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The truth about the MC role

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17 Jan, 2024

In this episode of our wedding podcast Project Engaged, we chat all about the MC role at a wedding. The truth is – it’s much more involved than you may think!

We share a bunch of intel from our experience on what really goes into MCing and some tips if you have a family member or friend taking on the role.

Ultimately, the decision of whether or not to have a friend or family member MC your wedding is up to you. If you weigh the pros and cons carefully and choose someone who is up to the task, it can be an awesome way to add a personal touch to your special day.

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Some overlooked truths about wedding MC duties

Here are some often overlooked elements of the wedding MC’s role:

  • It doesn’t matter how big or small or relaxed your wedding is, you need an MC
  • It’s more than just having a copy of the run sheet (SO much more)
  • Announcements and formalities need to be “completed” to let people know what’s coming up next 
  • There needs to be coordination with all vendors and the couple on the night.


Choosing the right friend or family member to MC

If you’re sure you want a guest to MC, here are some tips for deciding on who the lucky person will be:

  • Choose someone confident and outgoing: They should be comfortable speaking in front of a crowd and have a natural ability to command attention.
  • Make sure they’re organised: The MC will need to be able to keep track of the wedding schedule and make sure things run smoothly.
  • Pick someone who knows you and your partner well.

Tips for your family member or friend performing the MC role

Here’s what you can do as the couple to ensure your MC is equipped to do the job well:

  • Don’t expect your venue to be on top of everything. They have to manage food service, clearing and their staff, as well as the kitchen and bar. Your MC should be the central coordination point between the venue, the couple and all vendors.
  • Reminder them to use the microphone properly and remind others to do so for their speeches.
  • Provide all vendors with a detailed and final run sheet. Communicate with each of them in advance about what their requirements are (eg. meal times – venues get this wrong all the time)
  • Build in some flexibility with timings in case key moments are running behind.
  • Provide extra notes for the MC ahead of time and let them know it’s ok to make announcements more than once. Examples of this are reminding guests to pre-book a taxi home or to use the photo booth.
  • Let the DJ control the microphone for the night. Doing this will force the MC to speak to them before announcing a key moment. This prevents the MC from jumping on the mic when the music is playing at full volume!

And if all else fails, let a professional MC your wedding!

Are you struggling to find a friend of family member to perform the MC role? If this is the case, chat to your DJ or celebrant about whether they offer this service! Most do and we can guarantee they’ll be relieved you’ve asked them as it means the night will run smoothly!

Photo credits from the top: Dream Cave and Jerome Cole.

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