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S3, EP21: Fun extras to add to your DJ

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04 Jun, 2023

On this episode of Project Engaged, we do a shameless plug!

We chat about all the fun extras that you’re able to add to our DJ services. If you’re thinking of adding something extra to us, you can check out our Services page.

We have extras like sax, percussion, party lights, audio guestbooks and our photo booth (to name a few!).

Venues and peeps that we mentioned on this podcast include:

Did you also know Eddy can spin real vinyl at your wedding? Learn more here.


Full episode transcription

Eddy: Welcome to Project Engaged, a podcast for fun loving couples planning their non traditional wedding.

Aleks: We’re wedding DJs Aleks and Eddy Mac from Melbourne. We run a business called One More Song, and our tagline is No More Nutbush.

Eddy: In this podcast, we’ll share our wedding experiences and chat to some of our past couples.

Aleks: We’ll also interview bold wedding suppliers who share our philosophy of your wedding being a celebration of you as a couple and wild. One epic party.

Eddy: Let’s get into today’s episode. Welcome back to another episode of Project Engaged. Geez, I just sounded like the voiceover then, didn’t I?

Aleks: I know. Well, I’ve had a few people tell me that you sound really good on this podcast and you should be a radio host.

Eddy: Oh, that’s pretty cool. Excellent. Thank you. Thank you very much. No, we won’t go that far.

Aleks: Thanks to everyone who hasn’t said anything.

Eddy: About me, you’re gonna get a flood of or flurry of messages and emails and I better. Voice notes.

Aleks: Oh yeah, voice notes. We love a voice note. We’re back. We’ve had a little bit of a break. A little. Probably a little bit longer than we expected. We went away to sunny Queensland for a whirlwind four day trip. Way too short. But anyway, it was lovely. And then we’ve just been pretty busy, so, yeah, here we are.

Eddy: Yeah, we’ve hit the ground running and we just hadn’t had time to do a podcast. But we’re back. We’re back in your ear holes.

Aleks: Just us two today. But we do have some very exciting episodes coming up with couples and some cool supplies too.

Eddy: I’m very excited.

Aleks: Yes. Yes. So we’re doing our wrap up.

Eddy: We are going to do a weekly wrap up. You go first.

Aleks: You were mucking around with different jingles before. I thought you were going to surprise me with.

Eddy: I may have a couple of surprises later on.

Aleks: Okay, cool. Well, it’s been a few weeks since our last podcast, so I’m gonna have to try and rack my brain to remember what I actually did.

Eddy: Okay, do you want me to go first then?

Aleks: Okay. Yes, you go first. I’m thinking.

Eddy: Right. So I haven’t been as busy as Aleks. It’s been very, very quiet. We’re in the wintery quiet season, but I’ve found that inquiries have been quiet too and.

Aleks: What’s going on, guys?

Eddy: I was freaking out and then I spoke to a bunch of vendors in the industry that said, no, no, no, we’re the same. So that kind of calmed me down a little. Bit. So, you know, you gotta. You gotta roll with the punches. You gotta take the quiet times with the busy times and try and relax or do a bunch of things that you don’t have time to do, like.

Aleks: Some marketing things, loads of business stuff. So no relaxation, just catching up?

Eddy: Yeah, just really. Just catching up on everything. Zero. And I can go on, but I won’t bore myself to sleep. So a couple of weekends ago, I had a wedding for Madeline and Michael at higher grade around. And that’s an interesting venue because they’ve got. It’s a cafe during the day in the middle of the city, and they’ve got a downstairs area and an upstairs area as well. Yeah, I was set up upstairs with my DJ, Dex, but for probably half of the night, everybody was downstairs and the ceremony was downstairs. So what we did and shout out to our av team, play on sound and lighting, and Dale, who runs that company, legend, he’s been on the podcast before, actually. So we actually set up and sense a wireless signal to a couple of speakers that were basically pointed downstairs. They’re still on the upstairs level. They were pointed downstairs so that during the ceremony, I could play the key moments for the ceremony, songs, pre ceremony, post ceremony, which just blended nicely into background for dinner, because it was a sit down dinner. And then eventually everybody waltzed upstairs, and that’s where the real party began. So then we sort of switched over to my upstairs system, turned down the speakers that were downstairs. Although there were a few people kind of hanging downstairs still, some of the older crew that sort of did not want to dance, which is totally fine. So they were able to vibe out downstairs. But, yeah, it worked really, really well. I put a cool little reel up explaining the whole dealio.

Aleks: So put it in the show notes because we always say, we’ll put it in the show notes, and then we never do.

Eddy: Hmm. Let’s put it in the show notes for real this time. Yeah, that was a really fun one. So musically, they loved, like, indie electronica, so I think rufus and artists like that. And for dance, four, you know, there’s a few throwbacks to, like, that golden era 2000, sort of eight to twelve. You know, I think you get us in some of your Chris Browns and all that kind of stuff, but they also absolutely loved some old school house and some dirty RnB hip hop rap type stuff. So, yeah, it was really, really, really, really fun. One.

Aleks: And just to mention going back on the sound thing, because it might not make sense to people if you imagine what the venue looks like. It’s actually a split level, so you can see downstairs it’s open, and there’s kind of a mezzanine level in between the top level and the bottom. So you can kind of. It’s also open rather than.

Eddy: Yeah, super open. Funnily enough, if you were downstairs, say you. You know, you got brunch there sometime. If you were, it wasn’t pointed out to you, you probably wouldn’t even know that there was an upstairs mezzanine type area. I certainly didn’t know the one in between.

Aleks: Yeah, yeah.

Eddy: But they kind of convert the bar, so as people are upstairs, they have an upstairs bar, so that kind of keeps people there. And not only do they have a dance floor area, but they’ve got like, an area that’s still upstairs, kind of across from the dance floor. On the other side of venue, there’s kind of a breakout area with, like, couches and stuff like that. So that worked really, really well for those that were partied out.

Aleks: Yeah, yeah, I think it set out really well. And it is a large venue, but it still feels warm.

Eddy: And there were no sound restrictions at all. So I pumped it and, yeah, it was incredible up until the very, very, very end. And I’m talking an encore song, because I got the okay from the venue to play one more, and then the power went out. So that was halfway through the song. It was Backstreet boys, I want it that way, I think. And people just kind of sang till the end, so they kept the chorus going and, yeah, so that was kind of fun. But, yeah, I’m not sure what happened there. Yeah, luckily it was at the very, very end of the night. Night and not halfway through.

Aleks: Oh, yeah, I had one where the power went out halfway through the dance floor for no reason whatsoever.

Eddy: Well, I think we’ve all been there. I’ve had a generator situation where the generator’s gone out and, yeah, it’s not.

Aleks: Fun, but everyone looks at the DJ.

Eddy: It’s not our fault.

Aleks: If you look around, the lights are off, too. I’m trying to think back. So I had a few, but I do want to mention, and just shout out again today, because I played at craft and Co. Last weekend for a really, really fun wedding, cocktail wedding. It was actually a wedding after party. So Sarah and Simon got married at the registry the week before. Couple of weeks before. Craft and company is on Smith street in Collingwood, right in the middle of all the action. And it’s. Again, it’s sort of got two different spaces with a bar in between. So not as large as high ground, but definitely from a sound perspective. You know, you’re down one end right, on Smith street, and then everyone’s kind of mingling, whether it’s a sit down or sitting down, or they’re kind of eating and stuff on the other side. Again, we use that little wireless system and put an extra speaker in and it filled up the two spaces perfectly.

