was it for our weekend. Yeah, absolutely.

Aleks: The weird things we get up to when we’re not working.

Eddy: I know, it’s kind of weird. Yeah. I get to a point where sort of nine or ten p.m. I become really awake. And that’s usually when, you know, the high time is at weddings when you’re throwing down tunes and people are dancing and all that kind of stuff.

Aleks: That’s true.

Eddy: It’s a hard. It’s actually a really, really hard habit to break.

Aleks: It is, it is. But we’re back to it this weekend, so. Happy days.

Eddy: Happy days. Okay, let’s talk about what we’ve been listening to.

Aleks: Why are you looking at me like that?

Eddy: It never gets old, that one. I know that we’ve had this conversation just before we hit record, and you said, I haven’t been listening to anything. I’m like, okay, well, I’ll go first then.

Claudia: Okay.

Eddy: I’ll give you some time to think of something I have been listening to. This is DJ called Scratch Bastard, and he does a twitch show. We’ve mentioned Twitch in the past. But he also has a subscription programme where if you subscribe, I can’t remember how much. Like maybe $15 a month. You actually get access to all of his videos that he’s done in the past. And he’s got like dozens upon dozens upon dozens of mixes where he’s gone live mixed for three, four, sometimes 5 hours. And then I can just listen back to those. I just stream them to my tv when I’m working. So that’s really fun. He’s an open format hip hop DJ. He won like DMC world champions back in his heyday, which, for those who do not know, they’re like turntablism competitions.

Aleks: Yes. Yep, yep. I didn’t know you had that subscription. That’s another subscription. Good.

Eddy: Yeah. Too many subscriptions.

Aleks: So many. What have I been listening to? I actually today have been listening to something sent to me by client, which is nice on Soundcloud. Could not tell you the name of this young DJ. It was her first set. It’s pretty cool. Very like.

Eddy: Could you describe it more?

Claudia: Um.

Aleks: Oh, like a. Some sort of Gen Z, RnB.

Eddy: Okay.

Aleks: Mashups. No, no, very cool. I. Yeah, I haven’t listened very much, but it’s sort of RnB hip hop as well.

Eddy: So it’s like upbeat. Is it mellows?

Aleks: No, it’s not. It’s got a lot of. Lot of like remixes and samples, a lot of old tunes. So really interesting, eclectic kind of mix of stuff. But is it upbeat? Yeah, it’s pretty upbeat. Kind of starts with a two minute sort of gospel acapella thing. It was very interesting. Anyway, I want to listen to it more tomorrow so I’ll be able to report back.

Eddy: Well, if it’s good, why don’t you throw it up on your social? So people who have listened to this.

Aleks: And I’ve done such a good job of explaining it, everyone’s like, oh yeah, that sounds great. Anyway, thank you to Claire, my bride friend, who sent it to me.

Eddy: Oh, thank you very much, Claire. It would be remiss of me not to talk about remiss of us not to talk about beat Mix, which is a conference for DJ’s and MC’s, which is happening next week.

Aleks: Yes.

Eddy: In Tweed Heads.

Aleks: Sunny Tweed Heads, bordering. We’re literally on the border of New South Wales and Queensland.

Eddy: We fly into Queensland, then we cross the border into New South Wales. Pretty cool. Yeah. So I’ve got their website up here and straight from the horse’s mouth, what is beat mix? According to the website, I thought you were asking me. No, no, I’m just reading it straight off the website. So with a diverse range of topics presented by guest speakers, industry professionals, local and international. DJ’s international.

Aleks: Oh, wow. I didn’t know that.

Eddy: NMC’s coupled with awesome networking opportunities, it is becoming the must attend annual event for DJ’s. NMC is wishing to continually improve. So it’s a two day gathering held every year on the Gold coast. So I guess it is technically on the Gold coast. Anyway, that’s what they say. Anyone can attend. You know, if you’re not a DJRMC, you probably won’t find it very interesting. But yeah. So there’s a bunch of speakers that are talking about a various topics, like legal stuff. I think there’s some tax stuff in there too. Maybe there’s, you know, one of our good friends, Cut a rug Aaron is doing one on fixing your mix. So more of a technique DJ style thing. There’s some motivational speakers there.

Aleks: Business stuff.

Eddy: Business stuff. So yeah, we’ll report on it when we get back in our next episode. But what we’re thinking about doing is grabbing some sound bites from attendees that are there and asking some questions that might be interesting to listeners. We’ll probably base it around weddings.

Aleks: Yes, yes. And it’s organised by the something.

Eddy: The DJ AA. The DJ alliance. Australasia.

Aleks: That’s right. So there’ll be people from all over Australia coming.

Eddy: They got a whole bunch of sponsors and supporters as well. Oh, and also in the same area on the same time is Boothcon, which is the boothing, which is the photo booth conference. So that’s happening at the same time. We have a. Well, at least one friend that we know of that will be there. The amazing Jimbo. We hire his backdrops for our lives.

Aleks: The nice. Yeah. Sparkly backdrops that you see from courtesy of Jimbo. Yeah. So we’ll pop into that as well. It’ll be a jam packed couple of days. We’re also kind of getting there the day before the conference kicks off and we’re gonna catch up at a very Brunswick looking place. Ed’s happened to find something that looks like it belongs on Ligon street in Brunswick east. Literally.

Eddy: The good side.

Aleks: The good side. The Paris end of Brunswick. And catching up some beers with who you mentioned Karag Aaron and also Annie Moz, who was actually quite an early inspiration for me because she’s a DJ and celebrant. So, um, I’m looking forward to seeing her again as well. So, yeah, that. That will be a lot of fun before the serious stuff kicks off.

Eddy: I know.

Aleks: I don’t know if it’ll be that serious. I think.

Eddy: I don’t think it’s gonna be that serious. It’s gonna be fun. We might learn something. I definitely will.

Aleks: Yes.

Eddy: I don’t know about you.

Aleks: Oh, okay.

Claudia: I’m bringing.

Aleks: I’m bringing compliment. I’m bringing my laptop.

