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S4, EP9: Baz And Carla aka Mr & Mrs Social [Part 2]

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22 Mar, 2024

On this episode of Project Engaged, we continue chatting to Mr & Mrs Social!

In part 1, we talked to Carla and Baz all about their gorgeous wedding in Feb 2024, and now in part 2, we chat all about their epic wedding business Mr & Mrs Social!

Mr & Mrs Social was born to capture extra memories from your big day with two very cool services – a video guestbook and content creation.


Think of Carla and Baz as your own party paparazzi. A lot of our past couples say that not having filmed content from their big day is one of their biggest regrets, but professional videography is not for everyone. Mr & Mrs Social’s services address this gap, giving you more ways of capturing memories of the newlyweds and your guests.

Both the video guestbook and content creation are fairly new trends in the wedding industry, so in this episode Carla and Baz tell us all about it – how it works, who it suits, plus hot tips to get the most out of their services.

Learn more about this dynamic duo and their awesome offering on the Mr & Mrs Social website.

Full episode transcription

Eddy: Welcome to Project Engaged, a podcast for fun loving couples planning their non traditional wedding.

Aleks: We’re wedding DJs Aleks and Eddy Mac from Melbourne. We run a business called One More Song, and our tagline is No More Nutbush.

Eddy: In this podcast, we’ll share our wedding experiences and chat to some of our past couples.

Aleks: We’ll also interview bold wedding suppliers who share our philosophy of your wedding being a celebration of you as a couple and one epic party.

Eddy: Let’s get into today’s episode.

Aleks: And we are back for more with Carla and Baz, aka Mr and Mrs Social.

Eddy: So in the last part of this two part episode, we talked all about their wedding day, but now we’re going to talk all about their wedding biz.

Aleks: People will be like, how many episodes.

Eddy: With these very special two-parter that we’ve ever done.

Aleks: Yeah, that deserves some sort of, some.

Eddy: Sort of a round of applause. Yeah, I think so. I think so.

Aleks: So I really put Ed on the spot. Sorry.

Eddy: You know, if you learn how to use this thing, this mixer is a.

Aleks: Complicated whiz bang mixer with lots lights and flashing things. Anyway, let’s. Let’s get stuck into it. We’ve got Carla and Baz again, guys. Let’s get, let’s talk about Mr and Mrs Social. Tell our listeners exactly what you offer and what it’s all about.

Carla: Hey, guys, back again. Loved it. Loved that. Loved that re-intro. And I love that we’re the first podcast to be a two part. I’m so here for that. Okay, cool. Well, I’m great. Well, so I’m Mrs Social and Baz is Mr social and we work as a team at weddings, Baz films and I interview. Essentially, we create video guest books from the heartfelt and hilarious messages captured on film by me chatting and getting to know couples’ guests.

Carla: So essentially we create a modern version of the traditional guest book. Yeah.

Baz: And then we also offer an on the day content creation service. So think of us like your personal party paparazzi and hype couple. We capture the raw behind the scenes content as well as getting ready and throughout the day and the first look and the ceremony, the first dance, depending on what package you go for. We then create into like a short video ready to upload to social media within 24 hours. It’s nice and quick.

Eddy: Yeah, that’s so good. I love, I love that you’re the party paparazzi and you’re like the hype crew as well. You know, super high energy. Yeah, fun times.

Carla: Yeah.

Aleks: You can’t miss Mr and Mrs Social.

Carla: No you can’t ‘cos we’re wearing red as well, you see? So we do have a little bit. That’s our branding, right? So we’re black and red, and Mr Social has his red suit that he wears. And I’m always buying a new red dress. But you know what? It just works because the last wedding that we did, and I don’t know if we like this yet. Like, we’re still flirting with this idea. But everyone kept going. If you just find the red couple and leave them a message.

Baz: The red people.

Carla: The red people. The red people. And I’m like, look for the red people. But it’s actually really funny because when. I’m sorry, I’m probably jumping a bit, but I have to tell you the story the celebrant actually announced. So, guys, you know, Mr and Mrs Social are here at the wedding today. And, you know, you’re gonna have to look out for them if you’d just like to have a little look around. And Mr and Mrs Social put their hands up. I was in the toilet. Baz puts his hand up, and the celebrant’s assistant was wearing red.

Carla: And she put her. She put her hand up for me, and I was like, no, that’s not her.

Baz: She looked nothing like her.

Carla: She looked nothing like me. But anyway, thank you so much for stepping in. It was hilarious.

Aleks: That’s so funny. Also, I’m very like, I wanted an assistant.

Eddy: Yeah, I saw your ears prickly.