Eddy: Yeah, yeah. I love that. From our perspective as wedding DJs, being able to send a signal wirelessly to a speaker and not have it to cable long distances is a friggin godsend. Yeah, it is really, really, really good and just works most of the time.

Aleks: It works. It’s safe and neat and works. So that was really great because I was a little bit worried. I have been there before and, you know, we didn’t have that set up. So. Yeah. Thank you to Dale and team Josh in particular, who set everything up. That was a really fun one. Also very kind of indi tronica vibes as well, which, you know, I absolutely love. So I hit record on that one. You can listen to the background in the show notes. In the show notes. Man, we’re gonna have so many links in the show notes.

Eddy: I better start writing this down.

Aleks: I reckon we will. Yeah. So that was really fun one. And I had a 30th last night, which is a bit different. It was actually for a bride whose wedding I played only a couple of months ago, and she sort of last minute decided to do a 30th bit.

Eddy: Of a round two.

Aleks: Yeah, a bit of a round two. I’m like, hey, guys.

Eddy: So, like, tell me, obviously, you did the wedding that was at Stones of the Yarra Valley?

Aleks: Yeah.

Eddy: Yep. Memory serves. Now you’re doing the 30th. You’ve done the 30th last night. How were the music briefs different?

Aleks: They weren’t.

Eddy: Okay. So similar.

Aleks: Oh, no, I tell you how they were different. The groom had little input this time because the brides 30th.

Eddy: Okay, cool.

Aleks: So even though do not plays with were the same. So that was. That was pretty funny. But, yeah, look, it was a bit of a tricky one because there was a lot of. Lot of family rather than kind of, you know, 30 year old friends. So the. The client had, you know, loved sort of EDM stuff and that was pretty much it, really. And everyone was sort of vibing the eighties and sing along, so I kind of went with that and then played some of her favourites towards the end. And she had a boogie with a friend who also appreciated that music. So, yeah, so it worked okay. Very, very relaxed. Yeah. Very different to weddings. I think because you’ve got sort of more structure, more happening at a wedding. And this was very much like very relaxed kind of house party, sort of.

Eddy: I like that sometimes for a different stir.

Aleks: I think it’s good. I think it’s more. I find it more challenging, but it’s really good experience for weddings because there’s a bit more. More pressure. Everyone’s kind of there, like, wants to dance for 5 hours. So you really gotta get that dance floor running for hours and hours. So I. I love it from that perspective. It’s really good to be able to like, structure the night properly and learn from that.

Eddy: So, yeah, I find that. And this can be true of some cocktail weddings that don’t have a lot going on in terms of formalities. You do tend to get a bit of a flow going rather than, you know, you’re playing up until like, say, 730 when there might be some speeches or you’ve got to stop before first dance or whatever it is. So you can really, as a DJ, get in the zone.

Aleks: Yes.

Eddy: And really craft a set the way that, you know, gives you a lot of freedom to do so.

Aleks: Yeah, I agree. I think it really depends on the, on the crowd as well. You know, you have those crowds sometimes where the oldies, maybe if they don’t like something, they’ll just step back and chill and come back in when they, you know, know, a song or like a song or whatever.

Eddy: Yeah.

Aleks: There’s other crowds where they’ll just wait for you to place, like stare at you to play a song they like. So, you know, varying degrees. But, yeah, it was, it was, it was good. It was good to do. Good to see those guys again.

Eddy: So I think when, like, certainly we’ve all, as you know, if there are any other wedding DJ’s or DJ’s listening, we’ve all been in that position where people will not be super loyal to you on the dance or when the song comes on.

Aleks: It’s not.

Eddy: Yeah. Their vibe. I find that in order to mitigate that a little bit, you need to really win those particular people over super early on, however that is done. So it might be a bunch of seventies, eighties or whatever it is that, you know, that they’re liking. And then I think later on they can be a little bit more forgiving when you, when you dive into, if you’re lucky, DJ snake or something. I don’t know, but it doesn’t always work.

Aleks: No. And I think there’s a difference with a wedding as well. I feel like people, you know, if the couple is into it. People are hardly gonna stare at you, you know what I mean? Because the couples into, it’s their day. At the end of the day, it’s their day. So it’s. They’re more forgiving, I think. Whereas with any other type of party, I think there’s more. I definitely notice there’s more requests.

Eddy: Yeah.

Aleks: From people and everyone kind of, you.

Eddy: Know, they take a little bit more ownership on it.

Aleks: Exactly, yeah.

Eddy: Rather than deferring to the couple.

Aleks: Exactly, that’s right. Whoops, I bumped my microphone.

Eddy: You’re very passionate about practise.

Aleks: Yeah. No, but I think it’s interesting. And look, we do particularly the end of the year, you know, we do some corporate end of year parties and then kind of scattered throughout the year. We all do the occasional engagement birthday, kind of milestone birthday and that sort of thing. So it’s always good to mix it up with those as well.

Eddy: Yep. Absolutely. No, I could not agree more. And it is nice. It is nice to change things up here and there. We love weddings, obviously, but, yeah, you know, the odd corporate is kind of fun.

Aleks: Yeah, it can be fun, for sure. I also became a registered celebrant.

Eddy: Oh, my God, that is amazing. It must be a load off to actually tell this to people because I know you’ve been keeping it a bit of a secret because you’ve had to wait a certain amount of time until you’re allowed to kind of announce it. Right.

Aleks: Yeah. Well, you can’t take bookings on until the attorney general’s department has officially registered you. You can actually lose your licence. So. Yeah, licence, registration, I should know the difference.

Eddy: Well, you’re licensed celebrant, so I imagine you would lose your licence.

Aleks: Yes. Yes. So you’ve got to be this very careful rules around that. But very excited. Still taking DJ only bookings, obviously. But if you are looking for a celebrant and a DJ, then you can do it all.

Eddy: You just have to pick up a camera now.

Aleks: Yeah, that’s going to be hard. That’s not going to work. I can’t marry a couple and then play tune in.

Eddy: Maybe you can have an iPad with you and then just mix on your iPad while you’re following the couple around.

Aleks: Oh, yeah, for sure. I’m gonna be charging.

Eddy: I’m picturing, you know, in Mary Poppins, that gentlemen with like, that drum kit on it. Oh, yeah, I’m picturing that sort of. Sort of thing. Anyway, moving on.

Aleks: Oh, God.

Eddy: Anyway, what are we talking about today?

Aleks: Okay, today we are going to cover some fun extras that you can add to your DJ.

Eddy: This is a shameless plug podcast episode.

Aleks: Yeah, but the reason we’re doing it is because we get asked a lot of questions about the extras that we offer and a lot of other DJ’s offer similar extras as well. So it’s answering in one convenient podcast episode that we can then basically send a link to couples to direct them to all the answers they need.

Eddy: So, yeah, I mean, yeah, like Aleks said, a lot of DJ’s offer these types of things and different types of things too. If we think of anything else along the way that you. If you’ve already got your DJ booked, it’s not us to ask those people.

Aleks: Yeah, definitely.

Eddy: You know, because it will spice up your party here and there if you want something a little bit extra.

Aleks: That’s right. All right, we’ve got a few to talk about. I want to kick it off with sax.

Eddy: Oh, going sax first?

Aleks: Yes, I reckon.

Eddy: Okay, cool. No, no, no.