Eddy: I’ll bring my laptop. Yeah, why not? And there’s a few other victorian DJ friendlies of ours that are going to go as well. Shout out to Michael G, aka G unit. Oh, G unit will be there. John Edney, who is a celebrant MC DJ. He’ll be there as well. There’s a few others sneaking over the border from Victoria.

Aleks: You make us sound like we’re doing some sort of illegal trip. Sneaking over the border?

Eddy: Well, we had to sneak over the border not too long ago, didn’t we? Didn’t. But, like, you know, we heard whispers. Um, yeah.

Aleks: So, yeah, we’ll be out of office.

Eddy: Out of office.

Aleks: On the emails, on the skinny.

Eddy: It’s suntan, you know, enjoying.

Aleks: You will not be getting. So you’ll be wearing. I will be 50, you be slathered.

Eddy: Even get my legionnaires hat out.

Aleks: Beautiful, beautiful.

Eddy: So, yeah, that’s beat mix. Yeah. Yeah. So hopefully we can come back with some pearls of wisdom.

Aleks: Yeah. And then we’re straight back into weddings. Literally the day.

Eddy: Boom, we are. Anyway, enough from us. Let’s get on to the main event.

Aleks: Today we are speaking to Claudia and Andy, who got married at the Savoy in the city in Melbourne on Saturday, the 4 February 2023. Did we mention we’re doing a real couple episode? Because we are. Claudia’s niece, Polina initially reached out to inquire on their behalf about a DJ for their big day, including the ceremony on the recommendation of our good friend and photographer, Megan Brown.

Eddy: The guest list included a large latino demographic, so we were very excited for the prospect to spin a variety of tunes that we wouldn’t ordinarily have the chance to otherwise. And I was deejaying, so I had an absolute blast for their wedding, so I had to get these guys on to speak all about it. So we are going to welcome Claudia and Andrew. Hello.

Andrew: How are you?

Eddy: How are you guys going? I know we’ve already said this, but how are you now that we’re recording?

Claudia: No, we’re good. We’re good. We’re very excited and thank you so much for having us.

Eddy: And I hear that you’ve literally almost just stepped off a plane from Miami. I feel really privileged that you’re actually here right now.

Andrew: Yeah. Yeah. Well, it’s been one long honeymoon since February, so just to fill you in, we went from here to San Francisco to Miami, then to Zurich, and then back to Los Angeles and back to Melbourne. So we sort of don’t know where we are at the moment.

Claudia: So we hope. We hope we start to hear it.

Eddy: Well, welcome back to the cold.

Andrew: Thank you.

Claudia: Yeah. But at least we come back with a nice tan.

Andrew: Yeah.

Aleks: Beautiful.

Claudia: How.

Aleks: So, how was the weather overseas?

Claudia: It was 40 degrees in Miami, so middle of summer. Fantastic. Bit cooler in Zurich, but, like, still summer. It was fantastic. Yeah.

Eddy: And is it good to be back, or is it. Oh, we’re back now. Oh, no.

Claudia: Yeah, exactly that. Oh, we’re back to work. No, no.

Andrew: In fact, we knew we were talking to you, so we cut our trip short.

Eddy: Now I feel bad.

Aleks: Whoa.

Eddy: Oh, dear. Well, you know, we prefaced. We prefaced this. This particular conversation with our little intro that we did, and we did not speak a word of a lie. I had an absolute ball at your wedding. We just. We just honestly had to get you on to talk about it. So let’s start at the engagement, I suppose. Let’s head back to that point. So tell us about your engagement and how long you’re engaged before you started planning the wedding.

Claudia: Look, usually I’m the most talkative from this couple, but the engagement, I will leave it all to Redmond right here, because he’s the one that did it all and surprised me. So off you go.

Andrew: Yeah. Well, guys, as you know, I’m a boomer.

Aleks: Don’t tell anyone.

Eddy: Listeners don’t know that.

Andrew: Pre COVID, we went to Tahiti, as you do, and I just popped the question there. At Tahiti, we’d been together for probably four years by then, and we talked about getting married, but. And we knew it was going to happen. But this is pre COVID as well, of course. And so I did it all. It was sunset. It was Bora Bora, and.

Claudia: And I cried, and she cried.

Andrew: And the first person she told was the waiter who came to get our order.

Claudia: Like, I’m getting married. I’m getting married.

Eddy: Was he excited or she excited?

Andrew: Now they want to know whether we were having the soup or the salad.

Aleks: A little bit underwhelming response.

Eddy: It brings you back down to earth, doesn’t it?

Aleks: And was it a surprise, Claudia?

Claudia: Yes. Well, I mean, the surprise. We knew that we wanted to get married, like we always said that, you know, we were in this relationship full on, and that we still believe in marriage, and we wanted to get married, and we also love celebration, so it was going to be a great excuse to have all the family together. And the fact that I, you know, usually brides sort of give hint, hints on the type of rings and things like that, and he chose it all without me knowing. And it’s, you know, you can’t see it, but it’s a beautiful ruby. And, you know, our last name is Redmond, so everything. The theme of everything is always red. So it was the perfect ring. I just loved it. And even his daughters were saying, oh, my God, dad, you went all out without consulting Clau before you. You know, you bought the ring. And I just loved it that it was a surprise. So, yeah, well done.

Eddy: Now it.

Claudia: Yeah, yeah, definitely.

Andrew: Absolutely. So. So that was the engagement, and then, of course, COVID came along, and. And with so many of Clow’s friends and family being in the states or Argentina, we just kept waiting and waiting and waiting until we could get married and everybody could turn up. So that’s. It was, what, plough four years ago?

Claudia: Yeah. Yeah. We just had to wait. Wow.

Aleks: So rather than kind of plan stuff, did you do any planning throughout that kind of period, or did you kind of wait until things had opened up and then looked at, you know, booking the venue and your other vendors?