Aleks: Hello. Yes, please. I’m really missing out. I I’ll come here. Yeah.

Carla: Yeah.

Aleks: I was gonna say you can come. And then I get some content out of it too, which is a win win win.

Eddy: Two in one.

Aleks: Yeah, absolutely. So we’ve got. Yeah, and look, I think. I think content creation is probably. Well, we’ll get into the specifics, but you guys mentioned this a little bit. How would you kind of, I suppose, describe your style, your style in terms of, you know, interviewing and interacting with guests as well as the actual deliverables, the content that you deliver as well.

Carla: Yeah, absolutely. Okay, so interactive style generally, would be about being comfortable and just getting people feeling really easy with me to sort of chat and just to be themselves. I want it to be super natural. Nothing posed, nothing forced. And because a lot of the time, it can be a bit intimidating when you walk up to someone or just give them a microphone in front of their face. But at the same time, we come up with the questions and it sort of flows very naturally. Once I start conversing with the guests and sort of start having a conversation, making them feel comfortable, then they just fall into it naturally and start leaving their messages. So essentially a comfortable vibe, you know, just feel like you’re talking to a wedding guest without a champagne in her hand. Yeah. A microphone instead.

Eddy: I can imagine, though, if someone hasn’t had a drink or something like that, it might be a bit daunting. But I also imagine that once somebody else has seen you go up to someone else at the wedding and talk to them, then they might think, oh, I want to kind of be part of that. Do you find that sort of happens as well? The more you kind of get around to people, the more people are kind of almost approaching you?

Carla: Absolutely. Absolutely. I think that it’s definitely like, you know, that he’s doing it. So what? It’s intriguing, you know, so. Oh, what she’s doing. So, yeah, definitely. No one wants to be the first person, though. Nobody.

Eddy: I can imagine. But then after, you know, after a few have been talking to you, everyone probably wants to one up the stories.

Aleks: I was going to say if they’ve got a good story to tell or a heartfelt message, because I imagine it would be similar to. Not similar, but like, we have our audio guest book, which, again, is a kind of, you know, non traditional alternative to the traditional guestbook. Very, very different to video guest book. I’m not comparing it by any means, but you do get a mixture of people, like leaving really heartfelt. You know, you guys are such a beautiful couple. We love you. You’re the best. You know, thank you for inviting me. And then you get it, you know, really inappropriate advice for the wedding night or, you know, whatever it is.

Eddy: Look, in the amount of time, because we’ve been doing the audio guest books for like, a year now ish. And what I can deduce so far is the older generation seem to be the ones that are leaving the wonderful messages of just love and heart and the younger generation leaving the more inappropriate ones. So I don’t know if that you’re seeing that sort of vibe as well with the older generation versus younger generation.

Baz: Yeah, you’re exactly right. So, yeah, normally would be. Yeah, the older crowd that are kind of giving those kind of more heartfelt messages and.

Carla: Until later. Until later, though, then they like.

Baz: That’s true.

Carla: Like, the dad at the last wedding, he was all like, closed up book, wasn’t he? At first. And then the heartfelt and naughty message. I loved it. It was great.

Eddy: Yes. Had a couple of whiskeys and then the truth comes out.

Carla: Correct.

Aleks: Well, you’re particularly qualified, Carla, to be going around interviewing people who. Yeah, may not want a microphone or maybe might be a little bit hesitant at first because of your. How many decades as a hairdresser?

Carla: Yeah, a couple of decades now. So I work in the hair and education, like, with my hair and education background and still working on the floor as a hairdresser. It’s my. Yeah, it’s my, like, constant day just to chat rubbish to people and ask them questions, to connect and it’s. It works. But, um, I absolutely think it’s my favourite part of my job. Which is actually why we decided to start Mr and Mrs Social. To be honest, it was during wedding planning, we were staying at home a lot more, saving bit of money and needless to say, scrolling through socials looking for, like, different ideas for our wedding and maybe even a way to involve our guests, something a little less traditional. We knew that we wanted to start a business and then we sort of thought, yeah, definitely started in the wedding events industry and we got thinking about our individual strengths. So that’s when my hair and education background, I thought, well, what am I good at?

Carla: Good at talking to people, asking them questions. And Baz has worked in events and design before, media industry, but loves, and I’m sure you can agree with me, guy, he films everything.

Aleks: Oh, dear. But I have to say though, like, you know, it’s always flattering. It’s always, you know, you know that you’re gonna wake up and there’ll be a reel. And even though you got drunk, the Baz has captured just a snippet of you looking pretty hot on the dance floor or having a good time, looking cute. So, yeah, you are an absolute pro, and you do film absolutely everything and you love being out and about with people as well, I would say.

