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Melbourne Wedding Happy Girl
03 Nov, 2020

Greatest key change songs

We LOVE a good key change here at One More Song. It’s a device that can transform a song and take it to another level, lifting it up into the atmosphere! Check out our all time fave key change songs here!

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Dance Floor Melbourne Wedding
30 Oct, 2020

Ultimate 40 wedding party tunes 🎉

We work closely with our clients on their music brief in the lead up to their wedding. But some clients are pretty relaxed and like to leave it all up to us! It got us thinking… What if we didn’t have a brief and only had access to 40 party tunes? Check it out here!

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80s Music Cassette Tape
28 Oct, 2020

Top 10 80s bangers

The 80s was an amazing decade for music! From Madonna and MJ to Prince – partygoers were not short of a jam to get down to! We’ve listed our all-time fave 80s bangers across different genres (and let us tell you – it was a difficult list to narrow down!).

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Wedding DJ And Sax
26 Oct, 2020

5 reasons to add a sax player to your DJ 🎷

The most popular live musician to add to a wedding DJ is sax. We list the top 5 reasons why a sax player will take your wedding dance floor to the next level. It’s the perfect compromise between a DJ and band.

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Melbourne Wedding Sax Player
21 Oct, 2020

Get funky with these tracks

There’s no better way to warm up the dance floor with some funk classics. These soulful tunes transcend the ages, appealing to young and old alike. We’ve put together a list of our all time faves and a Spotify playlist for your listening pleasure.

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Young Woman Dancing At Melbourne Wedding
19 Oct, 2020

Our top 10 disco classics 😍

Disco is a genre we play regularly at weddings because the songs are really recognisable and just plain fun to dance to. Disco works well for all parts of a reception too! We list some of our fave disco tracks along with a Spotify playlist to get you grooving.

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Saxophone Entertains Guests At Melbourne CBD Wedding
17 Oct, 2020

Top 10 sax bangers

Our DJs often play with our super talented saxophonists. What a vibe! Our sax players can play over literally any music. However, there are some banging tunes that really let the sax shine. Make your guests stop and gasp with our list of ten sax bangers. Listen on Spotify!

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Old And Young Person Dancing At Wedding
09 Oct, 2020

Classic Rock n’ Roll tunes perfect for weddings

Classic rock n’ roll works very well at weddings as it’s fun, upbeat and transcends generations. There’s nothing better than seeing all ages on the dance floor! We’ve put together a list of some of our favourite tunes from this amazing time in music.

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Female DJ At Victorian Wedding
07 Oct, 2020

How do I choose music for my wedding? 🤔

There are some easy sources of inspiration to help you out when thinking about music for your wedding. We provide some of our top tips on choosing your music – some of which require very little effort! We also answer this in a handy video in this post.

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Best Wedding Reception Songs For Melbourne DJ

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