Claudia: Yeah, we. I think we mainly. We know we had to. We had to wait because there was no way that, you know, I was going to get married without my mom being with us and Marcelo and my brother. But, you know, started looking at places and started deciding on, you know, what type of venue we wanted. And, you know, we’re a little bit vintage in our age, so we definitely knew we wanted a place with character, and that’s the reason why we chose the Savoy. We also didn’t want a venue that had many weddings going on at the same time, and the Savoy fitted to a t because there’s only, you know, one venue, and we want it to be the wedding of the night. That’s it. So that’s why we chose that place. But it was just looking at the place and selecting where we wanted to have the wedding. And, you know, we’re in south Melbourne, so there’s a boy being in the middle of the city. It was walking distance, close, and having so many people coming from abroad, having it in the city was going to be comfortable for everybody to find places where to stay.

Aleks: Oh, yeah, absolutely. So convenient. And did you, when you were looking around for venues? Were there a few different options that kind of fit, you know, the kind of more classic, I suppose, aesthetic that you wanted in the city? Or was it quite difficult to find those?

Andrew: Well, one of the things, Aleks, was that we. We didn’t want to risk it raining for an outdoor wedding.

Eddy: Yes.

Claudia: And.

Andrew: And it could have happened. And in fact, I think the day was pretty good anyway, but it was a risk we weren’t prepared to take and we’re happy with our choice. But, you know, we looked at a couple of outdoor venues, didn’t we?

Claudia: Well, you know, as everybody knows, being in Melbourne, we’re so close to so many wineries and, you know, that’s always like a beautiful choice and possibility, but we didn’t. We definitely didn’t want to risk weather, you know, so having climate control was very important for us.

Eddy: I like that. Climate control. That’s a good one.

Aleks: I like that. I’m going to use that.

Eddy: We might steal that one.

Claudia: Go for it. Go for it.

Aleks: Because it goes. It goes both ways. Like, we’ve been in situations where we’ve been outdoors and it’s been, you know, pushing 40 and. And then it ran out of nowhere as well. So. Yeah, just. Just don’t do it, people. Just be inside.

Eddy: Get married inside. Get married inside.

Claudia: Yeah. Look, I think demographics helps a lot. We are, you know, in our fifties and sixties and therefore all our friends are in their fifties and sixties or, you know, our parents are older as well. So I think we’re. We would rather go for like, a place that would allow us not to have to worry. It was one of the things that we didn’t want to have to worry if it was going to be too hot or too cold or too windy or raining. So that’s why we chose an indoor.

Andrew: Wedding, really, and in the city, too, guys, because logistics was a big thing. We had. It would have been 20, perhaps 30, or even up to 40 people that were travelling in and they needed to stay somewhere, which was central, so we lived central, but many, many people stayed at the hotel or nearby. And so for the catch up the next day, they were handy, but just, you know, practicality wise, it was. It just made a lot of sense. And. And the Savoy is a bit of a secret, to be honest. Like Eddy, you’d know after you’ve probably been there a few times. It’s a beautiful venue.

Eddy: Well, actually, that was the first time I’ve ever been there and I thought it was great. And it’s funny because I thought, why haven’t I not been here. So I think it is one of Melbourne’s best get secrets. I think you’re right.

Aleks: Secrets out of the bag now.

Eddy: Secrets out of the bag to our listeners. There are thousands of listeners.

Claudia: Let’s share it with all Melbourne. Yeah. It’s a great place.

Andrew: Yeah.

Eddy: So we’ve spoken about your venue and why you chose that particular venue. Let’s have a talk about your vendors and how you found those. We’re going a little bit of a tangent here, but I’m interested in how you found your photographer, first and foremost, because we’re very good friends with Megan. How did you find her?

Claudia: Well, the truth is, we have to be completely honest here. When we were, like, a year and a half away and, you know, things looked like they were opening and, you know, okay, we had to set up a date and all that, I started having conversations with my niece, who was also getting married three months later. And, you know, in a live conversation, things came up. Like, she said, tia, which is, you know, auntie in Spanish, Dia, do you have your website already set up? And I went, like, what? You know, like, these are things that, you know, didn’t happen in our time. So we started discovering that we needed to do all these things that, you know, we had no idea at that time as well, besides Andy working a lot like he usually does. I was finishing a degree in uni, and I found everything overwhelming. So I honestly have to tell you that I put all my faith and confidence in my wedding coordinator, which happened to be Paulina, my niece. She did an amazing job of finding, first of all, Megan. And then Megan put us in contact with you, which was one of the best things that happened. But she researched the flower people. She gave me a few hints on the people that provided the cake. Lady Bird were fantastic. So she started sending me a few options, and I really asked her to narrow it down to no more than two or three. I think we were a bit lucky. We gave her a little bit of a leeway when it came to budget, but it was more about taste and people that would fit what we wanted to do. And, for example, a lot of the flower providers, you know, they try to change your mind as what you want to do. And we wanted a wedding that the theme was red. And apparently it’s old fashioned to go red, but I loved my red wedding.

Claudia: So, yeah, it’s trying to find. Not to drive yourself too crazy with, you know, finding too many providers, but just narrow it down to budget and taste, I would say.

Andrew: But I’d probably add that once Paulina had found Megan, we had a video conference with her and it was just bang done. Like, she was brilliant. She was just spot on. She sort of read us, and for a younger person, she sort of read what we needed because, you know, we’re a little bit older than what she is, or you are, and she was brilliant and, you know, it just sort of made it.

Claudia: Oh, sorry, Aleks.

Eddy: No, go on, go on, go on.

Claudia: Well, and then, you know, the possibility of meeting you guys, you know, like, I think that when we met you, Eddy, like, we connected, like, right away in that. That first feeling that you have when you meet somebody, I think that you should trust it 100%, you know, like, if. If somebody, you know, doesn’t give you a good impression or you don’t connect right away, you know, it won’t work in the end, so trust. Trust your gut. When, you know, you. You create a relationship or a connection right away because it. It goes through, I think it makes the flow of. Of the outcome a lot easier. And. And it did. It certainly did.

Eddy: I’ve got to say the feeling was 100% mutual for you guys as well.

Claudia: Oh, well, everybody remembers you, Eddy. Everybody keeps on in my family. Everybody keeps on talking about you and your vibe and how smart you looked as well, because.