Baz: Can’t beat those magic moments, yeah.

Aleks: Yeah, exactly, exactly. So we kind of jumped the gun talking about the video guest book, which I want to come back to because it is pretty new. As you mentioned, with the content creation side, there’s a mixture of kind of behind the scenes content that’s captured as well as key moments. What sort of couples do you think would be suited for this type of service to hire a content creator?

Baz: For me, I think it’s anyone who just wants to capture the whole day. So behind the scenes. So with, you know, the videographer and photographer, that’s more the kind of polished and posed shots, whereas the us, as a content creation service, we’re more about behind the scenes of raw and the real moments that kind of. Yeah, you just wouldn’t have captured without it. So different angles. Different angles.

Carla: Yeah, yeah. Different moments. I think, like, for example, just to add on that when, you know, like, we had our dog at our wedding, my dog Giuseppe, and he. He literally got on the floor and was, like, filming it from a different angle. Do you know what I mean? Like, it was like. So instead of the polished, him just gently walking, and we had, like, Giuseppe actually, like, not wanting to walk down the aisle and stuff that you just wouldn’t have got otherwise, you know?

Aleks: I love that. And we live in a world where the content, like, content of content being produced is the most exciting thing.

Carla: Do you know what I mean?

Aleks: So, like, when you, especially being a wedding vendor or a couple getting married or anyone involved in the wedding industry, the content that performs the best is the behind the scenes. The content of the content being taken by the professionals, which, as you mentioned, I think it’s really important to make that distinction, Baz, is that you’re getting. It doesn’t replace your photographer and videographer because they’re getting the polish.

Baz: Not at all..

Aleks: Yeah. Polished pose stuff that you want. This is very, very different, and it’s about featuring more of that authentic, raw, behind the scenes stuff.

Eddy: Yeah, I see it as complementary in this day and age, for sure.

Baz: Yeah, exactly. It’s about working together and you bounce off each other and. Yeah, to be honest, as content creators, you’re working behind the videographer and photographer. Yeah. And just capturing those things that they don’t. They don’t always get to capture. Um, but, yeah, I’d say probably the best moment for us as a couple was waking up the next morning, just being able to relive our entire day pretty much, and just share with the world, which, you know, usually you’d have to wait probably sometimes up until, you know, three months or so. And in today’s fast paced society, we want everything yesterday, so.

Aleks: Yeah, yeah.

Baz: And we felt like you went as big as your wedding day. Just that momentum, it’s pretty much like, unlike any other time. And not having quality content to post and share and can feel like torture. Well, to me, anyway.

Carla: Definitely to Baz.

Aleks: Oh, well, I just have that, like, guilt, like, oh, I’ve just, like, done a wedding, and I shared content from my last couple, and now I feel pressure. Oh, I have to share content from the next couple, and maybe I didn’t get the right content. So, yeah, I mean, I’d love to have a full time content creator around.

Eddy: Is that in addition to your assistant?

Aleks: My sound team. Oh, my sound team as well. My sound team to set me up for DJing and then a content creator. Yeah. And maybe like a makeup and hair artist just to fix me up.

Carla: Oh, 100%. And. And again, sorry, just to touch again because it does take a village. I love that some people have babies. We have weddings. Guys. Um, you know, I was just going to say on that as well because we had a. You guys couldn’t make it because you were too busy working at weddings, which was terribly sad. But that. I’m sure you saw it on the content.

Carla: But we didn’t have our content creator for our Hucks party because we had a joint Hens and Bucks party pulled out last minute and we unfortunately didn’t get someone to do it professionally, but we did manage to get a little bit of content. But can I say, that was my biggest regret. Like how? Because I put a bit of time and energy into that day too. And I did. I was a bit upset about that. The next day wasn’t like that. We don’t have enough content. I don’t look good in this. I don’t like this.

Baz: Probably out of everything, like, with the two events, she said that was one of the biggest regrets, just not having that. So, yeah, again, everybody is.

Aleks: But I think it’s hard because obviously in those situations, like having an event that you’re. That you’ve organised, that’s for you. Even if you are. Even if you are someone who films a lot of behind the scenes, like Baz, you know, you take a lot of content wherever you go. You wouldn’t be doing that on your wedding like you. So, you know, it’s something that’s part of your everyday life and it’s so important to you. Why wouldn’t you get someone to come in and do that? Because you’re not going to be going around taking content like you would on a daily basis. So it makes complete sense. So I guess that answers the question of who is it best suited to?

Aleks: You know, people who want that behind the scenes footage but obviously aren’t going to be taking it themselves.

Eddy: Yeah, definitely.

Baz: Yeah. And instant as well. Yeah.

