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Wedding DJ On DJ Mixer At Glasshaus Inside Melbourne
14 Sep, 2020

Why should I hire a DJ for my wedding?

We are biased, but a pre-prepared playlist just doesn’t cut it for a wedding. In this blog we discuss the main reasons why you should hire a DJ for your wedding. We also answer this in a handy video in this post.

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Bride Business Book Pictured With Bride
09 Sep, 2020

Our fave Aussie wedding blogs

When you embark on wedding planning, you realise quickly how much information is out there! Luckily, we’ve sifted through it for you and pulled together a short list of our favourite Australian wedding blogs. Read on for some serious nuptial inspo!

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Bride And Groom Standing In Melbourne Alleyway With Umbrella
08 Sep, 2020

5 reasons to consider a winter wedding

There are so many reasons to get married in winter. Cooler days, longer nights, the certainty of an indoor space and clearer schedules are some of them. In this blog, we cover five reasons to consider a winter wedding.

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Small Marquee Wedding At Home in Melbourne
14 Aug, 2020

Why you still need a DJ at a small wedding

Dance floors are temporarily on hold as Australia comes to grips with the COVID-19 pandemic, but wedding plans are not! Couples currently planning their 2021 and 2022 weddings may be re-evaluating their venue choice and guest numbers, but one thing’s for sure – if a great atmosphere is important on your big day, you’ll want to make sure the tunes are bang on (but without the bangers).

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Wedding Book Signed Whilst Melbourne DJ Plays Music
05 Aug, 2020

Nailing your wedding reception run sheet

We’ve had many wedding clients ask us about the recommended order of events to guarantee a fun and memorable reception. The general rule: take care of all the formalities early on the evening and open up the dance floor as soon as possible!

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Purple Light Shines Behind Wedding Guests On Dance Floor At Rupert
11 Jun, 2020

Add some warmth with killer lights!

Have you thought about adding lights to your event? Just like the tunes we play, our lights are classy and non-cheesy! We often get asked about our lighting for weddings and other events, so we thought we’d write a short blog post to help shed some light on the issue! 😀

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Best First Dance Wedding Songs Played By Melbourne DJ
16 Apr, 2020

How music makes your wedding FUN!

What makes a wedding FUN? We were recently featured in Ivory Tribe’s blog post about just this! We’ve focused on – you guessed it – the music, and how it plays an integral part in creating the ultimate ambience for your special day.

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Planning Your Wedding Song List
14 Jan, 2020

How to find music inspo for your wedding

We’re totally biased but if you’re after a good party – whether you’re organising the wedding of the year, an intimate birthday bash or a work event to impress your colleagues – the right music is KEY. In this blog we cover some easy sources of inspo to help you nail that brief!

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Groom Speaks At Melbourne Wedding Whilst DJ Plays Music In Background
30 Jul, 2019

Hack your wedding – MC role

If hiring a professional MC to handle the night’s formalities isn’t an option for you – and you don’t want to ask one of your wedding guests – we have some great ideas on how to get by, as part of our “Hack your wedding” series!

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Best Wedding Reception Songs For Melbourne DJ

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