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Wedding DJ Melbourne Decks
06 Sep, 2021

Aleks’ wedding request livestream

Following Eddy’s wedding request livestream, Aleks also brought some wedding tunes into the living rooms of her recently postponed clients! As per Eddy’s stream, the idea was to livestream some of the couples’ special requests and transport them to their venues (via our green screen – check it out in the video!).

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Melbourne Vinyl Wedding DJ
28 Aug, 2021

Eddy’s wedding request livestream

Unfortunately many of our clients have had to postpone their weddings yet again due to Melbourne’s 6th COVID-19 lockdown. So in the meantime, Eddy and Aleks decided to bring some wedding tunes to their living rooms instead! The idea was to livestream some of their special requests and transport them to their venues via a green screen!

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Two Brides Pose Against Colourful Wall In Melbourne Wedding Photographed by Natalie Davies
13 Aug, 2021

Interview with LGBTQI+ wedding publication Dancing With Her!

We recently had the pleasure of being profiled by LGBTQI+ wedding publication Dancing With Her! Founders Arlia and Tara asked us about everything from our process of working with clients to how we keep the dance floor alive and our favourite tune for dancing! Read the full interview in this blog.

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29 Jun, 2021

10 unique covers for your wedding ceremony

Looking for some unique covers for your wedding? We’ve put together 10 tunes that will delight your wedding guests and add something different to your big day. These cover songs are great to play during pre-ceremony drinks, for key moments during your ceremony or for cocktail hour!

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Wedding Guests Dance At Panama Dining Room In Fitzroy
01 Jun, 2021

Trending wedding bangers in 2021

The year 2021 has started off with a bang! There’s been a flurry of new wedding bangers that have been heavily requested for dance floors. These have been a been a hit for guests both young and old. Check out this blog for our top 5!

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Wedding Songs The Weeknd
26 May, 2021

Our top 5 songs by The Weeknd to play at your wedding

The Weeknd is one of the most recognisable pop artists of this generation, and we love giving his tunes a spin at weddings! In this blog we pick our top 5 songs by The Weeknd – from background vibes to d-floor bangers!

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Melbourne wedding party entrances
12 Apr, 2021

Enter your 2021 wedding reception with a bang!

Wedding party entrances are a super fun and energetic part of a wedding reception. You can have a blast with the music selection for this moment! We’ve put together a list of popular entrance tunes from our 2021 clients’ real weddings. We also have a Spotify playlist for some inspiration.

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White Headphones On Pastel Pink Background
09 Feb, 2021

5 Dua Lipa songs to play at your wedding

It’s not often a pop star releases multiple hits these days that we can pick from to play at weddings. Dua Lipa is a modern exception. Her smoky vocals and upbeat, disco inspired tunes are perfect for a wedding or special celebration. In this blog we pick our top 5 Dua Lipa songs – from background tunes through to last drinks.

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Melbourne Wedding Dancefloor
06 Feb, 2021

Top 10 Old School RnB songs for weddings

Everyone loves a throwback! At our weddings, dropping an awesome Oldschool RnB banger always goes down a treat! Given that many of our couples are 90s babies, so there is a huge amount of nostalgia attached to this genre. Check out our top 10!

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Best Wedding Reception Songs For Melbourne DJ

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