Carla: Yeah.

Baz: To have it, like, within that 24 hours period or turn around.

Carla: So, yeah, I think that’s my drive for our clients, like, looking forward, like, now that I’ve had my wedding. Not that I’m saying I would do it any less before we had my wedding, but I have more of a drive now to get that content for my wedding because I know what it feels like as a bride just to have that experience. And honestly, like, I just want to capture every second, like, go beyond for them.

Aleks: And we were saying as well, you know, just being able to. Just capturing as many memories as you can in as many ways as you can as well. Which is why all of, you know, content creation, video guest book, even audio guest book, photo booth, whatever, like, these are all extra ways of getting as much as you can to preserve the memory of a day that, frankly, you know, is obviously very important, but goes by really quickly. So, yeah, I think we are, like, fully supportive of doing as much as you can to preserve that memory. Let’s get more into video guest book. We did touch on it, but. So, Carla, you do the actual interviewing. Can you talk us through kind of how it works? So when would you come in? How long or what would it involve?

Aleks: Do you need, like, a certain space? How does it kind of logistically work?

Carla: Yeah, of course. Great. So, again, it will depend on where the couple’s getting married, but after all of the onboarding process of, like, getting to know all of that, we arrive at your wedding generally just before the ceremony. We always watch everyone’s ceremony so that we get as much, you know, information on the couple’s love story, and we can hear how the celebrant works, and you get to know the couple a little bit extra for that. And then generally, it will go straight into cocktail hour, or a cocktail couple of hours, if we’re lucky. And we would start interviewing the guests as soon as they’ve started, like, sort of maybe having a few drinks and easing into it. Baz and I will both go up to guests and invite them to come and leave a message. And then I would interview a chat to them in interview style and sort of just get to know them, get them ease in front of the camera, and then, obviously, again, ask and prompt questions to leave the message. And then after everyone sort of left a message, we would then have enough filmed content, so then we can then edit it and curate it. Not edit out the or anything like that, but just edit it.

Carla: So it’s, you know, a wedding video, essentially, for the couple to receive a couple of weeks after their wedding to then relive their wedding day. And it’s really special.

Eddy: I imagine sharing it with their guests as well, you know, particularly some of the guests that might say something like, kind of naughty to say, I’ve got this over you now. And I guess there would be a lot of sharing going on after.

Baz: Yeah, 100% and, yeah, even on. Even on socials, obviously, with approval from the couple, we’ll make a reel for the couple as well. And they can share.

Carla: They can share it.

Baz: Share it easily just online.

Carla: There’s definitely some naughty things. It’s actually hilarious. We had one the other week and, yeah, he kept coming up with the bangers, didn’t he? I think his wife wanted to. What did she say to us? She said, can I get a new husband? He’s embarrassing me.

Baz: She’s like, can I do a new one?

Carla: I loved her. I was like, no, you’re perfect.

Eddy: That is so funny. And are there any considerations that you have in terms of, like, being outside and that being maybe a little bit windy for the mic or being a dark venue or anything like that? Like, are there any considerations that you have to sort of take early on or with the conversations with your clients?

Baz: Yeah, yeah. So obviously, yeah, we’d go through kind of different weather options and obviously the equipment that we use, we’ve got, you know, good use of lighting and things like that, but natural light is better.

Carla: So we can be outside. It would obviously be better, but we’ll make.

Baz: And we do a mix as well of roving as well as having a set position, set kind of position for the night. So during cocktail hour, it’s more roving. But if. Yeah, if, yeah, if they’re there after as well, then we’ll have. Have it set up.

Carla: So, yeah, definitely prefer to be in one spot, Ed. And then because we have our tripod and everything set up, you know, we want it to obviously be, um, you know, all looking right and, you know.

Eddy: You know, people know where you are. I didn’t actually realise you that I thought it was all roving, to be completely honest. So that’s great that you’ve mentioned that you can, if the venue permits, if the space permits, you can set something up and you’re there and people can come to you.

Carla: Yeah.

Baz: So it really just depends on the venue and just depends on what the couple wants, to be honest. So, yeah, we’ve done, we’ve done both and both work really well and some of them are a mix. So, yeah, it just depends.

Carla: Also depends on how loud the DJ gets, guys, because sometimes we’ve had the, you know, we can’t hear anymore.

Eddy: Fair enough.

Aleks: Yeah, that’s, that. That is one consideration for sure, the position. So if you are in a set position, just don’t put Mr and Mrs Social next to the speakers. That’s a bad idea.

Carla: Yeah.

