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Glasshaus Inside Cocktail Wedding In Cremorne Melbourne
25 Aug, 2020

Setting the musical vibe for cocktail hour

We list some of our favourite songs to set the tone for cocktail hour. Cocktail hour music should be at just the right volume for your guests to chat and mingle, while adding some atmosphere to your space. You can check out a Spotify playlist here too!

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Kas Richards Photographer Guests Laughing At Wedding
21 Aug, 2020

End your reception on a high note with these songs

After dancing until your feet hurt, it’s time to say your goodbyes – and what better way to do so than with an epic final song?! This moment requires a bit of thought as you want to end the night on a high note and get everyone together to see off the newly married couple. We recommend choosing something that’s well known and people can sing to!

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Wedding Guests At Wedding Ceremony At Euroa Butter Factory
07 Aug, 2020

Set your pre ceremony vibe with these acoustic songs

Acoustic songs and covers work really well prior to your ceremony. You want to keep the music soft (keep the upbeat stuff for later on) but still atmospheric. We’ve put together a Spotify playlist of some of our favourites.

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Wedding Couple Entrance The Burrow
03 Aug, 2020

Arrive in style with these wedding party entrance songs

The wedding party entrance is a really exciting moment during a wedding reception. It’s the first time you enter the room as a newly married couple, so you want to make it count. In terms of choosing a song for this moment, you can really put your stamp on it. There are no rules!

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Wedding Guests At Outdoor Wedding Reception
29 Jul, 2020

Get guests ready to boogie with these songs

We list some of our favourite songs that warm guests up and get them ready for dancing! We dub this part of your reception “build the dance floor”: a time where we go from background vibes to more upbeat tunes to signify that we’re getting closer to letting loose on the d-floor.

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Top 10 Upbeat First Dance Songs For My Wedding
15 Jul, 2020

Top 10 upbeat first dance songs

Most of our clients want their wedding to be one big party, and this includes the first dance! We’ve put together a top 10 list of fun, upbeat songs that real wedding clients have selected for their first dance – and a Spotify playlist to go with it!

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Wedding DJ Playing Weddings In Yarra Valley Winery
19 Jun, 2020

Top tips for getting everyone on the dance floor

How do you go from straight from dinner to dancing at your wedding reception? Wedding music can be a tricky thing to get right, but fear not! In this blog we share our three top tips for getting everyone – young and old – onto the dance floor!

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First Wedding Songs For Newly Wed Couples
07 May, 2020

Get your boogie on with these dance floor jams!

A raging dance floor often sits high on the list of priorities when it comes to wedding planning, and it’s no wonder why. Guests love a good groove and some dance-move drama makes for amazing memories. Our friends over at Ivory Tribe asked us to provide our tips for a rocking dance floor and 10 tunes we swear by.

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DJ Plays Fun Modern Music At Wedding Reception
16 Dec, 2019

Song requests of 2019

As we did in 2018, we’ve reflected on trends and song requests we’ve seen throughout our events this year – there have been some surprising ones! Read on for some music inspo!

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Best Wedding Reception Songs For Melbourne DJ

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