Aleks: That’s because it’s just fresh off a conversation I had with a couple I just booked.

Eddy: Yes. Okay.

Aleks: And they wanted. They had quite a few questions about how it works playing with sax.

Eddy: Yes.

Aleks: Did you mute me?

Eddy: No, I didn’t mute you. I muted myself because I was just about to cough.

Aleks: Oh. So look, every. There are a few DJ’s around that play with different sax players and there are also DJ’s who play the sax as well. And we have sax plays that we work. We’ve got a couple that we book regularly. Yes.

Eddy: Shout out Kenny and Anton.

Aleks: Kenny and Anton who are musically trained.

Eddy: Yes. They’re basically jazz musicians.

Aleks: They are, yeah. Jazz and funk soul.

Eddy: Yeah.

Aleks: Kenny’s more kind of funk soul as well.

Eddy: And he plays in a funk soul band.

Aleks: There you go.

Eddy: Called. What’s the band called? Well, it’ll come back to me.

Aleks: Oh, dear. Sorry, I’m bit. Cooked. Bit cooked. Bit, um, tired from last night. Yes, we shall. May.

Eddy: Mayfair Mayfield. Yes, Mayfield. Okay. Yes, we got there, I believe so. Mayfair. No, Mayfair Mayfield. Oh, I’m gonna google this.

Aleks: We have seen them a few times, but we might cut this bit out.

Eddy: We’re not gonna cut it.

Aleks: No, we definitely won’t cut it anyway. Regardless. Right, so this is how the saxophone, first of all, I would say a few of our couples have mentioned. Look, we’re not sure whether we want. You know, we’ve been tossing up between DJ and band, basically.

Eddy: Yes.

Aleks: And then they’ve come to the conclusion that having a live sax player for dance floor is a very, very happy compromise. What are they called?

Eddy: Mayfield.

Aleks: Mayfield, yes.

Eddy: And the reason why I got that confused, actually, is because there is an agency, a music agency, that does DJ’s and that kind of thing called Mayfair fair.

Aleks: Yes.

Eddy: Which is Josh Lindsay. Hi, Josh. And he. He’s an absolute legend. He’s based in Geelong. So he does. I think he does a lot of stuff with, like, the footy and stuff like that down there. And there’s a few DJs that I know they’re on his rider or his. You know, his DJ crew.

Aleks: Yes.

Eddy: Yeah. So may Field is Kenny’s band with Carla Troiano, who’s a singer. Amazing singer. So hello to her.

Aleks: And what’s Anton’s? He plays in like, different. Yeah, he sort of.

Eddy: I think he rolls like a session musician, so he’ll play a lot of outfits. He actually recently was in New York at one of the New York jazz music schools, which is like. Yes. Super prestigious. I think he was doing some. I’d like to say doing some teaching there or maybe he was a student of sorts. Okay. But, yeah. So he’s back now in Melbourne and. Yeah, he’s just. They’re both just ripper sax players.

Aleks: They’re amazing. And we’ve butchered their bios. I mean, butchered them. But, you know, a bit of. Creative licence is a podcast.

Eddy: No, no, no. Supposed to be colloquial.

Aleks: Look, I think that the point that we’re trying to make is. And look, there. I’ve seen other sax players. There are sax players and there are sax players. I think that we’re very fussy with the sax players that we work with.

Eddy: Okay, so. Yeah, so for those that are listening, how would you explain, you know, and we’re being purely, perfectly honest here, how do you explain our sax players against some of the other sex players you may have seen at a wedding?

Aleks: Yeah.

Eddy: What are they doing? That’s different?

Aleks: So the main difference for me, I think, is that our sax players will pick up on the key of a song and basically just improvise over the top. So they might not necessarily be playing the melody.

Eddy: Yeah.

Aleks: They are, you know, embellishing on the melody rather than just singing along.

Eddy: Absolutely, exactly. So they’re not necessarily. Sometimes they’ll follow along, depending on.

Aleks: And look, if it’s a brass part as well.

Eddy: Most of the time, though, they don’t.

Aleks: Yeah.

Eddy: So think of, like, a song, like, let’s just pick one out of the sky, like, avicii levels. So they won’t just play that, like, melody? Yeah, melody. They’ll go perfect. Like, over.

Aleks: I was hoping you would do that.

Eddy: So that’s the difference. Yes, I think so. Adding to the music, I actually got an email from a couple of mine today, and they’ve given me a bunch of songs they really want to hear Kenny play. Kenny’s booked with me on this particular gig.

Aleks: Yeah.

Eddy: And they said, oh, are there any particular songs he plays? And all the songs. All the songs he plays over anything. In fact, I’ve tried to trip him up on multiple occasions. Obviously not like, train wrecking the wedding or anything, but, like, he can do it. He can do anything. So he’s unbelievably good. And so is Anton. They’re both fantastic.

Aleks: Absolutely. And this is where I think, you know, having that. That background and the way they’ve been trained and the fact that they are actually musicians outside of just playing for weddings and events is, um, they can’t, because they can pick up the key and they can improvise over anything. And that’s, you know, it’s not just particular songs. They know the melody of that they can play over.

Eddy: Yep, exactly.

Aleks: It’s that musical knowledge and skill that allows them to do that. Right. It’s a. It’s a skill.

Eddy: They’re acting independently of what we’re doing, but obviously adding a lot to what we’re doing as well. So we don’t really need to communicate with our sex players when they’re on. They kind of just do their thing. Sometimes, if, you know, a couple might ask, oh, can you do this song at this time? Or what have you? Absolutely. They might come in, you know, perfect example. They might come in after the first dance and then, like, bring the party in. Or they might come in halfway through the first dance. Once the couple has had their time in the limelight, so to speak. And a lot of our couples want as little of that as humanly possible before they kind of move on to the party. We’ll have Kenny, you know, come out and do his thing. Actually, an interesting one was a wedding that you were involved in as well. I was deejaying. You were there operating the photo booth at the time. Jade.

Aleks: Oh, yes. Yes.

Eddy: So she had a dance with her dad instead of having a first dance, and we had Kenny kind of come in and halfway through, start sexing it up. And that was to. Isn’t she lovely?

Aleks: Stevie Wonder? So good.

Eddy: Great moment. Yeah. So we can definitely craft those moments with. With the sax players, but typically, they’re just. They’re like a gun for hire. They just go in and do their thing and just. Just wow people.

Aleks: Absolutely. And they’re there. I think it’s important to know, and this is something that a lot of couples have asked. You know, they’ve. They’ve asked, is it too full on with the sax? And I always say with our sax players, they are there to enhance the music that we’re playing.

Eddy: Yeah.

Aleks: They are not a stop and watch performance, as you like to say. They’re not going to swing off chandeliers.

Eddy: Yeah. I love saying that.

Aleks: Don’t jump up on tables. But a lot of our couples don’t want that.

Eddy: I mean, it’s also a liability issue. Yeah.

Aleks: I mean, apart from that. But it’s not. It’s not, you know, everyone’s stopping to watch them.

Eddy: Yeah, exactly.

Aleks: People will, those who are, you know, really interested, there’ll be some moments, maybe some songs that, like, have a cool sack solo or whatever.

Eddy: Like, we might start a song with that. I remember being at Brunswick mess Hall and Kenny was there and they really wanted Baker street. So we actually started with, with Kenny on the sax by himself and then launched in, I think it was Baker street, careless whisper. It was either that or careless whisper.