Aleks: So natural light, having a space, that’s, that’s all really good. So that’s for the video guest book, is there anything Baz from a content creation perspective that couples need to be aware of, or do you kind of get in there and be flexible and, you know, just work with what you’ve got kind of in terms of lighting and sound and that sort of thing?

Baz: Yeah. To be honest, you’ve got, as a content creator, you’ve got to be flexible, just like a videographer or a photographer and. Yeah, just kind of get in there and work with what you’re stuck with pretty much, yeah.

Aleks: Yeah. And that’s where all your expertise in obviously, filming and, you know, putting together content is really, really important. And understanding audio as well, because that’s it. We know that’s a tricky one. Even sometimes, like, you know, we’ll use a venue mic or something and it’ll just be rubbish. So always important to think about those sorts of things. Is there anything. So I think one of the, you mentioned earlier, obviously, you guys come in at kind of like the ceremony stage or cocktail hour, but you prefer to come in ceremony so you can kind of get, get a bit of a sense of the vibe, get yourself set up and also hear about more about the couple. So you’ve got more material to kind of work with for the video guest book interviews or chats. Let’s call them chats.

Eddy: Interview sounds very formal.

Aleks: Yeah, I know when we sometimes like podcast interviews, just a chat chat.

Carla: Yeah, I know it’s a bit.

Aleks: But it is, it is. Yeah. You are interviewing the guests, so I totally get it. But I assume one of the main things, like in terms of, say you are roving or you are in a position that maybe isn’t, you know, as central. What are some of the ways apart from obviously the celebrate announcing that you guys are there is probably the most important thing to be done in terms of getting people to know that you’re there and what you’re doing, is there anything else that you would recommend couples do to let people know about the video guest book?

Carla: Yeah, absolutely. So we’ve had couples in the past actually put us on their wedding website just to mention that we are going to be having that and then sort of announcing it again throughout the night with the MC. So again, it depends on sort of what we decide with our couples, whether we’re staying for a little bit longer, to get a little bit more contact later or if they’ve got a short cocktail hour and we, we sort of want to get more content. Then the MC would sort of reintroduce after the celebrant. It’s just more about, like, just reassuring them and also, I suppose, myself just. And Baz, just going up to the guests and just sort of like, you know, explaining how it works. So in a way, even though I love to get everything on film. Don’t we, Baz? Yeah, I do give them a little bit of a brief and just say, look, because, you know, you don’t get. You’re not always going to have, you know, people that want to jump on the camera straight away.

Carla: They’re going to be. They’re going to need to be briefed a little bit and sort of, you know, think about a story or come.

Eddy: Back and find us actually like that a lot. Yeah, that’s. That’s a. That’s a great thing to do. Some people be hot off, like, straight off the chart. How many stories do you need? There’ll be others that.

Carla: Yeah.

Eddy: Will warm up to the idea. I think that’s great.

Aleks: Yeah. And you want to get a good balance. You want to get a good mixture of people. Do couples, you know, let, you know, kind of. Okay, these are the people you need to chat to, or do they kind of leave it up to you?

Carla: Yes. So when we’re doing the discovery call at the beginning, I send them out a form and they feel like they send back with their VIP’s. And then when we have our one to one, like, you know, just sort of, like the week before the wedding, just to go through it, I have it. I jot down who I definitely want to get. Essentially, though, I try to keep it to about five because otherwise I’m spending the whole cocktail hour just trying to find those people because that’s the only thing I would say, you know, you don’t really know who these people are, do you? You know, you’ve got a sort of, like, get to know them on the night, but it always seems to those people. So I get the couple to sort of tell them as well that they would like them to leave a message, which works well.

Eddy: Oh, and do you get a couple saying, this is who you need to stay away from?

Carla: So funny that you asked that because. No, we haven’t had that. We had a little bit of a moment. Yeah. Where we. We sort of got some heads up, like. Yeah, like, heads up, but not yet, but not a particular. Don’t. Stay away from it. Don’t ask that as a question.

Aleks: It’s so funny that you asked that, Ed, because, like, we find often on that kind of final call with couples, they’ll say, hey, you got to watch out for the best man. Dean.

Eddy: Don’t take any request.

Aleks: And you know my Auntie Shazza, I think we’ve been picking on poor Auntie Shaza. This fictional auntie, Auntie Shazza is going to request the nut bush a million times. And it’s funny because it’s never who you. Who they say. Like I always say to them, like, you think this person’s gonna be a.

Eddy: Pain is not because they’ve had a chat to them as well.

Aleks: Like, I reckon that’s it.

Carla: Yeah.

Eddy: Don’t give the DJ a hard time.

Aleks: Yeah.

Eddy: Don’t give Mr and Mrs Social a hard time.

