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What does our tagline “No More Nutbush” really mean?

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12 Jan, 2021

If you’ve made it to this blog post, you’ve likely seen the big flashing “No More Nutbush” tagline on our home page! This motto was inspired by many conversations we’ve had with clients and is a reflection of the fact that we are non-cheesy wedding DJs. Read on to find out more.

Why are you picking on the Nutbush?

Good question! Nutbush City Limits on its own is a great song (who doesn’t love a bit of Tina Turner?). But unfortunately it’s been destroyed by cheesy Australian weddings. These weddings also include songs like the Macarena, Chicken Dance and other songs with a choregraphed dance. Basically anything you’d hear at a school disco. Our clients have told us time and time again – they don’t want their wedding to be tacky. So the Nutbush represents the opposite of what we’re all about.

What does your tagline say about the type of music you play?

“No More Nutbush” means that by default, we won’t play music that is generally considered by our clients to be “cringe”. Of course, everyone has guilty pleasures and the cheesiness spectrum is a wide one! There are definitely grey areas and it’s subjective.

As we work with clients in the lead up to their big day, we’ll draw out the songs that have significance to you. It may be an in-joke with one of your friendship groups or a song you heard on your favourite holiday. (You can read more in our blog on how we work with our clients).

But what if a family member really wants to hear the Nutbush?

When we’re getting our music brief from you, we ask you about what type of songs you definitely DON’T want to hear, and whether you’re happy for us to take requests. So if your favourite aunty really wants the Nutbush and you’re ok with it, let’s bust it out.

Otherwise we’ll stick to the wide range of classy tunes that will get all guests up and dancing… without the cheese!

If you’re also a fan of non-cheesy wedding music and want one of our rockstar DJs for your big day, get in touch through our Book a DJ page!

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