Eddy: I did. Yeah. Worse. And red.

Aleks: Oh, I know, I know. You’ve got that blaze.

Eddy: Very. Like a spicy blazer. Yeah.

Aleks: Yes.

Claudia: Yeah, yeah, you look super smart. And, you know, we decided to black tie, so we really appreciated that. You know, you also cared about that detail that it had to do on how everybody was gonna look that night. So, you know, see how, like, all the. All the little pieces just came together and it just ended up being perfect, because as you get closer and closer to the day of the wedding, you know, the stress starts building up a little bit and is this under control? And is that under control? And knowing that each person that needs to play a role has their bit 100% under control, it just gives you peace of mind. It’s very important.

Aleks: And did. And did Paolina kind of stay involved in organising things right through, or did she sort of do the initial scoping and finding supplies for you and then you sort of took it over from there in terms of the planning process?

Claudia: Oh, she did absolutely everything. She even. Yeah. Which was fantastic. And, you know, one of. One of the things that, as a piece of advice is like, you know, if you feel you can do things and you don’t have to, just make sure that you hire a good wedding coordinator. It’s fundamental. Somebody that. That’s there because there’s all these little details that sometimes you don’t realise, you know, I don’t know, from trying to coordinate people to be at a certain time and, you know, like, as the bride, you have so many things in your head that having someone else thinking for you, it’s. It’s fantastic. So she did. She did that. She came to Melbourne a couple months before and we met with Megan, we met with the flower people. She came and saw the venue, so she knew exactly what it looked like, where we were coming in, where we were coming out. So she was able to visualise exactly where we were going to be.

Aleks: And is she actually a wedding coordinator.

Claudia: Like, by trade or, you know, what she should be? And, like. Absolutely. After that, we. Everybody told her that this is what she. She should be doing. She’s a personal assistant for a banker in Sydney, so nice.

Aleks: Perfect. Organised.

Claudia: Uber organised. So she’s always organising corporate events and things like that. So in her wedding was fantastic as well. She did an amazing job up in Sydney and New South Wales, so it turned out great. Although it did rain at her wedding.

Aleks: Oh, wow. In Sydney, was it?

Claudia: It was about. Oh, where was it?

Andrew: Oh, somewhere in the Blue Mountains.

Claudia: Oh, yes.

Eddy: Beautiful.

Andrew: It could have been outdoors or indoors, depending on the weather.

Eddy: Oh, yeah. Okay. I actually remember having a conversation with her at your wedding and she mentioned she had some crazy. I don’t know if she was like a 14 piece band or something like that, that she’d booked.

Claudia: Yeah. And they did. They did. It was a latino band and they were fantastic.

Andrew: I have to break in here. Eddy, you thought we were Latino at ours? You’ve got no idea.

Eddy: Oh, I can just imagine. I can just imagine. But, yeah, we’ll definitely get onto the music at your wedding, too, because I definitely want to have a chat about it. Ball, what did you find challenging or surprising during the wedding planning process? Or what perhaps did Paulina find challenging and relay to you guys?

Claudia: I think that the communication with the person who runs the venue is very important. I think they need to be. There’s a big difference when certain venues handle corporate events to weddings, and I think that probably Paulina was more prepared than our venue manager. She was ahead of communication and whether it was the chairs, because we. We went, like, old fashioned and we did roundtables, so I think that she knew what things to ask for before the manager offered that information. So that was probably the only thing that I think we found a little bit challenging.

Andrew: Yeah. Without too much criticism. We sort of had to drive a lot of what was needed and wanted from our side as opposed to the hotel taking the reins and saying, yes, we can do this, we can do this, we can do this. It was. We sort of had to push them a bit. I don’t want that to be a negative criticism, but there were many things, like, we had something like 20 hotel rooms booked, so that was a bit of a logistics issue as well. But to follow on from your question, there’s a lot of independent moving parts. So the cake person has nothing to do with the flower person, who has nothing to do with this, you know, other people. So you’re dragging all these people at different speeds towards a hub, and some of them over days, like perhaps the florist, and some of them over weeks or whatever, and everybody’s got to arrive at the same time, you know, on their game, with their product and, yeah, like, I’ve got a new respect for, you know, coordinators like this, so interesting.

Aleks: Yeah, we’re just nodding our heads. We’re like, yep, yep, we get it.

Eddy: Yeah, it’s interesting because we just think about our part and delivering the best possible, you know, service that we can. But, yeah, it’s, from your perspective, it’s. There’s a lot of moving pieces such. Yeah, you put that very eloquently there.

Andrew: Yeah. And they’re all independent of each other. Like, you know, like, fortunately, we met you and we met Megan, and. And you guys know your work so well that we didn’t have to worry too much. We knew that come the hour, you were going to arrive completely prepared. But for people that you sort of don’t know or haven’t met all that much, you can be a little bit anxious about whether it’s going to all turn out all right.

Claudia: Yeah. For instance, putting Megan as an example, she’s the one that told us, okay, this is going to happen. I’m going to come first to your house. I’m going to photograph the boys first and what’s going on? And I was not really in tune of, you know, exactly to what was it that she was doing. But then when she sent me the link to all the photos, I’m like, oh, my God. So now it makes sense, you know, so she was sort of driving because, you know, she knew exactly what, what moving parts, like Andy was saying, needed to be in motion to get the ultimate result.

Aleks: I think it’s a good advertisement to have a wedding coordinator, to be honest.

Claudia: Yeah, well, the thing is that the bride, I think that a lot of times, you know, aspirates. We want. We want to be, you know, involved in everything, and I think that it’s better if we just delegate a little bit. And it also, that delegating allows us to enjoy more of the moment instead of being so stressed and so on top of this one and on top of that one, I think it makes you arrive on that day looking a little bit better and less stressed, a.

Aleks: Little bit more fresh, and not so stressed out and over it before it’s even sort of begun.

Claudia: Yeah. Agree. Agree.