Carla: Yeah, we actually. I’m like, give us a hard time. Come on. I love that content. I’m like, come and find. Like, come and come, come. That’s good.

Aleks: That’s it. You’ve got something to bounce off. Right?

Carla: Yeah. And I think like Ed sort of briefly mentioned on this before, but just to touch on that, like, I think because you guys are probably coming in when they’re a bit more looser and they’ve had a few more fireballs, whereas we’re coming in fresh off the boat. Just first champagne. You know, it’s a little bit more conservative in our 1st 15 minutes, wouldn’t you say so?

Baz: Yeah. And I’d say too, you know, we, we didn’t really mention before, but we do offer office difference packages and services. So there is one where.

Carla: Sorry, you’re right.

Baz: Where to say in the morning while the parents and the bridal part is getting ready, you can do a package where you’re just focusing on. On those vip’s.

Carla: Yeah.

Baz: Then that. So then when it gets to cocktail hour, you’ve already done those, got the, you know, already done those on the rest of the crowd and work the crowd. So it just makes it. It’s just. Yeah, can flow just depending on obviously the size of the wedding as well. Um, and then you’re.

Carla: Yeah, you’re right. Yeah. Thanks, baz. Thanks for saying about that. Forgetting about my service, it’s crazy. I, um, think what’s great as well is we can get more like heartfelt, meaningful messages because there’s a lot more nerves in the morning.

Aleks: Oh, yeah.

Carla: You know, or the ceremony. So it’s a lot more like tears and I don’t know, just real build up emotion. Yeah, it’s beautiful.

Eddy: I think like what you’ve mentioned before, that you are getting there nice and early and you are, you know, straight after the ceremony, even before people have had a chance to perhaps get a drink, you know, they’re invited to come and talk to you if they. If they wish to, and you’re sort of roving around, maybe you should have a third person with you with a big tray of shots. It’s like, have a shot and then we’ll ask you a question.

Baz: Yes, that’s.

Carla: That is the best idea. I’m putting it on my Trello right now.

Eddy: I love that you’re using Trello, by the way, too.

Carla: Yeah, I’m trying. I’m really trying.

Aleks: That is actually a great idea. Yeah. But it’s funny. How long does alcohol take to actually start working?

Eddy: But it’s novelty of it.

Aleks: Yeah, yeah. And then, baz, you can capture it if you’re there doing content creation.

Baz: To be honest, though, we do find that, yeah, there is quite a few guests that are like, come back to us when we’ve had. They were like, I get so much funnier when I’ve had a few. So just come back. Yeah, five or, you know, ten drinks, whatever it is.

Carla: Yeah, exactly. But you’ll always have that, like I said, that one best man. Or that, you know, that one guest that’s like, ready to get on, and then we just banter and we ease it all in and once they’ve done it, then everyone else starts to join up. But, yeah, I think this is a.

Aleks: Huge ad for now. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again. Having drinks before the ceremony.

Eddy: Yeah, it’ll help you guys out, I imagine, too, like big time people already sort of relax into it and, yeah.

Aleks: It gets rid of that. That kind of like. And look, it’s not. It’s not going to work at every.

Eddy: Venue, and we’re not condoning. Everyone has to have a drink when they get here. Obviously, there are people that don’t drink and, yeah, that’s fine. That’s not their thing.

Aleks: It’s funny, actually, because I’ve been working at the post office a lot lately, and I’ve had a couple of weddings. Last couple of weddings I did, there were any pre ceremony drinks that the couple opted not to have that package anyway. But because there’s a pub next door, people bought drinks and just came in with the drink, with their drinks. So they were like, oh, yeah, three or four guests who were just like, on their third drink down. I was like, is that even allowed? Interesting. Well, they came into the beer garden. I was like, it’s the same pub.

Eddy: Yeah, that’s actually a really good question for the post office.

Aleks: I had, especially my team the other day from the pub. So oh, I know. Dodgy.

Eddy: Don’t tell anyone. Nobody. Rather, don’t rat us out. Any vendors that listen to us to this, do not rat us out.

Aleks: No, I put it in my reel. It was captured. Say, baz, I’m with you. Capture everything.

Baz: We’ve got to remember, too, just so. Yeah, everyone’s, everyone has different lengths for their cocktail hour as well, so that’s another kind of consider. You know, ours personally at our wedding was, we were pretty limited for time, so it was about 35 minutes. But then I’ve heard of, and we’ve been to weddings that are like, from two, 2 hours.

Carla: Yeah, varies. It varies quite a bit.

Aleks: So I guess the thing that you have to kind of, like, chat about with your couples once they booked in is actually working or before they booked in, when you have that kind of initial discovery call that you mentioned, Carla, is actually scoping.