Aleks: And I did the same thing with him because someone saw that and wanted to do that.

Eddy: Oh, well, yeah.

Aleks: So that’s how he started.

Eddy: It’s not common that we do that kind of thing, but it’s kind of fun. It’s a fun touch. We don’t want the party to be about us as the DJ or the sax player. We want it to be about the couple and their closest friends and family.

Aleks: Yeah, that’s right. So we, our sax players, by default, will come in for 2 hours during dance floor because we think that you get the biggest bang for your buck because it’s really energetic part of the night. Often, as you mentioned, they’ll start at the beginning of the dance floor, whether that is during your first dance or just after, just to kick things off on a high.

Eddy: We also recommend that if they are booked, don’t tell anyone about the fact you’ve got a sax player, because it really does. Wow. A lot of people and they think, you know, it’s cool to have a DJ, et cetera, et cetera. But then they’re like, okay, so this is it for the night. Cool DJ rockin, but. Then there’s a sax player as well.

Aleks: It’s like, whoa.

Eddy: So, yeah, it adds. Definitely adds a lot of electricity and energy to the room.

Aleks: Yeah, definitely. Yeah, they’re not too full on. So they play for 2 hours, but it’s not that they have little sets or anything. They will, you know, play for three or four songs, maybe pull back a bit. They’re still most of the time on, you know, either kind of just in front of the decks where we are, or on the dance floor with guests, depending on what the guests are like, if, you know, if they’re still a bit shy or just like. Yeah, the guests, if they kind of. Yeah, not our sax place. Um, if it’s sussing things out, they’ll pull back a little bit if they’re.

Eddy: Looking sort of reading the room like just like a DJ would.

Aleks: Exactly. Yeah, exactly. You know, you’ll get guests kind of miming. They’re playing the sax and it’s pretty.

Eddy: Yeah, yeah, yeah, absolutely.

Aleks: It’s very cute.

Eddy: Well, that’s the sax.

Aleks: Yes. So one more live element I wanted to add, which is something that we don’t book that often, but it’s percussionist.

Eddy: Yes, percussionist. And we have one gentleman that we work with. His name is Hugo. He’s one of the coolest individuals that I think you ever come across. And the reason why we sometimes book Hugo is that a lot of people seem to be a little bit saxophoned out at weddings. They might go to a few of their friends weddings if they’ve been to a lot. And there’s a sax player every single one. Sometimes the DJ’s a sax player as well. Shout out to Tim, the DJ sax and DJ Emily Gracie, who are both fantastic. And they play the sax and their DJ’s as well.

Aleks: And their siblings.

Eddy: And their siblings. Oh my God. So, yeah, so that’s. That’s really, really cool. But if you’ve had a bit too much sex at the weddings you’ve been to, why not try percussion?

Aleks: Yeah, totally. We do recommend with percussion, unlike a sax player, if you. It’s more. If you’ve got like a funk house sole, pop, four to the floor, sort of brief.

Eddy: Yeah, it’s a little bit tougher if.

Aleks: You heavy or something. Yeah, yeah, yeah, true. So also. So I’ve played with Hugo recently. This year. He was there for 3 hours, which I think works really well. And I’ve got him booked for a new year’s Eve wedding. They’re also having him for 3 hours, so. 3 hours, definitely for percussion. And like, he sounds great. He looks great. He’s got the full setup. We’ve got a video on our Vimeo account link, which you can find on the website at the bottom in the footer there’s about like 20 million social media icon things, so you can find it there.

Eddy: We will try to add it to the show notes. Yeah, he’s very, very cool. Yeah, he doesn’t. Some percussionists will kind of strap on a drum and be mobile. That sounds weird. And cruise around doing their thing. Hugo does not do that. And I think it’s all the better for it because you keep the dance floor as an area for you guys, your friends and family, all that kind of stuff. And again, this is to enhance what your DJs doing and to just bring a very cool vibe, very cool element to the dance floor.

Aleks: Yeah. Are we going to talk about price on these? These things? Let’s put it in the blog.

Eddy: So in 20 years time, if we’re still doing this, you know, it will probably be a little more expensive.

Aleks: $10 million for a sax player, according to inflation.

Eddy: Yeah, things are crazy. No, look, all of our pricing’s on our website anyway, so you can just cheque it all out there, so true. Yeah. They’re the same price for services.

Aleks: Go to the services.

Eddy: Go to the services page. We try and put our pricing in as many places as humanly possible, just so you know what the price is before you spend your time chatting to us. I guess everything’s on the table. Excellent. So that’s sax and percussion I want to do. I know, this is what I thought we were starting on. I want to do our signature lights.

Aleks: Oh, okay.

Eddy: This is by far the most booked addition to our services.

Aleks: And it’s a no brainer, really.

Eddy: It really is. A lot of venues really need it.

Aleks: Oh, yeah.

Eddy: Particularly the venues that are either all lights on or lights off, which a surprising amount are like that. No.

Aleks: When it comes later. Yeah, I agree with that. But even when they dim the lights still.

Eddy: Yeah, yeah, I know you.

Aleks: Not always enough.

Eddy: Yeah, I know what you mean. So. So what? Let’s talk about light. So what are they? So they are small lights. They’re basically invisible when you put them down. You can’t. You know, if you. If they weren’t turned on, you wouldn’t.

Aleks: Know they’re there, basically, unless you’re under two, and then you can definitely find it under three.

Eddy: Kids. The kids, they always find out and they run with battery power. So we can place them anywhere that is right for the venue. What we typically will do is from the start of the night, we’ll have them set to one particular colour. So maybe like pinks or purples or whatever kind of suits the aesthetic of your venue. Like, I’ll give you a good example at Glass House inside because there’s so much beautiful greenery everywhere. I like to kind of put them underneath where like the leaves and branches are and put the setting onto like a, like a shade of pink. And this kind of rises up colour wheels. Gorgeous. Yeah. So it makes the venues look really good, makes things pop. And then when it comes to dance floor time, we set them onto what we call a fade setting, which basically fades them into all of the different colours. Nice and easy. Nothing Strobey, nothing tacky or school disco like. Yes, they just philtre out different colours throughout the night. And what’s awesome about that is obviously you’re getting a heat of energy on top of all the music for dancing. But then your photographers are able to, what do they call it? Megan shut it down. Yeah, she explained this to us the other day. Shut it.

Eddy: Drag. I used to call it shaky cam. So you see those shots where there’d be a person dancing in focus and then kind of behind them are these kind of like stretch out colours.

Aleks: Almost like the end of a shooting star. Not the end.

Eddy: Okay.

Aleks: Of a shooting star.

Eddy: Where’s your head at? Um, yeah. So it makes it look really cool, really energetic, really vibrant photography for those times. And you do like, not that I’m trying to sell this, but you do notice when we don’t have our lights, it could. Noticeable difference in energy. Yeah, yeah.

Aleks: I could not agree more is what I meant to say. Absolutely, yeah. Our lights are. And look, we’ve got a lot of reels on our instagram that do show the lights off and you can see the colours pop.

Eddy: Well, 90% of the time if you’re looking at our photos, they’re our lights.

Aleks: Yes.

Eddy: You know, there are some venues like half acre that you can purchase their lights. We talked about pricing before. I guarantee you our lights are going to be cheaper than if you purchase them. And their lights are fantastic. They fit for purpose, they’re rigged up on the ceiling and they can spotlight so they can do things allies can’t do for certain parts of the night. So I’m not.

