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Bride And Groom Sway To First Dance With Saxophone
21 Sep, 2020

5 RnB songs for a smooth first dance

Your first dance song doesn’t have to be a classic or golden oldie! If you’re looking for something unique  and are lovers of RnB, we’ve put together our favourite tracks to give you some inspiration. Artists like Alicia Keys and Beyoncé are great choices for this moment of your night and will get your guests grooving too just before everyone hits the dance floor.

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19 Sep, 2020

The great debate – band vs. wedding DJ

This is a question we get asked really often! This blog discusses whether couples should hire a band or wedding DJ for their big day. Why not add live musicians to your DJ? 🙂 We also answer this frequently asked question in a handy video in this post.

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Welcome Sign In Front Of Pool At Prince Deck St Kilda
18 Sep, 2020

How to choose a wedding venue

Our tips for choosing a Melbourne wedding venue are focused on creating a great atmosphere and killer dance floor. In this blog we discuss what to consider when choosing your wedding venue.  We also…

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Melbourne DJ Playing On Yacht
17 Sep, 2020

Talent spotlight: Getting to know DJ Mario

We’re lucky to work with some amazing talent at One More Song. We spoke to one of our star DJs and avid collector of vinyl records, Mario, about how he got into DJ-ing, the ingredients for making a great function DJ, his picks for the latest music trends and some of his go-to tracks for different types of events.

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Woman Singing At Glasshaus Wedding
16 Sep, 2020

Belt out some lyrics with these wedding singalongs

You and your guests have already danced up a storm at your reception and everyone’s a few drinks down. It’s time to bust out some tunes with recognisable lyrics that everyone loves. Check out some of our all time favourite singalongs with our Spotify playlist.

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Bride and Groom First Dance at Top Paddock
15 Sep, 2020

Real wedding: Erin and Lee’s surprise inner city nuptials

Erin and Lee’s wedding was full of surprises! The travel-loving couple faked an elopement in Venice, fooling friends and family. Upon their return home, they invited guests to their Melbourne “wedding party” (at Top Paddock in Richmond). An hour into their party, their unsuspecting guests were told they were actually at Erin and Lee’s real wedding! Read more in this blog and check out a video of the dance floor action.

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Wedding DJ On DJ Mixer At Glasshaus Inside Melbourne
14 Sep, 2020

Why should I hire a DJ for my wedding?

We are biased, but a pre-prepared playlist just doesn’t cut it for a wedding. In this blog we discuss the main reasons why you should hire a DJ for your wedding. We also answer this in a handy video in this post.

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Bride And Groom First Dance At Glasshaus Inside
10 Sep, 2020

Top 5 acoustic cover first dance songs

Choosing a first dance song can be a daunting task! If you’re looking for something a little more unique, why not choose an acoustic cover of a popular or classic song? There are so many beautiful broken down versions of amazing songs you can choose from! We’ve listed our five favourites for some inspo!

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Bride Business Book Pictured With Bride
09 Sep, 2020

Our fave Aussie wedding blogs

When you embark on wedding planning, you realise quickly how much information is out there! Luckily, we’ve sifted through it for you and pulled together a short list of our favourite Australian wedding blogs. Read on for some serious nuptial inspo!

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Best Wedding Reception Songs For Melbourne DJ

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