Carla: Yeah.

Aleks: What does your run sheet look like? And then kind of being able to recommend what would work best for them.

Baz: Exactly.

Carla: Exactly, exactly. And, you know, at the end of the day, like, you know what it’s like working on weddings. Like you say you’re going to be there for a certain amount of time, it’s always double. And we strive to, you know, deliver the best product at the end of the day for our clients. So we’ll stay as long as it takes to sort of get the content that we want. But at the same time, we also know that there’s that little moment where it’s probably not going to get quality anymore because everyone’s had too many drinks and we’re competing, like I said, with the noise on the dance floor and stuff. So, yeah, we just try to manage it through those times.

Eddy: Yeah, we can understand that, like, for obvious reasons, but, you know, with the, with the audio guestbook that we have too, like, later on in the night, it’s. The messages do get very sloppy.

Aleks: They just. Pizza orders.

Eddy: Yeah.

Aleks: People aren’t very original.

Carla: I kind of love that, though. Like, that’s just, I mean, like, they’ll never get old, you know?

Eddy: Yeah, yeah, it’s amazing.

Aleks: Pizza orders are like, ooh. But like, can you pick me up?

Carla: Can you pick up? I know, I was just ask it, like, caught kind of. Thanks for coming.

Eddy: Like, that’s glassy eyes.

Carla: Yeah.

Aleks: You don’t, you do not want to be the same reason that photographers generally finish up, you know, after, like, the first, like a half an hour of the dance floor. Cause you’re just gonna get the same photos of sloppy people, unless that’s what you want just really, really loose photos. I think we’ve pretty much covered everything. Is there anything else that you guys want to mention? Maybe about, you know, any other considerations or whether a couple is thinking about content creation but not sure? Is there anything else you wanted to kind of raise?

Carla: Yeah, I think I’d sort of say. Cause we actually had both at our wedding, so. Again, from the bride experience, you know, 360 experience. Aleks. Here. Thanks, babe. Honestly, like, watching the videos, like from our video guest book, I had another love for it because I was like, wow, you think it’s gonna be, like, boring or like that? It’s boring. She’s like, oh, we wish you well. Wish you well.

Carla: But it was. I actually cried. Like, I had this moment where I just watched my cousin that I hadn’t talked to for a few months just because we don’t live in the same city, probably even longer. And just the story he told me about something from our childhood that I had completely forgotten. And for me, I never even thought he thought about it again. Just made me reignite this little, you know, like, connection that we have from our childhood. And I was like, jesus, I didn’t even know we still had that. Literally. Yeah. And it was, it was, it really felt real, didn’t it?

Carla: That’s like I told you about. I was like, what? I didn’t even know he thought of me that way.

Baz: Yeah.

Carla: And that what I’d say to my couples is that obviously, plug in my own service here, but you can’t replace those feelings ever again like that. There’s never a time in your life, really, that you’ll have all your favourite people in the one room again. And this is the time where it’s about you and for them to leave messages for you and your, your new partner and what they think about you guys.

Eddy: I do remember your video guestbook floating around, and I remember, like, a certain gentleman that was interviewing everyone. Can you tell the listeners who that was?

Carla: Oh, that was actually my brother, good old Jordan Rinaldi. He had to step in and do it for us, bless him. I think he was a bit under the pump to fill the boots of Mr and Mrs Social that night. Yeah, he did well. He did well. It was great. What was good about ours, though, is we did actually have a dedicated space. And I would say not all venues you can do this, but we had the glass house in the grounds and it looked absolutely, absolutely gorgeous with the background, didn’t it, with the light. It was aesthetically pleasing as well. So, yeah, I would definitely encourage our couples to, you know, scope the place, and we’re more than happy to do it, too, and find a location for the video for that, too, in your venues.

Carla: But, yeah, you’re definitely thinking of booking both. We can sort out a package that would work for your wedding, like, a little bit of video, guest book, a little bit of content creation. If that is something that they’re looking for.

Eddy: It’s the best of both worlds.

Aleks: Just do it all, guys. You will not regret it. I’ve said this a lot, but the number one most common regret from our couples is not having filmed, like, content.

Eddy: Like, content from their day. Video of some type.

Aleks: Yeah, video of some type, which you guys obviously offer. But, you know, and. And look, at the end of the day, videographer, like, a professional videographer who creates a three minute epic trailer, is not for everyone. That’s not everyone’s style. A lot of our couples don’t really. Aren’t really into that, and that’s totally fine. They still want the beautiful, professional photos, the post photos, and everything like that, but they really do regret not having those, you know, key moments that Baz, you would capture or, you know, Carla, you chatting to their grandma and getting a sweet message that they normally wouldn’t, you know, they wouldn’t have that conversation. Whatever. I think it’s so important for couples to really seriously think about what the investment is like, but what you actually get out of it at the end of the day and for years to come in.