Aleks: Depends on the. Yeah, it depends on what kind of atmosphere you want for the dance floor as well, because they’re very like nightclub spotlighty kind of.

Eddy: It really depends on what you want. Yeah, but, yeah, look, I sell lights until the cows come home. It’s an easy little add on and it makes, it makes quite a big difference to your night. Is there anything else we need to talk about? Lights?

Aleks: I just want to say that you can add the lights on later. So if you’re sitting on the fence.

Eddy: Or you can add anything on later.

Aleks: Well, pending availability.

Eddy: Availability for the sax players and the photos.

Aleks: Booth and percussion.

Eddy: Yes.

Aleks: But we do. If you show some interest and we have our initial call, we do mention that. Just so you know, which bits you can add now, you can add on later.

Eddy: It’s quite often, actually, like, we’ll have couples that will add things on, you know, very. Just before the balancing voice, which is like a month before. It’s like, hey, you know, let’s take the lights.

Aleks: Yeah, totally.

Eddy: So that’s our lights.

Aleks: Beautiful. What should we do next?

Eddy: Let’s do photo booth. Cause we mentioned it.

Aleks: All right. Photo booth.

Eddy: Yeah.

Aleks: Okay. I had this in super recently. Well, the wedding I mentioned at Craft and company, I had that in for that. Yeah. Yeah. Look, we’ve had it in a few times. Our photo booth is a little bit different to other photo booths you might have seen around.

Eddy: First of all, it’s completely digital.

Aleks: Yes.

Eddy: So there are no printouts. And this is a decision we came to after years and years of, you know, when we’re packing down our equipment at the end of the night where everybody’s left the venue and there just seems to be. All the printouts are just everywhere.

Aleks: People just leave them.

Eddy: They just scatter them. They don’t even take them home, put them on their fridge. So we thought, okay, so people aren’t really caring about them that much. And, of course, we’re in, you know, an age where we. We want to be able to send these things digitally.

Aleks: Yes.

Eddy: To, you know, if people aren’t at the wedding or whatever, you send your gifts or your boomerangs or what have you, and you just got the me can upload them to Instagram or TikTok or whatever it is.

Aleks: Oh, tick tock. Look at you go. Yeah. So. And look, because it doesn’t have a printer. It is super small, compact setup.

Eddy: Yeah. Well, we’ve, um. It’s funny, uh, fun little story on. On our photo booth. Um, we were at the, um. We were at a, like a showcase event, uh, at the post office hotel.

Aleks: Oh, yeah.

Eddy: Lucky enough to be there. And people thought it was like a. A dispenser of sanitizer. Sanitizer.

Aleks: Do you remember when those were a thing everywhere now, like, you go, and it’s never full.

Eddy: Yeah. I don’t know if we’ll get mistaken for that anymore, but it’s really, like, it’s a really futuristic looking thing. We had to import it from the States. And it’s got, like, a cool, like, ring light on it that will kind of light up before the photos are taken or the videos are taken. It’s very space age. I gotta say.

Aleks: It is super space age. People are very impressed when they see it. And, yeah, it looks very different. Small setup. The way it works is we have it set up for the whole reception. So you obviously add it to your DJ either one of us, and then we set it up at the beginning of the night before we start playing. Pack it down at the end of the night. So you’ve got it for the whole time?

Eddy: Yep.

Aleks: You mentioned. So the types of captures that you have, we try to keep it really simple. So you can do a photo, you can do a gif, or you can do a boomerang, those three options, and then you can just text it to.

Eddy: Yourself nice and easy. And we. We recommend that it’s set up very close to where all the action is. Yeah, so another thing. Yeah, exactly. Close dance floor, or like, on dance floor if possible, in some way. Like, that works. And we came to that decision because we’ve seen a lot of photo booths set up in completely different rooms. And what that does, it takes a lot of energy away from where all the action is. You know, the same sort of thing happens when you’ve got a bar that’s, like, on the other side of the venue. People are always peeling off the dance floor to get a drink and coming back on. So you’re losing a lot of that, like, dance floor, so to speak. So we made that decision as well. And another thing that’s kind of. I didn’t think about this, but it’s kind of cool if you do choose to have props, and not everybody wants props, but we’ve got them available if you want them. The props tend to bleed onto the dance floor as well, which makes it kind of fun.

Aleks: It does, yeah. You get some cool photos out of that. Just mentioning, I think one of the good things about having it there all night is there isn’t pressure for people to quickly go and take a photo. So, you know, you mentioned losing energy on the dance floor. I find that that doesn’t happen even if our photo booth isn’t right on the dance floor, because people have all night to take photos, so they don’t tend to go in a massive group where the MC announces halfway through dance floor, photo booth is leaving, go and take your photo and you lose 50 people. Right.

Eddy: And another great thing about this photo booth is you do not need an attendant either.

Aleks No.

Eddy: So we learned that really early on, in fact, the first time that we had it booked out. And actually, it’s a perfect time to talk about this particular wedding because it’s the first year anniversary.

Aleks: Oh, yeah. Today, Simon and Tom.

Eddy: Yeah.

Aleks: Happy anniversary, guys.

Eddy: So Simon and Tom got hitched at Rupert and we’ve had them on the podcast and we found out two things. Number one, you don’t need an attendant. It’s. So if you use a phone, you can use this thing.

Aleks: Yeah.

Eddy: So easy. Number two, everybody’s mom becomes, like, the biggest fan. The biggest fan is showing everybody else how to use it. We’ve seen this multiple times.

Aleks: I know. It’s a weird phenomenon.

Eddy: Yeah. So that’s, you know, it’s been an interesting journey for us in how this thing’s working, but now we love it. We’re actually going to be putting. And we’ll talk about this.

Aleks: Yeah.

Eddy: After. But we’re going to be putting this one in to the industry party that’s on Tuesday for the wedding industry, a bunch of different suppliers there. So that’d be quite fun to see what comes out of that.

Aleks: That would be crazy. So you mentioned props, obviously. Yes. We can bring them all or not. You can also provide your own props, if you prefer.

Eddy: Yes. Another thing we should mention is we’ve sort of marketed this thing as backdrop less. And what we mean by that is it doesn’t necessarily need a backdrop, depending on where you’re going to place it. Let’s go back to Simon and Tom. Yes. Rupert has this friggin gorgeous. What is it?

Aleks: Floral warping? I mean, it’s just amazing.

Eddy: So we whacked it there in front of that. It doesn’t need to be that far away from the wall. So 2.53 metres max.

Aleks: Yes.

Eddy: You’d be surprised at how many people you can still fit in a frame. But it’s. It’s not so much designed for, like, photos of ten to 15, but, you know, maybe two to three, four, five could fit five at it. Like, a little bit of a stretch. But I’ve seen more.

Aleks: Yes, I think. Yeah, I think the cloak, I think get that kind of 2.53 metres, you get the perfect lighting.

Eddy: Lighting.

Aleks: You have that led ring light. Ring light around it. So, yeah, the close, like. Yeah.

Eddy: Which is great, because it means that, like, we don’t need a lot of room or a flasher or anything like that, any other peripherals, to get it kind of get the best out of it. And venues love it because it is compact, small.

Aleks: Yep.

Eddy: It’s there. It sets up in like ten minutes.

Aleks: 15 minutes if you’re Aleks 20.

Eddy: If you’re Aleks, 20.