Aleks: Absolutely. Fair enough. Let’s talk about this ceremony, because it’s my understanding, and please correct me if I’m wrong, that there was a celebrant, but your brother also had a part to play. Is that right, Claudia?

Claudia: Yeah. Yeah, that’s correct. We wanted. We didn’t want to celebrate somebody that didn’t know us or had only known us for, like, a couple hours to. To marry us. Fortunately, the celebrant ended up being somebody that does know us, which is our hairdresser, which ended up being fantastic. But she was doing my hair, and I had a chat to her and said, oh, we have this issue. We would like somebody to marry us that really knows us. And that’s why we wanted my brother to marry us, because he’s a judge on top of that. So we thought, you know what? It’s like the perfect person. And I said, I don’t know. It’s probably going to be hard to find a celebrant that just wants to do the legal part. And she’s like, I’ll do it. I’m a celebrant, and I can do it. So she’s like, it won’t be a lot of work for me. Actually. Your brother will be doing the hardest bit. So it worked out perfectly. Perfectly.

Aleks: And he did. He did. She still sort of write the story, or was he involved in that? And she purely looked after the legals?

Andrew: Look, I’ll answer that. Marcelo did everything, and Shakira.

Claudia: Yeah, and Shakira just did the legals.

Andrew: Just stood there and only spoke when she said, look, I actually have to speak now because this is my legal duty. And she. She only did what she needed to do. And Marcelo, to his credit, he ringmastered everything else. It was just. It was wonderful.

Aleks: What a family you’ve got.

Eddy: I recall Marcelo having such a presence, and now that you mention he’s a judge, it makes a lot of sense.

Claudia: Sense, yeah. You should have seen him, because he stayed with us, like, nearly a month before the wedding, so. And he took it very seriously. So, you know, English is not his first language, but he did all the. All the speeches in English. So he would walk around the house trying to, you know, practise his speech and all that. Just. He wanted to make sure he sounded right, that it was all, you know, coherent and that, you know, he wasn’t making any mistakes. And I. I don’t know, like, if you had a bit of a chance, Eddy, to. To listen to what he said. But it was very, very moving.

Eddy: I recall it. It definitely was. I do recall another thing, actually, that you. I don’t even know if you would remember this, but, um, I remember Marcelo swapped things around very quickly during the ceremony, so I was ready to play. Play a song and all of a sudden he’d. I don’t know, he’d rearrange something and Shakira’s okay, we’re gonna do this now. I’m like, oh, what’s happening? But luckily, I sort of found myself again. And it always smoothly, but I was sweating a little for a little bit there.

Claudia: Well, we keep you in your toes, you know, it’s the latino way.

Andrew: I didn’t know that, Eddy, but I’m not surprised.

Eddy: But it’s all good.

Claudia: I didn’t notice anything, so from my perspective, everything came up.

Eddy: No, I thought that was. I thought it was worth mentioning as something you might not have noticed, but it all went smoothly anyway, so that was all. That was all great.

Aleks: It’s quite. I have to say, it’s quite common in ceremonies that I’ve been involved with where the celebrant just goes a little bit road or. Yeah, completely switches the order of things and you’ve got the song ready and you sweaty fingers, like, you know, normally we don’t have our DJ deck, so it’s not. It’s not as kind of simple and straightforward to kind of press play. So you’ve got it like an iPad and a backup ipod anyway, so, yeah, it’s pretty common. You always hope no one notices that you’re really, really sweaty.

Claudia: Well, that goes to your professionalism, because, I mean, like, we’re not smooth. Like, I don’t think anybody noticed anything.

Andrew: But, Eddy, you would have realised there were so many tears that people couldn’t see or hear at that stage anyway.

Eddy: Yeah, yeah, it was very emotional. Emotional in the best possible way, obviously, but, yeah, it was. It was a beautiful ceremony.

Claudia: Yeah, I think it’s. I think it’s our age makes people more emotional. They’re like, finally they’re doing it.

Andrew: You got it. What, this time?

Claudia: Yes.

Aleks: Oh, how funny. How funny. And tell us about some of your. It’s probably hard to pick, but some of your favourite moments on the day itself.

Claudia: Oh, there’s no. I think there’s a few. It’s. Oh, hang on, let me start thinking. We’d be without crying, right?

Andrew: Well, you think. But I’ll add. It wasn’t a blur, but it was. And I don’t want to say surreal, because it wasn’t that. It’s an overused word. It just. It was. I don’t. Well, it sounds corny, but it was like. Like living a dream that you knew you were going to have. And because everything went so well and there were no hiccups or nothing we could see, it just went from pleasure to pleasure to pleasure, from, you know, watching a wonderful film or reading a wonderful book, it just. You look forward to the next part of it and. And standing there waiting for clough to come down the aisle, and then she comes down the aisle and her sons are there, and one of her sons is holding the navy cap of Clowes. Dad. And it was just moving. So it was incredibly emotional. And it started quite emotional and just kept building and building.

Claudia: Yeah. Particular speeches. They were like, wow. Yeah. We were like, out of words, really. I still get very emotional.

Andrew: And, of course, at our age, there’s, you know, there’s a lot of detritus out there you could drag up and. And everybody was very generous on the day.

Claudia: Yeah, for sure. For sure.

Aleks: Oh, how lovely. Did you guys do? I assume you didn’t do a first.

Claudia: Look photos or what is the first look?

Aleks: Okay. No, that’s a no, no.

Eddy: There’s photography at their place.

Claudia: Oh, right.

Aleks: So, yeah, you did the getting ready photos, but it was separate.

Eddy: Yeah, yeah, yeah. Even I sometimes get confused as to what first lock look at photography is.

Aleks: So it’s basically when you have some photos together before you get.

Claudia: Oh, see, yes, afterwards. After the wedding. Oh, after, see. But I was like, no, that’s fine. And Megan is like, no, no, no, you have to come. You have to come. And she took us outside. And actually, some of the best photos are the ones that she took. Yeah, the best ones. We were down walking down the laneway. Down the laneway, yes. So, see, that’s. It’s going back to what you were saying. What you guys were saying before is, you know, having professionals that know what. What needs to be done, what the final outcome needs to be, you know, drive in this case the bride and groom to like. No, this is what you have to do. You have to come with me. I need you for, you know, half an hour, 20 minutes. This needs to be done. And, yeah, they’re just amazing.

