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Wedding Dinner Music By Melbourne DJs
09 May, 2023

How we pick tunes at weddings

There is so much good music around and so many factors to consider when hand-picking tunes for a function. How do One More Song DJs go about selecting what to play? In this blog post, One More Song DJ Aleks Mac shares an insight into how she chooses music for her parties.

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Pietro Gallus Estate Wedding Ceremony Music Anchor & Hope Photography
30 Jun, 2022

Need ceremony music too? We’ve got you covered!

Did you want us to look after music for your whole day, including your ceremony? Easy done! In this blog we outline what’s involved in your DJ (Aleks or Eddy) providing tunes for more than just the reception!

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Melbourne Wedding DJ Eddy Mac
03 Mar, 2022

Are we a good fit to DJ your wedding?

If you’re planning a wedding, it’s pretty easy to be overwhelmed with the number of suppliers in the market. You may be immediately drawn to a photographer’s style, but it may prove more difficult to gauge the DJ that might be the best fit for you. Check out this blog for more insight into our vibe, to see if we’re right for you.

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Melbourne Wedding DJ Aleks Mac
21 Feb, 2022

How a good wedding DJ actually mixes music!

Everyone has been to a wedding where a DJ’s tunes sounded a bit off, but you couldn’t quite put your finger on it. Leaving long gaps in between songs is an obvious no-no, but there are more subtle factors at play affecting how you experience the music being played. We break these down in this blog!

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Adelaide Wedding Party Poses At Venue
01 Feb, 2022

Getting married in Radelaide? We DJ there too!

Although we are based in Melbourne, we are very happy to travel to the fine city of Adelaide for wedding gigs (we love Adelaide!). Find out why we love playing in Adelaide and how it works when we are booked interstate.

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Panama Dining Room Engagement Party Dance Floor Photographed by Maegan Brown
23 Dec, 2021

What do we mean by “read the crowd”?

You may have heard about the concept of a DJ “reading the crowd”. What does this mean? Put simply, it’s your DJ actively watching people throughout your event to ensure that they’re best positioned to choose the “right” song next. We give you the lowdown and what reading the crowd means to us – especially for the weddings we play!

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DJ Aleks Mac Hugging A Bride At Her Wedding
15 Nov, 2021

We are not a wedding DJ “agency” … what does this mean?

There are two types of wedding DJ suppliers out there – entertainment agencies and those who are DJs but run their own business! We fall into the second category! Think of us of operating more like your photographer or celebrant. You’re dealing with one person who runs the business and will personally deliver a big-ticket item on your wedding day. Read on for the main differences between a DJ agency … and us!

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DJ Eddy Mac Wedding Vinyl DJ Melbourne
20 Sep, 2021

OMG – DJ Eddy Mac can spin real vinyl records at my wedding?!

Want something different from your wedding DJ? Eddy Mac can bring along a crate of wedding classics on vinyl and spin like the old days! This blog explains how it all works and why you should think about choosing vinyl for your wedding!

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Wedding DJ Churchill
14 Sep, 2021

What will my DJ wear at my wedding?

If your worst nightmare is a cheesy, tired wedding DJ wearing a black shirt and red tie, fear not! We take great pride in what we wear to weddings and treat our attire at each one as if we are guests ourselves. In this blog, we cover six different modern wedding dress codes, and show you how we rock them!

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Best Wedding Reception Songs For Melbourne DJ

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