Eddy: Keep forever.

Aleks: Keep forever.

Baz: Probably mentioned it before, but just, you know, you’re so busy at that period and around that time when these interviews are happening as a couple, obviously, and just having this other kind of vantage point, or just having this perspective, like, just seeing how they felt, vibe on the night. Yeah, it’s amazing. It’s a good, really good feeling to watch.

Eddy: I love that. Because another thing that I get told by couples at weddings at the end of the night is how quickly it went by and how they perhaps didn’t have enough time to have a quality conversation with everybody. So, in a weird way, you’re actually kind of doing that for them. Doing that for them.

Baz: You’re outsourcing.

Aleks: Your delegating.

Carla: That’s another banger. Um, Ed, I’m gonna have to hire an assistant. Honestly, that was great. Yeah.

Aleks: You’re delegating the conversations. If you got, like, you know, a large guest list and that sort of thing. All right. Amazing. Well, I mean, if you’re not convinced by now, then, you know, what are you doing? What are you doing with your life.

Carla: Exactly. Thank you so much for having.

Baz: Thank you.

Aleks: Well, let people know where can they find you and what’s the best way of getting in touch with you guys?

Carla: Yeah, absolutely. So Mr and Mrs Social on Instagram or [email protected]. And then they just like, drop an inquiry through that’s also links to our website, mrandmrssocial.com.

Aleks: And I’ll get straight, straight back, guys.

Eddy: That’s so good.

Aleks: They do everything within 24 hours. No, within two weeks. Book that takes a little longer.

Carla: Yeah, video guest takes a little bit longer. But actually, just to add, you know, one of our couples just that received it the other day, said they were really sick after their wedding. They were really run down and they didn’t forget about it, but they were just like, it was so good to sort of, like, watch it while they were sitting on the couch, like with a glass of wine after like, ages of like, you know, just on the rundown, just relive it again. And that’s exactly what we want to create for our clients is that feeling, which I want to watch mine now. So want to watch it again?

Aleks: Go for it.

Baz: I better get started.

Carla: Oh, yeah, he’s got to edit.

Baz: I better start editing. It’s up to me to edit my own video. I guess.

Aleks: You get all the hard work afterwards. I see how it works. Yes, that sounds right. Well, Eddie’s going to go off and edit this episode and get it ready. So there you go. It works.

Carla: It works. It works.

Aleks: Like in every wedding business couple. Thank you so much. We’ve loved spending time with you, and we’re sure that our listeners have really enjoyed it.

Baz: Thanks.

Carla: Bye.

Eddy: Thanks, guys.

Aleks: How good was that?

Eddy: I know.

Aleks: Love it.

Eddy: I learned quite a lot.

Aleks: Yeah, there’s a lot. There’s a lot involved. And I think, you know, the video guestbook side, that’s something that people probably will take a little bit of getting used to. But the more, you know, content people see from that, the better. And I can’t stress enough how much fun it is, particularly for that part of the day, cocktail hour, especially if you’ve got, like, a longer cocktail hour. You know, maybe you’re going off and getting photos during that time, which means your cocktail hour is maybe an hour and a half rather than, like, 45 minutes an hour. It is just the perfect thing to do during that time, don’t you think?

Eddy: Yeah, absolutely. I love it.

Aleks: I love it. And I also love that Carla mentioned, you know, that special memory that was captured from her cousin, from her childhood, something, you know, that she had completely forgotten about. I know, because she mentioned it to me a couple of times after the wedding and how much it actually had impacted her to hear that, and I kind of remember that, so that was really sweet. We always say, you know, try and capture your day in as many ways as you can to preserve the memory.

Eddy: Yeah. Yeah. That’s never a more fitting sentence was said at this point in time.

Carla: Thank you very much.

Aleks: We hope you guys enjoyed the whopper that was the two parter.

Eddy: Yeah, the two parter. Let us know if you want more two parters, because we really love doing it. It’s just something a little bit different for us. And, yeah, we. We had a blast.

Aleks: Yeah, absolutely. Thanks to Carla and Baz for sitting with us for so long to record the two part episode. And thank you to all of you for listening.

Eddy: Thanks, guys. See you on the next one.

Aleks: Bye. Thanks for tuning in. If you’re enjoying Project Engaged, please hit the subscribe button on your fav podcast app.

Eddy: You can also follow us on Instagram, @projectengaged, and @onemoresongdjs.

Aleks: We’ll see you next time. And until then, have fun out there.

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