Claudia: Those photos are stunning.

Eddy: Yeah, I have seen a few of them and I absolutely loved them. And to your point, just to drive that a little bit further, it does help. And Megan’s no exception to this, to have very confident vendors that are confident to say, actually, we need to do this now, and we need to do that now. Yeah. So that really helps, too.

Aleks: You don’t want to be making decisions or looking at the watch on your wedding day.

Eddy: Exactly. Exactly. Anything else that springs to mind is some of your favourite moments on the day.

Claudia: Yeah, I think, you know, like, for me, getting ready in the room at the hotel with my mom and my sister, getting dressed, and then little by little, the bridesmaids starting arriving, like, all that build up moment was fantastic. And then the piece of resistance was the same. Just walking down the aisle, looking into Andy’s blue eyes, I was like, you know, I was trying to tell myself, don’t cry, cloud, don’t cry. Because, you know, we don’t come out looking that good in the photos, but I don’t think I did a good job. I was very, very emotional. Like, seeing him standing there waiting for me just filled my heart with emotion. So it’s just beautiful.

Aleks: Oh, that’s absolutely lovely. Reliving it all again. Reliving it all again. We have to talk about the music.

Eddy: We do.

Claudia: Oh, well, that was like, um.

Aleks: No, I meant Andy, you have to talk about. No, it’s not for me to talk about, but no.

Eddy: So I will start with. Because we, as some of our listeners will know, and certainly our couples, we send through a questionnaire, we call it the party brief, and ask a bunch of questions about musical tastes, songs you want, songs you don’t want, all that kind of stuff. I remember reading I’ve got in front of me, actually, as I’m reading it in real time, but describe the ideal musical vibe for your reception. And you mentioned here, so that I’m pulling this straight from the page, the latino contingent will dance the whole evening to everything, whereas the Anglos will dance a little, but not all the time, and probably not so much to the latino music they don’t know. I’ve got to say that there was a fair bit of dancing from the Anglos to a lot of that latino music. Yes.

Claudia: Yeah, we did. We did. Yeah. Like, I think everybody ended up coming, like, to the dance floor. Like, you. You did an amazing job, Eddy. Like, definitely everybody was out there and you. I think you did a good mix to, like, bring people in and then you just, you know, slammed in the latino music in the middle and they were like, already on the dance floor, so it just kept on going.

Eddy: Yeah, that was all. That was all part of the plan.

Aleks: You’re like, I’ve got you now.

Eddy: You’re on the dance floor. You’re not going anywhere. And look, yeah, we’ve actually pretty printed out the set list and I know I have sent it through to you on, on Spotify as well, but. Yeah, look, looking through this list, it’s. It’s just. It’s funny because I’m looking at it and it’s all coming back to me in a weird way that doesn’t usually happen because there was just so much soul at your wedding and just, just everyone was there when they got to the dance. Well, they’re there to party. There was no, there was. Everyone was in a hundred percent.

Andrew: Yes.

Claudia: Yeah, well, actually, look, if. If there’s any regret, I think that the only thing that we regret is probably not organising with the venue to be able to stay a little bit longer, because, as you know, you know, they. They were just saying, we have to go, we have to pack, you have to go. And people were still on the dance floor. Nobody wanted to move. So that’s probably the only thing that, you know, we wish we could have had. Yeah, you know, probably an hour and a half, at least, more of dancing.

Eddy: I would 100% have been there for that. And I do recall the venue having a conversation with me to, at some point in the night, turn the sound down for the last half an hour. But I didn’t end up doing. I just kept out my. I’m sure they’ll tap me on the shoulder when they need me to do it, but I just kept. I kept that at that good volume and just kept pumping it out.

Andrew: Yeah, but the set, Eddy, was just. If you call it the set, like the fact that you got everybody up on the floor and then people couldn’t leave because the next song was better than the last. And of course, yeah, as you rightly pointed out, the anglos, instead of sitting at the table drinking beer or going outside and doing what anglos do, everybody wanted to dance and it was just wonderful.

Claudia: Yeah, we had a great mix and you just kept everybody engaged all the time, which was fantastic.

Eddy: That’s so lovely to hear. So, in conjunction with the podcast, we write blogs, so I’m going to make sure that I’ve got that Spotify playlist there. So anyone that does listen to this can jump on and have a look at what was.

Aleks: Listen to your set, Andy. That was the perfect terminology. Yeah, some. We only call it a playlist because it physically goes into a playlist, but it is a set because obviously, Eddy was watching the crowd and, you know, seeing what people are responding to, et cetera. But I did watch him prepare, and he spent so much time.

Eddy: I did have a bit of help, though, obviously, your good selves with the party brief. But Ceci, she helped me out with some music as well, which was awesome. So I had. I had a lot of help, basically.

Aleks: Yeah. Give yourself some credit.

Claudia: No. Well, my sister is the music guru. She loves music and loves all types of music, so she has all these amazing playlists, and I think she used the playlist of her 50th. I think that’s the one that she ended up sending to you. And it worked out. I think it gave you lots of material to choose from.

Andrew: She’s an unqualified professional. Like, I’m years older than her, so I grew up, you know, from Led Zeppelin, Beatles onwards, and, you know, she even tests me sometimes when she plays something and I go, oh, my God, who is this? Who is this? And that’s Steppenwolf. What do you know? So she was brilliant, and she just knew what. What to suggest to you to play.

Eddy: Yeah, she was. She was awesome. There’s a little bit of back and forth because she gave me a lot to begin with, and I said, hang on, let’s. Let’s narrow this down a little bit, shall we? And then she ended up sort of coming back to me and giving me sort of the. If you have to play the, like, top ten or top 20 must sort of spins. And I was able to sort of work backwards from there. But, no, she was, um. She was so, so helpful.