Aleks: But all we need is power and Wifi.

Eddy: And Wi Fi. If we can’t get Wi Fi from the venue, that’s. That’s fine. We can work around that. But, yeah. If you are thinking about adding this particular photo booth to your wedding, have a chat with the venue or ask us to give them a call and just ask them about their Wi Fi. Most of the time they’re pretty chill.

Aleks: We haven’t had a problem. We’ve used Wi Fi before.

Eddy: Yeah. Yeah. So that works fine. And look, worst case, we can tether one of our phones up because we’re quite close.

Aleks: Totally.

Eddy: It’s no big deal at all. And we’ve also had people make their own backdrop.

Aleks: I was going to say, let’s talk about options, which is cool.

Eddy: So you’ve got that as an option. Yeah. Let’s go through options.

Aleks: Yeah, definitely. So as Eddy mentioned, you can create your own. So you can order one. You can reuse something from your ceremony. If you’ve got arbour or floral arrangement or whatever it is, a banging, hangings arch, recommend that. Yeah.

Eddy: Or situation right there.

Aleks: Yeah, definitely. The other thing is there is an option for us to hire a sparkly backdrop for an additional cost. So if you are stuck, reach out. We have provided that before. There is an additional cost because we do hire it from someone else. We don’t have them, so we hire that. There’s a few colours to choose from. So, yeah, they’re the options. But look, as we mentioned, lots of venues have really nice spaces.

Eddy: Oh, yeah. And I think it’s kind of fun to sort of task yourself with. Oh, where are we going to put it? Like where. Where will it suit to being? Yeah, so that’s our photo booth, our digital photo booth.

Aleks: And just quickly we provide you with the full gallery so you can download.

Eddy: Oh, yes.

Aleks: Or the next couple of days or whatever.

Eddy: Yeah, yeah. So the next couple of days we’ll send you everything. We’ll just send it to you in a drive so you can share around. It’s get some pretty funny ones.

Aleks: Yeah. We don’t. We don’t provide the gallery to everyone because, you know, there’s things like, sometimes there’s minors in photos and things like that. So just. We just provide that to the couple.

Eddy: Exactly, exactly. Fantastic. So, yeah, so there you go. That’s the photo booth next on the list. Let’s actually mention our MC service.

Aleks: Is that fun? Fun? Extra. Oh, we’re talking about extras. All right.

Eddy: We’re talking about extra. Well, I mean, yeah, like, it’s not unfun. Like.

Aleks: No. Yeah.

Eddy: Look, it’s not as exciting as some of the other ones, to be fair, but necessary. Okay, so when will you need. When we need an MC. And we call our MC service a basic MC service. It’s in its simplest form. What we’re doing is keeping the night moving, coordinating with the venue, coordinating with some of the other vendors, like your photographer, videographer, et cetera, just to make sure everyone knows what’s going on. There’s a little bit work behind it, and the reason why you’d want it is so you don’t have to rope anyone from your friends or family in to do it.

Aleks: Yes. And look, this is definitely something that gets added on at the, like, very last minute, which is totally fine. All we need to MC really is a run sheet. Well, we did run sheet anyway. Right. But all it means is in that final call, the week before your wedding or the week of your wedding, we will run through every single announcement.

Eddy: Yep.

Aleks: You know, make sure we have all the names of everyone who’s making speech.

Eddy: Absolutely.

Aleks: Checking announcements for, you know, for example, if you want people to join you halfway through the first dance or whatever it is. So just, like, going into more detail on the run sheet, basically, so we can take notes and prepare ourselves. So. But definitely something you can add on last minute. And, yeah, if you haven’t found someone, and, look, when you’re looking for an emcee, it’s got to be someone who’s going to be responsible, not get drunk halfway through dinner and disappear. It’s got to be someone who understands that their role is not just to know, like, what time is happening, but actually coordinate between people.

Eddy: And I think that’s where, look, just speaking from our experience, where that kind of falls down, they’ll know when things are, but they may forget to let the photographer know that their speeches are happening. So, you know, I’ve seen instances where they’re, like, hoofing down some food on their little break, and all of a sudden, like, yeah, we’re having so and so speak, and they’re like, or don’t.

Aleks: Tell your DJ, and they need to play prepare a song for something.

Eddy: Yeah. So it’s just those. Those things. And look, it’s a tall ask as well. So, yeah, you’ve really got to think about, oh, do I really want to make someone do this? The other side of the coin though we, as your wedding DJs, are more than happy to take over announcements once basically all the formalities are done and everybody’s on the dance floor. So if you have someone that is comfortable and can do that first part of the night, that’s awesome. And then we can make the last drinks call or, you know, where everyone’s gonna be after the wedding if there’s an after party, what have you. So. And just make that call for the last song.

Aleks: That’s a freebie for you guys.

Eddy: Yeah.

Aleks: Basically means that your MC can relax.

Eddy: Once the day if they so want to get drunk.

Aleks: Get crunk. Get crunk.

Eddy: Exactly. So, yeah, MC serve. Not as exciting as some of the other things we’ve been speaking about. Pretty important, but, yeah, super doing important. And, yeah, worth thinking about. And onto our latest inclusion of our. And we’re back to fun extras now. It’s our audio guest book, which we.

Aleks: Flagged on the last episode. We did talk about it a little bit. What should we say about. I love this. I think it’s such a great addition. It’s basically a way it’s replacing the old, you know, guest book where people write messages or don’t, as we often see is the case. Write messages for the couple. Instead of that, they leave a message on an old rotary landline phone and then you basically take all those audio messages away.

Eddy: Yeah. So for those of you who are old enough to remember these phones, you know, you pick up their head handset.

Aleks: The what?

Eddy: Yeah. And you record, you know, record a message. So they’re retrofitted with some likes, super duper little chips and microphones and stuff like that.

Aleks: I love the way you explain technical concepts.

Eddy: Yeah. So it really, really fun. You know, we’ve actually started posting some of the hilarious audio clips that we get and same sort of thing as the photo booth in that you in the next, I think, within seven days, will send you all of the audio files so you can just, you know, listen to them at your leisure and laugh away. Because as the night progresses, they tend to get more and more hilarious and, you know, more pizza orders than I thought, to be honest with you.

Aleks: So towards the end of the night.

Eddy: Yeah, everyone was, like, keen on some.

Aleks: People very close to the end of the night because they want to make sure the order arrives.

Eddy: Yeah, yeah. So that’s fun. So it’s really, really, really, really cool. And, yeah, we love them. Look, it’s a huge, I guess, craze now.

Aleks: So we trend. Yeah.

Eddy: Kind of jumped on the bandwagon.

Aleks: Yep. Totally. So just in terms of kind of the setup and what’s involved, we will get our couples to record a little voicemail greetings if they want to. Otherwise, we’ll just do a standard one. So you can say, you know, whatever you like, welcome to our wedding. Leave us a drunk message or whatever at the beep. So, yeah, obviously when your guests pick up the handset, they hear that and then they can record their message, hang.

Eddy: Up, it’s saved and the battery’s inside of the phone as well, so you don’t have to connect it to anything. So in terms of where you place it, you can place it anywhere. I would say that try to. And you might have to work with the venue or your wedding planner on this. Try to place it a little bit further away to where all the music will be, just so people could actually hear the messages.

Aleks: Yes.