Aleks: I like that on the. On the brief as well, in the kind of describing your ideal musical vibe. You mentioned that in terms of the kind of mix of, you know, spanish language or latino music and english music, if we call it that terminology is.

Eddy: Right, whatever it’s called.

Aleks: I think what I love is that you mentioned that it needs to be a 50 50 mix with an emphasis on the music, not the vocals. So it was more the. Yeah, the vibe and the energy level and the type of music, rather than the language kind of focus. I think that’s really interesting because it’s such fun music, you know, you had a lot of fun with a lot of. You called them latin sort of crossover tracks, which kind of got everyone on and kind of bridged the gap.

Eddy: Yeah. And so what Aleks means by that is that the tracks that are latin, but they crossed over to the western world. So, like, your Shakira’s and your Ricky Martins. So they were really good in getting people on the dance hall because they know these tracks. And then obviously spinning some of the more latin, latin tracks, if you will, which sounded amazing, too.

Aleks: Yeah, yeah. It’s a good mix. Good mix.

Andrew: Yeah. But, like. But you did such a good job, and Ceci’s suggestions were so good because, as we know, when Anglos are on a dance floor and a track finishes and another song starts, and if they don’t know it, they’re likely to walk off the floor, but it’s got a beat to it and. And it just pushes them to stay. And that’s exactly what happened. There were lots of, you know, Aussies or whatever we want to call it, staying on the dance floor and dancing to songs that you were playing that they didn’t know, but they were comfortable with the rhythm.

Claudia: Well, so much so that we had that endless train going around everywhere. Body train. Like, it went around the venue and the tables and just kept on coming around the dance floor. So that. That was great.

Aleks: So much fun. I love a conga line.

Eddy: Yeah, they’re the best.

Andrew: Look, look, it was corny, but corny is good.

Claudia: Corny.

Eddy: Yeah. It’s corny’s memories, too. I think, like, it’s, you know, it’s.

Aleks: The one corny thing I will accept and embrace. I embrace it. I think it’s fine.

Claudia: Yeah. And it also allows those that are, like, a little bit shy on the dance floor to just jump on to a group and doing something without, you know, having to disclose their not very good dance move.

Eddy: Yeah, that’s a really good point, actually.

Aleks: That’s great. Next time someone is against the conga line, I was gonna say, like, no.

Claudia: No, if you’re not a good dancer, then you can conga.

Eddy: Start a conga line.

Claudia: Yeah, I would do. That. Would do.

Aleks: That’s a great. That’s a great point in terms of things you would have done differently. So, obviously, you mentioned you would have liked some more time for the dance floor. Is there anything else that you would have changed about your day?

Claudia: No, no. I think that mainly having. Probably having more time because, like, lots of people. Lots of people said the same thing. Oh, pity we couldn’t stay and dance a little bit longer because, you know, between the. The celebration, which. The wedding itself, which was at the same venue, and then the, you know, the speeches and dining and the cake. And, you know, when you come to think about it, you know, you’ve got half of the time, or more than half of the time gone, so, yeah, that’s the only thing that.

Andrew: That there is one thing. We had a table where, for some sort of unfortunate coincidence, there were two couples, or perhaps three couples that didn’t turn up. And all of a sudden we had a table where there are only two guests, or perhaps three guests sitting at a table of eight. And. And I think if we. If there’d been like a. Well, probably not a maitre D, but somebody who could have said, oh, there’s. There’s a seat at this table. There’s a seat at this table and let’s just empty it.

Claudia: And.

Andrew: And these guests were very generous of spirit and they said, oh, look, that’s fine, that’s fine. We’re having a good chat. Da da da da da. In the day, there was only two, perhaps three people sitting at a table of eight.

Claudia: And.

Andrew: And I think if either Claire or I’d seen that, or if somebody else who’d been in authority had seen that, they would have said, no, you sit over here. You sit over here. So somebody needs to keep an eye on that type of situation. And it was a bit of a one off to think that there were two sets of guests that were on the same table and didn’t show. So that’s something to keep an eye on in considering.

Claudia: We did send reminders, like a month before to, you know, to make sure that everybody got it right and all that. And then we send another email reminder about two weeks, two weeks before just to, like, you know, getting everybody ready and confirming the ones that were staying in the same hotel, which were a lot, actually. But these things happen. And, yes, it’s true. It’s just. It looked like there was, like, a little bit of a hole in that table.

Eddy: I’ll tell you one thing. Those guests. Those guests that didn’t arrive missed out on a good night.

Andrew: Oh, well, you witnessed it already. It was emotionally exhausting, but only in the best way. It was just a lot of. The most common comment we had was the room was full of love and it really was. And we felt it, and it exhausted us in such a wonderful way. And now we know why people go on honeymoon. They can recover.

Aleks: Such a good point. Yeah. Yeah. It’s such a big, obviously build up and then on the day itself, so many things happening. So it’s no wonder you need, need a long extended break afterwards, as you guys have heard, which is absolutely lovely. Have you got any other final kind of hot tips for couples planning their weddings?

Andrew: Well, obviously Eddy needs to do the music.

Aleks: Oh, if Eddys not available, I’ll step in.

Eddy: That’s fine. We’ll flip a coin and you know.

Andrew: Look, you can cut this out of the podcast if you like, but. But Eddy, I don’t know whether you know how important you are to something like this, because the photographer goes around or the videographer goes around and, and they witness it, but you actually have such an important role that you create. You can create a vibe or a mood or you can keep things going and you, you understand if things are dropping off and they need to be picked up. Music is just so incredibly important and it’s. And we just both feel blessed that we came across you because you make such a difference.

Claudia: It’s like the soul. The soul of the party or the celebration.

Andrew: Yeah. So we want to publicly, sincerely, thank you for making it what it was, because it was always going to be great, but you made it, as they say, exceptional. Exceptional.

Eddy: So lovely to hear. And I think I might just leave that in the podcast.

Claudia: Quietly.

Aleks: He can’t hit his head. He can’t fit his head through the door.

Eddy: Yeah, I’m terrible.

Aleks: Yeah, it is. I can see it growing.

Eddy: I cannot take compliments.

Aleks: I’m terrible. I don’t give him any compliments because.

Claudia: He’s terrible at accepting them. So it would have been better if.

Andrew: You’d done it, Aleks. But anyway.

Eddy: But that is honestly, it’s so lovely to hear. And as I said before, like, I had such a ball and you were the most lovely, lovely people to deal with. And I loved also having something to do it with your extended family as well. I really felt a part of your day. Yeah. It’s just become such a lovely memory for me.

Claudia: Well, that’s great. For good or for bad, Eddy, now you’re part of the family. So next future celebrations, then you’re in. Or Aleks.

Eddy: Yeah, we’ll both go.

Aleks: I’ll start the conga line. I actually have done that at one of Eddy’s wedding. To be fair, I did go as a guest. Yeah, I started the conglomerate.

Eddy: Oh, great. Well, you’ve had some practice.

Aleks: Not appreciate my role, apparently. Okay.

Eddy: Anyway, that was busy.

Aleks: Do you want to do the honours, Eddy?

Eddy: Yes, we do have one final question for you. It is one of my favourites. And you have to answer this individually. So what is one tune that will get you onto the dance floor? It’s a toughie.

Claudia: Oh, I have many. But, like, you can start with despacito.

Eddy: Yes.

Aleks: Nice.

Eddy: Love it.

Andrew: Can I answer it the opposite way and say, it would not be nut Bush? And I’m sorry we said about that, because rip. Tina, of course.

Eddy: Of course.

Aleks: Oh, yes. No, she doesn’t even know about the phenomenon of.

Eddy: It’s a good song. It’s a cool, funky song. It’s just the Aussies that somehow ruined it with a dance.

Andrew: It’s our version of line dancing, isn’t it?

Eddy: It really is, but no, I like that. This is the most unique answer we’ve had. Andy, the flip. So no push. Very on board with that.

Claudia: Everything else. Well, Andy always says that, you know, although he looks very english, he has african blood in his, you know, so you can put any. Any tune and he’ll be on the dance floor.

Andrew: Yeah.

Eddy: I love it. Everyone originated from Africa, apparently. Anyway, so isn’t that.

Claudia: Why he’s such a good.

Andrew: I’ll show you my record collection one day, Eddy, but please do raindrops pattering on banana leaves and the Burundi drummers. It’s from actually, probably from before you were born. 1977.

Claudia: Way before.

Eddy: Just over a decade. But no, I’ll definitely take you up on that offer. I love. I love listening to records.

Claudia: Yeah, well, we. We’ve got lots. That’s what we do on winter. Winter nights. We just play. Play records and have a glass of red wine.

Eddy: Oh, that sounds. Wine.

Aleks: That sounds perfect. We have no wine in the house.

Eddy: I bet that’s probably what you’re gonna do straight after this.

Aleks: Work it out. Yeah. Yeah, definitely.

Eddy: As I said, it was so lovely to chat to you guys. Thank you so, so much for coming on, even though you are jet lagged, that is.

Aleks: I love that commitment. Honestly, it was hopefully worth it for you guys. Definitely worth it for us. Yeah. Absolutely. Lovely to chat to you both and hear about your day. And I have to say, you’ve mentioned a couple of things that haven’t been mentioned by our other couples that we’ve chatted to on the podcast. So that’s been really refreshing and lovely to hear from you both.

Claudia: Well, fantastic. Thank you so much for having us. And thank you again, specifically, Eddy, for being part of our celebration. You were such an important part and made it even better. So thank you again.

Eddy: It is my pleasure.

Aleks: And thank you guys, because I don’t have to give him a compliment for the rest of the year.

Andrew: You’ve just got to do with the ego now. Aleks

Aleks: Thanks so much, guys. You’ve been amazing.

Eddy: And there you have it, Claudia and Andy. I had such a blast talking to them. I’m actually here on my own at the moment. Aleks has walked away from the potty microphone. Come back. Here she is. Okay. How did you find that? Did you enjoy that?

Aleks: Oh, my God. I love that so much. What a gorgeous couple. Absolutely gorgeous. They had so many interesting things to say. They were so warm and had just. Oh, yeah, it was gorgeous.

Eddy: I had to deflate my head.

Aleks: Yeah, your head got massive. I think. I think it’s lovely because they obviously were so appreciative of the role that you and the music played in their day. And it was just so nice to, to hear, you know, Andy say, was the soul of the party.

Eddy: Yeah.

Andrew: What?

Aleks: That should be our sub tagline. Yeah, new tagline.

Eddy: No more Nutbush. Soul of the party.

Aleks: Just throw it in there. Yeah. How did you find it? Reliving it.

Eddy: I loved it. And it’s funny because I’m sure we’ve mentioned this a million times, but our couples, our past couples do tend to message us after saying that it was great to, to relive the experience, you know, go down memory lane. But we, it’s the same thing for us. We also do it. And I’ve certainly transported back to working with Megan, obviously, and just seeing everything kind of unfold on the day. And it’s funny because I had, you know, help from Claudia’s family, so I got to meet them, too. That’s nice. Lazing with them over email. So that was really fun.

Aleks: It’s nice. It sounds like they have a lovely family, too. Everyone kind of stepped in, helped out, and smashed it and took it very seriously, which is absolutely gorgeous. You remind me, I’m working with Megan next week.

Eddy: Fantastic.

Aleks: So good. So good.

Aleks: Yeah, that was great. We hope you guys enjoyed it and got a lot out of it. We certainly did.

Eddy: And it’s actually funny, when we stopped recording, the guys said that their children did not believe that they’re actually gonna be on a podcast. Hi, kids. They were on a podcast.

Aleks: So good. So good.

Aleks: Thank you for listening. And please leave us a little review on Apple Podcasts if you can, until next time, thanks for tuning in. If you’re enjoying project engaged, please hit the subscribe button on your fav podcast app.

Eddy: You can also follow us on Instagram, @projectengaged and @onemoresongdjs.

Aleks: We’ll see you next time. And until then, have fun out there.

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