Eddy: We had one in at noisy ritual recently and it was kind of on a. What was it, like a wire? A wine barrel? Yeah, it’s towards the, like the front of the venue where we had the speaker set up further back. So that worked really well.

Aleks: Yeah. And it wasn’t a huge distance. You’d be surprised because people talk into the handset and there’s obviously a microphone there, so you can still pick up the sound and totally fine. Yeah. So we set that up at the beginning of the night. Again, we bring it with us. So this is a kind of, I suppose a benefit of booking it through us is that you’re not waiting for it to arrive in the mail.

Eddy: Yeah, because a lot of the other players in the market, they will send it out. So you’re kind of relying on Australia post to try and do their thing and get it to you on time. Not only that, but we actually bring a second handset just in case something happens.

Aleks: Yes.

Eddy: And, you know, we will during the night where we can just jump out and make sure it’s still good, it’s still working and if we have to swap it out, we will. So there’s that little security blanket there, too.

Aleks: Totally, totally. In terms of kind of styling it really up to the couple. The one at noisy ritual that you mentioned just had like a bouquet from one of the wedding party. It was on a wine barrel. And we always bring a cute little sign. Instructional sign.

Eddy: Yeah.

Aleks: Available in either black or white, depending on your aesthetic, that will tell people how to use it.

Eddy: And this may change depending on when you listen to this podcast. But at the moment we have three colour options. So we’ve got like classic black which is like a matte black. Second one is a white and the third one is a pink.

Aleks: A pastel pink.

Eddy: Pastel pink. So, you know, that might change depending on like, what we get asked for, but at the moment it’s those three options. And like I said, we always bring a spare. So even if the colour has to change halfway through the night, you’re still gonna get the.

Aleks: Yeah, you.

Eddy: That’s like. Yeah, at least. And you’ve got that covered.

Aleks: And we’re interviewing the couple who had the phone in recently at their wedding. Noisy ritual. Next week, I believe. No, week after.

Eddy: Sorry. Going to be away next week. So I don’t know if we’re gonna slide another one in. No, we’ll see how we go, but no, we’re gonna be away. We’ll talk about that in a second. But has that covered all of our fun extras?

Aleks: I believe so.

Eddy: There is a kind of like consolation extra. We. We are able to provide additional speakers where. Where we need to. We kind of alluded to this in our weekly wrap up in that, you know, if we need to pad out the room more or if we need to send a wireless signal to a speaker that’s in a different location or different. A different room, even we’re able to do that. It’s not as exciting and interesting as what we’ve been through, maybe, except for MC, but yeah, it is an option nonetheless.

Aleks: Yeah, definitely. And I suppose it’s part of the reason that we, you know, insist on how having a meeting before booking our couples in is obviously well, to do a mutual vibe cheque and make sure that we’re the right fit. But also scope everything out. So talk about the venue, talk about spaces, talk about, you know. Yeah. What’s happening during cocktail hour. Do you need a second setup? You know, sometimes you might actually want your DJ in a different area for 2 hours, which requires a whole other DJ setup. So we really need to knock that out and then we can advise on, you know, what the sound situation is.

Eddy: Exactly. And bonus addition, I can DJ with vinyl as well. Yeah, Aleks, you know, she’s a celebrant.

Aleks: I’m a celebrant man!

Eddy: But I can DJ with vinyl. So if that sort of floats your boat, we can definitely have a chat about that. It’s just a small extra fee to do it because there’s a little bit extra setup involved. I’ve got to bring and create a records with me, all that kind of stuff. So how it works is I’ll have actual, real, real records.

Aleks: I love that.

Eddy: That, you know, kind of suit the aesthetic that we kind of play. You know, you might have some like disco, Motown, soul. You know, I’ve definitely got the thriller album, so that’s, that’s cool. I think every single person that clicks vinyl will have the thriller album. So I typically spin the vinyl early on in the night and there are reasons for that and there are other caveats as well. But the reason why is obviously as the dance floor starts, things speed up a lot in terms of people requesting people like leaving the dance floor, other people hitting the dance floor, depending on what’s being played. So the audience might peel off or come back or what have you. So I’ll then kind of transition to what they call a digital vinyl system. DBS.

Aleks: Nah, but it’s awesome. It’s awesome.

Eddy: And basically if you didn’t know that I was playing digitally, you would be none the wiser. You’ve still got a needle on a record.

Aleks: You still have a record.

Eddy: You still have a record.

Aleks: Just looks the same.

Eddy: It looks like the same. It might be like a cool purple colour or something like that.

Aleks: Yours definitely is a cool purple.

Eddy: Yeah, but some pinks too, of course. But it just means that I am playing music from my laptop, but it’s going through the record. It’s pretty insane technology, actually. Yeah. So I could transition to that. So it still looks like I’m rocking with. With records all night long. And the reason why we do that is a, you know, because of that and b, vibrations are not a record needles best friend. So you can find that things kind of jump around and some of the older records might have some scratching or whatever it is on them, which means they’ll skip and people aren’t used to that anymore. Like records skipping live events. It’s not a thing anymore. So. Yeah, and there’s some of the other ways around that as well, but I’m not even gonna get into. Which are way more technical. It’s gonna bore everyone. But yeah, so there’s an option there too. If that’s the aesthetic that you’re after and you want to see your wedding DJ actually like, spin some real vinyl, I’ll tell you one thing, everybody’s dad always loves it. Is that real vinyl, like. Yes.

Aleks: Yeah. If you want to impress your dad.

Eddy: If you want to impress your dad, this is the way to do it. So. Yeah, that’s an option as well. I thought I’d throw that in as a little bit.

Aleks: You’re very modest. It’s a very, very, very good option. It’s awesome. Maybe I’ll get there one day, maybe.

Eddy: Excellent. I think we ripped through them quite nicely.

Aleks: I thought we did well.

Eddy: So that’s all of it, hopefully.

Aleks: That was useful. What now? We’re going to mention a couple of things coming up. Were we?

Eddy: Yeah. Okay, so we’ve got a different segment or on this show and we’re going to call it. What are we listening to? So.

Aleks: I was not listening to anything like that, FYI.

Eddy: No, that’s the, you know, that’s the jingle.

Aleks: I love the way you surprised me with jingles.

Eddy: Yeah, it’s great, isn’t it?

Aleks: Yeah. Like.

Eddy: Okay, so, Aleks, you go first. I know you’ve been listening some good stuff.

Aleks: Okay, so I have been listening to a playlist on Spotify called Dream Machine, which is the name of the music festival that we are going to in Bali in three days time.

Eddy: Oh, my God.

Aleks: Hello. So good. It’s. Look, it’s just a bunch of aussies going. Going to Bali. Shock, horror. But there’s client liaison.

Eddy: Well, I’ve actually got the line up.

Aleks: In front of me. Go through it. Yeah, do it.

Eddy: Okay, cool. Yes. Client liaison.

Aleks: Yeah.

Eddy: Amazing.

Aleks: Yes.

Eddy: Okay, so I’m gonna go through. I’m gonna try and build up on this. So client liaison.

Aleks: Maybe just talk about.

Eddy: We get a vibe like boy and bear will be there. Holy, holy. Will be there. Ld are you. For those that know that particular artist will be there. Got Illy will be there. Peking duck will be. Yes. San Cisco will be this spacey jane will be. You’re probably getting a hint of the vibe. We’ve also got vera blue, Winston surf shirt. I’m very excited.

Aleks: Me too.

Eddy: Winston surfshirt. Okay. And here are the two I’m most excited for. Hopped up time machine.

Aleks: Yes.

Eddy: Always love hopped up time machine.

Aleks: Yes.

Eddy: Very much of our vibe. Weddings, that kind of thing. And my favourite all time artist here is girl talk.

Aleks: Oh, my God. Girl talk. Does everyone know girl? Just. What year was it? Ten.

Eddy: If you don’t know girl talk, like, you know, spelt as it, you know, sound as it spelled. G I r l t a l K. Girl talk. Two words.

Aleks: Yeah.

Eddy: Stop this podcast, right? And go and listen to it.

Aleks: He’s like the ultimate mashup next level. Yeah.

Eddy: Think about a mash up and. Yeah, cool. Then you think of a girl talk mashup.

Aleks: Completely.

Eddy: I don’t know how you did that stuff. It’s freaking amazing.

Aleks: And quiet liaison, which. Hello.

Eddy: Yes. And look, so they’re not only doing, like, their main sort of sets in the main space, but they’ve got like, pool parties going on. So what it is, it’s a bunch of. It’s in NUSA Doer and it’s a bunch of the, like, I guess, higher end hotels, resorts.

Aleks: Yeah.

Eddy: In that one section.

Aleks: Yes. On the beach.

Eddy: So we’re staying at the Grand Hyatt and there’s a bunch of other resorts.

Aleks: Yes.

Eddy: Next door. And you can kind of cruise around and go to all the pool parties and stuff like that.

Aleks: Sounds.

Eddy: And, you know, so the client lays on, will do their thing, but that. They also might do a DJ set.

Aleks: Yeah, there’s. Yeah, they’re doing a DJ said, like the. The beach club next to the sofitel.

Eddy: Yeah, I think. Same with peking dung, stuff like that. So, yeah, it’s, um. It’s gonna be cool.

Aleks: Very cool. I discovered Harvey Sutherland.

Eddy: Yeah. Very, very cool vibes as well.

Aleks: DJ or whatever. So I’ve listened to that. What about you?

Eddy: Oh, I have been listening to Spotify radio. Krangben radio.

Aleks: I’ve been listening to that.

Eddy: Karangbin. I don’t think it’s pronounced like that. Run bin, Krung bin.

Aleks: I do have. I think I told you I did a wedding and someone comes in.

Eddy: Yeah.

Aleks: Yes.

Eddy: Pretty cool. Yeah, very cool stuff. So I’ve been listening to the radio on that. I love listening to artist radios also. Crazy peas artists radio.

Aleks: Nice.

Eddy: Really, really cool. So it just, just, it kind of opens up to a bunch of different stuff that’s, you know, we genuinely play at weddings, particularly for the start of the night, to kind of get the vibe.

Aleks: Love that stuff.

Eddy: So I’ve been loving that. And we’ll continue this segment as the weeks go by because, hey, it might be something that you think, oh, I might have a gander at that.

Aleks: Depending on how busy I am, I’ll often just listen to my clients five playlists and then the playlist radio. That playlist.

Eddy: Absolutely. It’s not like Spotify is a huge source of inspiration for us. And, you know, we said this a few times on this podcast. We don’t. We don’t DJ with Spotify. We have our own library with mp3 files.

Aleks: Yes. Just made me think of, like, that.

Eddy: Michael Scott Mp3 almost.

Aleks: No, no.

Eddy: But we actually own the music and we buy it all where we can. We buy it all legitimately and. Yeah, so it’s ours. So, you know, we don’t need Internet connection to DJ, although streaming is coming in, so I think in five years time, most people will stream.

Aleks: Yeah, I think. And we’ve mentioned this before on the podcast. I think one of the main things is if we’re, you know, if you’re a DJ and you’re just streaming and you’re not actually listening to the music, you’re not downloading the music, you’re not getting to know the music, you’re not thinking about what else you could throw in from your library, then you’re not really doing.

Eddy: Your clients know this is a whole other podcast.

Aleks: But obviously.

Eddy: But yeah, I know, like, I know there are applications that you can like, ripple the Spotify from a client’s, like, request list and then dump it all in your library. But yeah, you’re not really getting to know what’s a pain staking process, you know, particularly if we get a playlist that we don’t, you know, we don’t always recommend doing it this way. But like, say we got a place like 2300 songs, it’s just something that they’ve just. A client has just put together over time, which is totally fine.

Aleks: Just stuff they like.

Eddy: Stuff they like.

Aleks: Not stuff they like.

Eddy: We will literally go through every single song like in a painstaking fashion. Just go, okay. Will this work? Will this work? Will this work? Most of the time, I buy it all still.

Aleks: So do I. Yeah.

Eddy: I don’t know. Other DJ’s look at me like, what are you doing? But, well, first of all, you’re supporting the artist because a lot of the music that I don’t have is up and coming stuff might be really indie stuff and, you know, they deserve to be supported. So I’ll purchase it and, hey, I’ve got it forever.

Aleks: Yeah.

Eddy: And lo and behold, if Internet goes out, I can still play. Power goes out. I can’t play music like, you know.

Aleks: Well, I mean, we can’t. We have control over that. But I totally agree. It’s part. Part of the process and part of really getting a good sense of what the client likes. And, you know, what you might play on the night. So I think it’s important.

Eddy: Okay, so we’ve almost made an hour.

Aleks: I was gonna say this has been a long one.

Eddy: It’s been a long one. Thank you. Also, you know, speaking of jingles, I’ve got some, like, calming end of podcast music that I’m just gonna put on here. How good is that?

Aleks: That’s great. Is that instead of me saying, have fun out there?

Eddy: No, no, we’ll still do that. But do you have any other thoughts or is there anything else that you would like our listeners to know?

Aleks: I just think if you’ve got any ideas of stuff that you want us to talk about or people you want us to interview or any kind of struggles or challenges that you’re coming across during the wedding planning process or having been through a wedding yourself, something that you want to share for others. Please do dm us and let us know so we can chat about it.

Eddy: We’re also going to start doing. I’m glad you mentioned that because we’re also going to start doing polls where we can on Instagram. Yes. Just to spice things up for this particular podcast, we want to make it a little bit more interactive. We want, like, your voices heard as well. So I think questions are fantastic. Polls, really, really cool as well. Just to get your info on some of the things that we do and, you know, have the ability to answer your questions because, you know, we know what we know. We’re in this full time. This is our full time gig. We don’t know what other people don’t know.

Aleks: Yes.

Eddy: About what we do. And what’s a mystery to you guys? Yeah. So not just for clients or potential clients, but vendors as well.

Aleks: Yes. Please reach out.

Eddy: Please reach out. Isn’t this nice?

Aleks: Very nice, actually.

Eddy: Yeah.

Aleks: I’m imagining being on the beach now with a cocktail.

Eddy: I’m not seeing a beach vibe for. I’m seeing more of a, like, you know, forest. Um, no, like a CBD bar. Like, I’ve got a, oh, like a lounge dirty martini. Oh, man.

Aleks: All right, drink from the brain now.

Eddy: Thank you so much for listening as ever. If you do have any questions or you do want to jump on and give us that five star rating on your podcast supplier of choice, please do.

Aleks: Thanks for tuning in. If you’re enjoying Project Engaged, please hit the subscribe button on your fav podcast app.

Eddy: You can also follow us on Instagram, @projectengaged and @onemoresongdjs.

Aleks: We’ll see you next time. And until then, have fun out there.

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